Google Cloud Console

Google, Inc.

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Productivity 1.12.1 Jul 23, 2015 Aug 11, 2018 53.1 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 1.12.1

• Access Cloud Shell to perform any Google Cloud (gcloud) operation.
• New welcome experience on first launch to introduce new users to the app.
• Continued bug fixes and performance improvements.


Google Cloud Console helps you manage your services running on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) directly from your Apple iPhone or iPad:

• Stay connected to the cloud and check billing, status, and critical issues.
• Create your own custom dashboard to produce an overview of your GCP services.
• Monitor the state of your Compute Engine and App Engine resources with the ability to SSH into your VMs.
• Access to Cloud Shell to perform any Google Cloud (gcloud) operation.
• View and respond to incidents, errors, and logging.

We plan to ship new features regularly and continually improve your user experience. Please give us your feedback in the app by tapping the menu button in the upper-left corner, selecting Help & Feedback, and then Send feedback.

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Siri integration
POLARISpro489 on 8/20/2018
Please add integration for Siri “hey Siri how many instances are running of my project” “Hey Siri reboot my container”
Not Optimized for newer devices
Nightenticer on 3/27/2018
With an audience of (primarily) developers, it’s strange that this app is not yet optimized for devices such as the iPhone X.
Can’t edit vm properties
ph9214 on 3/20/2018
Specifically cpu&ram and permissions for storage. I need these features to do anything meaningful with my resources.
Terrible on iPhone on 12/9/2017
SSH console client is impossible to use on an iPhone as the control to toggle the keyboard display simply doesn’t work.
12jesters on 10/16/2017
Review. application dor this google appl users of the icloud accout in regards to O0_
Can’t register mobile device
Nmentley on 10/6/2017
I got the app to get notifications for incidents from stackdriver. The instructions to register the device don’t seem to be correct? Or something is broken? Maybe I’m missing something. Either way this isn’t great. I don’t understand how I’m suppose to get notifications without having to constantly check my email. Total bummer.
A Very Useful App
jcommaroto on 8/24/2017
There are times when I am out and need to quickly make changes, run some commands in a virtual machine or get a sense of what is happening. This app is exactly for that. I am in a phase right now where I am deciding if I should get a Surface, keep bringing along my compact Chromebook with Linux installed or carry around my iPad for those times when I don't want to lug around a laptop but want to be able to do real work. Usually my iPad is with me anyway but Zi didn't think it could do what I need. This app helps change my thinking. I was looking for a way to easily SSH from an iPad. Sure enough that feature is here. Credentials readily available for me to get it, make some changes or run a script and get out. Now I am going to look for FTP and BigQuery solutions and if I find them the iPad might just win out.
shineiitsreeh on 6/5/2017
Whats next
Why does ssh into vm instance take forever to login !!
Palo alto iPhone addict on 4/18/2017
Why does ssh take forever fix it
Ccross69 on 3/16/2017
Thank u
❤️ on 2/27/2017
Love that I can say into my compute instances and troubleshoot from my mobile devices!
Missing GKE, networking, logs, everything...
atomantic on 10/19/2016
Unless you are running app engine or just simple GCE, this doesn't have much. Would love to see networking and GKE support. Otherwise, all this tells me is how many instances are in my GKE cluster. I can ssh into instances, which is nice but not actually useful for operating a kubernetes cluster. Great design and functionality for the features that it has but needs more to be useful.
Does not work with smart connector keyboard
泰坦尼克强迫欺骗 on 10/7/2016
I was excited to replace my laptop with a logitech keyboard connected to iPad Pro 12 inch. But no luck. As soon as I connect the keyboard the virtual keyboard disappears but there is no response to the physical keyboard on the SSH screen. Very disappointed. Hope they fix it soon. Update: I got the keyboard working sort of. But soon found that the google cloud shell is not in there. That pretty much say you have to have a laptop. Using Safari you will get the full experience including the shell. But I have yet to figure out the up and down arrows (for Unix command) and combination of keys (e.g. ctrl + O). It is still a long way to go. Interestingly Chrome does not even activate the shell button.
Sign in broken
Auxbrain on 9/17/2016
Was unable to complete sign in flow with 2-factor auth. Upon returning to the app from the authenticator app, was shown a busy indicator indefinitely.
No useful feature.
Germination71 on 9/2/2016
I was excited to see this app was available! And then it offered no useful feature. Bummer.
Not fully featured
Aaronangert on 8/27/2016
You can not edit data store values, this app is not fully featured for what I use Google app engine for and thus is useless
Feature needed: replace image
The Fresh Prince of Bellair on 8/15/2016
For the next version, can you please give the option to replace existing images and add images in cloud storage buckets? In current version, users can only delete images. There's no option to upload images either. This should be available as well. These options only exist on the web - not even mobile webpages, just desktop web. Will give 5 stars if they're in the next release.
SSH but no user
Chris Abrams 87 on 5/11/2016
Every time I try to SSH I get an error that my account is currently unavailable.
Good But Limited
Ryan Hickman on 2/28/2016
Overall Cloud Console is a good app for managing your GCE instances. However it lacks certain functionality that is extremely important when dealing with any project of scale. 1. No Networking control so no changes to HTTP Load Balancing or any networking aspects for that matter. 2. Graphs are based on selecting static VMs. Should be able to choose Instance Groups so that graphs update when a group is scaled and the VMs change. 3. Should allow management of instance groups.
Surprisingly Useless.
Billysandiego on 2/13/2016
I Couldn't use this app for anything. For a multi-billion dollar company they could've spent a few more thousand for a decent app.
Almost useless
venyaz on 2/6/2016
This app is beautifully designed (thanks to standard Material Design) but features set is very limited even for simple monitor. There is no log access (sic!), no quotas, no datastore view. And you can only view stats, absolutely no control or ability to change single setting
Extremely limited functionality
d0z0s on 1/27/2016
Other than a high-level overview of cloud projects and resources, this doesn't do much. It can't change storage bucket permissions or upload content. It's basically a dashboard. Go to Google's website in Safari to do anything serious.
Don't google with Google cloud! Go with AWS or Azure!
Deguman on 1/19/2016
Don't google with Google cloud! Go with AWS or Azure! Much more reliable with many more options all around they are better!
Great addition
Miverson on 12/6/2015
I use multiple services like AWS and Google Cloud and I love this app. Although it's not perfect and doesn't replace a computer, it is a great addition for monitoring instances and checking things on the fly. Hard to complain with something that is free and works
Great app
Raz danino on 9/30/2015
Love it
jastanton on 7/23/2015
This is the app I’ve been waiting for :) Thank you!
Awesome interface
unamerikan on 7/23/2015
Google Cloud Console is really easy to use and has a great UI!
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