Gogo Entertainment


Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Travel Aug 04, 2015 Apr 06, 2018 32.8 MB iOS 8.0 or later 12+
New in version

Bug fixes


The new Gogo Entertainment Player brings the magic of the movies and TV to the sky and onto your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Use the Inflight Entertainment service to watch the latest movies and hit TV shows in flight. Just make your selection, download the player, and enjoy the show!

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ticked offfff on 4/20/2018
Very frustrated with American Airlines entertainment. Couldn’t believe no TVs on the back of the seats. Another passenger instructed me about the app for American. I added it but it still didn’t work. Flights over 4 hours are a little difficult without some form of entertainment. Delta is much better. They are also much more accommodating. This is my first and last flight with American Airlines. I also tried to get on an earlier flight to avoid a 4 hr lay over. There was seats available but I was told I had to follow my suitcase. I would have gladly picked it up later. I’m only 10 minutes from the airport. So sad American. My first experience with you was not very good.
Good only for one movie
AAFlying on 4/17/2018
Same issue- once a movie is finished, there is no way to return to the main menu.
Need iPhone X Compatibility
Janus2015 on 4/12/2018
Hard to enjoy movies when there’s a distracting white bar at the bottom.
I can’t get it to work on my flight
jaquiring on 4/12/2018
I spent an hour of my flight trying to install it, and after it finally installed, it wouldn’t work. It might be a network problem on the plane, but who knows. It just doesn’t work.
Don’t waste your time
tschick925 on 4/11/2018
If you want to spread a 2 hour movie over 5-6 hours, this is the app for you! Lucky to get 30 seconds of movie before it freezes for anywhere from 30 seconds to an hour. Better off downloading solitaire.
Mr. Szainfeld
heidigracee on 4/11/2018
Terrible connection, I’m on the flight now but can’t connect my Ipad to the gogo network, totally useless
persnickity pat on 4/10/2018
App may be fine.. don’t know, I’m 20 minutes past 10000 feet and it’s still downloading. Southwest’s inflight entertainment doesn’t require an app, includes live TV and is available from gate to gate...
Slow download inflight
Tarun E A on 4/9/2018
The app is developed by GOGO. I’m on GOGO network. Why does it take forever to down the app??
Where are the other movies???
Karing🦊 on 4/8/2018
The first time I used this app it was great! But on my return I opened the app to find that I was stuck in “My Library”. There was absolutely no way to get out of it.
Destroying Children’s Dreams at 35,000 Ft
MrHurdicure on 4/8/2018
My four year old son had behaved so well during a day of travel, so after reading how *EASY* it was—read, *EASY*—to set up the Gogo Inflight media app, I promised him he could watch a movie. Of course, after I paid ten dollars for a flight pass (because what greedy corporate monstrosity doesn’t make you pay up front for nothing but an empty promise and a chilling rouse like some disgusting carnival barker?), the app repeatedly failed to load on the iPad, repeatedly giving me an error message. This when my son already had earphones and eagerly awaited the movie to begin on the screen. The flight attendants on Alaska Airlines were zero help (because again, why take responsibility for a problem if you can pass it off? Isn’t that the way of 21st century civilization?), so I tried to install the app on my iPhone. Same problem. And of course with my * lightning speed* internet connection through gogo, I am unable to load any basic utility, like twitter, to reach out for real-time customer support. So here we are, my son tearfully sobbing on the plane when things would’ve been perfectly fine if we had just continued looking at books. Isn’t that a microcosm of humanity at this point? We all would have been better off to just continue reading books instead of destroying our lives with the mirage of 24/7 entertainment that the internet will never provide in a thousand lifetimes. And my son is so distraught that he accidentally upended his smoothie on my cloth backpack and destroyed it. So there you have it, Gogo. I want ten dollars back, the last hour back, my son’s happiness back, my backpack restored, and for you disappear like the ephemeral nonsense entity you are, a brief blip of nothing in the history of cosmic time, having impacted nothing and contributed even less.
mikeroms on 4/6/2018
You can't even use it boooo
Just Awful!!!!
Mr Lindsey on 4/6/2018
It just Doesn’t Work! Every time I open it up (unless I’m at Home on my own WiFi) it tells me to Turn on my WiFi and that’s All it Does. This is Supposed to give you access to the In Flight WiFi which Clearly Does Not Exist so this app is Highly Useless mind you my WiFi is already turned On but of course it doesn’t matter if there’s No Network please tell me how this makes sense, going on my 4/5th flight and this app Still has Yet to Work!
Switching back to the library
maddy53 on 4/6/2018
I have used this app several times to access movies while flying, however, the problem I have is the same as the reviewer above. Once a movie is watched, there is no way to get back to the library if you want to watch another movie. You have to end your session and then log back in again. There needs to be a better way to work around this!
Super Thankful
Rachael907 on 4/5/2018
I am very happy with this app because it made it possible for my mom and I to keep in contact even when I was in the air. My grandpa was very ill and I was able to know what was happening! Thank you Alaska Airlines and Gogo Entertainment!
Terrible - but unfortunately not unique experience
guytfhurdhu on 4/4/2018
As said in other reviews, I watch a movie across two flights, and now now way to get out of that movie. I’m now trying to uninstall and reinstall it on slow wi-FYI. Seems like exiting a movie should be a fundamental function. Hope you fix it as I value the service.
Ok app
NLKBoo45 on 4/4/2018
I don’t know why people are mad like honestly were you expecting extremely fast connection 10000+ ft in the air??? It’s goo but not great it works 72% of the time (I tested it I had a lot of free time). Highly recommend also download before flight but it takes 4mins on flight (Tested again).
Bob & Dan need to chill TFO
Knill8 on 4/3/2018
This app works. This app works well. I had no issues with this app onboard my Alaskan Airline flight from DFW to Portland. Thanks GoGo.
Bad design, intermittent service, slow to connect
Star-tled on 4/1/2018
I am a Delta Diamond and travel for business about once a week. I’ve been using GOGO Inflight for about 5 or 6 years. I pay the monthly fee. The app no longer works properly on Delta flights. I have to manually type in the GOGO URL each time. Once connected, I have to go through a painfully tedious and repetitive process of entering my e-mail, password, and one time authentication code. If connection speed is slow, which it is often, I get hung up in a loop ... sometimes for 15 minutes before I can connect.
Won’t download
123456678890235 on 4/1/2018
Wow delta. You can’t find ways to surprise me with horrible service. Not the first time I’ve had to fly with you without I entertainment but my god you are good at disappointment. I couldn’t even download the app to try and watch something. Thanks for nothing.
Miapa1 on 4/1/2018
Would give zero stars if I could.
Need to completely redevelop this App
Unclebub 38 on 4/1/2018
Hi I have been stuck on the same movie for my last five flights. Issue is that there is no menu to get out of “your movies” to select something else and since the last update whatever you last watch stays in your selected home screen. The lack of a menu has been a pain ever since they introduced the app but now it’s useless unless you want to watch the same thing over and over. Weekly flyer.
Great! but...
baye watson on 4/1/2018
I opened the site in air and it had a great list of movies and tv shows, but it would only let me watch one movie, and I couldn’t delete the one movie out of my library! It would not even show me the list of movies and tv shows again! And there were few kid friendly movies. But once I watched the movie, it was great! Great idea, just needs improvement.
Limiting and temperamental
bobbbb!!!!!!! on 4/1/2018
I have used this app for my last 6 flights and I have become frustrated. First, I didn’t know that the WiFi connection on American doesn’t start until over 10,000 ft. Now I know. If this is printed or written, I wasn’t seeing. It wasn’t until another passenger told me that I learned. Second, when connections occurred, I turned on WiFi, went back to Gogo, it then told me I needed an appropriate viewer to watch. I asked flight attendants and they weren’t knowledgeable. I was finally directed on my iPhone X to one of several options telling me that I needed to download a viewing app to be able to watch the movie. As I scrolled down there were 3-4 options and one was I need to download another app to view. It was as if I was already in there gogo app and they are asking me if I have the app? It was confusing but nonetheless i clicked, “ I already have the app” and it worked. And third and most frustrating is that at my first use I was given a full library of movies to watch. I selected a movie and since that movie selection ongoing for the next several flights I am stuck in that one movie. I cannot find a way to delete the movie, an option occurs at the top of the page that says “my library”, I click my library and it shows me that one same movie. There is no way to delete that movie and no way to get back to the main menu to search for other movies. Ridiculous!
Still awful on iPhone X
_NSFW_ on 3/30/2018
iPhone X has been out for almost 6 months and this app still doesn’t work properly - not just that it isn’t optimized for the screen dimensions but worse is that the swipe bar is always visible over the top of the movie with no way to get rid of it. Come on Gogo - this is an awful video experience for a good percentage of your audience (and growing).
Repeat! App Froze
ChindaJE on 3/27/2018
I was only able to watch the movie I selected on a flight four days prior!
Needs User Testing
JALTraveler on 3/26/2018
As others have reported, once you choose a movie you are stuck in your library with no way to exit, even if you reboot.
Well yup this is a review yup yup
Aussie__D on 3/26/2018
Yeah, this is an app I guarantee it, but I can watch movies on it too! Can’t get any better than that. As Nelson Mandela once said, if you can’t watch movies on a plane, take a boat! Thank you very much for your cooperation and consideration during these hard times. Dominic arrogate mr roboti.
Can’t Back Out
geterdone23 on 3/24/2018
This app seems great on the surface but be careful when you choose the movie you watch. Once it’s over or you decide to watch something else there is no going back to the MAIN library to pick other movies. You literally need to delete the app off your phone, after the flight Dowload the app again and start over on your next flight. It’s not user friendly at all...
No longer works for me
Sitkabob on 3/22/2018
I fly Alaska airlines and try to use the app if you days ago. I am legally blind and use what is called voice over. When I try to use the app on my last flight I got stuck in my library which have the movie I was watching on the previous flight. Cannot get back to the main menu. I agree with the previous reviewer that the app should be better tested and hopefully by those who are familiar with what is called voice over for those of us that have a vision issue. Speech off
Very temperamental...!
Dannnnnnnnn11111111 on 3/19/2018
I’ve used this App on 4 flights with Alaska Airlines.. The App has promise but I always feel like I’m the beta tester and each time something has gone wrong. (1) It’s hard to get it to start. (2) The good news is the first time I used it the main menu displays your entertainment choices in an orderly fashion. (3) But each time I’ve used the App two weird things happen: if you start a movie you can’t toggle out of it - if you attempt this the App freezes (if that happens you’re done - no more entertainment). The next time you log in you are directed to your “library” where your “stuck movie” is stored AND THERE IS NO WAY TO GET BACK TO THE MAIN MENU.. What this company needs to do is to hire a few programmers AND then hire a test group to Beta test it on their dime not my time...
Stuck in Loop of Stupidity
Cant Watch Videos Guy on 3/19/2018
Opened the app. Chose a video. This triggered my iPad’s browser to open to a page that said I needed the app to play the video I chose. Took me to App Store. Only option at App Store was to download/open this app, which I already have and am already using. Opened the app. See sentence #1 above. Cr@p.
You have to reinstall
Carljoe on 3/18/2018
At least for me, you have to re install to use each time you fly otherwise the movie you last saw won’t go away and you can’t go to the main menu
Stuck on same movie
KB3900 on 3/17/2018
This app seems to get stuck on the one movie.i tried numerous times to get it to complete and even watched a second time so it would perhaps move to a new selection. But to no avail. I deleted the app and have redownloaded - i read other reviews if the same issue and I sent a notification to the provider. Pls get this fixed! March 2018.
Bad App
ar1347 on 3/15/2018
If the app work, it is good. Although Wi-Fi doesn’t kick in until plane is at altitude 10k feet or higher, which means a down time. Problem is that, most of the times, app stay stocked on what you were watching previously and doesn’t prompt browser to start for new shows or movies. So, I have to delete the app after each flight and download again. BTW, you can’t download it in flight, as you can’t access App Store. In that case you better have another plan for entertainment, especially on long flight. American, now that you don’t invest to add individual monitors on the seats, at least give a full access to Wi-Fi.
Download impossible
GoobyA5 on 3/13/2018
I’ve been trying to download the app for the entire flight from dfw to phx. Ridiculously slow. We will be there before it ever downloads
Beachdoc11 on 3/13/2018
Useless support. Lousy app!! DO NOT BUY!!!
Choose your movie wisely
doswelled on 3/12/2018
This POS has never allowed me to just find another movie after even partially viewing one. I always need to uninstall and reinstall. We are up to 10+ I fly American.
~Mallori~ on 3/11/2018
AMAZING with Delta... no buffering ..GREAT quality movies..
AMERICAN AIRLINES and IPad - didn’t work
JIm Heal on 3/4/2018
MARCH 2918: SFO to MIA. AA needs to take better care of their clients. No reason it didn’t work on IPad as it worked on the iPhone. Hmmm....which screen do you want to watch a movie on?
Breathing Recycled Air and Waiting
Deflected on 2/28/2018
Here I am at 30,000 ft breathing recycled air and waiting for the app to download. Hopefully it will be finished before I land. Crap, the guy next to me just sneezed.
Does not work
Mikefly562 on 2/27/2018
I keep getting message that my version of iOS is not compatible (11.2.5). Very useless app.
One Choice, Then You’re Stuck
Rcky-mtn on 2/26/2018
I had the app downloaded on both my iPhone and my iPad. I couldn’t get the app on my iPad to function at all. The iPhone did great until the movie ended. For the rest of the day my only choice was to watch that movie again. Nothing would return me to any kind of menu.
Great 25% of the Time
Frustrated in SJ on 2/25/2018
This app combined with American Airlines weak streaming makes for an unstable and mostly nonfunctioning app. After downloading the app fresh for my outbound flight, it worked for one movie, but would not queue up a second one for my six hour flight. On the return, it never worked at all. It kept telling me to download the app even though I verified that I had the latest version already. Even after deleting and reinstalling the app it didn't function to load a movie. It did successfully stream one trailer for about three minutes. What a waste of my time. AA should be ashamed to have such a lousy application associated with them!
Good, when it works
stubauman on 2/25/2018
Worked well on one flight. The next one would let me see which movies were available, but wouldn’t let me watch any of them. It just gave me a mesmerizing (no, not really) spinning pinwheel.
Very spotty performance
Markplus4 on 2/24/2018
It’s really not worth having. Stopping and getting your favorite movies downloaded on your iPad would be a much more valuable use of your time.
Inflight download is excruciatingly slow
Tom194872957393737 on 2/23/2018
I've wasted over an hour on my two hour flight waiting for the app to download. Gogo, fire all your current web/app developers and copy Southwest Airlines entertainment website - it does not require an app.
Christopher Dinh on 2/21/2018
I’m flying on Alaska to go to Honolulu and this is so good so you don’t just have to sit you can also watch
Stuck on last video
WayCoolChihuahua on 2/20/2018
It works but the only way I can watch a different movie is to delete the app and download again. No matter what I try there isn’t a way to select an alternate movie, only gives me the option to view the most recent download
Make new updates on 2/18/2018
It is so dumb that you have to download an app to watch shows or movies. Useless and it takes so long to download. Poor job, this app is terrible.
Really good quality
Monsterjuju on 2/18/2018
It’s amazing what some people will complain about. People are annoyed that they didn’t know about the app before the flight so give it one star? Really? This app is solid. It took about 5 minutes to download (I did spring for WiFi on the plane) and the movies stream perfectly. The quality is very good, and its nice to be able to see these on my iPad rather than the screen on the seat back.
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