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Download the official app for the Disneyland® Resort! Enhance your next visit with an enchanting mobile experience. Buy your tickets, see wait times, browse maps, check FASTPASS return times, locate Disney Characters appearing throughout the parks and much more!

- Check Wait Times: See attraction wait times for Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park at a glance.

- Skip the Ticket Lines: Buy park tickets* with the app and show your barcode at the gate for admission when you first get to the park! No ticket booth lines to stand in or e-tickets to print out.

- Purchase Disney MaxPass: Maximize your visit—get unlimited Disney PhotoPass downloads for the day and make FASTPASS selections from your device while you’re in the parks.†

- Check FASTPASS Return Times: View FASTPASS distribution information for select attractions and entertainment (subject to availability).

- View Disney PhotoPass® photos: Download and share your PhotoPass photos throughout your visit. Enjoy unlimited downloads of your photos taken by our complimentary photographers at select locations—including select Character Dining experiences and attraction photos—when you purchase the Disney PhotoPass+ or Disney PhotoPass Collection product or through Disney MaxPass.††

- Exploring Made Easy: Find what you’re looking for quickly with GPS-enabled maps that show your location and the attractions, restaurants, shops and more near you.

- A Must-Have for Passholders: Link your passport to view blockout calendars and expiration dates. Show your digital barcode at the gate for admission when you arrive!**

- Locate Favorite Characters: Get those autograph books ready! You’ll magically know when and where Disney Characters are appearing in the parks

- The Details You Need: See park hours, schedules, accessibility information and descriptions for attractions, dining, entertainment and more.

Make your visit more magical with the Disneyland app!

Download it before your next visit.

*U.S. and Japan residents only.

**Annual Passholders: Don’t Forget to Bring Your Passport!

You’ll still need to show a valid Annual Passport card for FASTPASS tickets, Passholder discounts and more.

†Guests are strongly advised to check the day’s FASTPASS ticket availability and other park details before purchasing the Disney MaxPass feature or using a park ticket with Disney MaxPass. Popular attraction FASTPASS tickets may not be available at the time of Disney MaxPass purchase or use as FASTPASS tickets are limited and availability is not guaranteed. Disney MaxPass is nonrefundable, nontransferable and subject to restrictions and change without notice.

††Disney PhotoPass is subject to the Disney PhotoPass terms and expiration policy.

Note: Some app features require location data or for you to register by providing your full name, country, birthdate and email address in order to use them. If Bluetooth is enabled on your device, this app will also collect your precise location information through beacon technology in order to improve your in-park experience, such as wait times. Optional planning tools may also ask you about your travel party or allow you to save a credit card to your profile for online purchases.

This app provides you with the option to receive push notifications for information relating to your visit to a Park or stay at a Disney Resort hotel.

Features include the ability to make purchases and require a Wi-Fi or mobile carrier data connection. Must be 18 years or older to make purchases.

Children’s Privacy Policy: https://disneyprivacycenter.com/kids-privacy-policy/english/
Terms of Use: http://disneytermsofuse.com/
Privacy Policy: https://disneyprivacycenter.com/

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Good but....
jajacobs2 on 12/12/2017
You can’t log into your account
3 rides went down & Employees r not trained
danielle & Stephen on 12/12/2017
Employees sending us on wild goose chase & rides keep breaking down after hour long waits with barely an acknowledgement. Sad waste of holiday experience
Veg7 on 12/11/2017
It would be great to know which parking lot or area is currently being loaded so that we could head straight to that area.
dwayne madry on 12/11/2017
You should be able to shadow where characters are going to be
Fast pass app
Gretnagal on 12/11/2017
The electronic fast pass on the Disneyland app is well- worth the money. It has saved us time and steps.
Steve Christian on 12/11/2017
We have been down to Disneyland several times this year and all my daughter wants is to see is Aurora the app always says she’s out but she never shows up
Worth it!
Patcheak Family on 12/11/2017
Worth the $10 investment per ticket in maximizing time. Simple to use. Activate it once you enter the park then electronically choose a fast pass while your in line for a separate ride. Once you utilize the fast pass immediately pick another one anywhere in the park.
A must do for parents
AllenA2 on 12/10/2017
This truly is the happiest place on earth for kids. I have never seen my child’s face light up brighter than during our visit to Disneyland. We have in the span of 3 days created priceless memories. Thank you; to the incredible staff for all you did to help create those memories. I am sure we will return many times in the coming years to create even more.
Elliottfan9! on 12/10/2017
Best place on earth.....
ozzy20r on 12/10/2017
I hate the lines kill the fast pass people jeez
Disappointed Disney
MattyMH1 on 12/10/2017
Very busy. “Network” does not load maps to give appropriate times (Verizon AND AT&T). Long lines everywhere including the line for snacks and alcoholic beverages. Doesn’t feel like “Disney” today. Still glad to be here just missing on a few fronts
Fast pass
CmeDisney on 12/10/2017
It’s a little glitchy making parties for fast pass on the app you should maybe use a system like kahoot.
App glitches
LizzardKing1984 on 12/9/2017
At Disneyland right now trying to use my max pass and I can’t even get that app to work right. On the iPhone X, 12/17
Djr01 on 12/9/2017
The place is still overcrowded and overpriced.
App needs usability help!
niqk on 12/9/2017
Many reviews of this app are about Disneyland service and not the app. Let’s focus on the app. A major flaw is you can’t cancel a Fast Pass without losing an option to use it on something else. For instance, I accidentally chose a fast pass for Splash Mountain instead of Space Mountain. It was late at night so I was in a rush to grab that fast pass. I realized my mistake immediately and canceled it within 30 seconds. I went back to get it for Space Mountain and it told me I had to wait until the allotted 1.5 hours before I could get it. That sucked. Also, it’s difficult to find when you can grab your next fast pass. The app needs a reminder option that texts you. And the app needs a scheduler of some kind beyond what’s coming up for fast pass. I want to schedule my day - lots of event apps do this, so I’d expect this from Disneyland. Overall it’s not an intuitive app. You need to think a little too hard. This is called cognitive strain in the usability world. Even after three straight days using the app I couldn’t recall what to click on for what! As an aside, as someone visiting from out of state about once a year, how Disneyland caters to annual pass holders is exhausting and ridiculous. It would be nice if the app could offer some perks for those of us who spend thousands to travel to Disneyland (only to stand in lines clogged by Californians). Annual pass holders should not be able to use the app’s MaxPass - give us out-of-towners some kind of break! I do have positives to highlight - being able to see wait times and get a fast pass without running to machines and getting one for the other park is awesome, and the photo pass option is great too. I’m looking forward to seeing how they improve this app (or not) in the near future.
A LOT to work out
CharlieB19 on 12/8/2017
A good idea in theory but fails on every level from ability to purchase tickets on the app (stupid credit card requirements) to being able to rely on schedules and wait times (doesn’t list closures or accurate wait times) when planning your day at the parks. SUPER disappointing. Added HOURS of pointless walking back and forth to our day. Let me know when they get it right.
iPhone 10 compatible
eflo311 on 12/8/2017
Needs to be updated to fit iPhone 10 screen
Amazing day🎄☃️
Marcela Fosado on 12/8/2017
We love visiting Disneyland, it’s a dream for us 🎅🏼
JWR26/62 on 12/8/2017
Not a fan of rides. Doing this for my daughter.
Ungodly lines and was assaulted on the carousel!
docpegs on 12/8/2017
I bought season passes today. I will be returning them.
So in love !!
Jana_Rozay on 12/8/2017
With this being my first Tim here, I’m so in love !!! AMAZING !!
Great App, wish it had one more feature
Hdamp on 12/8/2017
The Disneyland App is great! The wait times are accurate and I love being able to purchase tickets and see park details directly on my phone. The one feature I wish it has was either the option to added show times to my calendar for reminders or the ability to set alerts in the app for show times or reservations.
Reviewer678657755 on 12/8/2017
I overheard a song being played during the Festival of Lights proclaiming that the Yule Tide was gay! This is not the example I want to set for my children. Certainly not the spirit of Christmas!
TheeeeToniBee on 12/7/2017
I love this app I purchased my ticket and can see how the wait is for the rides!!
A Magical Pack
vijayamarshi on 12/7/2017
The power of Disney, but digital.
Does not come up quickly. Need better infrastructure.
Sir Collin on 12/7/2017
See above.
Big big problem
DevilSpeed on 12/7/2017
I try to complete my payment card info. Never get it done. Allllllll way say I have problem with my addresss. I enter it 100 time. And still not working. Waste my time. I do at the park. I spend 30 min just doin the card payment add and still can’t make it.
Disneyland great most the time
susan not so Disney on 12/7/2017
Experience so far so good.. but the general public are rude and crude!!!
Love Disneyland but love California Adventure
Haley2006 on 12/7/2017
We love Disneyland but we love California adventure even more. We met a security guard by the name of John who was a wealth of knowledge super sweet and just knew so much about the place that he loves to work. What a special and kind person to run into Anne to get to know even though it was for a brief 10 minutes we felt as though we knew him for a lifetime. Thank you John for bringing magic to our vacation. Merry Mickey Christmas
Great! Needs iPhone X Support
ballspause on 12/6/2017
This app is essential to picking which ride to go to next in the parks. Now it just needs iPhone X support!
ritzcrazycracker on 12/6/2017
My name is kyson, it is awesome like pickles in a jar
Great app
hectormaximus on 12/5/2017
Very convenient for planning a day at the park. Restaurant reservations are a snap, and PhotoPass or MaxPass are great. The app would work better if the cell carrier antennas had better service. When the park is full the app lags. Alerts would be important. For ride status (broken or fixed) membership changes like an expiration alert, FastPass ride show up time.
disneyland man on 12/5/2017
It’s amazballs
Super Helpful
Spudgirl1313 on 12/5/2017
I loved using this App! It helped us plan our day with constantly updated wait times and a place for all our photo passes.
There is no way Peter pan’s flight is 15 minutes
Jhiggs04 on 12/5/2017
(But pretty good)
Easy to navigate
TamVega on 12/4/2017
Love this app. Makes getting pics and fast pass super easy. Plus it’s user friendly.
Fast pass
Missifu26 on 12/4/2017
I think you should be able to reserve a fast pass in a different park without having to wait till you use the first one
Long lines
MickiG3 on 12/4/2017
This morning early, our first ride we had to wait almost 2 hours versus the posted wait time of 40 minutes on Star Tours. Then I wanted a regular popcorn and there was a line down the street. Very frustrating. Tried to go during the week so this wouldn’t be the case but that didn’t work. Still, I love Disneyland and will probably come back at some point.
Disney app
Samiejane on 12/4/2017
This app is awesome and very easy to use.
Audalf951 on 12/4/2017
Always use. 1% time wrong
I'm a Disneyland freak
SpaceMountain18 on 12/4/2017
I love going to Disneyland but, my favorite ride at Disneyland is Space Mountain
Where’s the iPhone X support?
GeezJames on 12/3/2017
Great app, everything you need to go to Disneyland/DCA is there. Just needs some UI adjustments like shrinking the giant Mickey ears on the bottom and overlapping status bars. Otherwise, great!
Holidays at Disney
Jenfur18 on 12/3/2017
We have been coming to Disney every few years since our daughter was 2. She is now 21 and our baby is 16. We’ve seen the 50th and the 60th. It was our daughter’s choice of gift for her graduation. We have never seen Disney during the holidays until this year and it has not disappointed. Everything is wonderful and magical just like Walt meant it to be. The Villa Family loves Disney and hope to be able to afford to keep coming long into the future!
gonzleze on 12/3/2017
I love this app so much I recommend it for you guys 😃
Dear Disney UX/Dev team
Scoutlovesme on 12/3/2017
Please optimize this app. It always crashes and takes way too long to get to fast passes. Particularly trying to enter photo IDs manually to download photos is very cumbersome.
Didnt want to write a review but the app made me
Autistimistic on 12/3/2017
I didnt want to make a review, but the app wouldnt stop asking me, great app
Photos download
RichCPA on 12/2/2017
In order to download photos you literally have to save the photo and thereafter open the photos iOS program the go back to the Disney app to download the next one. If you try doing multiple at a time only the latest one goes into the photos program and no others.
Not user friendly
J7119764321 on 12/2/2017
Wish you could download events to I Cal straight from app.
Mel24601 on 12/2/2017
Wish you could download events to I Cal straight from app.
BenPomona on 12/1/2017
Just wished the simple things on food weren’t so expensive as hell.
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