Amount Plus - Unit Converter

Marco Torretta

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
$1.99 Productivity 1.2.1 Oct 14, 2015 Nov 12, 2017 7.1 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 1.2.1

Hi! Long time we no see! I know, I know, you're angry because I left you alone for quite a while, but don't panic, the app has been working pretty fine ;) Even with the new iPhone X the app never had one problem, except for that notch at the top of the screen that required my intervention.

So, if you're one of those extremely lucky that has an iPhone X, from now on you'll be even more lucky because you can use Amount Plus completely optimized for your new device (if I was you I'd tell everyone about that, it's not something you see every day, such an exquisite app that works so well).

Everything else is the same as before, solid and functional. I just added a little small feature, but I won't tell you what it is, you have to find that yourself!



Amount Plus is an enhanced version of the multi award winning unit conversion app Amount.
Amount Plus improves every aspect of the predecessor by adding more advanced features to increase your productivity without sacrificing its famous simplicity.
With a new gorgeous user interface and unrivaled customization features Amount Plus gives you the ability to convert everything you need just the way you like!

• Converts units faster than before;
• Has over 700 units across more than 30 categories;
• Offers new ways to search, filter, convert and compare units;
• Allows the creation of shortcuts for incredibly fast conversions;
• Completely customizable at user needs;
• Custom units can be easily added for each category;
• Supports Today widget extension to quickly access your favorite conversions;
• Supports Apple Watch to convert units directly on your wrist;

Categories Amount Plus can handle: Acceleration, Angles, Area, Astronomical, Clothing (men and women), Cooking, Currency, Data, Density, Electric current, Energy, Flow (mass and volume), Force, Frequency, Fuel Consumption, Illuminance, Length and Distance, Luminance, Metric System, Network speed, Power, Pressure, Radiation, Sound, Speed, Temperature, Textile Yarn, Time, Torque, Transportation Cost, Typography, Viscosity (dynamic and kinematic), Volume, Weight and Mass.

To convert currencies is required an internet connection.
Currency and clothing size information are provided only for informational purposes.

If you're going to download Amount Plus please rate and leave a comment!
And if you have a suggestion don't hesitate to contact me. With your help I can improve Amount Plus even more!

iPad Screenshots
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Nice interface, watch app doesn’t update.
daschles on 4/24/2018
The watch app doesn’t update and the developer doesn’t respond to emails
One major flaw ruins the entire app experience
bzzlolo on 3/27/2018
Impractically minimal for the sake of UI vanity. If you need to sum or factor a series of numbers prior to your conversion, you must tap Convert + your operator in between EVERY SINGLE number!! The standard version of the Amount App does not have this issue. This app is gorgeously designed and beautifully executed; however, if this one issue were resolved, Amount Plus would be the best paid Calc-Converter on the market. I sent an in-app email to the developer about this issue a few days after the app was released, but I never received a response.
More unit types than I’ll ever need
HSV bob on 2/3/2018
The UI seems a little odd to me but it’s easy to learn. The app covers more types of measures than I’ll ever use.
Enable side by side view on iPad
johnlikesmusic on 1/23/2018
This is a good app, so much so that I paid for Amount Plus despite having and using the original app for awhile now. You can take it to 11 by enabling side by side view on the iPad for multitasking. I was hoping this feature would be available when I paid for Amount Plus - please add it!
Kabeyun on 11/13/2017
The developer is snotty and arrogant. Just a glance through the update description language reveals that immediately. He’s pretty fabulous, right? The app is fine, but so are are a host of other conversion apps. As he gloats, the app is solid, and you won’t have much of a problem using it. But some functionality isn’t readily apparent (hold this key to do this, what does that icon mean?) and an email to him about it may get a snotty reply. Bear this in mind when considering his other apps, and support you may need.
Font size & Contrast
AR9516 on 11/12/2017
The app works well. The interface colors is colorful. But better contrast and bigger fonts are needed to see and work easier. Especially this app which deals with figures. Thank you.
Best ever
Yutrddg on 3/18/2017
All perfectly customizable ! Great job guys !
Tiny Text
Skeptical Pig on 1/20/2017
In this age of apps on iOS, it's hard to use or support apps that don't use Dynamic Type. Apple gives developers the tools and this app and many others choose to ignore visually impaired users.
jack054 on 12/24/2016
What a conversion app was always meant to be
The Terminator 2: Judgement Day of App Seqels
Darnell Brown on 7/8/2016
Cleaner than ever, elegant, delightful, thoughtful and simple. Love it. I'm happy.
Best. Converter. Ever.
Peter in Hawaii on 6/9/2016
Nice changelog, too. Clean, simple interface. Sooo many conversions!
All I can say is...
scottjl on 6/8/2016
lllllllgghmbl and aaabbbcccdddeefff. Who reads reviews right? This is, to me, a very simple to use and handy unit conversion app. It isn't going to save the world, but it comes in handy from time to time. It's fast, accurate (I think) and smells like roses. Well it does if you dip your phone in rose petals. If you're looking for a handy conversion application, I recommend this one. Kkldkjfjdkksskjfjfsk.
Best conversion app I've used in a long time
BGrantIII on 6/8/2016
I've used several different conversion apps over the years, and this one is by far my favorite. More than worth the price. And now with the new additions it's even better. Gotta love that dark mode too! And have you read this devs change logs, they're awesome!
HandleBard on 6/8/2016
Read the change log on this version. Also best conversion app I've seen. Great details and simple interface
Functional app with a great interface
Mohd.akram on 6/8/2016
I bought this app after getting its predecessor, Amount, because I was very impressed with its usability. This app improves even further on that with more useful features so that you can convert units faster. You also get to read entertaining change logs with its frequent updates :)
Great Today Widget
Michael Camilleri on 6/8/2016
Stylish, well-designed app. Being able to jump to a conversion from the Today Widget is the killer feature for me.
Best Conversion Utility
IngloriousLogic on 3/16/2016
So many useful conversions at a glance. Perfect for a student like myself to check to make sure I'm converting J to eV correctly. I gave 4 stars only because the interface has a slight learning curve, but it is unique and modern seeming so don't let that deter you. In less than 5 min you'll get used to it.
mmagdybadr on 3/6/2016
This is the best converter app in the app store, i have tried a lot and this is the best...GOOD JOB
Mumoyo71 on 2/27/2016
Nice app&5Stars
• dF • on 2/24/2016
Superb app. Add multitasking support and control over the delimiter and it will be perfect.
Not easy to use
Yaardvark on 1/27/2016
This conversion application is so difficult to use that I will use other applications to convert items. ☹️☹️
Gu1tarB1ackB3lt on 1/26/2016
Not bad!
Dave2748849 on 1/25/2016
Just wish there was an option for commas instead of spaces for large numbers. Also wish numbers over a million weren't automatically changed to their exponential value. Would like the option to disable that.
Adventurer_Diaz on 1/22/2016
Its simple, easy to use love the design. Good job.
halts at settings
LEMONerd on 1/5/2016
and I should be able re-order shortcuts
Not intuitive
Pariah1032 on 12/29/2015
The previous version of this app was far more intuitive; this feels like a step backward. It also freezes in settings when trying to modify shortcuts and there's no way to go back, forcing you to close and reopen the app. Going to reinstall the old app as I liked it a lot better.
Good app but the Apple Watch version does not work
Todd Sizemore on 12/27/2015
I like the iPhone app quite a bit bit I cannot get the Apple Watch app to load. After multiple deletions and reinstalls (both on the Watch and then app on the iPhone) it still crashes before loading my shortcuts.
Interaction got worse
Zhou iam on 12/3/2015
I often compare price between Amazon US, Amazon Japan and my local price so US dollar->my home currency and JP yen->home currency are added to fav and shown on home screen. Now try to count how many clicks you have to make to convert 50 US dollars to home currency and then convert 3000 JP yen to home currency. The back and force clicks are so frustrating. I think clicking a fav doesn't have to draw a new dedication view, just staying on home screen is good enough so I can quickly move to next fav, also I have to remember converted numbers to compare them, any way they can be easily listed there so a simple glimpse can give me a quick comparison in local currency?
Lovely app
Tahanee on 11/7/2015
Just bought this app and opened it to explore. It seems to have everything there that you could need. The interface is beautifully designed, minimal icons, wonderful color themes, all around beautiful design.
App is “always installing” ;)
hecteuro on 10/29/2015
Haven't been using for long enough to give a full review, but I constantly mistake the new icon for the iOS “app installing” icon.
Nice one with room for improvement
prebrov on 10/19/2015
Great app, very handy. However: 1. Scientific notation is not a great fit for currency conversion. 1.25xE7 of Indonesian Rupees isn't user-friendly. 2. App should allow to have a "default" conversion. Like: "I use it for currency conversion 95% of time, others are very occasional. I should be able to set Currency as a default and app would start straight into Currency with others available under 'Others': +1 click". 3. That icon for select/deselect all is too easy to click and its function isn't clear at all from the first sight.
Back and Menu Buttons Don't Work
andoird213 on 10/15/2015
On the iPhone 6s, after choosing a category, the back button and menu button don't work, so you're stuck on that category until you relaunch the app. Other than that, great app, beautiful design, and nice Apple Watch integration.
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