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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Business 1.6.33 Jan 28, 2016 Oct 18, 2017 182.2 MB iOS 8.0 or later 4+
New in version 1.6.33

* Add, edit, or remove keywords on the go using the app. Keyword editing will become available in the app for everyone soon.
* Bug fixes and performance improvements.


The Google AdWords app helps you stay connected with your ad campaigns from anywhere, using your iPhone. You can easily view your ads' performance on the go with this simplified companion to your desktop account. So you can keep your campaigns running smoothly—no matter where your business takes you.

* View campaign stats
* Update bids and budgets
* Get real-time alerts and notifications
* Call a Google expert
* Act on suggestions to improve your campaigns

This app is for existing AdWords customers only and is free to download. To learn more about advertising with Google, visit

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Shame on google
mike-427 on 4/20/2018
After taking the time to set up an ad campaign that began to work really well I had one issue I called in for and the guy (not in the US) kept me on the phone for 3 hours. He completely sabotaged my ad and I instantly stopped getting calls. I lost over $300 because of this just to ads not including business. Unbelievable...what was worse was how rude they were when I called back.
Pretty much worthless
INTP5 on 3/23/2018
Compared to the functionality of AdWords desktop, this app is a complete joke and basically lets you make no important adjustments.
One mistake and I get suspended for life??😵👎🤢🤮
Lizard Trails on 3/21/2018
USE FACEBOOK OR ANYTHING ELSE IF YOUR’E A BEGINNER!! I don’t even know what happened, if I did anything wrong because google will not say. I’m a beginner using paid advertising and I just tried to do an ad for the first time in a couple years. Then the same day I got an email from google saying my account is suspended for “circumventing systems.” WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? They say they can’t tell me why, and my account is suspended forever and any other accounts I make will be suspended. I heard this can happen from my website getting hacked, well if that’s the case then it’s not my fault. What a terrible experience for a beginner. No idea about what I did wrong and no help or explanation from google on how to fix this. Google is leaving me, a new innocent customer “screwed” for life now. Thanks a lot, jerk.
Horrible Update
Side31 on 3/2/2018
Won’t let you select an specific account. Just stays on the first account drop down selection. Brilliant coding, Google.
Great app
Dor3s on 2/10/2018
AdWords on a phone, very helpful!
Useless App
Team Fuego on 2/5/2018
It doesn’t show the same data as the actual AdWords website. It shows the data from the day before and does not show today’s data!
All Business...
Zeusglobal on 2/2/2018
I haven’t had any issues with data not being the same as desktop. I only run one ad and from what I’m seeing the add is doing well. Keep in mind that this is a mobile app so keep it simple. Make small adjustments on the desktop so that you won’t have to touch the mobile app unless you are configuring your budget. Billions of people use the Google on various platforms so create a good ad and reach your dreams...
Bad business
ttle35 on 1/30/2018
This app will trap you in expanding costs. They make it extremely difficult to cancel. Google makes you think this is just a mobile version of their Ad Words but it sets up a different account. They will not help you resolve issues. I am disappointed that Apple even allows this app to be on their site.
Not Working
Avax-1 on 1/27/2018
Have given feedback for 5 days now to Google without response. Cannot pause keywords or adjust bids in the app. Only on Adwords desktop. Need patch asap
Can’t enter promotion code!
SpineDoc23 on 1/18/2018
If you send out an email for $150 in promotional AdWords, please make sure the app functions to allow users to enter the code. I tried typing it in, as well as copy and paste (not available as an option). Not good!
Works bad
airtmusic on 1/14/2018
Data won’t refresh. App seems useless
Doesn’t sync
vstrother on 1/14/2018
The app will not sync with your account. This is a known error according to the kid I spoke to at Google.
extremely good app
jakeda5nake on 1/12/2018
definitely recommend to have on your phone as well as your comp. great app
Data is wrong
BradC78 on 1/11/2018
Pretty useless since the data in the app is not the same as the data on the website. If you can’t trust the data, why would you use this app?
Just Check
Gulf State Software on 11/27/2017
But don’t have option to edit ppc price.
Don’t waste your time
golfer1876holein1 on 11/13/2017
Just keeps saying I need to finish setting up my account when I’ve already been using it for over a month on my computer. Pointless app
Can't load any data
rob08934283 on 10/22/2017
I have a connection except the app just says "can't load data." I have multiple Google accounts on my phone and only one has an adwords account. I'm thinking that there's a bug in the app for this use case. Please fix!
Installed can’t log in
Btgdbmkgvkud on 10/13/2017
Doesn’t work. Please review
Doesn’t let me login
dfiedler on 9/29/2017
I just created an ad and downloaded the app and it doesn’t allow me to login and doesn’t even tell me if it’s my password or email. It just backs me out to the login screen. Pretty pathetic for being part of google.
Confusing, expensive, marginally effective, and arrogant
Jackswelters on 7/23/2017
I am an MIT grad and very experienced with computers. I signed on with Google Adwords to market my small business and spent many $thousands on this program. I found it quite difficult to master and it is very easy to make mistakes that result in huge unexpected bills. My attempts to work out these problems with Google were met with a "tough sh*t for you, fella" attitude. This company is arrogant toward its small customers and I have found that Facebook, for all its shortcomings is both more effective and interested in its clients success.
Does not work
rt146 on 6/16/2017
This app won't let me add my account. After I sign it keeps looping back through the sign in page. 👎
Cripple functionality
jangly on 6/12/2017
I would probably be more forgiving of an adwords app that didn't have the full functionality if the full website worked on an iPad, but instead it crashes in Safari and in Google's own Chrome app, making productivity on the iPad a non-starter. Google either needs to flesh out this app or fix the adwords site.
$18 per customer call. Abomination.
Aoco56 on 6/6/2017
Would you like to pay $18 for every potential customer who calls? Neither do any quality local businesses. Use Yelp, BBB, Houzz, Nextdoor Neighbor, or any other business platform that doesn't operate on extortion.
Mr. John Kelley
Johnnpaul14 on 6/2/2017
Here is an easy way to manage and run your business, Google to the rescue, I love this app, give it a try 🐾😎
Can't even create a new ad.
shiningnight on 6/1/2017
Useless to me.
Crazy pro gamer on 5/30/2017
Best for youtube
Worthless. Can't do anything with it.
Dentite on 5/27/2017
Only useful for viewing your ads and spend. Can't do a thing that's actually useful. No editing at all of anything.
What is the point if I can't manage my ads!
AwEsOmE_sAuCe!!!!!! on 5/23/2017
What is the point of having this if I can't manage my ads, like creat new ads for example! Same problem with Google my business app it's USELESS! Because I can't post from it.
Ad scheduling
Cmpgg on 5/18/2017
I got a glimpse of the Android version of this app and the functionality includes nearly everything available on desktop. Being unable to bulk edit or adjust ad scheduling makes this pointless for management on the go. Helpful only to see where spend is for the day.
I love it
Bria Webb on 5/5/2017
Easy interface
Inaccurate and outdated info - typical of Google
NYCJames on 5/5/2017
Having checked my AdWords campaign on my phone for the first time this morning, I was reminded of the fact that there was an AdWords app. So I figured I'd give it a try. The mobile browser page had told me that I'd received 4 clicks so far today, but upon loading the app was told that I'd had 1 click for the same time period. So what exactly is the point of using the app if it doesn't even give me a current set of data? This kind of inaccuracy and inconsistency is so typical of Google. Basically no point having this app.
Cannot sign in
Stupid iOS nickname on 4/10/2017
After password and google Authenticator the apps goes back to log in screen.
Good for monitoring. Would be more useful if it could edit.
Christofer Williams on 3/21/2017
It's nice to be able to monitor campaigns, but that's all this app lets you do. I don't expect full desktop functionality from an app, but it would be helpful if I could add/adjust keywords and ads in response to data while on the go.
Dumbest app ever!!!
Wisest critic guy on 3/20/2017
It wont even let me log in. Instead it tries to send me to express so I can't control the amount per click sounds fishy to me
Can't log in
Wil V on 3/11/2017
I will write a new review when I can log in.
Lord Malthus on 3/7/2017
Can't log in at all. App completely functionless. Waste of time.
Small biz7542 on 3/7/2017
Google makes millions selling worthless 3rd world bot traffic to American small businesses. Beware!
Great for updates
Petey77777 on 3/6/2017
Obviously not as powerful as using Adwords on the desktop, but this is great to get quick updates.
Can't even log in
Ryan6792947 on 2/23/2017
This is very annoying. I've been trying to login for two days. Please fix this!
Won't let me sign in
...priya on 2/22/2017
Please fix this!!! The app won't even let me sign in. Super frustrating
Missing Features & Plagued w/ Fake Clicks
WhY_Se7eN on 1/24/2017
Can't add negative keywords, IP address, edit ads or extensions, and a lot more stuff. Also, AdWords is plagued with false clicks that google charges your account with. Call for support and you won't get much help. Disappointed with the customer service and support.
Fast and easy to use.
Kelsterdude Account on 10/13/2016
Makes watching my campaigns simple.
Very dissatisfied/NOT user friendly
Hustonharr on 9/7/2016
A few months ago I signed up for Google Adwords. I put $50 into my account in order to see if it was worth putting serious money into it. After 2 months I had 0 clicks on the Adwords app. At this point in time I reached out to a Google partnered Internet advertising agency to help promote my website. Whenever my website got to the first page of Google I went to deactivate my Adwords account because I didn't want to get billed for all the clicks my advertising agency was sending to me. However whenever I got onto the Adwords app it showed I still had 0 clicks. ( even though I was on the front page of Google) So I assumed that the Google partnered advertising agency had worked with Adwords to make it where I wasn't getting billed twice (that makes too much sense it seems). After checking my bank account I have been getting charged by Adwords for every click my advertising agency has sent my way, even though my Adwords app still says I have 0 clicks. So I called the customer service for Adwords and explained my story that I've been paying twice for each click and I feel like I should be given a refund since the app still says 0. The rep then told me that I have Adwords express, not Adwords. I assumed like most that they were the same app and the same thing! I'm not tech savvy like all the Google people! I was under the impression that only the money you put into the account could be touched by Google and that was it. No one told me it was a monthly occurrence or I wouldn't have messed with it. I am very dissatisfied with Google for over complicating a seemingly simple process. I've never experienced hidden fees but I guess this comes close. I wouldn't recommend Google Adwords to anyone. There are so many better alternatives. They definitely misled me and I am not happy. I would give zero stars if I could. Thanks
Great, but missing SQR functionality
Stan - SEM Professional on 9/2/2016
Great app that offers what you need for on the go insights and reporting. Wish it let you go through Search Query Reporting and add negatives and keyword additions. *Wish list item that would take this app to the next level*
No search functionality
Chickennuggetbagel on 8/29/2016
An app by the world's top search engine doesn't have a search function. Truly unbelievable considering AdWords is Google's lifeblood. One would think this app is geared toward the type of user with an MCC containing a number of accounts, so the lack of an ability to search for an account is inexcusable.
Fantastic Tool for SEM on the Go
Jmargar2! on 6/11/2016
I really love this app. It provides clear overviews of accounts, from campaigns to keywords; however, there's room for improvement. I would love some more filter options, especially a target network filter! I'm hoping the developers are looking to improve the user experience, which is already very good.
Simple navigation and elegant charting
Yeedor on 6/10/2016
I really like the core functionality of the app - really simple, fast, and easy to browse through my campaigns.
Better than web version
Yababoon on 6/9/2016
And much simplier, for a quick peak. Well done.
Great For quick account review on the go
Bullison on 5/22/2016
Finally! But i have manual payment it will be 5 stars when i have this option to recharge campaigns as doing it on mobile browsers its hard enough Use desktop for general management
Awful app, typical google
Hello I'm Tyler Durden on 5/18/2016
Complete crap. Claims i don't have an account. You'd think google would know how to make a simple app by now. Maybe it's the slides and all that junk food keeping the staff from actually doing their jobs
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