Mad Skills BMX 2


Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Games 1.1.3 Jan 31, 2018 Jul 13, 2018 358.3 MB iOS 7.0 or later 9+
New in version 1.1.3

+ Get more cash for playing Jam
+ Bugfixes


Mad Skills BMX 2 has finally arrived! See for yourself why Mad Skills games have been installed more than 40 million times worldwide, by action sports enthusiasts, professional athletes, and casual gamers alike. This is side-scrolling racing action as you’ve never experienced it, racing against people from across the globe on carefully designed tracks that will challenge your skills and — sometimes — your sanity.

* Amazing physics that combine arcade fun with key elements of realism
* 7 different bikes that can be unlocked, upgraded, and customized
* Tons of rider customization options to help you achieve your own on-track look
* Dozens of hand-crafted tracks, with more added every single week for free
* Weekly Jam competitions carried over from the smash-hit game Mad Skills Motocross 2
* Competition with friends, people from your state or region, and international players
* Evil bosses to defeat — a Mad Skills first!
* Dozens of fun achievements to unlock

Mad Skills BMX 2 will get major developer support, ensuring tons of meaningful updates in the weeks, months, and years to come. We already have additional game modes in the works!

Learn tips and tricks by watching our weekly show, The Turborilla Show, at!

Support: (Have a problem? Contact us and let us make it right!)

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While this app is free to download and play, there are some items in the game that cost real money. Also, Mad Skills BMX 2 links to social networks that are intended for an audience over the age of 13. This game includes advertising of Turborilla products and products from select partners.

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Awesome game
Rach n Boone on 8/14/2018
Really enjoy the game, graphics are good and no crashing. Ready for an update with new tracks and challenges though please!!
Caleb B. on 8/14/2018
Could be way better.
Gotta change buttons
Scramballs on 8/13/2018
I love the look and flow of this game, but I don’t like the positioning of the up and down arrows. They could easily be bigger. Can’t tell you how many times I miss a jump because my thumb isn’t squarely on arrow. A player has to focus so much on jump timing that I don’t realize when my thumb has drifted. Easy fix and I’d review this as a 5 Star game.
yourgameisrarted on 8/12/2018
The games good, i havent played the first one so i cant compare, but the mechanics and its takes some work to be good with it and actually gets time to get passed certain levels, but the money system is stupid, i have over 50k in money but 20 gold, and all my bike upgrades are in gold and theres no way to transfer money to gold so the game has kinda screwed me.
Jasper cool dog on 8/11/2018
It is not a good game at all, it is pretty stupid the way it is set up.
Force you to buy to win
BronsBigForehead on 8/11/2018
Hey force you to buy rockets to win. Even with a perfect ride and maxed bike every ten races or so you can’t win without rockets. Which I have to buy. Stupid ../otherwise fun simple game
Pay to Play
CMMiller0616 on 8/11/2018
Pay to play at its finest.
Amazing game!
ColinKoenig on 8/10/2018
Very fun game with not many ads!
Fun game however...
Captain Sir Pants on 8/10/2018
Game play is great and a lot of fun, but it the game makes it so you can’t progress unless you spend money. I realize most games are this way, however getting past the third boss seems a little early to be forcing people to purchase “gold”. Too bad really the potential is there.
Great game
Rhyan2 on 8/9/2018
This game is so well made. It’s better than OG excite bike for nes.
Thank you for this game
hit me up 911 on 8/7/2018
I give you guys four stars cause I really like this game so can you hook me up with some bike colors or a bike please
This game traps you to making purchases
droopy671 on 8/7/2018
Its really true what other people say about this game on the other reviews. Game was good at first. Then until you reach like level 5 on so on... you are definitely gonna need to purchase bikes, rockets, and upgrades to beat the cpu. Otherwise you’d be stuck on any level trying to beat em. Do not spend and do not download!!!
larry999927264 on 8/6/2018
How is it possible to be 130 ahead and then the computer just catches up like nothing but when it’s you trying to catch up. It’s impossible. Games a cheat. Should also. E able to use your cash to buy more bikes or upgrades instead of having to be forced to buy gold with real money. I don’t like that and it shouldn’t be allowed to be forced to buy something in order to get further in a game.
Mixed Emotions
Taj McGrew Sr. on 8/6/2018
This game was so fun. Timing, velocity, rhythm and speed compensation, loved every minute of it. As any normal game, further you advanced, the levels get more difficult. The challenge was genuine, competitive, fun and motivating in a competitive way. Flipside, you will reach a point when you have to pay the piper for the training you received. As your confidence builds, you will find yourself repetitively replaying certain levels over and over and over and over and over and over. How much money you spend in committing to that victory is based on your own competitive perseverance and/or your ability to to except the inevitable, you're not going to win without financially investing. Enjoy the journey and good luck!
Way too hard
cdatlas on 8/5/2018
Seemed cool at first but I’ve been stuck on the track 2-8 forever, can’t beat it not even with rockets, no fun...this game is B.$.
blazingbroz on 8/3/2018
At first this was a great game I thought it was fun but then once you get to lever 9 or 10 it is impossible to beat your opponent. I spent hours playing to get cash to upgrade my bike but still they would beat me off the start and go through jumps faster.i don’t get this how can a person with a slower bike beat me? I take the same lines as them and land on a jump the same way but yet they still pull away from me. This is a scam for your money
The worst game ever
jrjjfjrjd on 8/2/2018
This is the worst game ever 2-7 is impossible
One day of fun, the rest is horrible and cheat-tastic
litchykoko on 7/28/2018
You get this game and you’re excited, ready to play. You start and WOW is that first day so fun! You think, “yeah, I’m having a blast and ready to keep going!” Sorry folks, but unless you buy and buy and buy, this game blows. You have to upgrade your bike and buy rockets and get paired against opponents on levels so much higher than you, it’s shocking. Think you can squeeze through without paying a dime? Think again, suckers! All that stuff costs real money and barely does s$#t. I bought their “premium pack,” thinking MAYBE it would help a sista out - not a freaking chance. It was a pure waste and never have I wanted to get my money back on anything this darn much. Play if you want, but I highly suggest that the second it stops being fun, delete it - any real $ you spend will literally be the biggest waste of $ you’ve spent in your life.
BS races
Tekkk86 on 7/28/2018
So my bike maxed out speed at 30. And the computers speed is 15 on their bike. Starting off this dude is head to head with me and after one flip, the computers pulls out ahead. When my speed is double right? Bs game
Mason Dunievitz on 7/24/2018
This is the best bmx racing game of all time one suggestion I have is a custom bike color and livery maker so I can make a bike that looks like mine in real life it would also be cool if we could make gear for our riders please take this into consideration 👍
10/10-IGN FORTNITE on 7/23/2018
It’s a amazing game but I think u guys should make first person and make the gold a little easier to get but it’s still awesome.
Good 😐
🤗🤔😐😦 on 7/23/2018
I really liked it for a month or so, and when I mean really, I mean really. But after that month, I haven’t played for about 6 months. I got bored of it. In my opinion, I think it needed a little change-up, to make it exciting. Besides that, it was fine. But that one thing made me delete the game, just saying.
Cash Grab
MiggyB123 on 7/23/2018
I don't mind paying a few dollars to the developer for a solid game. However, this game is only about money. You can slowly earnn it in game to upgrade your bike. It doesn't matter though. The opponents keep getting harder and the only possibly way to keep up is to pay real money. Very dissatisfied
Bonus level-up rewards lost
**Mr T (Bone)** on 7/22/2018
I enjoy the replayability of the game, however any time you are at the cusp of leveling up, a stupid video comes up and overrides your opportunity to accept your rewards. This often times negates the rewards and you end up short-changed for gold and/or rocket rewards. This is annoying to anyone earning experience and leveling up. It’s as if the game developers want everyone to purchase their way to the top. Updates do not address this issue. Once again, updated the app, played to level 15, collected 10 rockets, they never showed up in my inventory. This game is worthless. Uninstalling now!
Resets your game
Toledo Ohio Guy on 7/22/2018
So I’ve gotten a little far in the game. No issues. When all of a sudden the app constantly resets my board. I press jump and it resets. I press down and it resets. So I contact support and they request a video because they don’t believe me. Then they blame my brand new iPad Pro. Can’t possibly be the app. No other app has touch issues. Odd?
Deadpool1995647 on 7/21/2018
The game Is trash I broke my phone
Tourette Syndrome & OCD
LilPinch on 7/21/2018
Shame on the game makers for preying on the neurologically flawed humans that HAVE to try 634 times until they finally get it right and win a single ultra difficult race. These people can barely get by as it is, now your adding distracting activities that further increase their impairments. ♿️♿️♿️♿️
It’s ok
richgamingcorp RGC on 7/19/2018
Does the game make anyone else wanna thro there phone across the room when ur wining and the opponent just zooms past u
All about the money
gusmv78 on 7/18/2018
You can pass the tutorial and buy the next bike, win a couple races, but then if you don’t keep buying bikes then you can’t win again. You have to spend money to be able to win. You can’t just keep playing. Waste of time and money!
Game idea
clitler on 7/17/2018
Can you guys also make a rally car game like these please
Not pay-to-win...
rideekulous on 7/15/2018
I haven't spent a dime on this game, have a maxed out 31/31/31 Bike #8. Play the 'Quick Play' tracks to earn in game currency to upgrade your bike stats. That being said, and on another note... Turborilla, please make the new Jam cash counter less visually intrusive, or provide and option to toggle it's visibility. I find it super distracting. See ya buddies in discord!
Nice one ☝️
Slowpok67 on 7/14/2018
I’m really loving this game great job 😎
Free isn’t free pay to win..
JnC. K. on 7/14/2018
You can not grind your character to achieve what people that pay money can get.. it’s just not duck when your bike has 14 stats and the person your up against has 21 speed pump and jump... should have just made it a paid game and cut all the pay to win crap out ..yeh it’s fun for the first 15 min then you get to the point you are not able to compete unless you pay money
New update is a little annoying
josh barclay on 7/13/2018
The money bar at the top in jam is super distracting.
Not fair
poopbrain1 on 7/11/2018
This game is really frustrating and it not fair the bit get better bikes if you were to get better you have to spend a lot of money if you don’t fix this I will uninstall you have two weeks to fixe this
Pay to play
wizardcuffs on 7/8/2018
Only way to upgrade your bike fully is to use gold. Only way to get gold is to buy it. Expect to play the same tracks over and over and over again unless you are willing to spend money on the game.
Are you serious?
XRated1 on 7/6/2018
Turboilla usually have great ideas and great games. I have no problem with the graphics or gameplay on MSBMX2 but it's impossible to advance unless you pay and pay and pay. I'm so disappointed in the way they're trying to screw us that I'm probably going to delete this game and also stop playing MSMoto2. It's pretty sad the only option they could come up with is troll us into spending. Really s#1tty guys!
Bad game
Falm6iri on 7/3/2018
You are the loser!!!
timedivider on 7/1/2018
Like many others have said, once you get to a certain point, the game becomes impossible. No matter how far ahead you get, the opponent always wins unless you buy $20 dollars in upgrades (which I refuse to do) That said, you will only win once or twice more before the game becomes impossible again. Total ripoff.
Good game - Total Money Pit 😔
Lzyprson on 7/1/2018
In a nutshell. The game is good. Addict-ingly good. But it doesn’t matter how good you are, because the levels are impossible to beat without paying $5.99 or more to upgrade bikes. There is no way to level up bicycles to their full potential without gold and without US dollars - no gold. Winning matches for “bicycle” dollars is worthless cause you have nothing to spend it on except for paint jobs?? Gotta be kidding me with how persistent this is at wanting you to spend additional dollars over and over again. For that I give it one star because the creators no you can move up without spending money. Smh.
welcome2italy on 6/30/2018
I haven’t gotten rockets since like level 6 I’m on 15 now. It said I was awarded 10 when I leveled up but no reward was received
Don’t listen to naysayers
LtDansNuLegs on 6/29/2018
Don’t listen to the people saying this game cheats. I’ll agree I’m not a fan of the subscription, however, I cancelled after 2 months. MOST of everything I have in game came from winnings. I now have the #8 bike almost fully maxed out. These cry babies saying it’s impossible to win without paying are full of it and need to git gud. I do recommend this game. Looks nice and fun way to pass the time.
Pay to win ?
Jrobinson129 on 6/28/2018
I thought that I finally found a game that’s not pay to win but I was wrong it’s so annoying like when I got to wind the boss it’s literally almost impossible to beat him without buying a bike that is like 300 gold it’s a good game but it’s annoying how try after try you can’t even beat the later bosses without buying a bike.
Fun but obviously looking to make money
esericse on 6/27/2018
It’s a fun game but expect to spend money. I’ve be been trying to grind it out and it ain’t happening. Bikes get to the point that they can only be upgraded with purchase of gold and can’t perform to win without spending. That’s crap if you ask me. Everybody wants to make money but these guys are a bit greedy. I’ll be deleting the app.
Rigged game to get you to buy upgrades
DELETED AFTER 2 HOURS. The riders even on the EASY setting become unbeatable when they have inferior ratings for their bikes. It’s a clear money grab by the developer to con you into buying upgrades or you simply will not win. Trashy approach. HORRIBLE PRACTICE.
fudjsjrucjshf on 6/22/2018
If you give me to the last level this will be my favorite game ever
Terrible game pay to win only.
Jnp2848 on 6/21/2018
Trash can of a game PAY TO WIN ONLY!!
Fun up to 20 min of game play
Fish Da BearJew on 6/13/2018
Fun in the beginning and like so many free games after a bit you hit a wall were unless you spend money you can’t progress any further. Wish there was a way to work that out, maybe more ads for the freeloaders like myself. I understand you gotta pay some how but this game is not for cheap folks like me.
Lane hyatt
Boredinclass on 6/11/2018
It is the best box bike game I have ever played
Gold only upgrades
SixFiveCp on 6/10/2018
great game.... just wondering why, when playing on the iphone and bike gets to where you can only upgrade with gold, but if you open on the ipad you are able to upgrade with in game cash? ... found this out on accident, was very useful, just wondering if this was planned or ?
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