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Free Health & Fitness 4.9.0 Oct 03, 2015 Jul 20, 2018 148.1 MB iOS 10.0 or later 12+
New in version 4.9.0

A new useful update is live now and the next one is coming soon!

What’s new in this version:

- We've added new interesting insights and improved cycle predictions
- Minor bugs fixed.

We carefully read your reviews so don’t forget to write about the features you like in the app and about the things you’d like to change.


• App of the Day in App Store in over 30 countries
• #1 in Health & Fitness Category among female health apps in the U.S. and over 100 countries worldwide
• The most downloaded Health & Fitness app in January 2018 worldwide
• Partner of United Nations Population Fund in the area of reproductive health
• Best fertility app 2017 - over 2,000,000 women got pregnant with Flo fem
• Featured in Vogue, Glamour, Women’s Health, Refinery29, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Venture Beat, MTV, The Guardian and more

Flo fem Period Tracker, Ovulation & Fertility Calendar! It’s a smart and simple female period tracker, helpful pregnancy week by week app, accurate ovulation and fertility calendar and PMS symptoms tracker for women all over the world. Flo fem Period Tracker not only tracks your period accurately, but it’s also a reliable pregnancy calculator, ovulation calendar, and true fertility friend for you. Flo fem makes accurate predictions of menstruation, ovulation and fertile days. It’s the first period app, pregnancy calculator, fertility and ovulation calendar for womеn that uses machine learning (AI). All women, even those with irregular period, can rely on this health tracker. Log your menstruation days in a handy period calendar, ovulation and fertility tracker, schedule menstrual cycle reminders, record moods and PMS symptoms, use a due date calculator, follow a pregnancy calendar and take full control of your health.
Want to know when your next period is coming? Confused by PMS symptoms? Want to take your birth control pills in time? With Flo fem female period tracker, ovulation and fertility calendar it’s easy to keep track of your menstrual cycle.


• Track your cycle, period and PMS
• Log the start date, the end date of menstruation and fertile days
• Track your fertility window (fertile days) and when do you ovulate to see your chance to get pregnant with the ovulation predictor
• Follow days favorable for conception in the fertility calendar
• Analyze your current and past cycles with the menstrual tracker
• Get predictions for upcoming periods, ovulation, and fertility
• Log ovulation tests results (positive ovulation, negative ovulation)
• Track basal temperature
• Log pregnancy tests results
• Log more symptoms to get improved predictions if you have irregular periods


• See countdown to the birth of the baby
• Track the week of pregnancy
• Pick and change your pregnancy week by week
• See the development of the fetus
• Get interesting articles on pregnancy


• Add your weight, daily sleep duration, water consumption
• Log your physical activity, get in shape, lose weight and stay healthy
• Import of your data from Fitbit, Google Fit, the Health App
• Add travel, stress, disease or injury, alcohol consumption
• Track your sex drive, sexual activity, and moods every day
• Log your PMS symptoms
• Log your vaginal discharge


• Schedule reminders and get notifications of your period, ovulation and fertility
• Get reminders on other pills


• Keep your cycle, ovulation, fertility and symptoms history
• Analyze your cycle and period duration
• See the graph of your BBT and ovulation
• Analyze your weight changes and activity during the cycle
• Track your sleep duration and sleep debt
• Control the amount of water consumed every day


• Find out more about your body, cycle, ovulation and fertility
• Get daily health insights based on your data
• Take the surveys and get useful advice

Download this period diary and join millions of women and girls who trust their cycles to Flo fem Period & Ovulation Tracker & Fertility Calendar.


Twitter, Instagram: @flotracker

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It works
dwdtjc on 7/20/2018
I’ve been using Flo for a couple of years now and it has always been accurate with my periods and ovulation days. I was using it because I was trying to get pregnant so I made sure I logged all my symptoms in. After using it for years now I can say I am officially pregnant!
A possible addition?
Angelina Michelle on 7/20/2018
I love this app! It has been super helpful especially when I’m at my doctors office and I can provide her with all the information I can. The only thing I wish this app had was the ability to input an IUD. Otherwise, it’s great!
LOVE! Here’s some suggestions
Ballboy43566 on 7/20/2018
I absolutely love this app! I’ve been thinking of some added features that I think would be interesting. I don’t think it’s necessary to track all of our food intake on this app since that isn’t that main purpose of it, but it would be cool to track major eating habits. For example, there could be a food tracking section with options like “Consumed Dairy”, “Had Caffeine”, “Consumed Gluten”, etc. And then a possible pattern could be something like “Every time you log consuming dairy, you log having acne the next day” or “Often times when you log drinking caffeine, you also log insomnia”. I just think it’d be cool to figure out certain symptoms that come with our food choices! Again, not necessary to log everything a la MyFitnessPal since I think that’d clutter the app, but the ability to log general food choices would be a nice addition. Keep up the great work!!!
Needs a little work
12000046528 on 7/20/2018
This is a great app to track your period, at first glance it looks simple and easy to use but with further research the app is hard to use. It took me an hour to figure out how to use this app.
Love it
Mninoybsplmaadawiieeeeeeeee on 7/19/2018
Got the app a little while ago and love it! I'm pretty young so this is kind of new to me but I think this app is really great for girls who are just starting. Definitely recommend!
Muy buena
mi bb abdiel on 7/19/2018
muy buena aplicacion
Girl talk
wolfgirl💙🌑🐺 on 7/19/2018
Flo should make a section called girl talk or something like that so us girls can ask all sorts of questions and talk about stuff.I love how everyone is so supportive and always help others, they always help me.Flo is amazing I love it but please consider the idea, I think we all would like it.😁😁💙💙
Flo супер
INastyagirl on 7/19/2018
Очень мне нравится приложение! Помогает планировать свою жизнь! 😇😊
Great! Except one feature they could add...
GirlWhisperer on 7/19/2018
Personally, I was impressed by this app, and it got rid of the need for me to calculate approximately when my period would come. I love it! However, a lot of girls who use the app agree there should be another section of the app called Girl Talk, where girls can just ask questions about their period, or sex, or friends, or really any girl problems, and get feedback and advice from the Flo community and the other girls who use Flo.
Been using since first period!
Briona1 on 7/18/2018
I just recently a month ago got my first period! (Im 14) So I wanted to keep track since school was starting soon! I love this app a lot and got a lot of advice from the “insights” page and I will be using a lot in the feature.
Wrong step count
Goodies01 on 7/18/2018
The steps on Flo don’t match the steps on my Apple Watch and health App 😣. But I’m loving everything else!
I wish i had more stars!!!
Horseygril907 on 7/18/2018
This app is amazing for teens! I am a teen who forgets about my period and usually wakes up to a bed of blood. But this app reminds me the night before. It’s also under a lock so no one can access your personal info. One of my favorite parts is it gives you advice and good answers to many embarrassing questions I was to scared to ask anyone! This app is more than a period tracker. It’s a little mom knows everything! And helps out a ton! I cannot recommend this app more! And it’s free so that makes it even better!! I hope you try it today because it has changed my life!
#22PooP on 7/18/2018
It is. Great app and a love that I can lock it so I have to enter a password to open it.
Maybe I wasn’t
Lelani Carmen on 7/18/2018
So I was born in 2006 and that’s not an option like really include all years please! Not everyone starts when they’re 13 I started when I was 11! Not everyone is developed by age 13 maybe they are a couple years early
I’m sure it’s good at tracking periods but....
danielaber. on 7/18/2018
I was born in 2006 sadly this app seems to believe that everyone born after 2005 doesn’t have periods which I wish was true. I only wanted to try flow cuz my friends who are a year older said it’s great. I don’t like it and the functionality is a little bad honestly I prefer CLUE !!!
Rafa125339 on 7/18/2018
Adoro esse aplicativo Ele é perfeito :) Você consegue registrar todas as informações necessárias
Super helpful
BiancaRG13 on 7/18/2018
I’m just starting to try for a baby. It’s been really helpful, and I love all the health insights. It’s not only just for trying to get pregnant though. You can have all different types of goals for your profile.
My first review!
GgirlAddie on 7/18/2018
I love this app. I have terrible period cramps and my doctor put me on bc at 13. 7 years later, my period would come in the middle of my pill pack and I would get horrible nausea. I was hesitant to get off the pill because I remembered how bad the cramps would get and I have a full time job I cant just leave because of my period pains once a month. Got this app and it was dead-on accurate (not aways the case after stopping the pill). This allowed me to prepare!! My advil and tea stayed by my side until my period hit, all thanks to this awesome app!! They did take away the comment option- this is disappointing because it removed a “community” aspect of the app, but the comments were odd so i understand why it was removed.
***LoveAlways*** on 7/18/2018
My husband and I are trying to get pregnant. I’m not into the strips and temperature taking. This app helps to monitor any fluctuations in my period to better calculate when I’m most fertile.
Biased “insights” and difficult graphs
JFrankGeorge on 7/18/2018
The health “insights” offered by the app can sometimes be biased and flat out scientifically incorrect. However, there is no option for sending feedback on these articles. Please allow for a “report” option similar to Instagram or any other platform so that we can give feedback, especially when extremely biased language is being used (“doesn’t barbarically interfere” in a recent post that was super pro-hormonal birth control). These posts become advertisement quickly, discrediting other, objective information offered in other posts. In general I think they do well offering objective information which makes these biased posts stand out even more. The ability to retrospectively add a record of taking medications that weren’t on the list prior would be great. So, if I’ve started taking zinc four days ago but am just now logging it, I have to use the Notes feature until today when I can add it as a medication. More options in degrees of symptoms- acne, for example, could have three levels for severe, moderate, and light? And then, if the graphing options could follow with more flexibility for tracking certain patterns of your body (not just the ones selected by the app) that would be great! The design is excellent and it’s generally enjoyable to use.
Adding new features
avo-cardio on 7/17/2018
I’d love for there to be a specific feature that marks your medication (if you take any). Sometimes that can change your cycle and it would be great to add that for tracking:)
features that should be added
shortandgreek on 7/17/2018
the app should add the ability to mark you as unprotected if you forget to log taking your OC for a few days.. also ovulation time even when taking birth control
Great tracker!
EMnugget15 on 7/17/2018
I’ve used a couple other period tracking apps before but this one is really easy to use and has some cool features. I love the insights page and being able to occasionally see other women’s comments. The calendar is just great and shows you everything you need straight up.
Lelehow on 7/17/2018
Instead monitoring only water intake Flo should have liquid intake because women need more than water to stay hydrated and healthy
Best period tracker!
NLAshh on 7/17/2018
Didn’t think it would've worked and thought it was a waste of time to keep logging things but after a few times it was right on track with my cycle and let me know when it would come and it did.
I’m 12
Dogegrimer158 on 7/17/2018
And I started my period. Is there a problem with early menstrual Cycles? Cause you only allow ppl up to the age of 13 to for your app to be accurate. But I’m 12 and I started my period today. I want this to be more accurate. Some ppl have their cycle early.
I love this app but....
Luv Girl Candy on 7/17/2018
This app has made it so easier for me to track my period and it teaches me new things and all, but recently after I finish my period, it says that my next period will be in 85 days or 69 days and so on. I don’t know if it’s a bug or something but obviously I’m not going to have my next period in 100 days you know.
Very good
22lydiajoy on 7/16/2018
This app has a lot of useful features. I’ve tried out a few different period tracking apps, but I chose this one because it has a vaginal discharge feature. However, I wish there was a good way to track the amounts of discharge I get...
Freezes regularly
atgomez on 7/16/2018
I really like the app, but every time I try to log symptoms it freezes.
Nice but always wrong
Jmac dude on 7/16/2018
The app works smoothly and the interface is quite nice. The thing I like most about it is being able to track the patterns of my body. It shows frequency of events in relation to your cycle which I think is useful. However, I don’t think it’s ever accurately predicted the start of my period. The app that I used on android was always dead on. I am rather regular and changes in my cycle are usually small and gradual so I’m not sure what about this app’s algorithm makes it so inaccurate.
Love !
kekemGu on 7/16/2018
I use to use just a simple period tracking app just for when I had check ups w my doctor I was able to recall my accurate last period along with keeping up w my sexual activity & ovulation cycle. I found Flo as I was looking for a change and this was in fact that! Not only does it track my period, predict my cycle length, and allow me to track my mood, symptoms, etc., it also offers a survey that helps predict your cycle more accurately & provides articles about things marked off on YOUR survey. It also helps track your sleep and water in take and allows you to set “water reminders” to help you in take more water daily. This app truly helped me out with more than I expected and I can’t wait to continue to use this app and see all the other great things they can help with.
Worst app ever👎👎👎👎👎👎
Greys anatomy episode on 7/16/2018
Good app
cashiecash1 on 7/16/2018
I found this app about 2 months ago and 2days should I found out I’m pregnant! 😊
Love it
Asherz786 on 7/15/2018
I love this app I just got it a day ago and it blow my mind I enjoy the insights so much
Not Queer Friendly
laylortynn on 7/15/2018
I like this app because it doesn’t use cushy language when talking about period symptoms (thanks for the diarrhea option!) and offers insights about vaginal/menstrual health—however, it really makes me upset that these “insights” are wholly targeted at heterosexual, cisgender women. There are headers like “Do Men Really Like the Smell of Vaginas?” and others that use language that isn’t so trans-friendly, nor queer-inclusive. I wish there was a different app on the market that could offer this service to all people with periods!
What about premature babies-can’t disable pregnancy mode
leavalentine on 7/15/2018
I love Love Love this app. It has been the best I’ve used for trying to track my irregular period. However I’ve got one issue, I got pregnant and my baby was born prematurely and when I try to go in to select her birth date it won’t let me (assuming because it is too early) what can I do? Is there an update that can make this possible? I’m unable to disable pregnancy mode since I can’t select the correct birth date
Dona 💞 on 7/15/2018
I love this app! You can log your weight, water intake, mood for the day, if you had sex or not, cramps, etc. Also, it is almost always on point with guessing when your next period is! Highly recommend using this app! 😊
Informational but not effective
0067KC on 7/14/2018
My husband and I tried for 7 months to get pregnant... the entire time I was using the flo app. I loved the facts and information it provided, unfortunately it just wasn’t accurately predicting my ovulation even when I was diligent about entering my cycle. I decided to get some Lh hormone tests from amazon, and we got pregnant on the first try! According to these Lh tests and flo- flo was predicting my highest ovulation date at least two days early. Would recommend just getting ovulation tests instead of spending so much time with a predicting app.. just my experience though!
Love this app! But..
faith ✨ on 7/14/2018
I think it would be a great idea to add chat rooms, or categorized boards where we can talk to other Flo users about certain subjects :) just a thought since me, and many other flo users have asked for it before.
Not fair
layy4325483 on 7/14/2018
This app is not fair I’ll 10 with my period in 5th grade 10 yr old need it to cause my period just popped up ok
Flow is Amazing 😉
jellobello❤️ on 7/14/2018
This is an amazing app for getting to know your period, how to live with it, and of course track it...It does surveys to personally know your menstrual cycle and better help you. Amazing app I highly recommend it 😁
lana.reese on 7/14/2018
It’s good, but I think it messes up a little because it doesn’t let me enter my actual age. I’m 12, and the youngest age you can enter is 13 .
Tia Na Luv💕 on 7/14/2018
I absolutely love this app in every way! But this is my second time using it, the first time everything went well I even got pregnant with my first child.. but unfortunately I had a miscarriage so when I went to change the app settings from “Pregnant” back to normal period tracker, I was just thinking they should have somewhere to go if you lost your child. I think that with daily information about dealing with and tips about miscarriage would be an amazing improvement.
Keeps freezing!!!
Sreksner7926 on 7/14/2018
I love this app and I’ve been using it for months with no problem but now it’s freezing every time I open it and I can’t do anything on it! Please fix!
Totally recommend it but needs some changes
MOS1060 on 7/14/2018
I love this app don’t get me wrong the insights are helpful, the setup and the fact that you can print out the info from the app for a doctor Is amazing but the app could use some adding hopefully next update they can make chat rooms so that we can all communicate and share experiences and advice to each other another issue I have is that maybe update the icons for the symptoms but besides all of that the app is amazing highly recommend it.
I Love This App
QueenT1 on 7/14/2018
It is so good for keeping up with your cycle and ovulation among many other things! I absolutely love it! My cycle is unpredictable at times. This app helps me keep track of the patterns and it offers great suggestions!
Am I late?
woopswoah on 7/14/2018
I feel like my chart is adjusting to the fact that I haven’t started. And instead of it counting whether or not I’m late it just says I’ll start my period later.
NABATMAN on 7/13/2018
I like it and it’s great for anyone who just needs to track their period. It’s a little difficult for me to separate my symptoms of depression and anxiety from the symptoms of my period. Like I mark fatigue everyday 😅 it be nice to include a little chart for emotions and symptoms of day to day life that way I can compare and contrast the difference between normally and when I’m on my period. Also it’d be nice to be able to scale the symptoms. Like day 1- light cramps day 2- about to rip out my own uterus and light it on fire 🔥 Thanks for reading my review ☺️
No point!!!!!
Tekkamae on 7/13/2018
I love this app, but with the last few updates it was too many changes that didn’t make sense. I picked this app because it was easy. It worked the way I wanted. Somethings were fine the way it was. • My reminder that I set five days before my period starts doesn’t work • It doesn’t tell me when I’m late • I send an email and Flo support tells me to connect them after July 4th because they on vacation, really!!!! • It should be a chat board, it seems like it was something starting up, but I guess that died off. • I saw that the reminder is set a couple days before the period starts. A couple means 2 and periods can come on a few days before. After reaching out to the support team, I get this disrespectful email. The email is telling me that the problems I’m having is the day any time setting on my phone, I might have on power save mode and I might have an app that’s blocking Flo app, WHAT!!! Then it goes on talking I didn’t log my cycle in. I never talked about my cycle with them to be in a discussion about it. Rather them saying they will fix the problems, it’s my fault. I had this app for two years, how dare you. I was just asking to fix the minor things and that’s the response I get.
Can’t restore my data
sdmccull on 7/13/2018
I am unable to restore my data and don’t want to start all over. I have sent emails with no responses and am not sure what to do to move forward with the app. It was nice when I did have it but I don’t have access to it anymore so the lack of any response is disappointing
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