Drive Safe & Save™

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Travel 2.0.6 Nov 08, 2015 May 30, 2018 57.8 MB iOS 10.0 or later 4+
New in version 2.0.6

We’ve made Drive Safe & Save even better with our latest bug fixes. We’ve updated our End User License Agreement, too.
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You’ll save an initial 5% when you sign up for Drive Safe & Save™ from State Farm. And the safer you drive, combined with the fewer miles you drive, the more you could save on auto insurance.

Your smartphone, along with a Bluetooth beacon you’ll receive in the mail, will collect basic information about your driving characteristics. Next, the app will use this information to calculate your potential discount on auto insurance.

Key Functions

• View your current and trending discounts based on specific driving characteristics
• Calculate your potential discount by adjusting a variety of driving characteristics
• See how your driving stacks up against others
• Learn how your driving habits, such as braking, mileage, speed and acceleration, affect your discount
• Read tips to improve your grades on key driving characteristics

Available in select states only. Please contact your State Farm agent for availability.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Lsupaul on 6/23/2018
This the worst app I have ever used!!! It catches about every third trip I make, every time I call in to complain they have me reset the app with no improvement. What other people say about the battery drain is true I have to carry a battery pack so my phone doesn’t die. You have no idea what discount you get and my local office say they have no access to the information. I never! exceed the speed limit and get a grade of B, how can that be?? July 23 I got no response from app monitors like some the other complainers, seems like State Farm would either scrap the app or fix IT! If it is always running in the background, why is it not recording my trips, this app is a joke!!!!
Started recording my trips
SreeniArveti on 6/23/2018
Very good the fix is working and my trips are recorded I can also see discount
Won’t accept my login credentials
NickyFyah on 6/22/2018
I have downloaded and re-downloaded this app several times. It will not allow me to log in using my statefarm login credentials Yes - I am using the right credentials I have logged into my statefarm account several times.
I cant stand it
Zombie Bleek on 6/20/2018
I hate it
Dumbest app
coop331027 on 6/20/2018
Literally the most ridiculous app ever. Stupid location tracking kills my phone. Makes me want to switch insurance companies.
Location services still tracked after uninstall
WaGz82 on 6/19/2018
Just enrolled in program, set everything up and noticed that location services are on 24/7 even when I turn them off in settings! Drained my battery constantly and went to uninstall app and restarted phone - location services were still on and being located as if app was still there. Not happy with State Farm and will highly recommend not to do this program. You’ll regret it as State Farm hasn’t fixed this since their comment of Sept ‘17 under “battery hog”
How do they measure TURNS?
Dsenbet on 6/18/2018
Just got my first grade and I’m very surprised at low grades I got for my Left Turns and Right Turns (got lowest score possible - less than an average for teenagers). At first, I thought “is this some kind of prank?” It is surprising because I make turns so slowly, most of the time I annoy drivers behind me! My turning speed is usually under 15 mph. And pretty much every time, my wife comments that I’m way too slow. Actually, most of my friends comment that I drive like 80 year old, and I take it as complement. But according to this app, I’m worse that teenager drivers! From the tips to improve grade, the only thing that I can think of is the “sharpness” of my turns. For example, during a right turn, from a right lane to a multi lane street, I always turn to the lane nearest to the right side of that road (as I am supposed to). I never ever cross over lanes, while turning, to “widen” my angle! At this point, that’s the only logical explanation I have for my score, even if that sounds ridiculous. Otherwise, they are just pulling out grades out of a hat and assign people. In my state, it is legal to turn right at red light. However, I don’t even do that. I just stop and patiently wait for the green (even if that makes some drivers behind me angry). I’m wondering whether the designers of this app ever drive? Or what king of logic are they using? I have other drive monitoring apps (TrueMotion and EverDrive) with perfect scores. Anyway, I will give it a few more months and see how it goes. Otherwise, I will return their beacon and delete this app.
Terrible app
Ess0917 on 6/11/2018
It never wants to work. It will never let me log in. Crappy app.
Privacy issue
juiolrnfjfkks on 6/10/2018
I got up this morning and noticed that my phone said the app had required location information. I went to Bluetooth settings beacon was not found ( not in range of beacon). However the app was requesting location information. So if you want to let the insurance company know where you are regardless if your driving then use the app
Drains Battery, Overheats Phone
AGKleinberg on 6/5/2018
While I like the concept and the functionality of the app, it is a horrific battery hog. I began having battery issues shortly after I downloaded the app, and my phone started overheating frequently (especially when plugged in and not in use at night), which just made the battery drain even quicker. At first I didn’t think this app was the problem, but after experimenting for a few days it became clear that it absolutely was. All the battery and overheating issues disappear when I switch the app’s location settings from “always on” to “while using”. Of course the app can’t function properly without the “always on” setting, but the insurance discount isn’t worth the cost of having to replace my phone if this continues.
Missing mileage
Nana for Six on 6/4/2018
On May 22nd I drove to Charleston,SC, over 200 miles. On May 25th I drove back to Charlotte but the trip back has never showed on the app. Everything since then has. Also, grades. C- for sharp turns. Really? I live in the city of Charlotte! It's not like I can slow down and turn less sharply! Crazy!
Manderz1313 on 6/3/2018
My biggest issue with the app is not telling you directly how to improve your grade! I started taking turns at 5mph to improve my left and right turn score but they are still C-. How can I improve my driving if they don’t tell me how? Also, suddenly my A speed rating dropped to B-, I don’t drive any faster, I suspect a road not labeled with the correct speed limit in their system. How would I know though without more information? Overall I just hate it. They get far too much info and don’t tell us how to improve.
Could be better
Intcreator on 6/3/2018
But also could be worse. Hasn’t been a terrible battery hog for me, but I also keep background app refresh off. Not sure how much money I’m saving.
What a shat app
raaaaychy on 6/2/2018
This app is equivalent to getting slapped in the face with a fish by Amanda Bynes.
Save $
Ncgal007 on 6/1/2018
I use this as I do not drive much. Reduced my charges by 40-50%. So worth it.
Great Program
subiegirl0864 on 6/1/2018
I love the app. No complaints. I’ve seen great savings on my policies and do not have any issues with battery usage or data. State Farm has done a great job with this one.
Still eats oodles of amps
SirPodesALot on 6/1/2018
Hey developers, is the geofence updated only on last known location of the puck? If no, it may help save battery life to do that. As it is, constantly updating the geofence when I’m walking around outside just eats up battery. Any money this saves me on insurance premiums probably won’t offset cost (time and money) of a new battery; using this app as it recommends seems like it will probably shorten my long term battery life.
Login problem
RobertABQ on 5/31/2018
When it works it’s OK, but the App frequency disabled log in. Very frustrating.
Has potential?
Fix now! Crap app without. on 5/31/2018
This app is the base of a good idea. Honestly, progressive did better when I had them. They had a device that you put where a code reader would be plugged in and it sent all the data they needed and beeped to let you know if you were braking too fast/hard. Why would they add a “beacon” that does nothing but activate a phone app whenever the vehicle is moving? I had progressive 6 years ago, and their system was better. Many things could be done to improve this, but I feel like a better device would be cheaper than paying people to update and maintain an app that should’ve been done right the first time. Logs have been MASSIVELY sporadic in my app, and I know that I drive the same distance to and from work every day proving that it isn’t functioning the entire time but is certainly draining battery for no reason. Doubt I’ll make it to the first 6 month mark to even get the pointless pocket change off of my policy. 2 months in, and I regret bothering with it.
Can't use
SomeoneInLexington on 5/31/2018
For State Farm Drive Safe & Save to work you have to have the cell phone in the car (which I don't always do) AND you have to have data (which I don't). I thought it would be like my fitbit and sync when I got home. That is not the case. The app is getting deleted and the device is going into the trash. The whole thing had been just a waste of my time.
Bbw2sweet on 5/31/2018
Have only had the app a couple of days and not happy. 1) even though there is a “use Touch ID” button, I cannot get it to work. 2) yesterday I tried to sign in and use a texted verification code - got the code text almost a HOUR later - um not too handy. 3) I have also tried using the answer questions verification method - the last 3 times I used that method (between yesterday & today) it failed to recognize me on the first 2 times ( I was signing in at home via WiFi). Have already seen the comments above battery drain. Am beginning to wonder if this app is going to worth it in the long run for a mere 5% discount?
Your App Is Screwing people out of correct discounts
ship4me1 on 5/31/2018
I have been very upset with how this app has worked. You give me a discount amount and it doesn’t match up with what my agent says. For 2 years it kept giving me a C+ on turns and incorrect discount info. Then you did an update and says I have a higher discount but yet when I try to get that info from agent they keep saying it’s hard to give the info. People are getting screwed with your app. I have been with State Farm for over 30 years and I’m looking around now for a new insurance.
Continuously crashes
whatthefukchuck on 5/31/2018
I’ve had this a week now. Installed it twice. Was able to log in an pair devices, but that’s it. Unable to open app now. What gives???
Enabling TouchID on iPhone X makes app crash and become unusable.
JimThePCGuy on 5/31/2018
If you enable TouchID on an iPhone X (which should enable FaceID transparently) instead causes app to crash if you tap the TouchID icon in the upper right corner during sign on. From then on the app crashes 100% of the time at launch making the app totally unusable. The only solution is uninstall/reinstall the app. Update: Version 2.0.6 fixes the iPhone X FaceID crash issue.
LB0_ on 5/30/2018
My State Farm agent told me you do not need to have your location services on for the app but SURPRISE, of course you do. Not worth the invasion of privacy knowing my every move for a discount.
Is it worth it?
Jamezam on 5/30/2018
How long is the DS&S server going to be down? “The login system is currently down please try again later.” Been getting this message for weeks! Every since 2.0.4 DS&S has not recorded any trips, I receive system login errors regularly, and Touch ID quit working one or two versions ago! I wish StateFarm would just switch all DS&S customers to self-reporting. That’s what we all do every six-months already, when we have to submit odometer photo!
“Drive Safe and Save”: The 4th Reich
YoMammasPancakes on 5/30/2018
I’m a recently graduated 18 year old whose parents are determined to not allow for any sort of freedoms associated with summer and cars. It’s kinda brilliant actually. Under the guise of “saving money”, I was forced into this 1984 Big Brother program which is profoundly wonderful at locking down a youth in their prime. Luckily for me, however, this app seems to be designed by a lobotomized ape, because I can’t even get past the log in phase. “The login system is currently down. Please try again later.” Except it says the same thing later. And the later after that. I guess I should be saying Thank You to State Farm. Your app’s own ineptitude kept me from experiencing the full force of your “Drive Safe and Save” program, and I’m now free to go cruise dirt roads once more.
App crashes all the time
Shawnaks5 on 5/30/2018
This app crashes as soon as I press the Touch ID button in the top right corner. Then it keeps crashing as soon as I open it up. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app. No joy. Re-started my phone. No joy. I have an iPhone X.
Please add Face ID
Kara Beara:) on 5/29/2018
Love State Farm love my discount but I want Face ID
Force Closes
ReviewMan23 on 5/27/2018
Every time I try to open the app, after registering the device, it force closes. Can’t sign in at all
Crashes constantly
victorwi on 5/27/2018
Setup works okay, but afterwards the app crashes every time I try to use it. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app, but it still crashes on launch.
App doesn’t open
CalWinning on 5/26/2018
I’ve set it up on my iPhone X, but whenever I open the app now, the login screen pops up for a second, everything blacks out, and the app exits. Can’t get in; hopefully this gets fixed very soon.
Darlene Kravo on 5/25/2018
Being on Social Security- got it to save on a Discount and it has NEVER WORKED. My cell ph always with me with Bluetooth on and still shows UNAVAILABLE on trip and no grades. In 7 month the monthly changed fluently. Now, went Frm $86 to $102. I am paying more than ever. TIME TO FIND ANOTHER CAR INS COMPANY. Never had a ticket nor accident - safe driver certification, multi car, house ins and many other BS discounts u claim to give customers. THIS IS A SCAM TOO. JUST TO HOLD ON TO CUSTOMERS PROMISING A BIGGER DISCOUNT
Undoubtedly Worst
Pj29593 on 5/24/2018
A cheaply fabricated app. I dont understand the need of the app using location all times not just while driving. Using location at all times will exhaust the battery and is also a privacy violation.
Great app
Heberlin on 5/24/2018
I enjoy this app. Keeps me conscious of being a safe driver and gives me discounts
Killed my New Phone
missbetsyannie on 5/24/2018
This app will kill your battery. Literally. It drained the life of my battery and when I took it to the Apple store, the culprit was this app. I had a brand new phone and had to go get another one because of the location services always being on. I’d rather not save 5% then save 5% and have to be spending hundreds on a new phone every few months. I didn’t download it on my new one and am not planning on it.
Can’t log in.
109Don on 5/23/2018
It was working, I think. It’s sometimes hard to tell. They just released an upgrade and I can’t log in anymore. So now I have no clue if it’s doing anything or if I’m just giving a little plastic box a ride around town.
App crashes at startup
dohspc on 5/22/2018
App crashes at startup please fix.
Killing my battery
Schmidt's Jukebox on 5/22/2018
Ever since I’ve installed this app, it’s absolutely KILLING my iPhone battery....Surely you can figure out a way to make it to where this app is only used while driving.
Needs meaningful feedback to driver
matvin7676 on 5/22/2018
I have been driving with the Beacon and app for 2 weeks, and the only information available is how far I have driven. My odometer would tell me that. This could be educational, like the competitor's product, if there was a notification of safety exceptions as they happened, or at least reported with each drive. It is actually distracting to wonder whether a turn was sharp enough to trigger an exception...
m.deano on 5/22/2018
You send out an update to a horrible app and then you make is 10 times worse by it crashes on open. Fix this garbage and hire a developer. I’m sure I as well as your other customers can afford a REAL developer.
Might help a little
Ldavis2237 on 5/21/2018
My husband and I signed up and got our beacons activated. The first few days only my phone was recording trips. I have an I phone and my husband has a Samsung 7. He had his bluetooth on and GPS. So, since the customer service was of no help, I went through my husband’s settings and there was an option for phone visibility. I turned that on and since then he has been recording trips. He also has the issue of the battery drain, however I don’t seem to have that issue. My stats show only 4% battery consumption for this particular app. I don’t know if it’s a phone thing or not. We still both don’t record all trips but from FAQs it seems to be a common issue.
Great app!
Kupapalani59 on 5/21/2018
I have been using a little over a year and I really like it. The savings are great and it gives me a lot of news about my driving which gives me a chance to change anything that I’m not doing right. I don’t see any extra use Of the battery on my iPhone 8+. The savings are great because I’m on a limited income in my retirement. It also makes me more conscience of my driving habits.
Doesn’t work
boodieman1972 on 5/20/2018
Unless you are using the gps navigation it doesn’t record drives. Total waste.
Ok I guess
mudcatkevin on 5/14/2018
It does tell you what your driving habits are like compared to their other drivers. That’s nice to know how one can improve their score, I guess. The big down side of this equation is that it eats your battery life. As you sleep, it is trying to communicate with whoever it communicates. I happen to drive slowly and cautiously and I get great discounts from it otherwise this app would be gone.
You dont care for nothing
SIM KAN on 5/14/2018
You guys keep seeing all this negative reviews and you don't care about your customers i have an iphone 7 with 10.3 version of ios and your app is not supported ..look the geico app and check how many thousands off positive reviews have... i thing its time for state farm to do some changes... i am not gonna stop writing reviews until you do some improvements..
Never works
hakota91 on 5/12/2018
Every time I try to sign in it says that there was an error. Even removed the app and re installed and now it won’t load again. Had hoped this app could save money but I’ve only been able to open it once. Major work needs to be done.
So far annoyed
rwwkbw on 5/12/2018
The app won’t stay logged in and isn’t recording my drives at all. I open it to check my drive and every time my “session has timed out” plus it forgets my fingerprint for login. My wife got talked into this and now I have to use it. Frustrating to feel watched and then have the thing never even do its job. Does not work well.
xdghbjknnfdxx on 5/9/2018
Wouldn’t even rate this app with one star. It drains your battery so fast it’s ridiculous all to save a whopping 27 dollars for 6 months, such a scam.
Phone killer
tww37523721 on 5/6/2018
I also don't normally write reviews, and I'm typically happy with the products I get, but I'm so frustrated with this app - I had to turn it off because it kills my phone battery. I had my phone on airplane mode overnight and the app still caused my phone power to drop 20%. According to my phone's statistics, the app regularly uses 93-95% battery power. At first I thought it was a phone problem, and I almost bought a different phone because of it. This problem is not worth the $2 or whatever I save with the program. I gave it 2 stars because otherwise it's easy to use.
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