Rayman Adventures


Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Games 3.5.2 Oct 20, 2015 Jul 10, 2018 458.4 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 3.5.2

Rayman and friends are on a quest to explore the galaxy! Spin the wheel, accept the challenge and win Kryptorium! Introducing the intergalactic explorer Ray-one, with an exclusive new Incrediball family – The EeTees! Update your game today and join us on this virtual spaceflight!

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The enchanted forest is in trouble - the Ancient Eggs that sustain the Sacred Tree have been stolen and scattered across the world. Embark on an amazing adventure through legendary worlds to help Rayman and his friends rescue Ancient Eggs to breathe new life into the Sacred Tree!

· An exciting mix of timeless adventures and breathtaking visuals!
· Over 55 playable characters - play as Rayman, Barbara, Globox, or Teensie!
· Run, swim, hover, and take giant flying leaps as you dash through 200+ gorgeous levels!
· Jump into the action - battle Minotaurs, Bandits, and many other monsters!

· Explore 7 extraordinary worlds in this action-packed Rayman 2D platformer!
· Grow your Sacred Tree to unlock new adventures, and soar above the competition!

· Collect Incrediballs with 3 Special abilities - Seekers, Inhalers, and Protectors!
· Feed the Incrediballs, and make music with them in the Beatbox Mode!
· Complete more than 50 various Incrediball families!
· Seek and collect over 320 unique Incrediballs!

Run through various mysterious lands, haunted medieval castles, and the mythical worlds of Olympus, and unravel their hidden secrets!

Download this legendary free-to-play Rayman platformer game that takes you on an adventure unlike any other!

Game available in: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Turkish, Korean, Japanese, Arabic and Chinese.

Join the Rayman Adventures Community on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RaymanAdventures

PLEASE NOTE: This game is free to download and play but some game items can be purchased for real money. You can disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.

iPad Screenshots
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The awesome adventure of Rayman
Carsey J on 7/19/2018
I love this game because its so fun and in summer 2016 it was one of my favorite games but can you fix 1 thing the wooden eggs ,can you please do something about them in the next update.
Best adventure ever!
Dr. Awesome😎😎😎 on 7/18/2018
If you like adventures and rewards, you would LOVE this game. It’s totally amazing! You should DEFINITELY play this game. Get it RIGHT AWAY. AWESOME GAME. 5 STARS!
Awesome game
DeshaunH on 7/17/2018
I love the graphics and music 100% recommended
2 nidos para eclosionar los huevos
chapooooo on 7/16/2018
Se necesitan 2 nidos para los eclosionar los huevos solo uno no es suficiente
Good game but long loading screens
xXFireBlitzxX on 7/16/2018
This game is good and all but since I got a new creature and went to the tree it shows a super long loading screen so I waited pretty much a full day.
Hi I’m Jaden
lil jLc on 7/14/2018
Very very fun game but it is a very long wait for the eggs
Great Mobile Adaptation!
Eri-B on 7/14/2018
This game is one of my favorite games on iPhone and it’s very addictive. The Gameplay is really fun, and the game don’t bombard you with Millions and Millions of ads. The Graphics are great too, and I think they look even better than Rayman Legends. My only gripe is that the Costumes and Characters cost too much Gems, which in turn require Real-World Money. Other than that this game is great!
I love it and I hate it
raya and sade show on 7/14/2018
I have ray man legends on my ps4 and it not as fun but I love the pets so much so I recamend it ❤️❤️❤️❤️🦄🦄🦄🦄 I’m unicorn kitty
Love this game. Its better than the one on Xbox Arcade
D. PicOddso on 7/13/2018
I love how the creatures aid me on the missions. And the gameplay is AWESOME !!!
Stupid galacto marathon thingy
unicorntytyuu on 7/13/2018
I used to really like this game but it’s really boring cause all you get are surprise eggs and you have to pay to get the incubator done so you can get one gem. Yippee. And my galacto wheel won’t work, I’ve updated it and everything. You should put Rayman legends on iPads because I don’t have a video game console. This game is a waste of time, unless you like waiting a whole school day to get a few measly gems or a scratch ticket.
Do not use - you WILL lose your progress
Velimir_bg on 7/13/2018
I was very excited about this game initially. Sunk countless hours into it. One day I logged back in, and the game hung up at the loading screen. Thought it’s just a glitch. Restarted the game and to my amaze ALL MY PROGRESS was completely lost! Wrote to Ubisoft, and after they didn’t reply, I decided I love the game so much I would start over. Started the game over and sunk a bunch of time into it. Guess what? One day I logged in to see the same situation. ALL MY PROGRESS was lost. For a second time. Wrote to Ubisoft again. A week later Ubisoft says that they are sorry and I should try restarting the game. That’s it! Ubisoft has been horrible with this issue so far. It’s a huge issue, and they couldn’t care less. Don’t do this to yourself, unless you are ready to be disappointed.
whattts up on 7/12/2018
I wish you didn’t have to run all the time but other than that it’s great
fun but ...
xarc1s on 7/12/2018
very fun and addicting, but some of the challenges are way too hard and seem nearly impossible
The best game ever
EpicThomas10 on 7/11/2018
Super good the game is super fun I like it
Avery Nesbitt on 7/11/2018
I like how you can pick a boy or a girl before you play🤯but it tells you how to play and what your gems and it is ok though is does three hours and so you can’t play and just do the bored over and over agian
Fun and entertaining!!
Becky & David on 7/8/2018
It’s fun and entertaining.Recommended for kids that have imagination and likes easy but challenging.
The best!!
dont grt on 7/8/2018
This game is super cute and fun to play! The music is great and the graphics are great! I recommend this game!
sarahghs on 7/8/2018
Love the graphics
Adouma2010 on 7/8/2018
Fun and addicting
DoDoors on 7/8/2018
This game reminds me of when I played Rayman orgins and Legends and those two games were nonstop fun!
So good
ryan regan on 7/7/2018
So fun so good
Good game but glitchy
Rycher21 on 7/5/2018
I do enjoy the game overall. There are times when I’m in the middle of a game and it freezes and kicks me out of the app. There are a few times where it has offered me a group amount of items for so many gems, and when I decide to purchase them it only gives me one item instead of everything included in the package but still takes the full amount of gems.
Love it!
ChrBrb on 7/5/2018
I just find it really fun and a good way to kill time.
person who has bad math skills on 7/3/2018
Get An Update!!!!!
H gfhmgfhgf on 7/1/2018
It took more than a hour to download!!!! Also, guess what? The moment I click on the app it took me back to the home screen. I tried again, and it did the same thing. I DEMAND an update.
Love it!!!!!!!!
Lulu-8-0-1 on 7/1/2018
I love this game I decided to delete it a few months ago but now I got it again and it saved everything and it takes fast for it to load thanks for the game!!!
oragemush on 7/1/2018
Best game on iPad
Love this game
bcrook87 on 6/30/2018
I love the Rayman series so of course I love this mobile app. Great game, I’m addicted!
Gods work
CloudyReyli456 on 6/27/2018
hdkgdknd on 6/26/2018
It’s good but when I logged back into Facebook on a new phone but my save wasn’t there I have gone so far plus i paid for things and I have to restart pls fix this
Lost my account
NZP205 on 6/25/2018
Hi I reset my iPhone a couple of days before and now that I wanted my game back it's not on the game slots What should I do?! How can I get my game back?!
Rayman adventures
game supporter11 on 6/25/2018
Really good game great for some downtime
It’s fine
Joshua.2012 on 6/24/2018
I like it’s ok
Mr awesome duduf on 6/24/2018
Constantly crashing on my iPhone X
Muath2000 on 6/23/2018
Useless... Constantly crashing on my iPhone X
Love 🙌🏼
C20718 on 6/23/2018
Used to play this on xbox so many memories glad I have it on my phone. ❤️
Great Game but...
Zzonda on 6/19/2018
So I never write a review but I had to for this as I really need the problems fixed ASAP. This is an addictive game but you have to spend a ton of money to be great. This wouldn’t be so bad if I could just pass the 5k level. I can’t get any more new incrediballs. I’m just stuck. I see some reviewers have complained about this as far back as December 17 and yet nothing has been done which to me shows complacency and a complete disregard of customers spending pocket. Developers need to look into the following- • More befitting rewards system. You spend so much and get so little in return. 10 gems, 5 gems yet everything is expensive!!!!! • fix the glitch and give us more incrediballs. • Add more levels!!!! It gets so monotonous playing same/similar levels over and over again. I remember when Angry birds was all the rage. The developers became complacent. This game is fast becoming the angry birds of now and soon something else WILL take over if they don’t act fast.
Love it
itz._.adri._. chilling on 6/18/2018
Omg love this game but I have to wait longer for the egg to hatch as I’m going further in the levels
Best pocket edition ever
Truce98crazykid on 6/17/2018
This game is amazing Ubisoft it is great I liked the console version to But you can hardly know the difference between console and mobile but if there was one thing I would complain about is that the controls are hard to remember but that’s the only thing I hate about it
Why can’t I listen to music in the background??! 😤
StarWarsfan#1 on 6/14/2018
Ok, I love this game, it’s fun, has good graphics, has cute little critters, and everything I could ask for except.... I can’t run audio shows or music in the back ground?? Listen, I get that you made music for this game but for me and I bet a lot of other people too want to listen to their own music or audio shows while they play this game. And for those who want to listen to the music of Rayman can just leave the game volume up. But let other people have a choice if they don’t want to listen to it. Please read this and add this to the next update. Thank you.
Wonderful game!
Rachelleila on 6/14/2018
I absolutely love Rayman Adventures! The visuals are incredibly beautiful, the characters are adorable, and the story and gameplay are both very fun and interactive. I love how each level is different or has you discover new things. The controls were a bit difficult to master at first, but once I figured it out, I couldn’t stop playing!
The Master
ImNotPikaPikachu on 6/10/2018
Every since I started the game, i was a master of it because I played all RAYMAN games
This game is amazing and awesome
crazy cal 10 on 6/10/2018
I love this app
Best game ever in my life!!!!!!!!!!!💩😀
vgdjhayez on 6/9/2018
This is a fun game but if you could create a creature
Just a suggestion please read
Gurmy Lingelle on 6/9/2018
Ok first of all eggs shouldn’t take so long to hatch and I ran out of speed elixers I always scratch tickets and I never get one and another thing I want more regions to be added to this game because I’m all ready on the wild wild east and I’m getting kinda board
Love it
Royums on 6/8/2018
Rayman is the best but can you make the wings fly for as long as we want?
j.kinng on 6/7/2018
This game is so addicting it’s one of my top time pasters and I hope this game continues to improve
bad start doesn’t get better
Lughaidth on 6/7/2018
who wants to start with a video for virtual currency and instead of being introduced to the game it feels more like you are thrusted in. i don’t like the in game purchases feels creepy i would rather pay for a full featured game
Best Game EVER!!!
the temmie on 6/6/2018
This is the best
JaSketch on 6/6/2018
Game is fun but there’s no sound
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