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App last updated Feb 13, 2018
New in version 2.8.17774

• Guild Quests - revamped!
• Improvements to queueing with friends/guild members!
• New Achievements!
• Wayward Pains - map changes
• Visible drop chances for boxes
• Improved ship and item balances.


A real-time multiplayer battle arena in your pocket. Choose a ship, slap some guns on it and take to the waves with your fleet of teammates to trounce live opponents in five-on-five PvP contests of seafaring strategy and firepower. Smile and wave goodbye to your enemies!

Mobile Multiplayer Mayhem
The thrilling competitive fun of a team battle arena, right on your mobile device. Join a fleet of allies and take on competitors the world over in bite-sized battles among the rolling waves – all while you wait for the bus.

Custom Battles
Host a private competition with your friends and guildmates in Custom Battles! Create a lobby and Invite up to 10 players in 2 teams, plus 5 spectators and let the torpedoes fly! Host your own tournament of teams of 5, or prove your skills in a 1 on 1 battle with a friend.

Choose A Ship
Choose between 5 ships, each with their own speciality – the Enforcer packs a powerful offensive punch, the Defender is a nearly indestructible floating tank, the Shooter can equip more weapons than you will ever need, the Speeder stays in the action with acceleration and agility, and the Fixer keeps your teammates floating. Upgrade your ships for more health, defence, speed, and firepower!

Weapons, Armor, Items, Abilities
Cannons, torpedoes, grenades – Collect, fuse and modify items with almost infinite variations. Choose from an arsenal of destructive or defensive items to fit your fighting style. Whatever it takes to keep you and your team afloat.

Get Strategic
Attack your enemies with a full on offensive assault, or play defense and capture the point. With different classes of ships to choose – each with their own unique abilities, and a motherload of weapons, armor, items, and perks, there is plenty of room for a wide range of battle strategies.

Join a Guild
Team up with your friends in a guild to chat with your guildmates while you conquer your enemies in combat. Guild leaderboards pit your crew against other bands of blast-happy captains. Who will be the best?

Quests, Achievements and Tournaments
Finish quests to earn gold and sugar or go on a quest marathon for a chance to earn rare loot! Achievements like destroying an enemy boat with your burning husk will earn you pearls you can exchange for just about anything! Also, prove your mettle by competing in a new tournament every 2 weeks for exclusive rewards!

VIP Subscription
Battle Bay offers a VIP subscription service that grants VIP Members exclusive benefits every week or every month.

VIP Subscription Benefits:
– +50% Ad-Free bonus to Battle Rewards
– 20% faster Crew Training
– One free Daily Shop Refresh
– Access to the VIP Chat Channel.
The VIP membership subscription is available as a weekly or monthly purchase at a price of $4.99 / week or $9.99 / month. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account starting at the initial confirmation of the VIP Subscription purchase. Your VIP subscription will automatically renew 24-hours before the end of the current payment period.
Manage subscription auto-renewal in iTunes Account Settings. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period. Cancellation will take effect at the start of the next subscription period.


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- Direct links to the internet that can take players away from the game with the potential to browse any web page.
- Advertising of Rovio products and also products from select partners.
- The option to make in-app purchases. The bill payer should always be consulted beforehand.
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RichkeyBunnz on 2/18/2018
U should download this, not laggy, hd graphics, addictive gameplay. So much fun. You always have enough money in the game. The gameplay is so much fun and it’s just all so .... lovable! 💥 🚢 have fun 😉
Boom tank 275738 on 2/18/2018
My freind recommended this game to me and I’ve played it everyday since
I love
beau100000000 on 2/18/2018
I love this game
Gr8One256 on 2/18/2018
Dis game is good
Really? It’s not like the ads show
Grafixx01 on 2/17/2018
This game is ok. It is NOT like the ads I see about it though. The thing moves so dang slo, it doesn’t go where you want it to and killing others is ridiculous. You have people who shoot huge guns to knock the majority of others health out, then some scrub comes in and gets the last shot so they get the kill !?!?! Really? The talents stuff makes no dang s use. They say you can combine the same weapons to make them stronger but I still can’t find out how that is done! Needs a very large amount of work!
Great Game but matches often unbalanced
B4Starfire on 2/17/2018
Game is fun, diverse, and challenging. The major issue is how poorly balanced the matches are arranged. The game tries to match similar scores, but what that fails to capture is there is a big jump in armor, hit points, and number of weapons a higher level craft can field compared to a lower level craft. A higher level craft usually has more firepower and can shoot much more frequently as a result. This doesn't even begin to factor in the Captain levels which dictates what passive perks that Captain has behind the scenes. All these factors lead to very unbalanced games. Games where one team has hundreds to thousands of more hit points and weapons on the field than the other team. Been on both sides. Prefer to win or lose an even match to an uneven one. Hopefully they fix this. EDIT: Been a year and teams are still vastly unbalanced. They balance by score rather than by ship level when it should be the other way around. Ship level and then score.
The game was great until the last update
Zeiphod on 2/17/2018
This game is good. It is one of the genuinely good games that you can play and you don’t have to feel pressured to pay to play. My only complaint is that there was a map called Wayward Pains. It was a map which you had to plan to not use too many mortars because there were only a few areas to use it well. Now, they have made it to where you can mortar from anywhere in the map and destroy your opponents without them even doing damage to you. There are a lot of maps where mortars have free range to do damage. Why not have one map where you are at a strategic advantage to not have a ship full of mortars to win. It was sad to see the update to make this game just available to all types of guns instead of making every map a strategy. Sad the developers decide that a map needs to be changed to “please the few who mortar” every map. Otherwise, the game is fantastic
Don't be happy much...
WuDeezy on 2/17/2018
This game will not play for me to be able to play battle bay!!
Update Ideas
++NIVLAC8++ on 2/17/2018
BEST GAME IV’E PLAYED!!! But I would like to see a mk 8 in the game and a new ship. Also instead of just being able to fleet with one person I would like to fleet with all my friends!!!
drumboy1104 on 2/16/2018
I is fun
Fun game, but
Azieazie on 2/15/2018
This game would be amazing and I would quickly give it 5 stars. There are two major problems with the game in my opinion. First, matchmaking is often incredibly unfair. I just had a fight where my teams top boats were two levels threes. My opponent had a level 4 and a level 5 boat. We were crushed. These types of matchups occur pretty frequently. The second problem is that you can only play with one guild mate. Success in the game is pretty simple. Stay relatively close together and focus fire. With random teammates it is very common to get one or two players that for some reason think they can take on an opposing team on their own. They die quickly, then the rest of the team is now outnumbered. These would be such easy fixes, I hope they can happen.
I’m done
spiderjocley6547 on 2/14/2018
I’ve updated this because I’m done with this game.Rovio can’t even balance the matchmaking within a month and adds new stuff to the game that don’t even help a free to play player.Shame on you rovio. I told the company saying that if don’t balance the games within a month, then I would be done with this game.And they are too stupid to fix the matchmaking within a month and I’m done. Rovio, you are not supposed to match up me with mk5s while I’m at mk3. This is not how you treat free to play players. I would rather play clash Royale because they balance it up. This game can’t balance it because of bad developers hand. I guess I’ll move on into clash royale from now on. Even the daily crates don’t even help a free to play player because of low chances of getting good stuff. Even if you get a good item. High level players usually have tier 3 epics up to legendary items. I can’t take it anymore. The matchmaking tries to match similar levels of infamy. But what they don’t know and fail to catch is the level of ships and weapons levels. I’m deleting this game because I’m tired of matchmaking and to prevent smashing my iPad because of it. I’m done and never coming back Rovio. Unless you make it fair and match level 3 ships for example with other level 3 ships. NOT LEVEL 5s. The worst part about it is that I’m starting to be match up with mk6. I’m done. I can’t take it anymore. I’m warning you that you do not download this game unless your planning to spend a lot of money.If you do, I guaranteed yourself a broken device
My Battle Bay Rating on 2/14/2018
Battle Bay is the worlds greatest and best game in the world it's #1
ヤマトシナノ on 2/14/2018
If you play this at 3:00 AM then your mom will slap you and if u don’t have a mom then slender man will give you expired cookies and if you don’t eat it he will eat you
Game won’t load after latest update
Gary VH on 2/14/2018
Even though I downloaded the update I still get a message saying I have to download the update before I can play.
Great game is battle bay.
Angry Hippo91 on 2/14/2018
I’m very cool and exciting when I play this game.
Battle Bay all da way!
Keiada670 on 2/13/2018
I love this game! Always look forward to the battles. Can't seem to get enough of the killing action. Lol
Keeps getting worse
gloria2475 on 2/13/2018
After each update no attention or attempt to fix the matchmaking issue which has been present for a huge duration of time already. Putting mk 4 ships against ships with legendary items and occasionally mk 6 shooters.
Can’t find update
Xi UNO iX on 2/13/2018
Idk why but it keeps telling me to update game but I cannot locate it anywhere
Malcolm1220 on 2/13/2018
it tells me I need to update but I can’t.
YEAxxxNICE on 2/13/2018
Will not let me update, says just open in App Store and will not let me play, huge issue because I love this game and play it non stop, please help
Paper6mate on 2/13/2018
The app keeps crashing can you please fix it ASAP love the game
Santificado on 2/13/2018
Muy bueno es imposible dejar de jugarlo
new balance not balanced.
M 8009 M on 2/13/2018
The improved guild quests and other improvements are great. But the balance change is not balanced. speeders are tricky to deal with but those players just sit back and throwing three mortars in a row are much more annoying and take out the fun of battles.
Best phone game I’ve played!!!
Incufreak411 on 2/13/2018
This is by far the most entertaining game I have ever played. I have been playing daily for about 6 months now and I have not gotten tired of the game. This is not a “pay to play” game to prosper. The developers did a great job with this game from the graphics to the consistent forms of monetary gain within the game is unmatched.
Recent download issues
Exhauted Eel 69 on 2/13/2018
I downloaded the update and now when I open the game there’s a pop up displaying update required not allowing me to play.
Update? What Update?
Jmanhero on 2/13/2018
Please fix the update bug. Game won’t start because it says it needs to update but App Store has no update for it. Be more than happy to add two more stars for a fix.
Addicting but needs to improve
TuffGunn on 2/13/2018
I like this game but too many videos for small loots. It’s a pay to win game so there may not be any changes any time soon. It’s 5v5 however, you’re usually paired with people who is away from the game which makes it frustrating. I hunk they add these “floaters” just to fill in the 5v5 spots. Infamy points are determined by the rest of the player which is annoying.
Update not downloadable
Buffalopiss on 2/13/2018
Newest download is not available making gameplay impossible
Great until the last update
shojiman on 2/13/2018
No longer able to launch the app. Brings me to the store to download the new update (had already done so) each time.
Jfkfiiehdhxjxjx on 2/13/2018
PotsandPansP on 2/13/2018
why isn’t the update available
Great game just let me update please
TL-FuDDx on 2/13/2018
Great game would love to see an expanded pc version of this. Only complaint I have so far is anytime I get an update it won’t allow me to actually update. The store says open not update and when I try logging on it says needs to update and sends me to the store:(
TOOPIFF! on 2/13/2018
On my App Store I can’t update the game yet it just says open but no option of updating it what’s happening guys?:(
Cowboy5186 on 2/13/2018
one of the best multi player games
JamesC911 on 2/13/2018
one of the best multi player games
Awesomeness and I can't believe that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
miggie lopez (575)-644-3657 on 2/13/2018
Update error code
Stsliney on 2/13/2018
Your app is busted. It wants me to update but there is no update
Good game but broken on iPhone X
Tuanster9999 on 2/13/2018
Even after latest update the social tab is still broken and unusable on the iPhone X. Unbelievable!
iPhone X
@Mr0q8 on 2/13/2018
It’s not working very well in iPhone X please fix it
i like thes game its the best one
alsubaey1981 on 2/13/2018
Lasttri on 2/12/2018
The game is really fun I died a couple times but it was still good because now I am a defender and I defend the outpost with my boat and I am a beast like I can take out someone with so can’t chat really cool anyways this game is really fun
I am a frount liner
Laserdisc Fan on 2/11/2018
You will have 100 million fans or downloads
Battle bay takes money
Longball Shortschlong on 2/10/2018
Love the game.. paid for the vip they cut me off a month early to gain rewards.... still charged me. Couldn’t talk to anybody but they took my money go FuCKyouself battle bay
I love roblox
Glow Stik on 2/10/2018
Creative and original
Fffuuuunnn try time on 2/9/2018
One of the worst games ever created
Timleeak on 2/9/2018
Simply put, the total lack of balance and complete need to spend hundreds of dollars to play makes this one of the worst titles available. Do not waste your time with this garbage.
BefuddledYoungMale on 2/9/2018
Put more effort into match making the seriousness of reduced firepower with two fixers on a team cannot be stressed enough. When I’m not a fixed I never have one on my team, when I am there’s always two.
Pay to win
FMeDry on 2/8/2018
Fun at first but becomes very prevalent it is pay to win. Also, it doesnt help the fact that they wont let you make another account screams theyre after your money once you irresponsibly use your pearls at the beginning. Fix the match making...... there is no reason I should be going against a team of mk 2 ships with epic weapons upgraded while I’m mk 1 with rares at best... takes skill to swipe a card smfh
So awesome
Dogefan456 on 2/8/2018
Such a very cool game and keep up the awesome work!
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  • Publisher: Rovio Entertainment Oyj
  • Category: Games
  • Released: May 03, 2017
  • Current Version Released: Feb 13, 2018
  • Version: 2.8.17774
  • Size: 540.4 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Recommended Age: 12+
  • Game Center Certified: No
  • Supported Languages: English;
  • Parental Advisory: Suggestive Themes; Mild Profanity or Crude Humor; Intense Cartoon or Fantasy Violence;