Battle Bay

Rovio Entertainment Oyj

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Games 2.9.18211 May 03, 2017 Mar 22, 2018 550.9 MB iOS 8.0 or later 12+
New in version 2.9.18211

Gear Score
New Improved Home Screen
General Balancing
Bug Fixes


A real-time multiplayer battle arena in your pocket. Choose a ship, slap some guns on it and take to the waves with your fleet of teammates to trounce live opponents in five-on-five PvP contests of seafaring strategy and firepower. Smile and wave goodbye to your enemies!

Mobile Multiplayer Mayhem
The thrilling competitive fun of a team battle arena, right on your mobile device. Join a fleet of allies and take on competitors the world over in bite-sized battles among the rolling waves – all while you wait for the bus.

Custom Battles
Host a private competition with your friends and guildmates in Custom Battles! Create a lobby and Invite up to 10 players in 2 teams, plus 5 spectators and let the torpedoes fly! Host your own tournament of teams of 5, or prove your skills in a 1 on 1 battle with a friend.

Choose A Ship
Choose between 5 ships, each with their own speciality – the Enforcer packs a powerful offensive punch, the Defender is a nearly indestructible floating tank, the Shooter can equip more weapons than you will ever need, the Speeder stays in the action with acceleration and agility, and the Fixer keeps your teammates floating. Upgrade your ships for more health, defence, speed, and firepower!

Weapons, Armor, Items, Abilities
Cannons, torpedoes, grenades – Collect, fuse and modify items with almost infinite variations. Choose from an arsenal of destructive or defensive items to fit your fighting style. Whatever it takes to keep you and your team afloat.

Get Strategic
Attack your enemies with a full on offensive assault, or play defense and capture the point. With different classes of ships to choose – each with their own unique abilities, and a motherload of weapons, armor, items, and perks, there is plenty of room for a wide range of battle strategies.

Join a Guild
Team up with your friends in a guild to chat with your guildmates while you conquer your enemies in combat. Guild leaderboards pit your crew against other bands of blast-happy captains. Who will be the best?

Quests, Achievements and Tournaments
Finish quests to earn gold and sugar or go on a quest marathon for a chance to earn rare loot! Achievements like destroying an enemy boat with your burning husk will earn you pearls you can exchange for just about anything! Also, prove your mettle by competing in a new tournament every 2 weeks for exclusive rewards!

VIP Subscription
Battle Bay offers a VIP subscription service that grants VIP Members exclusive benefits every week or every month.

VIP Subscription Benefits:
– +50% Ad-Free bonus to Battle Rewards
– 20% faster Crew Training
– One free Daily Shop Refresh
– Access to the VIP Chat Channel.
The VIP membership subscription is available as a weekly or monthly purchase at a price of $4.99 / week or $9.99 / month. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account starting at the initial confirmation of the VIP Subscription purchase. Your VIP subscription will automatically renew 24-hours before the end of the current payment period.
Manage subscription auto-renewal in iTunes Account Settings. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period. Cancellation will take effect at the start of the next subscription period.


Terms of Use:
Privacy Policy:
This game may include:
- Direct links to social networking websites that are intended for an audience over the age of 13.
- Direct links to the internet that can take players away from the game with the potential to browse any web page.
- Advertising of Rovio products and also products from select partners.
- The option to make in-app purchases. The bill payer should always be consulted beforehand.
- This application may require internet connectivity and subsequent data transfer charges may apply. After the initial download, additional content will be downloaded and this may include data charges.

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ozella callin on 4/23/2018
Just joined the game and fought a 3570 rated player ...... good concept of a game but you guys should know how free to plays work unfortunately
Targeting system
zlbert on 4/23/2018
I love this game, but the targeting system in this game is terrible so one star off.
Best game ever
84FoxBody on 4/23/2018
Better than rules of survival and pubs mobile
Terrible Matchmaking, Terrible Teammates
Kittencatsugar on 4/22/2018
Here’s the cold hard truth. 95% of the time, the matchmaking is unfair in some way or form. Also, the players are beyond awful. Now everyone has their good and bad games but some people are just so extremely bad at the game that it just amazes me. You’d think the higher up in infamy you get, the better the players. WRONG! Doesn’t matter your infamy, always bad players. On top of all that, you got players that purposely drop or stay at lower infamy for easier fights and easier to farm guild quests. That also contributes to unfair matchmaking (devs something should be done about that). Overall, it’s a good game, but the lack of equalness is upsetting. Doesn’t matter how good you are, if your team don’t work together, you won’t win no matter what.
Last played year ago, still a crap game
Xx_derpster_xx on 4/21/2018
I left an awful negative review about a year or 2 ago and decided to come back to at least find some nostalgia. All i got was a horrible game by a company thats doesn’t listen to reviews and put “patches” out for the already almost glitch less game. Lets start off first, the first thing i was greeted to when i open this game for the first time in a year, was a “offer” for mortars that costed $49.99. Yep, nice one Rovio, almost got me there. I played a single game and won, and thought to myself, “wow, maybe the game isn’t the worst after all” and the next game i got absolutely destroyed by people that had items at least 20x better than mine, all I'm trying to say is that the matchmaking system is rubbish, and it didn't improve in the last year. If Rovio had a boxing competition, they’d put an autistic kid in a wheelchair to fight Mike Tyson. Anyways, I'm done with this game
Mambas23 on 4/21/2018
This game is really fun. Things you should know👍 1. Has EXTREMELY HIGH QUALITY 😂 2. Has a in app purchases, but not worth it. 3. The pearls and sugar and gold are easy to get. 4. You move slow when you are targeting your enemy but it is worth it. The game can make you motion sick because of the waves. Battle Bay did a really good job making the game. I recommend this to you if you like multiplayer shooter games BUT this is different.
bleaugh 💩
Gameprobro on 4/21/2018
been playing for months and the only thing this game does is put you in battles with people who can one-shot you. then your team somehow wins anyway and you're swept up into higher and higher leagues where everyone can kill you easy also. unenjoyable and rage inducing. also their shop is on the pricier side of in-app purchase value.
ellonelo on 4/21/2018
After the last update, I haven’t been able to update my weapons. A message will say I’m missing an item when the item is clearly in my inventory. Please fix.
So much fun!!!
D3SIGN WIZARD on 4/20/2018
Epic game!!!
GS9992 on 4/20/2018
It’s a great game and I wanna play more but it seems to have bugged out and i can’t advance but I haven’t even finished the tutorial
Balance problems
lolninja321 on 4/20/2018
So the game is pretty fun I have to say but as you play the game over long periods of time it gets really unbalanced. One day you might win 3 or 4 times but your total loss will always be doubled or tripled you wins. The team you land in might be full of ships that are much weaker than the enemies which causes you to loose the game and time. Also there is also a pay to win system where players are able to buy upgrades and weapons with real money to gain an huge advantage which really turned the game off for me. Welp this is my opinion, maybe it’s just my luck but you can see for yourself when you try it.
This game is crap on iPhone X
Michaeljtm1130 on 4/20/2018
I deleted this game when I first got my iPhone X because some on the game gets cutoff. Now April and I see you guys haven’t done any updates to accommodate iPhone X owners to be able to play. So deleting again, I’ll check back in 6 months or so.
Forgot how much fun this game is!
Star hiker on 4/19/2018
If you like flat out fast melee combat this game is for you!
VelvettFogg on 4/19/2018
So the only reason why I’m not rating this four or five stars is because mk 1 players are being matched against mk 3 players. I love the game but I’ve lost three times in a row to people who have better vehicles because they are mk 2 or 3. I just think you guys should fix this problem, like put people in matches against the same mk vehicle, not trophies. Please fix this problem!
Eddeegee on 4/19/2018
Love most erthing about this game. One major flaw. 1. Controls. Never heard of any game your steer/joystick can target. So ur targeting using both hand.One side or other or PASS= Pick a side stupid.Steer should be just that!!!! 2. Either we control the weapon or what’s the point. I can’t tell how many times my weapon just move to another location on it own most times nothing there. 3. Close quarters fighting is just trash. Gun just go haywire
I would rate it a zero but cannot!! Do not spend money
Mollygirl72 on 4/19/2018
An entertaining and extremely frustrating game. After many updates to fix "bugs" the game is still the same. This game is "pay to play". Be prepared for win 1 game, lose 12 format. The game controls everything. Everything is stacked against you. Whether it be the speed of your ship, the radar, your targeting, the random waves that come out to nowhere to swallow your shot, even the performance of your weapons. The match matching is awful. Extremely unbalance. You cannot fleet with a guild member with a difference of 800 infamy but they can pair you in a random match with someone with over 1000 difference in infamy. They claim you can upgrade your weapons and other ship attributes with perks...nope. I have 40 level rare turbo with 3 epic perks. Slow as sh!t! Other lower level ships are zipping by and I'm slugging along in molasses. Phantom shots galore. They come out of nowhere. I have been destroyed without seeing a single enemy ship...which I'm sure is related to the joke of a radar system that is in the game. Enemy ships disappear only to pop up right in front of you. Very frustrating. With the recent update a lot of your shots don't even register as hits. Had a direct hit with a mortar and it only registered 7 damage points. I can go on and on...just be prepared for major frustration. Just know this game is fixed. You have no control of the outcome of the matches. I would rate it at zero for the simple fact that the matches are fixed and you have no control on the outcome. It doesn’t matter on your “ability “ or your ship’s upgrades. Nothing like playing against bot boats that destroy your whole team within 35sec. The dev/programmers lead you to believe you are in control but don’t be fooled! Oh, and don’t post anything negative on the community forum unless you virtually jerk-off and worship the “well-known” members ( Devs/programmers). If not, they will ridicule you then delete your post.
What happened? UPDATE
afork on 4/18/2018
Loved this game. Played daily. Gladly spent money on it in the beginning, as I learned how play better, more than I’ve spent on any mobile game. It’s that fun. But something happened after the recent update (2.8.17774). After two days of play, I can barely win a game. The great thing about past versions was the balance. You win some, you lose some. And not too many slaughters either way. Usually just good, solid competition that was fun whether you won or lost, and that balance kept me coming back. Not anymore. It’s like everything I learned and bought over the course of a year now is worthless. My win/loss ratio is now skewed heavily toward the loss side with lots of slaughters. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I lost my Battle Bay mojo. Maybe it’s the update. I really don’t know. But it’s not fun anymore. UPDATE: The game is back to being awesomely fun again. Highly recommend. Thank you, Rovio!
Cash grab
DMSnikch on 4/17/2018
Just asked me if I wanted to spend $50 USD to buy a purple weapon.. what a joke..
Quitting this game, to much bull
Azieazie on 4/17/2018
Crappy matchmaking and unreliable radar and targeting/firing controls cause as much frustration as fun. I would not recommend spending money on this app, you will eventually regret wasting money on this game.
Love the game but one thing
DropkickLeo_YT on 4/17/2018
The only flaw that I have is when your in rivalry and you leave the guild to do something and you come back and you have to wait till next rivalry in order to get rewards. I don’t like this because if you get first in the rivalry that you left then you don’t get the 42,000 clan points that you were supposed to of gotten. Please fix this, this happened to me and I am really upset that I don’t get the 42,000 clan points that I was supposed to of gotten. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE fix this
Awesome.But you should add 1 more thing.
Shadow1123456776 on 4/17/2018
THIS GAME IS O ADDICTING AND AN AWESOME PLAY TO WIN GAME.But I fell like there should be more than just 5v5.Maybe you could add duels.Or 2v2,3v3,4v4,maybe even more players in each team.Still a very good game.:D
IceKarma on 4/15/2018
Lots and f strategy and customization
El mejor juego
FANTER..78 on 4/15/2018
El mejor juego
Great Game!
Wooptyone on 4/15/2018
Fun and addictive! All time favorite game!
Always disconnect
john mikhaeil on 4/14/2018
The game always disconnect and I’m loosing my points, my internet connection is very strong for wi fi or even LTE , help pls Really it’s annoying now, one game ok and 10 disconnecting, i will stop playing this game till you fix it back, and also I’m asking others to stop play this game till serious action taken....
Ping issues
HR71 on 4/13/2018
Amazing game but it’s been a while now that I’m getting crazy ping and lag. Not worth being a paying customer each month with all these delays. Please look into it as now it is affecting every game. From my side I have updated my internet to the fastest speed possible in Dubai.
I love this game
I'm the goos on 4/10/2018
But here’s a thing I wish you could design you own ship like the paint job and stickers also they need new weapons or something to update the battle field but in all this is amazing
Really fun!😁
crazy_fussa on 4/9/2018
Real fun game to play, but it keep on crashing😞, otherwise it’s one of the greatest games I’ve ever played!
My Favorite Game!
Roblox Lover 64 on 4/7/2018
This game if so fun! I play it at least 2 hours a day, and just love it. For anyone who likes multiplayer teamwork, then you will love this. Choose from 5 different ships. Choose from a variety of weapons, healing items, shields and much more. A very action packed game that is in your hand. I enjoy the custom battle feature, where you can battle with anyone you want to and it doesn't count for infamy. Oh yes, infamy. Infamy is your score in the game! Every time you win a battle, you gain 25. Every time you lose, you lose 24. I am currently at 3512 infamy! The whole point of the game is to reach 4000 infamy (nightmare league) and be the best player in the world. I have been playing for a year, since May fourth, and I can’t put it down. Also, if you would like to join my guild, (group of people) have 2000+ infamy. It is called Savage NEMOS. I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH, I AM ADDICTED. MUST PLAY. I THINK IT IS A 1,000,000 STAR!
Please update UI for iPhone X
mrAssman on 4/6/2018
I’m new to this game and wow it’s really fun, only problem is portions of the UI get cut off on my iPhone X so it would be nice if that were fixed.
If you want TRASH download this game thank you 🤗
Secret person writing a review on 4/5/2018
They rig the game so only they and friends get the good weapons and the rest are left with the trash and the so called “ best their weapons that do as much damage as a trash
Great game but matches are completely unbalanced
spiderjocley6547 on 4/5/2018
Overall you can play this game for a long time except for this reason that really gets me mad. Matches are completely unbalanced which kills the fun in this game. The difference of levels of ships and weapons can really unbalance the match. It’s not even a competition. It’s just the people who spend the most money on this game will win. I’m at mk3 and the matching should be based on what level your ship is, not infamy. The reason I say this is that many players who have been at mk5 and 6 are trolling at around 1200 infamy. Many people can’t even stand a chance unless you pay money. Even thought you have mk5 and mk6 teammates, once they are all dead And it’s only you on the team, well your screwed. My most powerful weapon is a tier 2 epic sniper. But the mk5 and 6 people have tier 4 epics up to legendary items. How I’m I supposed to kill people like that if I’m completely screwed. Well all want to say is to balance it up so it can be fair and not frustrating. This will make the game improve by a lot. And I will. Definitely rate it 5 but overall is pretty frustrating and I currently do not recommend this game to anyone until it’s completely balanced Update:been a few months and matchmaking is still crazy horrible. If I were to rate this game, I would be rating it -stars if I could. Rovio doesn’t give a fudge about matchmaking. This game would be fun if it weren’t for stupid infamy matchmaking. How about you set the matchmaking based on GEAR SCORE NOT INFAMY ROVIO ARE YOU STUPID
Bad matching
Da , one on 4/5/2018
I like this game a lot but it matches you with really good people like I died by a MK 5 I was mk 1 ?!??! Like what is this they need to make the matches much better. PEACE ✌️
Fantastic game
Wallyworld11 on 4/4/2018
Game is great! Tried it on a whim about three weeks ago and can’t stop playing ever since. Great job!
Krilon Bane on 4/3/2018
If you’d like to not waste your time, STEER CLEAR OF THIS GAME. After playing about 3-4 games following the forced tutorial, I had to scrap duct tape(because it told me to) and use the scraps to make a yellow item. Now it wants me to equip it on the “Shooter” boat but it has NO YELLOW SLOTS. Thus stuck in the forced tutorial and no longer can progress. Complete waste of time. Devs should know better than to implement a forced-tutorial system if they can’t update it to work with the current version of their game every single update (which is what I’m assuming has happened). It’s a developer 101 mistake that if you implement force-tuts, you have to update it to work on every single update. You need to allow us access to menus with a skip option considering it’s completely and utterly broken.
This is a nice game
DragonsSoccer16 on 4/2/2018
Add some more weapons.
Awesome game game, but...
Workingj on 4/2/2018
Update 4/02/18 Game is still great. Radar issues still exist and don’t seem to be any plans on addressing that. Truly a great game, just needs a few more tweaks to make this an awesome game. ———————————————————- This is a boat battling all out warfare on different maps type game. The game is fun and one of the only games i keep coming back to. Positives: Upgradable ships Upgradable weapons Requires some skill, not just some click this card and watch it do tricks type game. Group battles Guild quests Negative: There is a big pay to win type atmosphere. You can play for a long while and not buy a single thing and do good. Eventually you will come to a very slow progression point, where you’re gonna start needing crazy amount of parts to upgrade a useful weapon. Or the fact you need copies of the same weapon to get into the next brackets of leveling the weapon (takes a lot of time). You will see deals offering the weapon(s) and part(s) you need to upgrade. Gets frustrating. Should be easier to get weapon copies. The biggest issue I have with this game is the radar. One moment your stalking someone trying to get within range to attack. The next their icon disappears and your targeting icon starts to track someone else. Then out of no where the other guy will reappear on radar and be that much closer. It’s a huge flaw in the game and been a problem for quite some time. Wish they would fix this issue. If they would ever get around and use some of the giant sums of money to fix that HUGE problem this game would be an easy 5 star game.
Battle bay
Gaige.shep on 4/1/2018
I love this game but please make another boat
Favorite Game!
Dj G30 on 4/1/2018
This game became so addicting to me and many of my friends! I think its pretty immersive gameplay even if its on mobiles. It would be awesome if you added new ships and some other new features in the upcoming updates. -One could be a SUBMARINE, it is a ship after all. It could only have underwater view of the arena, and it could be master a special skill like all the other ships have. -Let us fleet with more people! -Lastly, make voice chats.
Icie3 on 3/31/2018
Best game ever, I love the layout of it and is a great game here are some suggestions to help improve the game 1. You should have more maps and get to choose what map you want 2. You should another boat with really cool stuff like a mix of theme 3. You should make it esier to update app because it always tells me there’s an update and I can’t get it even when I restart my phone
Multiplayer = AI
Bn las on 3/31/2018
This is not multiplayer at all. I am playing bots every game
Reviews are fake
Gkfshhdfcc on 3/31/2018
You have to be on crack to rate this game any higher than 2 stars. Thought I would give it a try again after 8 months. The game has the same problem that made me quit the 1st time. To many players infamy tank to destroy noobs. No fun to play against players who are cheating. Fix your game, cause your match making is broken badly.
Missing items
Firemedic12396378427 on 3/30/2018
So I’ve been a big fan of this game and have been playing it for awhile. My major complaint about this game just happened to me recently. I bought a pack and didn’t have enough room in my inventory so instead of getting the remaining epic items once I opened space or getting rid of more lower items they disappeared. After spending actual money on this I would think the devs would be more in tune to this. This issue has me seriously debating weather I want to continue with this game or not.
Amazing game
Glitchy yellow on 3/28/2018
This game is probably one of the best games I have played. I don’t have the vip membership but the game is still really fun. It’s funny reading people saying oh u will win one and lose like twelve. I disagree because the game isn’t rigged that way. It is just how you strategize with your teammates. Play this game! It is amazing!!😀
qq拉拉拉拉 on 3/28/2018
Hi, battle bay creater, I am a player in battle bay. I think the game has some problem, here is the problem, the game has to much trash, like the weapon, you can make the weapon cheaper, and make the people the win the battle get more money like about 100,000, if you have option please text me back.
Good game gone bad
Yznel on 3/28/2018
Played Battle Bay for nearly 7 months and was a VIP member most of that time as well as a regular spender of pearls. Unfortunately, the match making and guild questing changes ruined the game for me (and so many of my guild mates). Fun game to play casually but if you are serious about doing well, you’ll have to spend a lot of money and pain of enduring loss after loss as their algorithms attempt to even the playing field for everyone. Stick with Angry Birds, Rovio - this game is considered a failure in an otherwise excellent game catalog.
Pretty Great Game!
LoganRiales on 3/25/2018
This game is pretty awesome and one of my favorites. It’s not really pay to win in my opinion because I have tons of epic weapons and equipment without paying more than $5. And I just spent all of that for extra inventory space because unfortunately there isn’t enough. But the game is free, it’s awesome, and it deserves that $5. Keep the updates rolling out Rovio. Read our feedback and try to implement it, because most of our recommendations would greatly improve the game.
Dragon mainia's biggest fan on 3/25/2018
So good
Best game yet!
Minecraftatron30 on 3/25/2018
I have never played a fun game such as this. As a suggestion though. Maybe you could ad a heal me message. That way, a fixer on your team is able to better understand that you need help more quickly. Overall though, this is the best game in the App Store in my opinion.
Game not launching
Bloody grace on 3/24/2018
I’m using an iPhone X and the game keeps repeating the loading screen
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