Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari

Featherweight Games Pty Limited

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Games 1.16.1 Jun 22, 2016 May 13, 2018 324.1 MB iOS 7.0 or later 9+
New in version 1.16.1

Fixed Garden Bug, can now catch new critters deep in the Garden zone


Saddle up and get ready to wrassle with the stampede-iest critters this side of the Savannah. Lions and Tigers and Bears are no match for this rodeo star. Armed with a lasso and a ten gallon hat, swing from the backs of stampeding buffalo, elephants, ostrich and more. Hold tight atop these bucking beasts and you might just win their hearts. When the stampede’s over, the zoo begins! Fill enclosures with your four-footed friends and let your patrons gaze in wonder. This is one wild ride that you will not want to miss - YEEHAW

- Ride through the wild stampede on the backs of buffalo, elephants, and all types of exotic animals
- Dodge and avoid obstacles in your chase for high scores
- Travel across the Savannah and Jungle, with more exciting landscapes to come!
- Catch and befriend animals of all shapes and sizes to show off in your Sky Zoo
-Travel back in time to explore th Jurassic Age and catch Dinosaurs

- Invite visitors to come admire your collection
- Expand and Manage your zoo to earn huge rewards from visitors

iPad Screenshots
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KayKityy555 on 5/21/2018
I am sooo addicted to this game . i have been playing it forever . but with the newest update the adds to double my coins have not been working . it’ just turns into a black screen .
Loads of fun, but...
JTuset on 5/21/2018
I didn’t mind the adds because they allow me to double my coins or extend my run, but now the game crashes almost every time an ad runs. I ha e to close and reopen the game each time. Please fix
litsavagemich on 5/20/2018
But how do we find the bug
ad bug
Idiot friend on 5/20/2018
I’ve been playing this game for months and it’s one of my favorites, usually I don’t get any problems but lately whenever I click to watch an ad it turns into a black screen with no video and an X in the top right corner. I can’t get out of it and end up not being able to double my coins and having to close the app. another problem I’m getting (which I’ve never had before) Is that the game lags terribly and ends up crashing sometimes, I turned off shadows and it helped a little bit but it’s still difficult to play. Other than these bugs it’s an amazing game that I really enjoy.
Ads locking up app
KingJackalope on 5/20/2018
I agree to watch an ad. If you can’t load one that’s not my fault. It should have some detection in there to see after 10 seconds if the ad loaded. If not award player and move on. Having to force close app then “reopen for business” zoo for coin again is really old. Then I need to take a chance it’s gonna lock up again or get jipped out of coins once more.
Fantastic game!
Cali A. on 5/19/2018
I absolutely love this game because of all of the different animals you can collect and ride! There’s just a glitch I think that doesn’t let you name bosses what you want. Overall a very fun app to play.
Fantastic game
Nalaerog1969 on 5/19/2018
Really enjoy this game good work love the Jurasic level I wish when you ran into another animal you would have the opportunity to be able to use the lasso to save yourself instead of just crashing but otherwise keep up the good work
I love this game but there’s one problem
Damemr on 5/19/2018
Hi I really like the whole dynamic of the game and everything but the only thing is that when I’m looking at my ship only one or two animals from each habitat come out not all of them. I don’t know if this is a storage issue or a game issue but I know this isn’t a real problem just be cool so see all the animals I caught on one screen
My love for this game
ERAAA! on 5/18/2018
With rodeo stamped I feel like I can ride with the animals.
Dis game da bom
hdaawg on 5/18/2018
Perfect mix between fun and action
Glitchy (More recently)
lala586314 on 5/18/2018
I used to love this game, and played all the time. I have been playing this game since the jungle and mountains were the last places left to explore. I loved watching the game expand, and continuing to see what the creators could bring with new expansions. Lately though, the game has been glitchy beyond belief. It’s reached a point where I can’t navigate through the zoo, catch new animals, or really even play the game at all. PLEASE fix it; I want to keep playing, but the glitches are frustrating to the point where playing the game isn’t even fun.
I love this game
magestic bear7 on 5/18/2018
This game is so awesome! I can’t stop playing. But I wish there were more new animals running by you all the time. Besides that this game is so fun I’m so glad theirs a game like this.
Giantpanda.123 on 5/17/2018
I love this game, but I wish I could restore my data back. I have gotten really far and when I got a new phone and redone loaded the game, I have to start all over again:(
Ybbbnyh hnn g
bg gtntgb on 5/17/2018
I hungnhynyb,by,j,Uruku
Fun until everything is too expensive
SnapCatcher on 5/16/2018
Once you get past the second island, everything is just crazy expensive. You end up paying 40,000 coins just to unlock 1 animal. Then after that you’re paying 16,000 just to upgrade the habitats. I wish they wouldn’t make it so unrealistic
你的爸爸就是老子 on 5/16/2018
youtuber_boy on 5/15/2018
4th best I played!!!!
Ruined experience from broken ads
🐊🐙🐠🐟 on 5/15/2018
The game is really fun but if you try to use an ad, it brings you to a black screen and freezes the entire app making you restart.
Fun Game but Bad Bugs
Areyes57 on 5/15/2018
Super fun to play but recently the ads have not been working for me. I use the ads to double my coins or to get a second life but whenever i use it the app just takes me to a black screen with nothing going on and I have to delete the multitask just so I can use the app again. (I don’t get the rewards for the app it’s legit just glitching out.) this is super super annoying please fix it!!
Mhersh59 on 5/15/2018
No sound?
WantHoneyBackK9 on 5/14/2018
I love the game, it’s not super easy so I actually feel like I succeed if I get a task done. But no sound?
Rodeo Stampede Review!
ReviewBananna on 5/14/2018
Super fun, takes up time in the car when your bored! The only thing I’m against is the amount of money to upgrade a habitat. Other then that Ut is a wonderful game!
Bluejayoofer on 5/14/2018
Best game ever
I just wanna go get back game
PreciousP81 on 5/14/2018
Lag why?
Jaredt:) on 5/13/2018
I love this game don’t get me wrong but why why is there a kind of lag on it I’m using an iPhone 7 there definitely shouldn’t be a lag on it fix the lag and it’ll be 5 stars The bug fix update made the lag even worse Why give out another update if it’s still gunna be laggy
New Bugs
Hdog77777 on 5/13/2018
I have done all new garden explorations BUT not one of the 3 new bugs has appeared and I’ve travelled far in the garden.
ااذر on 5/13/2018
Great but boring at the same time.
Emboar the Destroyer on 5/13/2018
This game is FANTASTIC!!!! I’ve played for a while now, but I have nothing to do. The only flaw is that there is no reset button. If that can happen the other star will be added, otherwise it’s great! Keep doing what you’re doing devs!
#UnicornLover🦄😻 on 5/13/2018
It is the best game EVER!
This game upsets me greatly.
Halo Skins 28 on 5/13/2018
So, basically, this game is fine. It’s fun, it makes you put in some work and take some time, but it constantly crashes. I was playing and first, I found earl of phant and went to capture him and did so, and I proceeded to take the picture you’re forced to take. Then my game crashed, I went back on and earl of phant was gone. Next game, I found a jelephant. Captured it and went to take a picture, and the game once again crashed and screwed me. Fix this and I’ll change my review.
Dtrjon on 5/13/2018
This the best game addictive fun is a time killer for when you’re bored and you share with others to play
ivancho911 on 5/13/2018
Me encanta este juego,es muy divertido, no tengo ninguna queja, lo amo!!!😃😃
Very awesome game
richardosuna on 5/12/2018
TheKillerCagney on 5/12/2018
Rodeo stampede is fantastic but one tiny thing, when can I go into different realms beside the original worlds. That is all I need to talk about. YEE-HAW!
Pretty good
YaboiMario&Luigi on 5/12/2018
I really like this game, but there is one thing wrong... Naming and character creation.
noaln 3442344??):)&@ on 5/12/2018
I love this game and it’s so fun and lit
Lost everything!
wendypic on 5/12/2018
I had to switch phones and my saved game and progress did not transfers
Btb1 on 5/12/2018
Best game ever
miss.millr on 5/12/2018
i absolutely would give this 10000 stars if I could. it is SO much fun and addicting, the animals are so cute, and you can customize your character! the sounds and music are adorable and its just so much fun to play overral. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
3 new Garden Animals can’t be found
Whatday1358 on 5/12/2018
I received the new update with the three new creatures in the Garden area of my Space Zoo, but for some reason none of them has shown up and I did complete the three required missions to progress in the game, but I just couldn’t find any of the new animals within the Garden level no matter how far of a distance I get.
the dog forever on 5/12/2018
This game does not require is really fun and only shows adds if you want it to.
Awesome game sooooo much fun!!!!!
Lizzie Thorn on 5/12/2018
I love the game and can not get enough of it!!!! It is so much fun and you cannot stop playing the game once you start!!!!
HELP please 😢
Ildamiri on 5/11/2018
Manager I need help i just downloaded the game and no dinosaurs 🦖 can you help how to do this please help
Stop Complaining!!
Mirch1969 on 5/11/2018
So what there is one or two lags- the game is amazing. It’s pleasing to look at, and I need more and more of this game- just can’t stop playing sometimes. Just a suggestion, a cool idea would be an underwater theme- with dolphins and sharks.
musicalhowl on 5/11/2018
This game portrayed diabetes as a joke in the description on the candicorn reading “ Prime suspect in the increasing of lions with diabetes” being a sufferer Of diabetes myself I find this extremely offensive and demand that diabetes not be joked about even in a game or the real world I am giving no stars to this game due to this even though the game is very fun I am very surprised someone could joke about a serious condition.
I would love to customise the animals and the avatar
DRAGonvale I love That app? on 5/11/2018
Please. Also add the Facebook option. Like, now
World B. Free on 5/11/2018
The new update has plenty of bugs, just not the kind they promised 😉
How do you get to the dinosaur stage and the bug stage?!
alex-O-mills on 5/11/2018
How do you go to the place where dinosaurs are at and how do you go to the place bugs are at!? Oh sorry I forgot to say hello. HI DEVOLOPERS! Thx if you respond to this.
Please fix bugs
Nickarmstrong84 on 5/10/2018
Recent update is stuck with 3 garden missions complete but no upgrade rewarded.
It is not good
briac10 on 5/10/2018
Stupid fricken stupid
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