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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
$2.99 Photo & Video 1.3.1 Nov 03, 2016 Mar 17, 2018 147 MB iOS 10.0 or later 4+
New in version 1.3.1

Filmborn has been updated to solve cropping issues on the iPhone X, 8 and 7 models, and improve performance and speed throughout the app!


‘The emulation here of actual photographic film may be the best around, even compared to stalwarts like Hipstamatic and VSCO’– PC Magazine.

Filmborn is a powerful, easy-to-use camera and photo editor, designed to be the best photography app for anyone with an iPhone.

Easily shoot perfectly exposed photos that need little to no post editing. Filmborn's innovative camera features gesture control of white balance and exposure, while also allowing you to select and view our film presets applied in-camera before you take a picture.

If post editing is needed, use the intuitive controls within the Film, Develop, and Alter panels of the apps Darkroom.


Preview your subject with your film preset of choice applied in real-time. Know it’s right before you take a photo.

GESTURE-BASED WHITE BALANCE/EXPOSURE Swipe up or down to adjust exposure and left to right to set the white balance. These two key features will allow you to take correctly exposed photos.

The look of real film is timeless; your photos should be, too. Filmborn presets are unmatched in film emulation accuracy.

Create and save pre-configured cameras kits for uses such as portrait or street photography. Access and switch kits effortlessly to shoot more efficiently and consistently. The purchase of Filmborn includes a slot to set up one kit. Purchase two more slots as an in-app purchase. Reconfigure and save-over kits anytime.

While composing your shot, see where highlights are being blown out and replaced by pure white. Swipe down in the viewfinder to lower exposure and bring detail back into the highlights.

Quickly copy edits from one photo and paste to one or more of your photographs in the Library. Learn more in the Library Manual, found on the settings page.

Discover everything Filmborn can do. Available from the Settings page.

Learn best uses of our digital films; the simple steps to shooting real film, and more. To access this content, press and hold on each film preset button in the Camera or Darkroom.

Quickly preview your last photo within the camera. Press and hold your thumb on the library icon in the bottom right. Release your thumb from the screen to exit the review.

Join our Filmborn Community on Facebook for even more photography content, education, and contests.

Have any questions or feature suggestions? Contact us from the settings panel of Filmborn!

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Crashes on opening.
gewhite on 4/13/2018
Well it worked after initial purchase and download on an iPhone 6. Now it crashes immediately after trying to open. Tried restarting and it still did not work. Hope the refund will process quickly after it finishes pending.
Unacceptable framing problems
Bgrax on 3/7/2018
Bought, used a two times, deleted. I set the camera for square photography, every picture I took, the image wasn’t what it showed on the viewfinder screen. Completely unacceptable! Deleted it soon after. I have 30 years of professional camera experience on movie sets. Looked through viewfinders since the late 60’s. Don’t like the bait and switch upgrades. Really, at that price point u want my time upgrading filters??? Just sell the whole package and let me get on with my life.
Constant crashing
KSRPhto on 2/18/2018
I loved - loved! - this until it stopped launching entirely and just crashed immediately. Through reading the reviews I learned that if you have camera access turned off, it crashes. I am beyond irritated that it took me two months to learn this even after emailing with the company directly.
Waste of money
Ghent lop on 2/11/2018
First off this app doesn’t offer much, just a few film filters and white balance which can easily be achieved using a free app too. If you want more features they ask you to make an in app purchase which is just bs considering I already paid for this useless app. Don’t buy it and stick with VSCO
Immediate regret
stephgeske on 1/29/2018
The photos they show in the apps pictures are filters (“film”) that you have to additionally purchase. The film that comes with the app are 6 colored filters and 3 black and white. None make a big impact on your photo unless you want to take pictures with different lens features or upgrade to get a curves editor. Should’ve just stuck with vsco cam.
Crashes upon startup.
J-rod65 on 1/28/2018
I don’t want you to have access to my camera, only my images. Declining this is my choice, but they crash the app on startup if you don’t allow access.
One MAJOR flaw...
Foshorror on 1/20/2018
The controls, film options, and editing tools are all great, far beyond that of the standard camera app. However, that TERRIBLE shutter noise won’t go away, even when I mute the volume! Even the default camera app allows this. Yes, I have tried toggling “Volume Shutter Release” in settings, no dice. The shutter noise is both an abomination as well as a security issue. 2 stars until this is fixed.
An interesting app
Ghamauricio on 1/3/2018
Where you have to pay extra to have the interesting parts. The app itself doesn't have much difference from any other FREE camera app out there.
Great but really needs an update
pitzeleh8 on 12/18/2017
EDIT: no battery issues recently! Still waiting on those new emulsions hinted at months ago, but extremely satisfied.
Love the desktop version
Sjhgeary on 11/25/2017
I always use Fuji neutral on desktop, and I wish I could get the same effects here. Sadly, my photos wind up washed out and yellow. I’ve tried a few different settings and it just doesn’t work as well.
My GO TO phone camera!
Mac Canon on 11/2/2017
I had several camera apps on my phone and this is now the only one I use. I deleted the others off my phone. I still occasionally use one other editing program when I want a slight tweak that this app doesn't give me, but this app does the majority of the work with one push of a button. I love the curves feature also. Yes it cost a few dollars for that add on feature, but it cost less than one latte. LOVE IT!!! I will note that this has NEVER ONCE caused my battery life to be drained and it has NEVER ONCE crashed for me. So I'm not sure what some other reviewers are referring to. I'm using a 6S right now if that makes a difference.
Like the presets but stupid that I have to buy more features for a paid application
spacemonkey1112 on 10/12/2017
As cool as it is. I think it’s bull crap that I paid for an app & still had to buy more in app things...
Ton of Fake Reviews
Ericg51 on 9/28/2017
A relatively unexciting filter app although it is pretentious. But check out the dates on the excessively ecstatic reviews. These are fakes five star reviews. It's a decent filter app. Nothing really special.
jace1994 on 9/23/2017
For some reason it will not allow me to purchase the add-ins. :/
This is so cool!
aianekarla on 7/9/2017
Is there any way you might create Mastin Lab presets for CaptureOne, as well?
Simple, powerful and fun
Rabbi78 on 6/19/2017
I really like this app, I have shot products and some models using this beautiful simple app and I recommend you using it. I would love more edit options but I still like the simplicity.
Does what it says!
Dxstz23467 on 6/18/2017
Sweet emulation for Kodak, Fuji and Ilford.
THE onlyPHOTO app I use
polygrah on 6/16/2017
To make this brief, I downloaded this for free. Loved it so much that I've bought all the additions and wish they made more filmstock types. I'm a USC Film School Alumni that has also worked in digital photography labs. Once again this is the only app I use for photos, period!
Polographer on 6/16/2017
This is the best app for photographers, it's not your standard filter app and not another social app. This give you very high quality and the controls are easy. Above all, this is app is fun, like shooting your old slr.
Main editing app
Jessi Renee on 6/16/2017
I absolutely love this app! It has helped me tremendously with sneak peaks for my clients. When I'm in between jobs I can send myself the raw image and edit with my style of film so fast all on my phone! Love the colors and the curve tool! 👍🏽
Great but flawed
JenJen1624 on 6/6/2017
I LOVE the concept of this app, and the ability to adjust white balance, warmth, filter, etc before even taking the photo is genius. It's like you can edit the photo before you take it! However, I have had some issues with it. Some of the controls are confusing (there are a LOT of settings) and about 2/3-3/4 of the photos I take don't save. I take the photo, it looks great, and then it disappears. It's not in my camera roll, it's not in the app- it's just gone. I'd really like to know where my photos vanished to and how I can get them back... there's been times when I only took 1-2 photos and nothing was saved, which is a big bummer. Fantastic idea but it just has some issues.
Love the app but photos don't always load
Melissa - Mind Love Podcast on 6/3/2017
Sometimes my most recent photos won't show up in the app... I wish someone would fix this.
Better Photos
Melaniehuds on 6/3/2017
I love this app! I'm able to get better professional looking photos from my iPhone for those moments I need to capture when I don't my DSLR. Thanks for this wonderful app!
Another photographer money grab
jschau on 5/30/2017
This is a one horse pony. The filters are limited, the add-on are pointless. Another hit and run app to pocket the dollars. Nothing to see here kids.
The best. Period.
aotero on 5/29/2017
Only thing I can think of to improve it is an option to keep the screen on. I usually go shoot photos on walks and keep the iPhone in my hands just to find it locks itself after whatever time you have set. I know I can change that but it's annoying to do it every time I shoot. It'd be great to have the app do it for you. Other than that, it's almost perfect. I LOVE, absolutely LOVE shooting 1:1 with the HP5 simulation.
Updated review: Great start; needs more work
hoorayberet00 on 5/21/2017
Update on 5/21/17: I purchased the in-app purchases, hoping that there will be more features added. My review on January 14, 2017 is maintained for now. •••• Please don't get me wrong. I'm in love with the educational component this app has. And I love how it shows you when you need to adjust when white is blown out. But I agree with others, this app does drain your battery. I'm also wishing that this app, could do more. I honestly wish it would be the first app to make a mark on Apple Watch by being able to show user's photos AND somehow have a better Watch face.
Only app I'll use for iPhone photography
chocoLAKAI on 4/28/2017
I don't usually like taking pictures on an iPhone but I've been doing it a lot more since I got this app. The best thing about Filmborn is the manual focus setting, allowing you to take the clearest pictures your phone has to offer. Plus it has cool filters based on Fuji, Kodak, and Ilford films.
Ibrahimtamerm on 4/18/2017
I sincerely don't understand why this app hasn't been downloaded and reviewed 100s of 1000s times. Very well designed and very powerful as an automatic or manual camera. Comes in strong as a free app without the annoying in-app limitations found on most.
Love the filters, but
Kokohtfhrfjtcbdsvkjbgdxy on 4/17/2017
I like the filters a lot, but the app is somehow very inefficient and slows down the entire device to the point where at one point the device stopped responding to the home button, and I had to hard-reset the device.
Best app
JoBraves09 on 4/12/2017
Such a great app from the people at Mastin Labs. It really feels like a camera. I love the manual shooting and the filters are really true to actual film. Love this app.
Nicowphoto on 3/28/2017
I have never written a review for an app before, and as a film shooter, this is everything I've wanted in an app! Thank you! Simple and great execution! Will exposure compensation be added later? @nicowphoto
Best photo app, hands down
SneakyEwok on 3/25/2017
Regardless of whether you want the film presets, the shooting and editing tools are second to none. This app is killer.
This app is almost better than VSCO
John.Carlo on 3/23/2017
Has vintage film and great editing tools, hope they make more film types tho
Wishing for iPad Pro ❤️
Tyaw95 on 2/12/2017
Fun alternative Cam
Priper on 2/11/2017
This, alongside Microsoft Pix, has made me rediscover the potential of the camera. It lets me visualize beforehand how the "film" would behave. Bye bye filters
Looks like film!!!
xxsniperx on 1/31/2017
I don't have any bad things to say about this app Many various options to make photos look like classic film You can also learn about the history of film as well as how to shoot actual film better Amazing app
itblog on 1/27/2017
this app crashed in 5s plz check it
RobinSheridan on 1/26/2017
Life changing. I'm now the family historian! I love taking pics of my kids with this app because it actually helps me take better pics. I use it in place of the native camera because I truly love how using the app allows me to make a better photo before I click! The grid is incredible and made me realize how vital it is to keep things level. I never even realized the impact of this prior to the app. Also, the custom curves really help with evening out the color on the pics blown out by the sun. I love it!
Best app!!
Linda the film girl on 1/26/2017
I heard so much about the app before it was released and i could not wait! I was not disappointed--fabulous! My iPhone photos have a depth they did not previously have with other apps. I also use it to process digital pictures from my big girl camera. It is very easy to use and I have been singing its praises to pro and amateur alike!
One of my go to Photo Apps
Dantastic919 on 1/26/2017
After having bought loads of photography apps for years now I'm very picky about which apps I buy and support. Filmborn is a superb app for fans of film emulation and those looking for something different from what's out there. Highly recommended.
Amazing filmic shoot and edit app
tommune on 1/26/2017
The processing makes me nostalgic for film I used to shoot on. Rare that an app is so good at what it does that it may inspire digital shooters to dig out their old film cameras and make some analog art. It's got a prized space on my home screen.
HRmov on 1/26/2017
Amazing app iphonagraphers dream
Not great
mahjr on 1/26/2017
All controls for altering an existing photo is no different from any other app. And why limit the clipping feature to the camera app?
kate dangerrr on 1/25/2017
Kirk Mastin is a saint. Thanks for such a wonderful app ❤️
Timeless edits
alexandragrace7 on 1/25/2017
Filmborn is the best photo editing app I've used, and I've tried a lot! Filmborn edits are more timeless and subtle than other apps I've tried, which helps me achieve a consistent look. If you're trying to go for a film/hybrid style, try it out! The app is simpler than many others, making it quick to use.
Love it!
ClickingAway on 1/25/2017
There's not a single picture by now that I do not quickly change in Filmborn before I post it. Yes, it's quick. The results are amazing. Frankly, I have no idea what all those features mean but a few clicks and my dull boring pics turn into totally wow pics. I love it!!
Awe. Some.
Nik Mock on 1/25/2017
One of the best apps to date. No need to import any images AND you can edit and take a photo through the app! Great presets. Super easy to use. I prefer it over VSCOcam.
Simply amazing!
Dbp2015 on 1/25/2017
I use Mastin Labs presets and when they released this app my mind was blown. I love the amount of customization that comes with this app! Also totally worth purchasing the curves addition to edit your photos.
Great for an iPhone only Photog
Alisagarden on 1/25/2017
I use only my iPhone to takes pics for my blog and social media. I don't know much about photography but I do love this am. It brightens and softens my photos.
The best.
Happy Melissa on 1/25/2017
So amazing to be able to get great photos on the go! People who are not photographers cannot tell the difference between my iPhone and dslr photos now 😳🙌🏼
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