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Basket Savings, Inc.

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Shopping 3.9.61 Dec 03, 2015 May 23, 2018 137.4 MB iOS 10.3 or later 4+
New in version 3.9.61

- performance improvements


On your last grocery trip, did you pay the best price for items in your Basket? Did you find everything you needed or did you have to go to more than one store? Join Basket now and never overpay for groceries again!
By starting your shopping trip with Basket, you can search local stores to compare prices of everyday products, find in store unadvertised sales, coupons and save up to 60% on your shopping trip.

Basket is a community of smart shoppers that are tired of shopping blind and that love saving time and money every time they go shopping. Our community shares the prices and deals they find on everyday items with each other to make sure you find your favorite products at stores you love at the best prices possible.

Join the Basket community today and always know before you go!

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Really Like, but needs categories and a background
Nikol2477 on 5/22/2018
Great app
mab34215 on 5/18/2018
Helps me save money without the frustration of finding the best deals or saving coupons. Love it
Got it...and got rid of it
msrubi47 on 5/17/2018
Too difficult to edit a list and it’s incorrect. three different items and told me that Publix doesn’t carry them. I buy them there all the time, so keep working on it!
Saw on the Steve Harvey Show
paperkites on 5/15/2018
Just saw this app on the Steve Harvey show, gonna give it a try.
That the price listed would be correct.
One who knows.. on 5/14/2018
Was notified by my local Albertsons Supervisor I was NOT correct in expectation that the price would be correct.. she had never heard of the App. That I could only get the 3 12 pks of Diet Cherry Pepsi for $ 11.00. I just got them And left!! Went to Target... I could get 3/ $ 10.00 and $20.00 gets you $5.00 off AND get 5% off w/ my RED CARD!! All in all I got my Diet Cherry Pepsi’s for $ 1.58/ 6 pk. CHEAPER THAN Albertsons!! Weird... the ad for Target was. Correct.. but I was told no by the female Supervisor!! What the Dishonest move are the up to at Albertsons!! Soo.. why is Albertsons backing out of the advertisement and published prices!??? Unfair practices!! That’s Whi I rarely shop there!! I WANTED to return but this leaves s bad taste in my mouth!! Good luck!! MBO
Easy to find the lowest prices
PeterE333 on 5/13/2018
I use this app to find where my favorite products are and how much they cost. I save money every time I shop now. Definitely useful for those who like to eat and save!
Price Comparison works!
Iris Z. Krueger on 5/11/2018
It takes a few mins to add products to the shopping list feature but does a really good job of comparing prices and is easy to understand.
Real Utility for Grocery Shoppers.
Mary_Perdue on 5/11/2018
My overall opinion is Basket is a really great idea and have real utility for shoppers. A nice feature would be to search by what products are on sale. That's how our family makes our shopping list. We look at the available sales at our local grocery stores.
Saved $25!
Jamie M. Bell on 5/11/2018
I found 4 items on my shopping list that were on sale at Kroger's and pocketed $25 on my grocery shopping yesterday. Love ya Basket. Can make app for my kids school supplies?!
acidnation333 on 4/11/2018
I was looking for fruit and it said it was on sale at two store and it was a waste of my time!!!
Too slow
Joo13 on 4/2/2018
I love the idea behind this app, but it's painfully slow. It takes forever to find prices and I'm just not patient enough to go through my entire list one by one.
Great Start, Refinements Needed
beeArtsi on 3/5/2018
So I downloaded the app to look it over before I go shopping to see what it was all about. It starts out with a good sampling of stores in the area, but there were a couple that weren’t in the list - so that needs to be updated. Second, there is no way to broaden the search of stores which can be “faved” to set up your favorite stores. You can’t search by zip code or city name - even by removing my profile zip and changing it to the zip code(s) I also shop. Turning off location services doesn’t help either. Having the options to add stores outside your current location *before* heading out to shop would be helpful - especially in list preparation. Managing data that fluctuates constantly on this type of platform must rely on individual app users to contribute their info. If a price is wrong, you do have the option to update it in the app. You can also scan bar codes and manually enter prices which helps expand the database as well. I think with a few tweaks that this will be a great app. Keep up the good work!
Brinade on 2/13/2018
Dear innovator, The ability to make a grocery list, have the app tell you if you need “crunchy peanut butter”, to go to Walmart on Jones street and get skippy brand for the best deal if I use a coupon it found for me is the most amazing thing to me! If there is a way to contact you to work with you to expand this app please let me know because I love this idea and would love to be apart of this innovation. Kind regards Brianna Rodriguez
The best app ever!
PhoenixDomination on 1/30/2018
This is the best app around for saving money on groceries and for making some extra money too!
Need to Update??
Adyapple on 1/27/2018
Every time I open app get that message. Try to. No update available. Otherwise I really like.
Jcoll159999 on 1/9/2018
If you are looking at this app because they offered a job ziprecruiter to scan items then don’t download it. There is no money involved.
Needs location everytime
Marcus Surious on 1/8/2018
Couldn't continue using it because you have to provide your exact location everytime you use it. Even Google maps works without location unless you need to navigate; why then does the grocery app always need your location.
Add Mother’s Market!
Stphallen on 12/31/2017
I really like the app so far. I’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks but it’s been really helpful. I try to contribute as much as possible. I would love for MOTHER’S MARKET to be added to the list of grocery stores though, since I shop there very often and they have incredible sales. Thank you!
Good, some issues
DEGarrison on 12/30/2017
This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, with some issues: 1. Seems to “croak” when shopping list is too big. It won’t tell me the 1 store I need to go to. About 30 items in cart. 2. Would be great to have the option of saying “no substitutions” for those items we’re brand loyal on.
Tried a few times never worked right
Alstrlvlss on 12/5/2017
Only served ads but never compared prices. Maybe it's great but I'll never know.
Keep working on the design
Clever Specific on 11/12/2017
The app works pretty well. Some of the prices were inaccurate, but there is a space to update them for yourself and for others. It doesn't work a hundred percent but I'm sure they are working on it. The real problem with this app is the design. It give suggestions on different stores you might want to visit to save money, and then tells you which items in your list you might need to find looks at different stores close to you, and produces combinations that will save you money. However, the store is it suggests might not carry the exact items you want. So the app says you might need to "swap out" items for comparable ones. comparable items for if that specific store doesn't carry it. However, it's almost impossible to tell which store they are telling the screen that gives you these options is designed very poorly. It's hard to tell which specific store does or doesn't have your items. It's also confusing when you switch back and forth from does and price comparison to your personal list. Once they get the design kinks worked out, I'm sure this will be a very popular, very useful app
At least for my purposes useless
Chrismartinez on 11/11/2017
I like to keep track of how much I’m spending while I shop, but there doesn’t appear to be a way to enter/track items sold by weight, not the ability to enter a price (if what basket has is incorrect).
Go get em Basket!
Annie B. Cook on 9/22/2017
easy to use shopping list and love the seeing the prices at the different grocery stores!
Amazon prices
Robert D. Luter on 9/22/2017
I compared my shopping list items to Amazon and found Amazon is $37 more expensive than my local Target. I went to the Amazon website to confirm the prices and 12 out of 13 were correct. Wow!
The BEST Price Comparison app!
Antonia D. Wilson on 9/22/2017
I've tried many apps that claim to compare prices at grocery stores over past 8 years starting with the promise of milo when they were acquired by eBay (which they shut down). The Basket app is the first that actually delivers price comparison on a regular basis and provides value to me and my family. The depth of prices in the app from our local grocery stores is impressive and continues to grow as more shoppers update prices. There are a few deficiencies but overall it is the BEST price comparison app I have used (and I have tried all of them!)
Grocery Prices
Juan K. Hostetler on 9/16/2017
The app does a superb job comparing prices at my local grocery stores.
Fave Brands!
William L. Gilbert on 9/16/2017
I recently downloaded the Basket app after I seen it on the news. It is very useful and I like to see prices and deals for my favorite brands.
Brilliant app!
Jayson P. Reisman on 9/16/2017
I actually had a similar idea for app. Basket is brilliant!
Best Grocery Price Matching app
Bryan J. Purdy on 9/4/2017
This is the most robust app I have come across in my years of grocery shopping. I hope you create a laptop version of the app soon. Sometimes, I prefer to use my laptop instead of my phone.
Easy to Shop
Sandra M. Mackenzie on 9/4/2017
I found the app easy to use and compare prices for the products at several stores at one time. It is very good for grocery shopping and saving money.
Love Saving with Basket!
Agnes H. Klimek on 9/4/2017
I'm loving this app so much, it's saved me hours every week by showing me all prices and sales for me!! All the stores we shop at are now in the app so 5 stars is deserved.
Incorrect prices
tiffterry85 on 9/4/2017
Prices are incorrect and it's not very user friendly.
Come to Canada!
Lucille N. Newcomb on 8/24/2017
I used your app when visiting Seattle. When will you be arriving in Vancouver.
Saved $37
Janet D. Fike on 8/24/2017
Basket did my savings hunting for me and I just saved $37!
Useful app!
Leonard B. Stewart on 8/24/2017
Finally, a useful app for grocery shopping.
Nice app but...
Jgx999 on 8/17/2017
Hate the forced location and signup process, too bad, nice concept though.
Huoi Prins on 8/14/2017
Basket users - contribute the prices for your items when you go grocery shopping so we can all save more money! It's very easy to scan a barcode and update the price. I updated 27 prices yesterday when I was at Giant Eagle.
Smart App!
ChoangDo332 on 8/14/2017
The Basket app is like having your own grocery shopping savings assistant.
Great in Theory - Weak in Actuality
Travis on 8/13/2017
This app only works if you are in area where users constantly update prices. So if you're in one of those areas it could be great. If not beware. There should be a feature that tells users the dates on when prices were last updated at stores. I have constantly found incorrect pricing information which makes "savings" disappear. Kind of sad as it could save real people real money. Additionally, I tried the shop in store feature, uploaded my receipt with the "promise" of a 10% rebate for my shopping. It's been weeks now and no further information on how to actually redeem this. Seems embarrassingly fraudulent for Apple to allow this in their App Store. If the developers got their act together, make some user friendly updates the app could be great.
Diana T. Bankston on 8/11/2017
I have noticed Amazon grocery prices are appearing in the app. This is very useful. We normally shop at our local stores but occasionally will order from Amazon. Can you add grocery products as well?
A Winner!
Kathleen E. Williams on 8/11/2017
We've tried so many apps for grocery shopping and savings. NOTE: Most are gimmicky and then stop updating their app. Basket app is the best one. No question. There are a few rough areas and the app takes some time to learn but once you get the hang of it, it does what it advertises.
Price Comparison!
James J. Kaplan on 8/11/2017
I recently downloaded the app. The price differences for products in my city are really huge! I'm a keeper.
Great idea but data isn't accurate
BraTra22 on 8/6/2017
I love this idea but the sale prices are only correct about 75% of the time. It's frustrating to go somewhere for an item because the app says it's on sale only to show up and it's full price. On the other hand, the app can really help you save money...when it's correct. Also, I try to buy as much organic produce as possible and comparing prices of only organic isn't really possible. The save more button only shows conventional...of course it's cheaper. I want to see if I can get the same thing organic at a lower price. A solution for that would be nice. I like the app enough to keep using it, but it's far from perfect at this point.
Kayak for Groceries!
Paul S. Hester on 8/1/2017
I'll state the obvious, the Basket team is building the Kayak travel price Comparison equivalent for grocery shopping. BUT, much harder. Millions of product sku's and multiple product price comparison is a beast. I use the app and believe they might actually figure it out.
Love the Basket app
Daniel L. Wilkie on 8/1/2017
Love the Basket app. Overall, it is the best grocery shopping list I have found. I really like how it totals the prices of the products when you creating your list. It also finds the sales promos and adds to the list. Recommend to all shoppers.
Grocery Prices
Christine J. Naylor on 7/28/2017
The price differences of products is mind blowing!
Virgil S. Reese on 7/28/2017
Awesome app. It works well!
Love it!
Patty J. Epps on 7/27/2017
Best app for comparing grocery prices. Recommend.
Shoppers Dream app
Richard D. Russo on 7/27/2017
First, the user support has been awesome since I downloaded the Basket app. I was tired of using evernote for my grocery shopping list. This app lets me search for any product at my local grocery store and compares the in store prices and sales. I've also seen a few coupons in the app and user support said they are adding in coupons for all chains! You can add the products to the shopping list feature and compare at grocery stores.
Fantastic App!
Miles P. Cook on 7/25/2017
Fantastic new grocery shopping app! Prices are highly accurate in my area. I recommend the Basket app.
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