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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Utilities 1.29.0 May 12, 2016 Jul 11, 2018 147.5 MB iOS 10.0 or later 12+
New in version 1.29.0

In this version, we have:
● Morse keyboard.
● Dvorak and Colemak layouts for English keyboards.


Gboard is a new keyboard from Google for your iPhone. It has all the things you would expect from a great keyboard — GIFs, emojis, and Glide Typing — plus Google Search built in. No more app switching; just search and send, right from your keyboard.

Search and send anything from Google:
• Nearby stores and restaurants
• Videos and images
• Weather forecasts
• News and articles
• Sports scores
• And anything else you’d search on Google

GIFs — Search GIFs for the best reaction

Emoji Search — Find the perfect emoji, faster

Glide Typing — Type faster by sliding your finger from letter to letter

We know the things you type on your phone are personal, so we’ve designed Gboard to keep your private information private.

What Gboard sends to Google:
• Gboard sends your searches to Google’s web servers to give you search results.
• Gboard also sends usage statistics to Google to let us know which features are used most often and to help us understand problems if the app crashes.
• If you use Gboard’s microphone, voice input will be sent to Google for transcription.

What Gboard doesn’t send to Google:
• Other than your searches and voice inputs, Gboard doesn't send anything you type to Google, whether it’s a password or chat with a friend.
• To help you with spelling and to predict searches you might be interested in, Gboard will store the words you type on your device. This data is not accessible by Google or by any apps, and can be cleared at any time.
• If you’ve turned on contacts search in Gboard search settings, this allows Gboard to search the contacts on your device so you can easily share. None of these queries are sent to Google.

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Autocomplete FAIL
martim0t0 on 7/16/2018
When I tap a word at the top to autocomplete, it randomly just stops where I stopped typing and doesn't autocomplete the word. This is hugely annoying to the point where I'd give this 5 Stars if it worked propely. This is a fundamental flaw and needs to be fixed!!!
awful voice dictation
US-Agent on 7/15/2018
• apples voice dictation is far superior •google ones it says its listening . but nothing ever happens or it takes forever to type anything with voice . • also they cant agree on their own design , you tap on microphone a small window will open . it happend only twice . now when when i tap on it , it goes to another full screen and it needs work .very poorly done compare to its other voice capable apps.
Slow voice dictation in iPhone
MikeFoscam on 7/15/2018
Gboard had to open another app for voice dictation. Needs to be faster to be usable.
An actual keyboard
E. Crowley on 7/15/2018
Me (and my sister) wanted to customize our keyboards and found some that were just terrible. Gboard completely changed that with super-smart settings to customize. Thanks, Google! 😀
Zachary brasseur on 7/13/2018
Bangla Please!
Sahitto on 7/13/2018
Need Bangla Langulage as soon as possible.
Favorite third party keyboard, but!
Gjisenhart on 7/13/2018
This is by far my favorite third party keyboard for iPhone, but I have two main issues that come to mind. First is I have to switch back to original keyboard if I'm doing heavy editing, because with 3d touch I can move where ever I want with the trackpad. Yours only allows me to move forward and backwards. Very annoying. Second, your predictive texting is crap. I've had the app since it came out and it still hasn't learned my style of typing come on. I do love that you can use an HD photo as a background photo, and that you make it possible to swipe on an iPhone. Also being able to Google when you're texting is fantastic. This keyboard does more good than bad. If you choose it, I doubt you will be disappointed.
One of the best keyboards.
KIG8 KaOs on 7/13/2018
One of the best keyboards to use. It's very stable. It never crashes like some of the others. The feature I want is for you to be able to add weird to your dictionary for auto complete so that my keyboard will predict email addresses or usernames I commonly use.
autocorrect does not autocorrect
wv_luce11 on 7/13/2018
I like some of the features..having Google search right in the keyboard instead of switching, copying & pasting, etc is awesome! I wish there was an option to remove "stickers" from the search area where it brings up emojis and gifs..I dont use them and they just take up space. I don't so much mind that the keyboard "disappears" or becomes "inactive" when typing in passwords, but all my presets, like my home and work emails, as well as addresses that I had entered as shortcuts for the built in iPhone keyboard no longer populate..this is annoying and should be an added feature that you can view/edit shortcuts or phrases, etc instead of just "delete dictionary". I have A LOT of issues with the autocorrect...the predictive text is nice when it fills in the words from the first few letters, but 90% of the time, I still have an INSANE amount of typos bc I press with a different pressure and a number gets added to my word or a different letter pops up at the end, then it doesn't get changed, so I just have typos everywhere. the built in iPhone keyboard does a good job of fixing those and it's frustrating that Gboard doesn't recognize those typos and fix them automatically, so then if I catch them, I have to go back and change them all. REALLY LOVE THE SCROLL PAD ON SPACE BAR!!!!
Spacebar Problem
Agent_4900 on 7/13/2018
I've this issue when i type words and when i enter the "Spacebar" instead of a blank space it inputs 'b'. This happens frequently. This is the only issue i face other than that there is nothing else to complain about.
Where is Khmer Language?
DavidCTG on 7/13/2018
You have Khmer language on Android Gboard. Where is it in this iOS version?
I love Gboard!
TheOn3LeftBehind on 7/12/2018
I love Gboard so much now! I tried it when it first came out and wasn't a fan, especially because I'm picky about aesthetic, but it looks perfect and works perfectly now. I love the ability to quickly swipe up for numbers and I love how I can just search for everything using the keyboard so I don't have to keep switching apps. I'm not sure about others, but the predictive text works awesome for me. I just had to get used to it (which was within a couple of hours!). Putting the voice to text button in the space bar was a really good idea, too, in my opinion! With the integrated Apple keyboard I kept hitting the button by accident. I do find myself hitting the keyboard switch button sometimes, though, but the advantages of this keyboard outweigh the disadvantages by far.
Need option to remove specific words
anonymous439024 on 7/12/2018
Somehow the word "tht" got added to my dictionary and when using the glide keyboard it constantly shows up instead of the word "the". Swype easily allows a user to hold their finger on a predicted word and an option shows up to remove that word from the dictionary. This app is completely useless when predicting words that don't exist. It really needs an option to remove specific words from the dictionary. Wiping the entire dictionary results in having to add ALL of your custom words just to remove one word. Horrible product. Update 7/12/18: Words still keep getting erased from the dictionary, yet you don't have the ability to erase a specific word. This app is unusable!
Can't access Morse code
Jaersh on 7/12/2018
Going to settings from the keyboard itself won't let me add the language but going into the app itself will. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
The fastest keyboard to have..
ariesgurl420! on 7/12/2018
G board is the best keyboard app ever. With all my favorite features; fast, accurate, customized by me..
mandyjsloan on 7/12/2018
I love Apple/iPhones, but I missed the Swype feature of droids. Thankful for Gboard!
I like the idea of a Dvorak keyboard,but how about the layout for the left hand.
DB 2040 on 7/12/2018
I like the option of a Dvorak keyboard, but since I can only use my left hand, the 2 handed format doesn’t work for me. Dvorak keyboards have 3 layouts: 2 handed layout and 2 other layouts for one handed left and right hands. These layouts work great for people that only have one hand. I have a Dvorak for Left hand keyboard on my pc and it is so much easier to type using my only hand. If the app had all 3 formats, it would be a 5 star review.
Awesomeest sauce
Michael03mcb on 7/12/2018
I haven't tried any other keyboards but Gboard is definitely the best one I've used🙂 people say swiftkey is better but personally I saw the features of swiftkey and they're the exact same as ya boi Gboard😂 Besides the fact, Gboard is better to me than any other keyboard out there
Need Khmer (Cambodia) Language
SK Hero on 7/12/2018
Please include Khmer language into his keyboard. Thank you so much in advance.
aviaator on 7/12/2018
136MB and bloating every update as they add language support. I’d prefer to forgo support for Mandarin, Hindi and Afrikaans to make the app lighter. Let us choose a language to use and also choose to not load other languages, please. Update: 144MB and growing. That Morse keyboard sure was helpful. /Sarcasm
larebear4tam on 7/12/2018
As a texting and swiping app it’s not bad as some good features it is rather quick however as a voice to text app it is horrible unresponsive and constant freezing
Add Armenian language, please
Hakob Ter-Sahakyan on 7/12/2018
Thanks for this wonderful keyboard Google. For now I can’t use it daily because there isn’t Armenian keyboard. Hope you’ll add it very soon, so I can finally switch to GBoard.
dsfnfrbrhshus on 7/12/2018
GG Bois
Bangla(Bangladesh) & Banglish Language
Iftekhar Rasul on 7/11/2018
Eagerly waiting for the Bangla(Bangladesh) & Banglish Language on Gboard 🙁.
Credford on 7/11/2018
Best software keyboard I have ever used. Even better with Dvorak. My thumb is already feeling more relaxed with the smoother, less frantic swipes I was having to do with qwerty. And now my brain can think in one keyboard again. No more split brain! Thanks Google!
Don't push the app update for iPhone 6
Saravanan K P on 7/11/2018
App Updates are getting failed on iPhone5 , test and fix it. Else don't push new updates to iPhone 5.
Bad in new update
iNayebi9 on 7/11/2018
Terible Full of problems and bugs For example sometimes I have to enter letter and digit both but Google keyboard open digit board only!! Make me really crazy!!
Doesn't learn
tquiroz02 on 7/10/2018
It doesn't learn the way I type like other keyboards. It constantly suggests words I've never or seldom use over words I habitually use. I've even gone as far as to add the word I use as a short cut for the word gboard insists on using and instead it suggests a whole new word. It appears to be a great tool but until Google puts more effort behind this app, I'll be using another keyboard.
Could be better
Colin McEvoy on 7/10/2018
All of the fluff features work well but the predictive text could be a whole lot better. I actually have found that the initial release of Swype a good 7 years ago featured way better predicting.
weevey鲤鱼 on 7/10/2018
Handwriting recognition
!~ Toha ~! on 7/10/2018
Google translate already have handwriting to text conversion option. Why not Gboard!!?? Please add Bengali language support.
wNvChenZshuo on 7/9/2018
The candidate word gliding carton is very serious when it will be able to fix this problem.
It's useful but keeps crashing
Sagnik Datta on 7/9/2018
After two three seconds the GIF doesn't populate...
Google keyboard
jimboemoji on 7/9/2018
It's awesome I don't have much to say but it's awesome
It doesn't work for Spanish
Canela123 on 7/8/2018
Amazing that basic words in Spanish don't work with any of the Spanish options (Latin America, Mexico, United States). Months waiting for Gboard to learn basic words such as ya, pero - no Perú, toca, rico. I am giving up. Adios!
Нужно довести до ума
G-York on 7/8/2018
Дайте возможность отключить/убрать все эти нагромождения в виде поисковика, гиф, стикеров итд. Клавиатура превосходно понимает непрерывный ввод, я ней очень доволен, но из-за всех этих дополнений она тормозит и вылетает. Либо выпустите упрощенную версию, где есть только клавиатура, либо дайте возможность все эти дополнительные возможности отключить.
Harambe gamer mlg on 7/8/2018
Best thing since the phone.
Awesome Gboard
Patches 52 on 7/8/2018
I love Gboard and use it everyday on my iPhone it has awesome stickers and it would be the best app out there if you guys found a way to get talking stickers!
You need to use it.
Kata R on 7/7/2018
You need to download this and use it ASAP. It's so convenient being able to Google things in the middle of a conversation and not to mention the hilarious GIFs!
Well, I've used it long enough to not want to go back but...
Choklatz on 7/6/2018
Take a guess what I might have meant in the next paragraph. I typed this with the gboard and purposely didn't correct the typos so you can see what I mean. I spend so much time fixing this stupid board but I'm spoiled on swiping. (I corrected above. Below is usual results. I am a college professor. I am not illiterate as this might suggest.) I've been using this keyboard for a pretty long time. So long I can't guess. I am spilled on swing and just do it automatically now so if I end up on the native iPhone keyboard I end up with one letter of the word because I automatically stay don't. But this keyboard if Buffy. I wants to hang up on one letter and give you just the first letter or the number behind it. I have tried to press note lightly, more carefully, you name it and it still hands up. It also learns your ring which means that it learns your most common wrong series and keeps putting them up as the most likely thing you meant. It also intuits the strangest words that ai would never use. I is almost always spelled ai. It drives me nuts and wastes time.
no support for bangla, though android version supports!
silentext on 7/5/2018
i was excited to use the feature of bangla voice typing and loved how it feels to use bangla voice typing in android version of this app. but after a long wait still i can see no option to select bangla language. why?
Can't disable the emoji keyboard
Arilyn24 on 7/5/2018
In Gboard you cannot disable the emoji keyboard. I never use emojis and only ever found the feature annoying as the button is rather large and I would accidentally hit it when I went for a space. This was a constant hassle as suddenly many times a day I would be typing when a would notice I'm typing out more emojis then a high school teenager.
Frustrating at times
Truthful me on 7/5/2018
It keeps adding random q or v or b at the end of my texts. It's not user error either. Very bizarre
it's the best keyboard you can get .. butNothing's Perfect
Bo'gga on 7/4/2018
it's nearly perfect but needs minor improvements and should be smoother and faster ❤️ ..... and please make the dark theme and the other themes more compatible with iphone x since the big empty bottom bar stays withe , and try to fill this space with something that can increase the productivity of the keyboard even more 😘
Simplified Chinese Removed
vexetron on 7/3/2018
Why did you remove simplified Chinese?
More fonts please
Harloweenann on 7/3/2018
I really love this but honestly there's one thing I think you should add to it...FONTS!!! Being able to change the font would be awesome!!!Other than that it's perfect.
No red line under misspelled words
big ole daddy boy on 7/3/2018
Does not underline misspelled words in red which seems like it should be a basic function. Tried troubleshooting with no solution. Reading online, looks like it's a common problem.
Add more keyboard
Sereyvuth168 on 7/3/2018
Why why Please add more Cambodia and Thailand keyboard. In Android has them, why with iOS doesn't have them. Please add them
I don't know why they think SwiftKey is better????
Chiosly on 7/3/2018
I think Gboard is waaaaay better than that one. Sk doesn't have one hand mode. And it can never guess what I want to type!! Even I type it correctly. And when it's not the word I want. It's very difficult to delete than in Gboard. Google is Google. Always better, in my opinion.
DeathFromAboveByChocolate on 7/3/2018
I love that you can 1. Make GIFS 2. Change the background of the keyboard 3. Predictive text and so much more! I even used the keyboard while writing this!
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