Google Duo - Video Calling

Google, Inc.

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Social Networking 37.1 Sep 01, 2016 Jul 16, 2018 101.7 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 37.1

• Add your Google account to Duo
• Bug fixes and product improvements


Google Duo is the highest quality one-to-one video calling app*. It’s simple, reliable and works on iOS and other mobile platforms.


The highest quality video calling app that just works*
Stay in the moment with fast and reliable video calls with Google Duo, whether you're on Wi-Fi or on the go.

A video chat app for everyone
Connect with all your friends, anytime. Google Duo works across iOS and other mobile platforms for domestic and international calls.

Easy to use
All it takes is a single tap to begin a video call with any of your contacts on Google Duo.

Knock Knock. It's me!
On Google Duo, see a live preview of who's calling before you pick up.

Secure video calls
All calls are fully encrypted to ensure privacy.

Make voice calls, too
When video isn't an option, use Google Duo to make audio-only calls.

*Based on Signals Research Group technical study comparing video degradation time over 3G, LTE, and WiFi.
**Data charges may apply. Check your carrier for details.

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Get it
shadowarizona on 7/20/2018
It’s awsome
Kugheh on 7/20/2018
It’s like you are talking with your neighbors when you are talking via this app from USA to China!
avacaado21 on 7/19/2018
Beware I was making a video call for 10 minutes before I have a Temperature Warning letting me know that the phone was too hot and needed to cool down. I was laying in bed and just using the app. Beware.
It’s cool.
KRAZYxKAT on 7/19/2018
I always dreamed about a phone with face communication back in the old school beeper days. Now it’s the bomb having this app live face communication duo app. Thank you Geniuses for creating this faster than I expected... I wonder now if I can transport in a Hologram way.
It’s good and bad
Cmp2306 on 7/19/2018
Good but makes my phone super slow and always have to reset it
lauren willard on 7/19/2018
I love duo because I get to “FaceTime” with my friends who have androids!
Fvdhkncsh on 7/19/2018
This was a good app.. I guess
My preferred video chat over Facebook Messenger and Hangouts
Jerixcho on 7/18/2018
I only wish there was a chat feature, aka Allo. So get Allo into Duo so I we can have the new modern version of Hangouts Google.
Data Mining
DrJaeg on 7/18/2018
Nope. Unnecessary amount of allowance on what google can collect on this sort of app. It’s disgusting how they try to make it sound to our benefit and the hand waving for shear convenience.
Mrboss69 on 7/18/2018
Good quality
Jas Earl on 7/18/2018
Works amazing! Received call from husband deployed overseas & the quality was amazing. Barely has any lag unless the service is minimal. Other then that works perfectly.
@iamjjharris on 7/18/2018
I love to video chat my Mom❤️
Works great!
KekeLoves on 7/18/2018
No hiccups at all outside of bad connection from time to time... doesn't happen much!! Loves this a million times over from Skype and enjoying you can leave visual voicemails, too... just great!
Severe battery issue
Rafegh on 7/18/2018
Although the call quality is perfect, but it drains the battery even on Wi-Fi! My phone got overheated after 10 minutes of talk and stopped working due to overtemparature and I had to wait 10 minutes for it to cool down! You should definitely make some significant changes to solve the battery usage and overheating problems!
Drains battery phone gets hot
realsop on 7/17/2018
The app drains battery really quickly and I’m afraid my phone is going to catch on fire in my head because it gets so hot.
Fix it
Mreeves336 on 7/17/2018
Can’t answe calls and can’t call without it saying it failed. It used to swirl. Switching to imo
gdnfnkjlkhgxzffuckbfhhv on 7/17/2018
Rating on google duo
skygage90 on 7/17/2018
Google duo is nice, I just want you to add google assistant to it.
Excellent quality. Beating WhatsApp
RG07052 on 7/17/2018
It's kinda just meh
AAAAv-a on 7/17/2018
I only use this app to call and FaceTime my best friend because she has a google phone and I have an apple. That's really the only reason I like this app. The video quality is not the greatest. It gets kind of laggy which is pointless because she literally lives in my neighborhood so I don't know why the connection would be bad when we call by our WiFi routers. They definitely need to fix the video quality and sound quality.
Thanks Google Duo
Ivy&friends on 7/17/2018
I love it, my mom, sister, and fiancé don’t have iPhones and it let me video chat with them!
edyyuiiiiiyytfvv on 7/17/2018
Beats FaceTime by a mile
Nick joajbeaa on 7/16/2018
Google duo is quick and never choppy unlike FaceTime, where it can be choppy even on high speed internet. Google duo is as smooth as talking face to face and the quality is superb.
Its ok
D3d0 ✈️ on 7/16/2018
Its ok, it has a few glitches from time to time but that’s ok
Don’t hear incoming calls
calcnm on 7/16/2018
It makes no sound when someone is calling me not even a notification, I really like this app.
ZouniqueB on 7/16/2018
I love google duo i mostly use it to talk to my daughter when I’m at work
My google review
Golden dildo on 7/16/2018
It's amazing on my IPod touch it helps in various situations!
Eddy Macas on 7/15/2018
The best!
Jus a Cupcake on 7/15/2018
Duo is a great app it is very useful and it works really clearly I love this app
izzypogo131 on 7/15/2018
A ok
bob_08 on 7/15/2018
It’s a little glitchy around the edges but it’s overall it’s awesome
A||ع💖🖤 on 7/15/2018
I love the app
Great App
Mosforato on 7/14/2018
The sound is good, the app is smart, but a lot of the times there is delay in the line.
KiTkAtSyO on 7/13/2018
I delete this today only to find out that my dad just got it today and I need it because I’m moving away from him for a bit
avenadriano on 7/13/2018
Pescado the fancy fish on 7/13/2018
It’s amazing I love how you can do it on Samsung’s
Quality of the call
Harold D Edouard on 7/13/2018
The sound and the picture were crystal clear.
kedjdvdkdjdjcyfnchjvt on 7/13/2018
this app is amazing! it allows you to basically facetime people without iphones! the quality it great!
mimi032804 on 7/13/2018
Is that allows me to FaceTime and call and Text don’t even have to pay a bill or pay for anything on this app it is totally free I’ve can use where ever I go in it allows me to use the phone without have to pay a phone bill that’s why I like messenger
Simple and Elegant
alihayder on 7/13/2018
It's simple and superb. 👍
why won’t my google duo app allow me to log in
angelina r vitale on 7/12/2018
hi! i’ve been using this app for a little while now due to my boyfriend not having an apple phone. we like to video chat eachother and normally all goes well except for recently. i tried to call him the other night and the app kept kicking me out. and whenever he tried to call me i never got the notifications. i would like to know why all the sudden change. i hope that you will fix this soon. sincerely, a confused user
El mejor vídeo
amat230690 on 7/12/2018
Es la mejor aplicación que he utilizado para hacer vídeo llamadas. Gracias!!
rounsville on 7/11/2018
The app is great when my phone is not on the this app help me a lot .
cjvok on 7/11/2018
Love the app it is really simple *****
Best I ever used
teebadazz on 7/11/2018
I use to always feel there would be no face time app to be on point but I must say I have hit jackpot!!!!!!!
Never rings
Golden Salvation 305 on 7/11/2018
Bruhhhh google duo never f****** rings, if I’m on the phone, it won’t ring, if I’m using another app when someone calls me on google duo, it doesn’t ring, I got people thinking I’m ignoring them, when in reality I never see its call. Also why doesn’t it have a call log so I can at least see the time they called and when it does ring, why can’t I change to a louder ringtone
iPhones matter too!
Sogoodso far on 7/10/2018
Needs to give iPhone users the same update as android users. I want to be able to move my video box and still allow the other person to see my video feed if I go away from the app. Androids have received these updates and the only update that I received was the video voicemail.
Seifco on 7/10/2018
Nice app nice call quality but missing the texting.
Awesome crossplatform video call app
photoenthu on 7/10/2018
As usual kudos to Google for developing awesome ios apps, in this case to allow good quality video calls across ios and Android. I wish Apple will do that someday with FaceTime (develop an app for Android).
better than facetime
ericapeaches on 7/10/2018
good quality, anybody can have it, and it lets you click on your own camera
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