Agent Aliens

Indigo Gaming PTE LTD

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Games 1.11 May 16, 2017 Feb 21, 2018 571.4 MB iOS 7.0 or later 9+
New in version 1.11

- New free Alien, Nort.
- Unity game engine update.
- Multiple UI fixes.



Jump and shoot your way to freedom as you search for your fellow Aliens and break free from captivity.
It will take teamwork and dexterous fingers to survive this close encounter with humankind.

Slice and dice through your enemies with our brand new alien, the unstoppable Raz! He's fully equipped with high-damage short-ranged attacks that will surely punish anything that gets in your way!


AGENT ALIENS is a new arcade style run and gun game.
Returning fire, aiming, and cooldowns are taken care of by our squad of feisty Aliens.
Players will be focusing on dodging and weaving through enemy fire.


Traverse corridors filled with a variety of enemies and traps while dodging their incoming bullets.

Play as one of the titular Aliens. Or play as all of them as they follow you through the levels.
Each one with unique abilities and playstyles.

Spend Coins to unlock each of the Aliens’ different abilities.
Also watch out for pickups in the levels that’ll make them even stronger.

Expect a campaign that will take you through difficult handcrafted levels
to find out the story of the Aliens’ struggle against the Humans.

Bigger multi-phase bosses that take even more skill to take down will be waiting for you.

Procedurally generated levels are there for quick replayability and to earn more Coins to spend for Upgrades.

iPad Screenshots
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FreeZebOt on 9/16/2017
All I ask is if you can make auto-attack an optional control that you can change
Labbydabby on 9/11/2017
The levels motivate you to keep playing, at the same time it's really fun. I enjoyed this game and I still play it every minute! I hope there will be more games from this company!!!
Too Hard
shellidv on 8/21/2017
Was fun until Level 2-10...impossible to complete with 3 stars! C'mon Indigo this is seriously too hard!
Pretty good
John hates this app on 8/12/2017
Pretty good game
Very good
scarlettjulie on 7/1/2017
Brilliant platform game. Each alien has a different form of attack and requires a different strategy when engaging the enemies. Thank you for this awesome game.
Most Horrible game of the year
Monstro269 on 6/27/2017
It was hard enough as it was but at the end it makes you BUY the other levels! I hated it and deleted it right after.
Donald Trump reference 10/10
i normal guy on 6/24/2017
I don't know if this was intentional but Commander Fefe = Covfefe
The new fun
Spazzattack276 on 6/22/2017
This is a good time waster and I mean that in a positive way. This is the child of jetpack joyride and temple run (not same companies). Graphics are good. Controls are good. Premise is fun.
Very fun...but could use controller support.
Drkblde on 6/21/2017
Love a good platformer. I wish yours and so many others would support physical controllers. Soft buttons work but there is nothing like real buttons for precision.
Lots of fun!!!
dinonilo on 6/10/2017
Fun retro platformer!!!
GL18C on 6/6/2017
Great game with a very cool retro vibe. Some levels can be difficult, however it keeps things interesting!
Bomber523 on 6/5/2017
A great mobile game definitely worth playing.
Zendalf on 6/4/2017
Great game 👍
Old school retro fun
Nexsight on 6/4/2017
Update 4- After clearing all the stages for free gotta say this game is definitely worth it. ALTHOUGH some stages are way harder than they should be cuz of it being a phone game without a controller/mouse. All in all looking forward to more content. --- If you're a fan of mega man I'd say give this a shot, definitely worth the time. Like the alien dudes designs and different power sets too. Aces so far.
hilarioussharkj on 6/3/2017
This game is awsome this deserves 5 stars
Enzo24hrs on 6/2/2017
Having fun with this game.
Love it!!
Cynshoc on 5/31/2017
I really enjoy. There are some bugs and sometimes my game crashes during story mode. Still love made my brother get it.
Pu$$ysl4y3r on 5/31/2017
Fun game
Mmm123ongcdr on 5/30/2017
Super fun game... love it!!!
BlackTrees12 on 5/30/2017
It ight
So good so far 👌🏼
OG Mudebone on 5/29/2017
I'm really enjoying it
Awesome graphics!
marshamallow888 on 5/28/2017
Very cute game and addicting! Great to play for past time.
It's okay
The_Only_Izzy_#7 on 5/28/2017
But it's really glitchy and some of the levels are hard.
Addicting Game
doteehankee on 5/27/2017
This game is simple yet creative and meticulously crafted. Recommended for all people of any age that do enjoy any decent platformer game. However, unless you're a completionist or enjoying the simplicity of the controls and levels, you may find it repetitive, as said by a friend of mine. And also, though it's little of a problem to me really, the expenses to unlock sectors and the time it takes to get that amount of coins is quite tedious, but I guess that's for the sake of impatient people that want to unlock the entire game quickly. Since this game has a lot of potential, I'd recommend that this app would have frequent updates that help change the game up a bit and keep it lively. One example of an update would be more levels, and more bosses. Thank you for making this game, It's already going to be one of my favorite games in my phone.
Fix this!
The_Ninja_Blade on 5/26/2017
Really fun, but I would like to point out that sometimes after landing from a jump, the character's body seems to be turned sideways, facing the ground, but other than that, I have had no other problems.
Good fun
Meh-n on 5/26/2017
Fun, energetic game with smooth controls. It's easy enough to learn, yet still challenging. I like it!
jdcjjsjdjj on 5/26/2017
This is so freaking fun!!!!
A Great Start
CloverVedaJove on 5/25/2017
5/24/17 This game has a lot of potential. Really, it does. And right now, it still has the potential to be extremely fun. I got this game just as a quick time passer for traveling and quickly got sucked into trying (quite fruitlessly for a while) to beat Sector 1. As a fan of bullet hell games, which in tandem with Mario-esque platformers seem to be the basis for this game, I can attest that this game is pretty difficult. However, it's not as hard as people make it out to be. You can beat the levels with no existing power ups, and the spikes only deal 10 damage which then give you an option to do a "save jump" by refreshing upon a hit. I don't have a real issue with the iap either. It can be avoided (granted, with a crap ton of effort, I digress, but still), and to unlock the story, you have the ability to only pay $5. It's not a terrible price. However, the controls are..... not good. At all. The worst movement glitch him my opinion is the auto movement lock. If you preform an action such as entering a door or picking up a power up and your movement button is pressed down, when you exit there is a chance that it will STILL be held down. This can cause you no harm, or it can cause you to run into a pit of spikes. Luckily, it isn't terrible to adapt to, but the fact that I have to anticipate and provide a manual solution to a game's flaw with great accuracy to avoid death is disappointing. I am also not a fan of how sensitive the joystick is. With this game only having one movement speed, having such a sensitive joystick has made me careen into spikes more times than I care to admit. As a personal preference, I would love to see a lessened intensity on the joystick, as for the players to have to push it farther in the direction they want to go before it registers. Will I recommend this game to people? Yes, if they enjoy the genre. Will I continue to play this game? Yes, I will. Will I buy the rest of the story? Probably not. The bugs, while not game-breaking, are still quite a large issue for a game that is basically asking players to pay for progress. If these bugs are fixed in a later update, I will come back here and edit my review. However, for the time, it stands at 4 stars. 5/25/17 I am very impressed with the developer at the moment. Not only is the main movement bug that I was worried about fixed, but the developer took time out of their day to address my concerns and make me feel like a valued player. The controls still feel a little bit off, but I can't really identify a point that makes it off, so it might just be me. Not only the quick addressing of issues but the response to a potential customer (which is quite lacking these days, sadly) has definitely earned this game a fifth star.
Worst physics
Kidsdynamite on 5/25/2017
You slide of ever wall and bounce around too much
Dhunter60 on 5/25/2017
Absolutely horrible. It wouldn't attack. The attacking system was extremely confusing. I don't know about other people but I couldn't use it.
Love the game now!
GeekyPeg on 5/25/2017
Super fun and complex enough to be challenging but straightforward enough to be easy to play! Good play and response in movement. Also, very quick response from the developers and my issue was fixed! I recommend this game!
Fun game but...
mlatch85 on 5/25/2017
I really enjoy the game but the directional control pad is glitchy. It's unresponsive at the worst moments!
There's a bug I'd like to point out
megany4n on 5/24/2017
With the big ordnance guy and other characters I try to defeat the enemies but no matter what I do I can't hit them. That's just something I wanted to point out and if you can fix the problem that would be nice 😁
Dr_PYN on 5/24/2017
Please fix the joystick controls movements... Kinda buggy and glitchy...
Addictive retro gameplay
willisataylor on 5/24/2017
Fun colorful gameplay with lots to unlock and smooth controls. Totally possible to play without purchases.
I feel cheated
Tomnikus on 5/23/2017
I got the 3,000 needed to unlock sector 2. I payed it, sector 2 didnt unlock and I lost my money! I feel cheated!!
A bit of flaws for this fun game
Hadj148 on 5/23/2017
After spending some time with this fun, cute game, the flaw is being unable to get to certain levels even though in game purchases were made which were needed. Hopefully the next update can help the game out!
Eye4UX on 5/23/2017
Awesome game... This is the start of a quality game. Characters have defined strengths and weaknesses, power ups make a noticeable difference, and at times you may even have to grind to get through a level. It's an awesome game. It falls short with the plethora of in game advertisements, which are not optional, but rather are in your face. In addition, if you want the full story, you either need to grind for ages or fork over enough money to buy pizza for you and a friend. Not to mention. I can't tell how to unlock half of the characters... I assume the only way is by paying. It's a fun game. I don't even mind the ads to continue on a level... But it isn't worth 12 dollars to unlock the game and still have to deal with ads. My recommendation? Skip this one.
So fun!!!
Summerlovinnnnn on 5/23/2017
This game is so cute and entertaining! Love getting the power ups!!
Held back by many things
sun6000 on 5/23/2017
The game would be pretty fun, it's controls are kinda fun to play around with....when they work, and has nice character designs, and unlike most, I don't have issues with the auto shooting. What I DO have issues with is, the unresponsive controls, and the unforgiving/bad level design. The controls some times are unresponsive and in a game based around moving around, THATS BAD. And the level design is just bad, instant death traps and spikes that deal a crap ton of damage are littered everywhere, and there are places filled with spikes where if your jumping isn't spot on, your gonna be punished, heck, some of these spike rooms are HUGE....there's also the fact that, when you die, your punished HARSHLY. You not only have to pay 100 coins to go back to the nearest checkpoint. But you also loose any upgrades you obtained through the levels. And when the deaths can be as unfair as they are, you have SERIOUS issues.
Can't get past the one dubstep.
CalfStack on 5/22/2017
The same song, over and over and over along with the beeping jump noise makes this unplayable. I guess I can mute it. Great.
Awesome game
Stormsevilla on 5/22/2017
Great platformer, love the shooting and power ups :D
JEmlay on 5/22/2017
After getting a power up all your characters auto walk usually right to their death. Many times I died because of a glitch. Many times my character is walking on his head because of poor physics. This game is a joke!
Plz read if gona bye game
j0eyz21 on 5/22/2017
I'm on level 1-4 and I keep dieting by people who spawn inside me and when a slamming thing was next to me (and I was not on or right next to it) and I died. Besides that the game has a lot of potential if these things are fixed.
Major issues😢 but cute!
Kilo-g13 on 5/22/2017
This game is really cute and I love the idea but has big flaws. The controls are not good. Movement doesn't work well at all.I love that I can switch between joystick or arrows and I can choose the size BUT...., it doesn't flow right at all?! When I hit left or right it doesn't register? Another big problem is that the alien shoots all on its own?! The problem there is I have to get super close to the bad guys for it to shoot and I get killed asap every time before I get a single shot out!!!!💡 You guys should add a option for manual shooting!! That would fix that big problem! Its no fun if I'm having trouble moving and my alien never fires a single round and I die at every bad guy I come up against😱😫😤!! Please 🙏🏼add a manual button so we players can have a chance of shooting back😫 I can see the future🔮..if you guys add that manual an auto shooting tab.... this game will climb the charts 💰and sky rocket as a top platform game🥇🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅
Great game needs a few bugs worked out.
Csearsie on 5/21/2017
The game itself is fun but I've bought the iap to unlock the rest of the story and it didn't unlock. There's a few other small cosmetic bugs but overall it's pretty awesome and I can't wait to play past sector 1.
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