Fight List - Categories Game


Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Games 2.73.0 Jun 08, 2016 Aug 16, 2018 52.2 MB iOS 8.0 or later 12+
New in version 2.73.0

● New languages available : Spanish and German
● Bug fixes
● New themes


Challenge your friends in the new hot trivia game!

Discover 1000s of themes and find more answers than your opponent to win the match. Use jokers to give you an edge and revelation wands to learn from your mistakes. Check your stats and make it to N°1 amongst your friends and worldwide!

● Play against real players online
● Discover 1000s of themes
● Check your progress, stats and ranking
● Use Jokers and revelation wands
● Chat with your friends

iPad Screenshots
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Yolchiro on 8/18/2018
I have been playing for a week and I love it .!!
Addictive and fun
Erin oclock on 8/18/2018
I am so happy I found this. I need help getting my brain going again and this really helps. I like the spell correction that isn’t too sensitive but is still quite liberal. The topics are great. I love that it doesn’t cost anything to start new games. I don’t like that BS. The ads are a bit long, but that’s ok.
Love this game but having problems...
leehi15 on 8/18/2018
I love playing this game...but recently it won’t let me open the app. I don’t know why it keeps crashing. I don’t know if it is a problem on my end or if it has to do with the actual app. I don’t know if I should try re installing it but I would love for someone to help me with this problem because I absolutely love playing this game! I had all my friends download it so we could play together and now I can even play 😞 SOS PLEASE! This game is addictive! LOL
Too many ads
sugarandspice335 on 8/18/2018
It has so much potential to be fun but way too many ads! Takes away from wanting to play! Sometimes it will give you words if you misspell and sometimes it won’t. Some lists are a joke in terms of what it will accept. Needs fine tuning if it wants to be a fun game.
Great game. Needs something
By griffin holcomb on 8/18/2018
I love this game I recently got back into it and I realize why I quit. I don’t know much about the themes. It needs a kids mode. It can contain themes about Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, etc. maybe actors popular to Disney and Nick such as Debby Ryan and Peyton List. I feel like that would invite a new crowd to Fight list. Please just take into consideration my idea.
I love it!
Kennah B. on 8/18/2018
It’s so fun! I’m always on it, my friends on FB are fun to play with! I like how if u didn’t have FB friends or u don’t have FB u can choose random opponents!!! You can mostly any age to play! ❤️
Please Respond
The A Painter on 8/18/2018
I love the app. It’s great to test your trivia skills. Provides a great thing to do when board. I love to play it with my family. Sadly huge bug. Every time l try to enter it freezes up and kicks me off.
Love this game ❤️
Tycalz on 8/18/2018
Play it with all my friends!
Lets get it on.
T love151 on 8/17/2018
Awesome game
Read it will help!
ggcgfjdsk on 8/17/2018
My ten year old daughter loves this game! We enjoy waiting in line! And thinking of names. But... we’ve outgrown it. We’re bored and done. Thanks! I would think before you get! Or.. get it and delete it! Easy
Merbearp49 on 8/17/2018
The game keeps freezing needs an update bad!!!😡
Lora 13 on 8/17/2018
Too many ads!
I can’t even play the game!
Techykinderteacher on 8/17/2018
This game was super fun until... So I had opened the app and it was loading, and then it would just leave the app. Every time I would try to play it it would just go back out of the game. It’s fine with all my other apps, I just don’t know what happened!
new update has crashing bug
onlysocialmediaissnapchat on 8/17/2018
This is a great game and is very fun. Although one of the most recent updates has caused the app to crash every single time I open the app. I don’t know why this is happening, I hope it gets fixed soon.
Bad update
Sarina3 on 8/17/2018
I love love love this game but after updating the app, I can’t even open it for more than a few seconds before it closes out. Please fix!
HamiltonHead on 8/17/2018
My friend got me to download this app and I loved it so I got some of my other friends to download it. Sadly since I got the newest update I can’t open the app and it keeps crashing so I keep having to delete reinstall it. It’s such a shame since I love this app so much.
Keeps crashing?
annoyedbutnotsurprised on 8/17/2018
Every time I open it since the update it’ll crash
Don’t use my data - I paid for no ads!
mutecebu2 on 8/17/2018
I *love* this game. I eagerly paid so that you would not show me ads - I want to support this game. That’s why I’m miffed - You now require me to let you use my data, even though you don’t show me ads! Also, the message letting me consent to you using my data lies - it says “you can change this setting later in the settings”. There is no way to save your preferences if you try to change the setting. Thank you for being transparent with your use of personal data.
Not opening
I5150rhino on 8/17/2018
I loved this game. It was so much to play but since the update, the app won’t open.
Awesome! 😎
CheerTay1 on 8/17/2018
Fun game to play in my spare time and it’s fun to see how many answers I can think of in 30 seconds! 😁
Love/ annoyed
trex152 on 8/17/2018
Love, addicted to the game but a lot and I mean a lot of glitches and a lot of adds.
Love it but last update messed something up.
Demor_inc on 8/17/2018
I love the app. But this last update that came out today. My app keeps crashing as soon as I open it.
Love it—app crashes in new update
danimitchell on 8/16/2018
Can’t play since new update, due to crashing
Super glitchy
ariel_foxx on 8/16/2018
I want to say I love this game... Except I only like the idea of it. This particular game has many issues: unexpected ads popping up, game kicks you out, etc. One of the most annoying pieces is when you earn coins the game will take about half, even if you use just one helper button. I love trivia games, but the glitches are getting very annoying. I’ll just go back to Trivia Crack, unless the glitches are fixed on this one.
Very fun
ihatecats🐱❌ on 8/16/2018
Very fun game! Its like scattagories, except better. I do recommend! The only thing I want changed is that it you have to sign up through Facebook. I want to play against my friends, which non of them, nor me have Facebook. But other then that, its very fun! Edit: new update: what happened? The app just keeps crashing on my iPod since it updated. It keeps happening on my friends too. As soon as you click on it the screen is black and it crashes
Bad update??
cnclr1 on 8/16/2018
I love this game, but now it won’t open since the latest update. I have heard the same from others. Hope it is fixed soon!
Is not working
vmvarie on 8/16/2018
I have had this game for a few days and I loved it and got my whole family to download it. Now today, it stopped working and keeps closing. I can no longer play it.
Ads are ridiculous
Hehehehhehheehe on 8/16/2018
The game is fun but I lost a few rounds because ads played during my turn which took up so much of my time. There are ads after every turn which is ridiculous and it’s not fair to exploit users into paying money to get rid of ads
PeggyTheHawtie on 8/16/2018
The game is fun. But when I exit the game and come back after not playing it for a while, it goes back to the home screen.
New Update
Megan Verycken on 8/16/2018
This game was great up until the new update causing it to crash every time I try and open the app. I even deleted it and re-downloaded it to no avail. Please fix this!
Love it!
Jakiidoll on 8/16/2018
So addicting!!!
kmmjulie on 8/16/2018
My app keeps crashing 😭😭😭
kaylalong on 8/16/2018
This is such a fun game. I asked my mother to join so we could play together and now it just kicks me out when I open the app. I have re-downloaded this app two or three times and it just does the same thing. Please fix.
Favorite but forces closes
TeamUnhappy on 8/16/2018
Love this game app... it’s my favorite, but it’s killing me that it keeps force closing since its last update. Please fix ASAP. Also there should be a time limit option. I have like 40 waiting games from people since I’ve started playing & i don’t want to resign to mess up my stats.
Lelemonroe on 8/16/2018
I love this game but literally after the update it keeps crashing..
Chloeeeelaine on 8/16/2018
Would be better if there wasn’t a billion ads. I almost dread playing because of the ads, though I do love the game.
shmkelly on 8/16/2018
As of August 16 2018 the app crashes immediately when I try to open it 👎
Won’t work after latest update
autumn3williams on 8/16/2018
Force closes as soon as I open the app after the update.
Keeps closing out
nsushehshs on 8/16/2018
I like the game but every time I try to go into the app it shuts on me and it keeps doing it
Becca32090 on 8/16/2018
Since the update today, the app crashes every time I try to open it. I deleted and redownloaded, and it still crashes.
Love the game but
Bevs mad on 8/16/2018
The most recent update keeps throwing me out. I can’t even play. 😟
Fix it please
Buzzysj on 8/16/2018
I like this game but recently my coins have gone missing even when I don’t use them. It’s kinda annoying. This app keeps kicking me out every time I want to play
Crashes everytime I open it
d.garcia_25 on 8/16/2018
This game used to be good until the new update that just rolled up and makes the game crash everytime
Fight list
stovdnvjcs on 8/16/2018
I just upgraded this ap and it shows as open. It will not open from the ap store or from the menu screen.
Fixed it
RazorRW on 8/16/2018
Yep. Y’all fixed it. It went from working to crashing. Won’t get past the title page. It was a 4 Star game until you guys “fixed it.” A suggestion, if it’s not broken don’t fix it.
Love it
Cunning21 on 8/16/2018
Great game time killer makes u thinks and blank out completely hahaha the simplest things sometimes
Update - what happened?!?!!
Gigi914 on 8/16/2018
Please help. The game was fine until I downloaded update this morning. Now the game will not open. I’ve deleted and downloaded the game twice now and it still doesn’t work. Help!!!
J-words129 on 8/16/2018
Fun game, while I was able to play it🙄 every time I click on the app it plays the into then immediately kicks me out. I’ve tried deleting it and redone loading it but nothing works.
New update crashed my game
CompletelyRandomName on 8/16/2018
Was a cool app, now I can’t access it. I tried to go to the support page but it’s super confusing, also a thumbs down for that. So when are y’all gonna fix this? I’m sure I’m not the only one.
Love it but keeps closing
ShannonT_101 on 8/16/2018
I seriously love this game and love playing it and would give it 5 stars but the app constantly glitches and won’t open and the only way to get it to work for five minutes is to delete it and re download it again. It’s so frustrating
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