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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Business 3.175.10012 Oct 18, 2016 May 16, 2018 212.6 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 3.175.10012

Thanks for driving with Uber! We update the app as often as possible to make it more reliable and improve your driving experience. Check back next week for any new features and important fixes.


Uber Driver – the app for drivers

• Help people move around your city, and make money on your schedule. Drive whenever you want—Uber offers a flexible way to make extra cash on your terms. No offices, no bosses.
• Download the Uber Driver app, and sign up to drive in the app. We’ll guide you through the steps and notify you when you’re all set to drive.

Hitting the road
• The app offers the latest features that help you focus on driving and making money.
• We’ll explain how to use the app, provide optional navigation and Help support, and let you know when there are special opportunities to make even more. Every trip you take is fully tracked by GPS for safety and security.

Getting paid
• You can see how much you’ve made anytime after every trip. You’ll be paid directly to your bank account every week, or receive cash on each trip—depending on the country you drive in.

*This app typically uses 2 GB of data per month. Using navigation can decrease your phone’s battery life.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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20$ cleaning fees must be a good joke!
mustafa adel alhafidh on 5/21/2018
Im a driver in San Francisco, I will be honest. Doing Uber is good experience if you don’t face any problem, but when you face one it’s a real nightmare!! I had a passenger made a mess in my passenger seat. After I took a pictures and reported her to the customer support the response was “20$ cleaning fees will be added to your earnings” then after I tried to clean it, it didn’t go and I called them, they said take the car to any car detail center and do estimate receipt and submit it we will pay you the extra to get your car cleaned! That was the big lie. In conclusion my 2017 car seat damaged for 2$ Express Pool ride. + they LIED and wasted my time.
Save drivers .
Danny12816 on 5/21/2018
Uber should have at least one training class that drivers must take . Especially drivers that pick up at airports . In my 20 years driving I had never seen reckless drivers like I had seen in the last 3 months. Drivers cutting down lines or going the wrong way, and rushing to pick up people. Drivers should know that if they cut the lines or even speed when going to pick up passengers that they should be fined or be forced to cancel their account by uber . They put themselves in danger and others by being free to do things however they want. I would gladly come up with ideas to train and suggest drivers of consequences for being reckless drivers .
App verification
EddieHendrix on 5/21/2018
App ended locking me out Lost out on a lot of money 👎🏿
Luis Cerrutti on 5/21/2018
Tienen que saber que el día que está App no tenga trampas todo será mejor, que revisen todas las cuentas y observen que hay personas que tienen hasta 4 cuentas con un solo carro, otra cosa la gasolina ya está en 2.89 regular y en orlando no aumentan la milla hasta cuando seremos el patio trasero de uber por favor tomar en cuenta que esta ciudad les ha dado bastante dinero a uber. Sin más que hacer referencia me despido
Best job for college students
Asian4lyfe on 5/21/2018
The delivery job Uber provides is really simple actually. For Uber eats really all you have to do is accept trips (all on your own time) and deliver the food. Easy quick money whenever you feel the need to work. Good for quick cash because of instant pay directly to your debit or bank account. Feel free to use my code when signing up: matheusn88ue Everyone benefits :) go deliver Go secure the bag 💰
Too long
Belcardoza on 5/21/2018
Wait time is so long between hits. Wasting too much gas (which is expensive) and time.
No auto navigation
Jamal Sadat on 5/21/2018
I am giving one star rating to the uber app because of two problems, first one is since a month uber app doesn’t have the auto navigation option while using google maps for navigation so it is very unsafe and annoying, the second big problem that we all drivers facing is unknown destination before starting the trip with the passengers, some times we don't want to take long trip or short tris or for any reason if we don't want to go to the passengers destination, we have to ask the passengers to leave our car which is very rude and disrespectful, which creating conflict between drivers and passengers, so here i please request you to let us know that where our customer will go before we arrive at the pick up location so we can be able to cancel the trip without any conflict with the customers. Thank you
El Guapo001 on 5/21/2018
I would like über to be considerate about drivers at the airport and don’t let us wait 5-6 hrs for a trip.. I personally would love some long long trips
Good Experience. Missing some crucial info
spenstein on 5/21/2018
I really like my experience as a driver so far. However for some reason, I cannot see demand or surge info anywhere on the map. I’m an hour or so away from several major metro areas and would really like that info. Other than that, everything is great. iPhone 6 64GB, current software.
Select service
pedrodanielsv on 5/21/2018
Few avail rides or offered
pinsher20! on 5/21/2018
So I have recently applied for to be a driver for Uber eats. Everything is fine but the only problem that I am facing is the insurance. Apparently I can’t complete the application because my insurance is not under my name. The name that is on the insurance are my parents name because I am still under them because I am only 21 years old. For me to get my own insurance will cost me alot more money that I don’t have. Is there a way I can go around this? Please help. Anything is helpful. Thank you.
Can’t fix my account
beautiifulllll1 on 5/21/2018
I worked with Uber the year of 2016 everything was good and smooth. But I had stop and took a break from working with Uber then I ended up changing my number so now that I tried to log in and forgot my password I can’t sign up to be a driver so I made an new account for them to tell me I can’t use my new account it has to be my old account so I spoke to support about changing my number to the update number to find out that im not receiving the verification code to my number I kept trying and nothing I spoke to 5 diff people about the issue and nothing has been fixed it’s been a week and my account still isn’t fix. If there a way to delete my old driver account and I use the new account to be a driver that would be great but my new account that I used to get rides they change the number on that account and I can no longer access that account either. Lyft easily fixed my issue with my account cause my old number was on that as well n I got thru within 10 mins
Not too happy
not happy with uber on 5/21/2018
Not happy driving for Huber don’t like how the navigation always re-route see you when you don’t have enough time to make the turn and I don’t like how if somebody isn’t there at the pick up location and we have to cancel it makes our cancellation rate go up which is an arc fault it’s their fault so that shouldn’t show on our half and on top of that Uber always makes the promotion way too hard to reach always 60 to 70 trips and that’s just too hard to reach it’s not fair it would be nice to be respected their drivers in game promotions that were actually easy to reach even after complaining about promotions they still keep them the same really hide and hard to reach it’s completely disrespectful in my eyes
Not good
ismae87 on 5/21/2018
Why I do not have promotion?.
Assistance Needed
Comos Solstice on 5/21/2018
I enjoy the service that it provides yet the gps map within the app is outdated & needs immediate attention towards the accuracy & speed of the performance. Thank you for your time.
Uber favors the riders
trivlover on 5/21/2018
I’ve been driving for Uber for one month. They claim to take only 25% of the fare but that is a lie. They take as much as 50-60%. They have a support number but their support is useless. Very disappointed. I plan to write a scathing and detailed review to post on my website.
espidy Gonzalez on 5/21/2018
please attention I have online more than 30 minutes and I can not grab any deliveries could you update the applications thanks.
Dwhiy on 5/21/2018
What's up with the instant pay? It hasn't worked for at least a month. I called my bank and they said it isn't them so it has to be uber.
Uber Is Fantastic!
itisikevin on 5/21/2018
I needed a job with flexible hours, and Uber fits exactly right. I keep my car clean, and smelling new. I get many compliments. From my point of view, I’m providing a decent service. Getting the rider to their destination safely. That’s what Über means to me.
About Uber service
singh saab chicago on 5/21/2018
It’s one of the best service provider in the contry no one less the Uber price some cheaper people always make a problem with driver but finally App is really smart App understands all information and driving activity
yuratlim on 5/21/2018
Siempre está fallando la aplicación no funciona bien
My experience driving for Uber
MWill2018 on 5/21/2018
Hello, The pay rate per minute and the pay rate per mile are too low for the 4th largest city in America. The turnover rate of Good drivers is so high because the pay is so low. 75 cents as a base fare is unfair and unreasonable. The multiple stop feature has been abused by 90% of my passengers who have used it. The pennies we get paid during that wait time are an embarrassment and the passengers expect us to wait for them indefinitely. That is not fair to the drivers. The price of gas is skyrocketing. Are we going to get a pay increase to combat this? Probably not , but Uber gets an increase in their booking fee. Please compensate drivers better. Thank you, Michael
Bay to Breakers
dadadatgs on 5/21/2018
Uber helped promoted the bay to breakers race but when i was in the area and i have a ride it always leads me to the route which was closed for traffic.i ended up dropping off the rider from far away
Shady Company...
Wants Better on 5/21/2018
Avoid this company at all costs. This company is a joke and does shady business. Just about every person I come into contact with agrees. The company treats their drives terribly. You take away someone’s instant pay at the drop of the hat for nonsensical reasons which takes them off the road and thus keeps money out of your pocket too. I’m certain that Uber has a cash flow problem at this point because the driver is no longer at the forefront. Bonuses and the quest feature no longer exist apparently and their greed is ruining the driver experience. You don’t understand the concept of rising gas prices and fares should be adjusted as a result. Don’t understand why this is hard to grasp. Filling up is painful but what’s more painful is to see the same fare price that isn’t going up to offset gas. Your support marks issues resolved when they are not and responds if they want to which is rare. Phone support refers to Hub who refers to in App support who doesn’t respond 90% of the time and if they do it’s with a machine response from someone overseas. They read nothing. You have the nerve to write that your CEO is helping put the drivers and passengers first to become the company everyone expects? Good luck with that. You’re a disgrace of a company. Note to the editor’s response: I have sent several support messages to Uber and your support team is a joke. They mark messages resolved when they aren’t and refer back to another support team and it’s one endless loop. Uber doesn’t care about their drivers. 2nd note to editor’s response: You pasting the same machine response about sending a message to your support team doesn’t change the fact that I have not once or twice or three times and your support team is horrible. But judging from you telling me to go back to them now twice, you’re just proving why you’re a horrible company.
3 out of 4 stars
yeppers1000 on 5/21/2018
I love driving with Uber, I make good money and meet good people, but their gps system is often wrong. And when you bring it to their attention their idea of restitution is to take the difference out of your earnings instead of cover the cost themselves. A customer shouldn’t have to pay for a faulty gps leading them away from their destination, and the driver shouldn’t be penalized either. If the gps system is wrong then Uber should cover the cost.
Jim2065 on 5/21/2018
I enjoy driving with Uber. The biggest problem is money. I believe that we should get at least 75% of all fares. The drivers take 90% of the risk, and auto expenses and receive 50 to 62% of the fare. Thanks Jim Colomb
BigJRE on 5/21/2018
I have been driving for a little over a month. In that time span, I have had 3 background checks and 1 account hold for no apparent reason. When I inquired about this, no staff could give an explanation. This came at the most inconvenient time when there were high surges, holidays, and festivals. I don't know if there is a glitch in their system or this is purposely done.
Pay more!
Marshall DeNys on 5/20/2018
App is fine, pay needs to be higher. Barely worth my time.
Altaheri79 on 5/20/2018
Uber app is an essential tool for everyone due to its accessibility and efficiency. Thanks Uber
Issues with Uber eats and promotions
Samiesosaaa on 5/20/2018
The promotions don’t pop up on my app for some reason and Uber eats does not allow me to sign up for some reason.
This app is a disaster and Uber Support is useless
outofspoons on 5/20/2018
UPDATE: Instant Pay just failed for the second time in two days, third time in two weeks. And another consecutive trip bonus disappeared today. I only have myself to blame at this point, because I should have quit Uber weeks ago. Here are the problems I’ve had with the app just in the past two weeks: 1. Twice my instant pay requests haven’t gone through, and I’ve had to wait five days for the money to be processed to my bank account. I’ve paid $150 in late fees and missed a big family event because Uber can’t process instant pays anymore. 2. Consecutive trip boosts just disappear after two trips. It happened to me twice today in the course of six hours. 3. I haven’t been able to see the promotions calendar for a couple weeks, which means I can’t see when or where the consecutive trip boosts are. I’m a VIP driver with thousands of trips and 4.95 rating and Uber Support hasn’t been able to fix any of these problems - when they respond. I’ve had a lot of jobs and a lot of bosses, and I’ve never felt as ignored and disrespected as I have as an Uber driver.
Uber Driver
Tigrete on 5/20/2018
I like it.
fo 2,50 o 3,25 is a shame thanks
ubermotorc on 5/20/2018
Thanks Miami is expensive to live and gas is high price so please raise the paid because drive pool fo 2,50 o 3,25 is a shame thanks
I used to love it.
LoyalAndBroke on 5/20/2018
While I enjoy driving for Uber, the rides just aren't very consistent since the market is over saturated with drivers. Please stop hiring! I wish Uber would advertise to the public that we need tips to make driving worth it. The tips are the only reason it’s worth it. If Uber paid more per mile, then this would not be a big deal. I am also seeing that other drivers are invited to meetings and given special incentives like if you are in a surge area, but get a ride outside of the surge, Uber is offering those drivers that surge price, but not the drivers that weren't invited to the meeting. How do I get on that “special driver list?”
GPS not fast or sharp enough
josephsh1 on 5/20/2018
tr1231 on 5/20/2018
It’s over 100 degrees outside gas prices have gone up and no adjustments to our wages or up the fare to help with the cost of both above.
We should be able to identify passengers by picture
Bigredz58 on 5/20/2018
Need to see face of people we pick up
What we need as drivers
Jason St. Louis on 5/20/2018
We need taxes taken out. We need a 1-800 number to talk to an actual HUMAN for help 24 hrs a day. While driving we need to know HOW MANY PROPLE ARE RIDING AND HOW MANY BAGS WILL BE WITH THEM. We need these things.
Uber rating hurt their own business
Jpdcnj on 5/20/2018
I dont like the rating system as a driver so I figure that 1 star its appropriate just for the fact that I don’t like the system even though I like the app overall all
aiasrah on 5/20/2018
They are charging the riders a lot of money and give the drivers just a little.
Bad customer service
nono 1306 on 5/20/2018
Never resolve our problems
2_GOOOOOOOO on 5/20/2018
They should make it where you see the name of the restaurant before you accept an trip would save a lot of cancellations for orders.
New pick up alert
zfazly on 5/20/2018
When I'm driving with one client I miss the next request just because of the notification bar, it's small and it's on the upper portion while it should be on the bottom portion big and visible, especially when using the map. Kindly fix this issue it affects my rating and my income.
Needs better iOS integration
Kufan83 on 5/20/2018
Please add Apple Maps as a choice in navigation. Apple Maps has gotten better over the years and I actually prefer it over Google Maps and Waze.
New update with new CEO has ruined so much.
Destins_£nvy on 5/20/2018
Get kicked out of queues while waiting, the whole 9. These changes are terrible and are ruining earnings.
Love this job!!!
Biglb423 on 5/20/2018
I really really love this job!!!!! It’s the greatest EVER!!!!!
CaliBoy510 on 5/20/2018
Uber has been very efficient and effective to me in my life by providing me a financial stability. Also, it enables me to do things at my convenience which helps greatly..
Great Ap
Oldcacyclist on 5/20/2018
I’m using Uber navigation now. It works very well, particularly on pool drives although U-turns confuse the system. Pay system works. Nothing to complain about here.
Miguel Gonzalez
Bigbuttsage1955 on 5/20/2018
I’m glad I join Uber it’s the best company I ever worked for. They care about there drivers they reward us with bonuses all the time which makes there drivers give back 100% .. happy workers make happy clients
Surf1958 on 5/20/2018
I enjoy driving with Uber!
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