RememBear: Password Manager

TunnelBear, Inc.

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Productivity 1.0.3 Nov 21, 2017 May 22, 2018 83.8 MB iOS 9.0 or later 17+
New in version 1.0.3

- Autolock settings have been simplified
- Taught Bears to tell time, they now respect Autolock timer settings
- Bears also no longer Autolock when switching between apps to make copy/pasting easier
- More realistic graphic for the browser extension achievement on macOS
- Possible to get a second Bear if you already have a Premium subscription
- Many UI elements groomed and made more presentable
- Various error messages are now more understandable – for both humans and Bears
- Alert animations no longer behave badly after getting a stern Rawr-ing to
- Bugs sat on and squished, a couple accidentally but we’ll take them
- 5.18% more Bears


The beautiful RememBear app is the easiest way to create, secure, and auto-fill really strong passwords across your devices.

RememBear saves you time by logging you into websites and apps with just a few taps. The friendly app is also the most convenient way to set super-secure and unique passwords for all your online accounts, keeping you safe as you explore the Internet.

Try RememBear Premium free for 1 month! If you fall in love with your Bear (what’s not to love…), keep things going with an annual subscription.

- Keep your data safe: All of your logins are stored in an encrypted vault that only you can access.
- Automatic log-in and checkout: RememBear saves you time by auto-filling your login and payment information across your favourite apps and websites.
- Prevent identity theft: By generating strong, unique passwords for your online accounts, RememBear makes it harder for your accounts to get hacked.
- Access your passwords anywhere: Passwords are automatically synced across all your computers, phones, and tablets, for a seamless experience.

- Unlock your vault securely with Touch ID/Fingerprint Unlock
- Auto-locking vault after inactivity
- A single Master Password lets you unlock your vault.

- Independently audited: RememBear security is independently audited by a 3rd party to ensure it meets the highest security standards.
- Privacy by design: Engineered so that you, and only you, can see your sensitive data.
- Serious security: RememBear protects your data with super strong encryption.

Get a 30-day free trial of RememBear Premium when you sign up for the first time. After your trial ends, you’ll be charged for a yearly RememBear subscription.*

If you’re not ready to commit to RememBear Premium, you can cancel anytime and downgrade to RememBear Free which removes cross-device sync, backup, and priority support.

RememBear has a simple, human readable privacy policy and terms of use you can read here:

Is your Bear misbehaving? Do you have feedback for us? Do you have a cool fact about bears to share? Contact our support team by visiting our website

* Subscriptions are charged to your iTunes account at the end of your free trial period, and auto-renew every year. You can manage your subscription and turn off auto-renew at any time by going to your iTunes Account Settings.

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Numerous Login Errors Encountered
Chicken leg 92 on 5/23/2018
This application is incredibly useful on my laptop, as it actually has a functioning login system. However, this doesn’t appear to be the case when attempting to add a device, as an error message pops up with the following text: Something went wrong, please try again. I have attempted to restart the app, restart my phone, of which have yielded no success. I soon hope to see the app fully functional at some point.
Meh.... We’ll see
yodelingpuppet on 5/21/2018
I’m not impressed so far, and not a fan of having to begin a trial before using anything. You should make a free version to test out features before making the decision... I understand that I can cancel before I get charged, however, other password managers don’t do that. They allow the upgrade at the users convenience if they so choose. A must-have feature that is nowhere to be found is the ability to categorize or use a file system for things like email, social media, banking, etc. I need to group things for better organization because my life always needs more organized things. I’m too busy to worry about what’s where, or endless scrolling nonsense. They need to build a file/filter type of feature that can be created by the user. Another huge problem is the price; Keeper, known as one of the best and most trusted PW management apps is $5 less per month. RememBear is brand new, having not yet earned that reputation, and has fewer features, and yet it already thinks it’s worth more than one of the best... lol. Another flaw is that there’s no family plan. Ideally, I believe this app should drop that subscription price down to 24-29 dollars and then add a family plan for 40-45 dollars ($49 at the absolute highest) for up to 5 family members with unlimited devices. The final flaw I’ve noticed is that, despite having the option to specify when the app locks after exiting, it locks itself every single time you navigate away. I have mine set to lock after 15 minutes, however, when I’m multitasking and moving in and out of the app every few minutes, I’d like it to actually stay unlocked for the time that I had specified within the settings. That’s a bug that needs fixing ASAP. I’ve only spent a few days with this app but I can assure those of you who are considering this download, I’ll be canceling before the trial ends unless the price is reduced to the aforementioned and a few more features are added. If improvements are made, I’ll gladly update my review.
Love it!
vestergirl on 5/20/2018
Okay, so I used MasterLock Vault for many years. Loved it, never had an issue. Kept my whole life in there - on all of my devices. It was free - and flawless. Then out of nowhere, they notified users that they were discontinuing the password keeper. UGH! I spent a couple of weeks searching the App Store for a new password keeper. I must admit, I was initially drawn to the cute bear on this app. I love how he moves with what you’re searching or typing. If he can’t find something, he even shakes his head with his little paws to his face and looks emBEARassed! He’s adorable. But better than that, I’ve now got another seamless password keeper on all of my devices. Admittedly, it’s a bit pricey to get the advanced features of interactive usability. But I did it anyway because, as we all know, this is now a world of a billion passwords and we are lost without them. And keeping them secure is priceless. I had a few issues in the first few weeks, had to contact the app developer....had trouble with getting additional devices connected. Now it’s all working fine, and it’s VERY cool how I can actually log in to any of my sites right through the RememBear app! Love that. Then I click “Done” and I’m right back to the app. It’s a super fast way to get in and out of secure sites. I do with I’d gotten a “half off” deal or something. Because I think $40 was pretty steep. Maybe they’ll like my review and give me a deal. 😉
Won’t pay for a subscription
Mike.may on 5/10/2018
I’m not going to pay you yearly to use your app. I’ll happily pay a once for the service/app but I’m not paying you every year for it.
Premium only?
Sheeni503 on 5/3/2018
I saw this app listed in recommended apps and decided to give it a try. When I first start the app I was required to sign up for the premium free trial which will charge me I believe 35$ after 30 days. So is this app not usable without the premium?
Good app
zorro0f95 on 4/25/2018
Really good password manager. Used it during beta testing. Really want keep using it by upgrading to premium. But since my main device runs on Linux and there’s no Linux support it’s very disappointing.
Missing some features
Theater geek 28374 on 4/25/2018
This is by far the best password manager and the only company that did it right. It's secure with style and has a neat and organized design. It's missing two features that would make this app even more BEARable (aren't I funny) first off, what about private notes feature? That would be great. Next, two-factor authorization to make this even more secure. That's it!
Thank you
MiracleShack on 4/24/2018
I can’t believe this is free!? It’s LastPass basically but everything looks nicer.
Very nice
JP 5509 on 4/24/2018
I participated in RememBear Beta and am still using this password manager. After downloading the top password manager apps, and comparing them all, RememBear is much better than the competition. I do think there are just a few more things that could make RememBear perfect.
Help, Master Password and Finger print not working.
IHeartAnime on 4/22/2018
This app has working stupendously until now. I tried to log on and it wouldn’t let me use my fingerprint AND it wouldn’t accept my Master password. I know my Master Password better than the back of my hand. Idk if it’s a bug or something but I’d like help please.
Why use this?
人間ー魚 on 4/20/2018
Why would you pay a monthly fee to remember passwords when every phone comes with notes where you can write anything you want. Including passwords you want to remember.
Best password app ever
/thomas/ on 4/20/2018
Can’t Bear Other Managers
Challenick on 4/19/2018
This app stands above all other password managers thanks to its fantastic design. Moreover, there is the perfect number of features I need in a manager. I love the achievements, splash screen, Safari integration and bear puns. I officially left 1Password for RememBear. Keep up the good work!
Majorly disappointed by new premium fee structure
JiggityJOG on 4/18/2018
I picked this app instead of a more established password manager app because I am paid subscriber to the TunnelBear service, felt pretty satisfied with that service, and was led to believe in their support documentation for RememBear that when it did go to a premium fee structure that there would be some sort of discount for paid TunnelBear subscribers. No such luck and while the app has met my needs so far, it is not worth $36/year for the premium RememBear service and the free version will not be able to meet my needs. I feel kind of misled and disappointed here. I guess it’s time to find another more reasonably priced password manager that will fit my needs.
Too early out of beta
GBG1996 on 4/18/2018
The mobile and desktop apps are clean and well-designed, certainly promising. I’ve enjoyed using them the last few weeks. However, there are still basic functions missing that one would expect from a modern password manager - secure notes, 2FA, export capability, and security audit most notably. I’m sure these are all eventually coming, but a subscription cost comparable to other major password managers is not warranted until the feature set is comparable as well. App should have been kept in beta until then. For me, I’ll revisit this app when they’ve caught up.
With 1.0 comes disappointment
Jmc0663 on 4/17/2018
I’ve liked this fine. Honestly, I only like it because of the bears. Stupid of me, but true. I have used 1Password forever. I don’t need all if it’s features. I’ve read the reviews here and many people say remembear is awesome because it’s FREE! Lol, like that was going to continue. The developers said it wouldn’t. So, I was prepared to pay I when 1.0 came out, if the added SOMETHING to make it worthwhile and further differentiated it from 1Pass, but ~35 a year because you have a bear nod at you when you log in? Um, no. Again, the only thing differentiating it from 1Password is bear cartoons and lack of features. Yes, I know, you can use the FREE version if you don’t want to sync, etc. but anyone in their right mind would want to have a backup. And that’s part of the subscription.
Just Another Okay Password Manager
z8925r on 4/17/2018
Not really different from any of the other password managers other than it’s missing some common features, but that’s because it’s a new app out of beta. The $35/yr isn’t really warranted since it’s not at the level of 1Password, but TunnelBear users get a 14% discount off the annual subscription price.
No OTP and notes support
Paveo on 4/17/2018
Still unusable, lack of features.
Couldn’t get past setup
Iirebekah on 4/16/2018
Wanted to try the app but couldn’t even get past setting it up. Went to register that went fine but there’s no log in option. I got a confirmation email and then downloaded the app on my phone and computer. You can’t log in because it tells you to add from another device or have a backup kit. You have neither so this whole thing is pointless. Sign up process needs to be made much easier.
Cant get in
Dr Marrackor on 4/13/2018
Ok so i downloaded this app a while ago and it had its bugs but i signed up and all that stuff. I had already put sone passwords in and then it started chrashing so i deleted it. Now im trying to log in but i cant because i only have it on this device (iphone 7) and i tried signing up again and it just says grr... email already taken so now i cant log in to the app plz help....
Love the App
Stacecase21 on 4/3/2018
My only suggestion would be is...I would love to be able to take a picture of the front and back of my credit cards and put the login information in the same place as the card, would make it much more convenient! This way I don’t have the login info and credit card info in 2 different spots!
Awesome but not perfect
meee8898 on 4/1/2018
This app is extent, one of the best, I love it and I can count on it. But there is a huge feature is missing! There is no folders so I can organize my password. I hop you add this feature very soon. Regards.
Don’t listen to the other negative reviews
Call of Sav on 3/28/2018
This is a solid app compared to other password manager apps. Fluent design, ease of use, and clean! Best of all it’s free. All these negative reviews I’ve read are people who got locked out and didn’t follow simple instructions when setting up an account to save the backup kit. When you are storing something as sensitive as all your passwords you don’t save a master password to the cloud! It’s saved to your device hence the backup key. People who are complaining about support not helping them clearly don’t understand how standard encryption works on a local device. But hey they told you to save the key don’t blame them for not reading! Awesome app with ignorant bad reviews!
Makes your life easy
Bearderrific on 3/25/2018
An easy to use password manager that can be used across devices. RememBear keeps all your passwords in one place. You can generate complex passwords or enter your own. 4/5 stars, because having to enter in my master password every time I need to sign into something while using the same device gets annoying. I have RememBear on my Chrome browser (both on PC and Mac) and iPhone.
Want to replace OnePass
gregh1981 on 3/24/2018
I’ve been with one pass for a very long time. Want to replace it because it’s cumbersome and expensive. I have narrowed it down. I have RememBear and Enpass sitting side by side in a folder. I absolutely love the look and feel of RememBear. It’s fun and feels very current. If Enpass were too have this same look and feel, it would be a no brainer. Enpass would win. This is because with Enpass, you can add folders and organize your data. Super important for people who have a ton of passwords and accounts they track not only for themselves but for other people. Another very handy tool, albeit a premium pay for subscription feature 🤨, Enpass allows you to attach a photo to your entry. If RememBear would implement the two pros I’ve featured above, you guys would be my choice. The first one being a complete deal breaker for me. I began my hunt for a OnePass replacement knowing that a good folder system would be something I could not do without. I’ve used OnePass far too long to not know what I need in a replacement. I’m giving you 4 stars because what you have here is a great product. That one star off is for not being as full featured as I know you can be.
I love it
alyshort14 on 3/20/2018
Having a cute bear and funny images makes password managing less awful and more fun
So many questions...
Lophdid on 3/18/2018
Great app so far, but can you link it to Google Chrome some of us don’t like using Safari? Also will this app stay free, or will you charge us like every other password app on the app store right now?
Great Design. Clean and Simple.
Cp1574 on 3/10/2018
By far one of the easiest to use password safe apps I’ve used. It cuts out extraneous settings and gives you everything you need. Plus bear puns.
Whomp whomp
Amyladedada on 3/5/2018
I was totally happily using this app and loved how simple it was to login with my fingerprint... but then the other day I went to login as usual and to my surprise the app is now treating my phone like a brand new phone (nothing changed on my end). Which means I lost all my saved passwords. I’m not sure if I want to use this app again. Maybe they’re testing bugs still and it may be improved after a bit. For me, I’m going to hold off because I’m not going to store my passwords with a glitchy app. Whomp whomp.
pbolden on 3/2/2018
I downloaded this app and I use to always do the fingerprint but now I can’t get in bc it won’t let me do the fingerprint and I forgot password
Upsdj on 2/28/2018
This app is everything I was looking for. Better than any of the others in this category.
So far so good
priparenti on 2/27/2018
I’ve trusted my passwords to this cute app, but I forgot to write down my master password so I wasn’t able to connect it in other devices. I emailed the support and they answered me in few minutes! I was impressed with the service and help they gave me. I was able to save the info I had in the app, delete my account and recreate another one with the same email and now everything is working smoothly. Thank you RememBear. Very pleased. :)
Great for what it does
-Sook- on 2/23/2018
I liked the simple username & password and website fields, but I needed a secure app that also remembers notes.
dieflying on 2/16/2018
Thank you for Remembear! I love this app. I love that he has touchID access. I love that he can pop up right in my browser when I need him. And I love that he doesn’t limit me to only a few passwords. I love you, Remembear.
A request
slack49 on 2/15/2018
Maybe I’ve missed it but it’d be nice to not have to type in my email address every time I add a new login! It doesn’t bring up the opportunity to choose it on my phone. Am I not doing it right, that wouldn’t be a shocker lol
Low key, simple, and functional. The bear is so cute
Danny695 on 2/13/2018
This app is a perfect alternative to storing passwords in Notes (not recommended). The bear is super cute and I have fun with a password app. Super weird to say. 10/10 would recommend. Plus it’s free.
I only have one suggestion!
Weyloran on 2/12/2018
This is a fantastic app, no doubt about that. I discovered it just today on the appstore and have already been prompted to reset passwords to create more secure ones. I can tell this app will be a great help now and into the future! My only suggestion is this: - Add folders, so that you can group passwords for type of website.. For example, I could add a Games folder to group my GOG,, and Discord passwords under the same category. - If you don't want to add folders then here's my alternative, let us add tags to their passwords (and add a group by tag function) so that all passwords under the same category can be grouped. Otherwise an excellent app!
Happily Replacing 1Password
Benjamin.S on 2/10/2018
I discovered this application recently and have absolutely fallen in love with it. No only do I admire the simple design and interface more than 1Password, but the ease of use and FREE price tag makes this app a no brainer. I have yet to find anything wrong with this application and will likely use it from here on out. I have always heard great things about TunnelBear specifically from the guys and gals over at Linus Tech Tips so I can confidently leave a very positive review of their software and feel ensured that my information is protected.
Credit Card portion should utilize camera
Matteolarkin on 2/9/2018
I like the idea of this app, I just think they could make data input easier by allowing the camera to take in the credit card or somehow work with the wallet app that already has my info.
Like it so far except
Alexan555 on 2/8/2018
that it logs me out too often. For example, I open the app, then go go to a site on Safari and go to the login page. Then I’ll go back to the app and will have to login again. Anytime I leave the app, even if it’s to use a different app, then come back to RememBear, I have to login again. That gets irritating after a while and slows down usage. I like my apps fast and easy to use. There’s a feature in settings where you can choose how long the app is supposed to stay stay open until auto logout. Looks like that’s useless in light of the above behavior. If they could fix that, I’d have zero problems with it. I like the user interface, visually simple and it’s very easy to use. It would be nice if we could change the colors. Purely cosmetic, I know, it just would be a nice to have feature. Other than that, they’re definitely on the right track with this app.
Great App for your Password/Email
Z3nja on 2/8/2018
Such a good app to use for storing your emails and password and to sync it to the browsers for quick and easy inputs.
Stupid app
Pats app on 2/8/2018
Needs work!! All I got was "grrr, something did not work!" Deleted immediately!
Sinuouscape4107 on 2/7/2018
This keeps all your passwords safe and you get to see a bear following you while your typing. It lets you put important notes underneath it to help you remember more information and it’s easy to access. The best thing is that you can go to the website you have a password saved on and automatically put it in with this app!
Great App a Must Download!!!
Zimmdo23 on 2/7/2018
It is so simple but secure to save all of the many passwords in your daily life. You can also access it from your laptop or computer. Such a great product and time saver.
Frustrating : did not allow me to create an account!
Pedro_BB on 2/6/2018
Liked the concept and some reviews around it: tried to create a new account: entered a very strong password, confirmes it and hit the « create account but getting an error message like « Grrr! Looks like something went wrong when creating your account ». Frustrating !!!
Cute as h*ck
Kobi Tate on 2/6/2018
It’s cute AND it’s a good password manager. Not quite as robust as its well-established, but it makes up for it in personality. I’m excited to see what the bears come up with! Devs are responsive to issues and feedback too. I had an issue which I emailed the bears about and I got a quick response. 🐻
Sukmynut2time on 2/6/2018
burgerbecky on 2/6/2018
I couldn’t create an account. It claimed it couldn’t talk to the server. I tried again and now it says my email is taken. I have no way to create account by now nor any way to reset my password, not that it matters since I can’t even get past the login screen. Crap app.
Nickle828 on 2/6/2018
This app is phenomenal it helps me so much thank you to the creators of this app!!
Best password app ever
Das_Bagel on 2/6/2018
I have used several passwords apps and this one is by far the best I’ve used the ease of use is amazing, and I love the fact that I can get on my computer and update or add them open the app and boom everything is there! I will keep using bear and I look forward to more great updates from bear!!
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