Facetune2: Selfie Editor & Cam

Lightricks Ltd.

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Photo & Video 1.10.3 Nov 24, 2016 Jun 27, 2018 167 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 1.10.3

Here's what's new in this update!
- New! Apply filters and adjustments to only parts of your photo with the new Wipe tool!
- We've added Grain to Adjust. Now you can get that vintage look right in Facetune2

Daniel & The Facetune Team
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What if we told you that from now on, every single selfie you take will look amazing? With Facetune 2, that’s totally the case. Get the perfect selfie every time! The next generation of the award-winning Facetune app is here with a new, amazing collection of the best pro retouching features. We’re sure you’ll agree that this is the best makeup and beauty editing app on the market. Get an airbrushed or more natural look - it's up to you! There’s super advanced technology behind every fun, powerful and easy-to-use tool. Whether you swear by selfie stick or you know how to get your best angle with just the palm of your hand, Facetune 2 can make every selfie perfect. In only a few taps, you can whiten teeth, remove blemishes & pimples, smooth out skin, contour & slim faces—and so much more! Facetune 2 is sure to leave your friends and followers wondering how you look so damn good in every photo—and begging for your secret!

Experience the incredible magic of Facetune 2 now:

- Whiten your teeth
- Widen your eyes and your smile
- Edit & change eye color
- Add eye details & reflections for sparkling eyes
- Remove redeye

- Swipe over blemishes, pimples or wrinkles to remove instantly
- Smooth out skin for a flawless, porcelain look
- Airbrush pictures for glowing skin
- Minimize pores and get rid of blackheads
- Cool down skin that’s too red
- Blot away shine on oily skin
- Rejuvenate dull, pale skin with a vibrant glow

- Easily enlarge or minimize features: make features skinnier or wider
- Change the light source for perfect lighting
- HDR accents for beautiful details
- Remove shadows or glare caused by harsh lighting
- Ultimate control of temperature, saturation and more
- Easy Compare tool at every step to compare before & after

- Magically replace backgrounds
- Get artistic with a unique prism effect
- Fun, creative and colorful light effects
- Smart, beautiful filters

- Tweak features, smooth skin, whiten teeth *while* you shoot, not after
- Live filters add makeup and beautify your look while you watch

- You can subscribe for unlimited access to all features and content offered for purchase within Facetune 2.
- Subscriptions are billed monthly, bi-annually or annually at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan. Alternatively a one time payment plan is available (this is not a subscription).
- Subscriptions auto-renew at the cost of the chosen package, unless cancelled 24-hours in advance prior to the end of the current period. The subscription fee is charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. You may manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings after purchase. Per Apple policy, no cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. Once purchased, refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term.
- Terms of use: http://facetuneapp.appspot.com/files/facetune-terms.pdf
- Privacy policy: http://www.facetuneapp.com/files/facetune-privacy.pdf

Ready for 100% right swipes? ;) Download now.

iPad Screenshots
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superrr1234 on 7/18/2018
So how do we save the pictures we edit ?
yomamaeatsgabagaba on 7/17/2018
Fixes my face when I have uglyyyynes
Candy Lady Like on 7/16/2018
Hey sisters💕🌸 *mouth pop
Isn’t free!
Jonathan zhu on 7/16/2018
You wasted time downloaded then you need to pay $70
Stop charging me!
Amandazine0 on 7/16/2018
I canceled this subscription the month after I purchased it but I am still getting charged. Stop charging me. I haven’t had access to the VIP features since I canceled my subscription so you’ve been stealing money from me.
Cha Cha ok on 7/14/2018
Love itttt💕
FishyPython on 7/14/2018
I love all the things I can do on this app. But since the VIP limits some things, it doesn’t give me everything I need. But it’s still very useful in my editing! I just start with the first Facetune, and then go over to this one to add extra details. I suggest having both! Wonderful job!❤️
Disappointed customer
zeek taurus on 7/14/2018
This app will not let me cancel my payments and it continue to take my money monthly. I hate it and stop taking my money. I don’t even freaking use this app; its garbage!!!!!
Contemplating getting the payed...
It55me on 7/13/2018
I was contemplating getting the payed version but you guys didn’t even let me complete my whole month of the free trial. No cool.
Asia Ramirez on 7/12/2018
Okay i am very confused as to how i can do the things that show in the preview videos. For example with the example PAINT video. It shows adding rainbow eyeliner to the model, and then adding blue hearts to the face of another. How in the hell do we do that? Its clicked on regular colors yet rainbow and blue hearts came out of it???!?!?!! Please explai
Changed app and asked for more money
Modern Nomadic on 7/12/2018
I hadn’t used the app for awhile. Jumped on to edit a photo and was told the ‘detail’ brush was “VIP”. Deleted immediately.
Aunt Jemma on 7/12/2018
Leehster on 7/12/2018
So I downloaded this app to give a try and you can’t do anything without paying first. $6 for a one time or $13 for a month. I’m not spending a penny if I can’t give it a test drive first. This was a waste of time as I hate apps that appear to be free and then after you run the app you can’t do anything without paying some outrageous fee. Thanks but no thanks!
an essential
darleen thirakul on 7/11/2018
i luv this app, im a facetune shister and i need this bc im ugly and i use it everytime before i post a picture. all the shisters out there need to get facetune
Total disappointment
Mpam2 on 7/11/2018
I want my money back.
It’s crap
Pixie Wizard on 7/10/2018
You can’t do ANY of the cool stuff without spending more money.
Had to pay twice!
jonathanmiami on 7/9/2018
The product said that it supports family Sharing...but it does not! Very misleading! I had to pay twice so my wife could use it! Horrible experience since the unlimited version is $70!
Pretty good
EnderKitty22552 on 7/9/2018
I really don’t have anything bad to say about this app. I honestly only use this to edit my Dog’s Instagram photos. Nothing will ever be able to fix my ugliness😂 but really this app is amazing. It makes my photos look so much better!! I’d show a before and after photo if there was an option to do that. The only thing I do wish was different is if some more stuff was unlocked without purchasing. Other than that, everything is amazing!
You’re beautiful
Oliver Walden on 7/9/2018
One star only because no one needs this app. You don’t need an editing app to make yourself look attractive. You’re already beautiful on the inside and out. :)
Ripped off
alysonyun on 7/8/2018
I bought the original version of this app for 5$, and now you guys are charging $70??? Way to disappoint customers who agreed to pay a certain amount BEFORE you sprung this change on them. Please reimburse me.
Mickeymouse260 on 7/8/2018
I use Facetune for everything and I like it bc it doesn’t make ur photo look really photoshopped it just makes it how u want it I highly reccomend this app!!
Super cool!!
Everyone RUN!! on 7/8/2018
This app is super cool, it’s has really cool tools to help you edit your pictures to make them look 100% better. I wish you didn’t have to pay for so many thing though. But they do include a lot of tools that can also make your pictures hilarious!! I wish they did add a thing where you can take part of another picture and put it onto a different picture (kind of like stickers on Snapchat) but otherwise I think this app is really cool and a great app to start out with if your interested in or new at photo editing.
Cadah on 7/7/2018
I hate how almost everything you have to pay money for like if I had money I would of gotten the first facetune
Are you serious
nfgsogdbwobd on 7/6/2018
Charged me for 55.98 what the hell give me my money back! And what is this charge for ????
No way to try app before subscribing..
IIKrayZII on 7/5/2018
I’m not throwing money into an app that I can’t even test out the basic functions before choosing to subscribe. What if I don’t like it? Promotion videos brought me here but ads are the worst these days and I can’t trust them.
coco ϖ momo on 7/4/2018
Boooooooooooo🤮🤮🤮🤮 This game is soooooooooo BAD BECUSE YOU CANNOT EVEN SMOOTH YOUR FACE AND IT is a rip off so all off the people that’s thinking of getting it, DONT😈
Pgm2005 on 7/3/2018
Facetune is hands down the best photo editing app on the AppStore. Very high functioning, and haven’t came across one glitch! Always gives your photos the extra thing bring them to their potential!
Better than photoshop
Appgrader3000 on 7/3/2018
Facetune has helped me edit photos like a professional! Photoshop is too confusing with different layers, however, with Facetune, it’s super easy to just use a tool to edit. Facetune has every single tool you can think of too. Other editing apps just offer a few tools and make you pay for others but no this app. Once you use it you won’t edit your photos with anything else! I don’t even use Instagram filters anymore. Only downside is the premium upgrade is EXPENSIVE.
(v49) on 7/2/2018
My go to for most of my photos.
Amazinglylah on 7/2/2018
This app is sooo good I love it sooo much, It let’s you Do all kinds of stuff to your body and face. It’s the best photo Editor anybody could have!! It’s soo cool that they let you do all these cool things to make your photo look Professional!🔥 It also has VIP which cost Money but its Super Cheap & Worth Buying!! I love this app soo much it’s Never Getting deleted!♥️ I recommend You to buy it!♥️
Great app!
airira on 7/1/2018
After trying over a dozen different apps to get some blemishes off a photo of my niece, your software (the free version!) retouched it perfectly. If I need to do more intensive work in the future, I will think of your app first and buy the tools I need to get the job done. Great app! It just works!
tomhaverfronmeagleeagle on 7/1/2018
I absolutely adore this app!
anarabodiford on 7/1/2018
i never write reviews but this makes it look professionally edited. and you cant edit your body and make it look so natural no one can tell!!!!
Me age 10 on 7/1/2018
You can do so many cool and fun edits on this app to make your pictures more pleasing to look at. Although some may think this app makes a picture fake-looking, I think it’s all up to the way you choose to edit. This is a great app and I would 10/10 recommend it to someone in need of any kind of alteration to their photos.
we stan a rating queen on 7/1/2018
I’m so happy I found this app, I’ve been using it for 2 years now. It’s a life saver!! ❤️❤️
tblshk on 6/30/2018
It is amazing!
Love it!
t.iffaany on 6/30/2018
I go from a 3/10 to a 9/10 with the help of this app and so can you
I need help!!! 😐 on 6/29/2018
I love this app
LOLKITTYLOVER42807 on 6/29/2018
You almost need to pay for everything. $32 a year. I’m not paying for that.
Minionofset on 6/28/2018
Everything haters say about this app couldn’t be further from the truth! Tuned pics look great, the investment is well worth it, and it’s super easy to use. I freaking love Facetune!
Reoccurring Charges in the App
Ellintonton hornschwagle on 6/28/2018
This app is not a one time charge. I did not realize they were charging me 4.80 a month every month until all my iTunes credit had been depleted and it started charging my credit card. It is a $15 annual fee but was charging me almost 5 dollars a month and I never used it. I didn’t like the look of it and preferred the free Facetune. I can say I am a bit beyond disappointed.
Upgrade not possible
TheMajor72 on 6/26/2018
So I tried to subscribe to the monthly access to everything for $5.99 a month. I got mo eh on the bank yet iTunes is saying payment method declined. Pitty.
Gazza8181 on 6/26/2018
They let you download for free and is really really expensive to use!
Ripped off!
Belken22 on 6/25/2018
I purchased this app on 3/7/2018. Now when I try to use it I am required to pay a further $70 to continue using?? Tried restoring purchase but no luck. No obvious way to contact company for help. Feels like I’ve been scammed :-(
Doesn't even have a Red Eye Remover
Vegakid on 6/24/2018
Some of the most basic things aren't available while esoteric things are standard.
patriciaxxr_ on 6/22/2018
Great! My original problem was fixed.
App not working
ElegantSaj on 6/21/2018
Won’t let me upload images to edit
Merl U2 on 6/20/2018
I’m in no way a pro at editing! But your app allows me to edit my hobby pictures to professional looking shots! Not to mention how easy the tools are to navigate. I also love the tutorial section!! Thank you for helping us beginners seem like we’ve been editing for years!
It’s good tbh
sxlest on 6/20/2018
There are some in app purchases but the app is amazing
tap record video
ID Insta:Amir0121 on 6/19/2018
plz add this option: one tap record video
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