Halo Stickers

Microsoft Corporation

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Stickers 1.1 Oct 13, 2016 Nov 15, 2016 6.1 MB iOS 10.0 or later 9+
New in version 1.1

To celebrate Halo’s 15th anniversary, we’ve updated the Halo iOS sticker pack with some legendary new ways to express yourself!


Betcha CAN stick it! Halo universe stickers – available now on iPhone and iPad!

Every chat needs a little more Chief, and with these new stickers for iPhone and iPad you can do just that – and much, much more. Sometimes that last message to your friends and family was Perfection, sometimes it was Overkill… Either way, now you’ve got the tools to showcase which is which!

iPad Screenshots
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I just got this app like a minute ago
Hi 404 on 6/6/2018
And I love it but it needs some marines and OSTs I think.
Abysmal choices
WhatTheWhat1 on 11/23/2017
A handful of options that are totally & completely random. You will never use any of these. Pretty much only “happy birthday” and silly celebratory Elites & Grunts and stuff. Retarded selection.
Can't delete it
can't delete it on 6/21/2017
Can't delete it🖕
I can't use it
sharkinater on 6/4/2017
Why can't I use the stickers
I don't mind
I am a dog from the wild on 5/6/2017
I don't mind it at all. I like for having my favorite game as stickers
Nice I like it but one thing
How can we get it on 4/25/2017
You need to update it make Locke and his team make chief and his team make more Spartans add the flood brutes elites jakels ok but other then that its great
Thenooch05 on 4/22/2017
These Stickers Are Great. Their Only Downfall Is The Fact That They Are Mostly Wearing Birthday Hats.
Where is it?
WhoSquirrel on 3/14/2017
Downloaded the app, can't find it anywhere. Can't open it from the App Store either. Really don't like the idea of a ghost app on my phone.
SaviAvAner on 3/10/2017
Perfect for my cousin and I! We love Halo so much!
Nathaniel de la Torre on 2/26/2017
You need to go to add button and activated the halo button
Halo is great but these stickers are not very usefull
Teh Phri4r on 2/10/2017
Love the fact that there are stickers for iMessage but unlike other stickers, these are not really emotes. I find myself rarely using them because they are random halo icons. If they had some that could be used as reactions in conversations they would be 5 star and worth even paying for.
How to use!!!
TnkMech on 2/8/2017
Can anyone tell me how to activate these emojis? I have this and even the Mario bros and cannot see where to enable them or even an icon for the app.
What I think about the Halo stickers
Michael Lindberg on 1/27/2017
I think there are well done but I would enjoy if they were the original grunts and more spartans would be nice too. Even though I think it could be better I do enjoy them. Keep up the good work.🙂
Suicidal twin on 1/16/2017
Eh 8 out of 10
UmbranoizX on 1/11/2017
I think the grunts look cute when you are not murdering them, so yeah it could be better but awwwwww the grunts are so cute :3 i give it a 5
5th review!!
S4ul on 1/5/2017
I love it 😍
4th review!
Random Somebody on 12/28/2016
It looks okay, could be better
I like it
Zachattack0623 on 12/6/2016
It's nice and it's funny
Awesome P.S.
BONEXCRUSHER on 12/5/2016
Lol if you say fail you probably are a cod fanboy
always awn on 11/21/2016
Justintoddd35 on 10/21/2016
Am I the only one who can even use it?? I downloaded it but it's not showing up on my phone
Great for a start!
LegoTroop on 10/18/2016
Love the idea and is nice to see 343 doing stuff for apple now! The only problem is there isn't enough stickers, 10 isn't enough to show off halo also i was a little disappointed that it doesn't show up next to your message like in the pictures for the app, instead it shows up separately.
Awesome, needs more stickers
Adam Shark on 10/17/2016
Needs all vehicles and weapons please!!!!!!
Let me pay for more!!!
Ski Vail on 10/17/2016
Halo Rocks, Would happily pay for more!
Crap quality
pholly on 10/16/2016
At least it's free but I was expecting a much higher quality from MS.
Red VS Blue!
Dhggxcixeggunv on 10/16/2016
Great stickers but it needs more stickers, (RVB specifically)
It's free. It's Halo.
BootlegBrawl on 10/15/2016
There's really nothing to dislike here. Could use more stickers though, to be honest!
master chief spartan 117 from halo
James. Braselton on 10/15/2016
hi there this master chief spartan 117 from halo 10 stickers for free app even halo has econmy halo mega stures type 4 sevation most expecive cevation in the universe 7nothing cheap soo 40 halo stickers coming soon at $4 117 stickers $12 777 stickers earth $84 halo $77
So cool!!!
Carlos aeg on 10/15/2016
I love it. My favorite video game in stickers.
Good Start
Zachford on 10/14/2016
I was super stoked to see these new Halo stickers for iMessage yesterday! Kudos to Microsoft for willingly jumping on the iPhone train and supporting the iMessage Ap Store so soon. The stickers are great, and it's a nice first foray into it for them. I would have given 5 stars if there were either a) more animated ones, or b) more to choose from. Hopefully we'll see more push in the future!
Halo is life
Fat Fingers Jefferson on 10/14/2016
They missed out on a little animated t-bag but still great!!! Can't wait for more!!
AdamBlanton1126 on 10/14/2016
This great I just wish there would be more stickers
GameHEADtime on 10/13/2016
Bring to my windows phone oh wait
Like what the hell
TriGirl001 on 10/13/2016
8 stickers, not suprised, screw microsoft and 343
Good but I want more
HotShot2316 on 10/13/2016
How about some iconic medals perhaps? Weapons? Gametype logos? Other characters?
Not very good
Joshua McShane on 10/13/2016
Really small and not very expressive. Love the idea of Halo stickers, but these just aren't very good. Would love to see a do-over.
Very good.
Horsey4444 on 10/13/2016
I like the halo stickers I just wish there were more.
Low on content
Bobonut on 10/13/2016
Overall not enough stickers and missing so many iconic characters and poses.
Love em!
Wgtrumpet on 10/13/2016
Halo is one of my favorite game series and when I saw that a sticker pack was available I freaked out! The pack is great and I've already started to annoy my friends with a sticker every other message! Hopefully they'll add some more stickers because right now, it's a rather small sticker pack TBH.
Zman0120 on 10/13/2016
Nice Stickers
Emperor Tiberius on 10/13/2016
Good stickers, art is decent. Halo 5 isn't Halo. #savemccfirst #yespartsofitarestillbroken
C'mon guys
JordawnTheJew on 10/13/2016
You guys seriously release this with only 10 stickers? Where's the kill streak medals, prometheans, fore runner anything, freaking halo rings? Arby? Red Spartan v blue Spartan? I want and deserve a better opportunity to represent halo in iMessage.
Too small and not enough
outsidr54 on 10/13/2016
Seriously Microsoft, I'm promoting your brand. I think we can do a little bit better then 10 stickers. How about some red v blue, one of the skulls, the oddball, any of the weapons. You'd think Cortana would all over this since she's your AI? Thanks for taking emoji's you already had made off the shelf. Epic fail.
djjcxyz on 10/13/2016
Add the Wraith with animation, or Banshee please.
Chief approves
Bendueno123 on 10/13/2016
Yes, yes he does.
Needed this !!
Kevanted on 10/13/2016
All love !
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