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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Social Networking 3.1.1 Nov 29, 2016 Aug 18, 2018 134.8 MB iOS 9.0 or later 17+
New in version 3.1.1

That new new
- Add irl friends by searching their Snapchat username
- You can now Pce Out after you add time
- Much faster reporting process to keep Monkey safe
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How to meet new people on Monkey
Accept a video chat
Talk for 15 seconds
If you’re both feeling a vibe, add time
If the vibe feeling isn’t mutual, don’t
Repeat with someone new

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mornricks on 8/20/2018
MOR fun
It good
jaecinaehardiman on 8/20/2018
Good app it’s funny
shahsjsjshsh on 8/20/2018
Fun to use
Monkey app
sm3third on 8/20/2018
It’s a good app, it would be great though if the age of the person was correct, if your 12 don’t say your 25 or 30
savagemafia on 8/20/2018
Watching video people being nasty and craters need to get on
This app funny😂❤️
Lili_bruh200 on 8/20/2018
Y’all need to stop with this “they are being inappropriate on there” because that has nothing to do with monkey that is just people being weird on there so I give it 5 stars 🤪
bigman2450 on 8/20/2018
I love it
Hoe an' Thot lot on 8/20/2018
I have fun with friends
I say i want to talk to girls and im still talking to boys -_-
niglketbou on 8/20/2018
Trasshhhhhg but amazing
Love them
marina1515 on 8/20/2018
Love u
Lolwhe evening survey on 8/20/2018
Funny af and good to know people
Not my Monkey
Jaybigdick on 8/20/2018
Honestly all I have been getting is boys and I don’t like it at all. I WANT TO TALK TO GIRLSSSSS.
ssdghgtd on 8/20/2018
Best app ever
manny3055 on 8/20/2018
Very funny
jaystac89 on 8/20/2018
Should show closer people though! Also strictly what gender you would like to meet! And AGE RESTRICTIONS!!
savage.kid7 on 8/20/2018
I love the app
Jake From State Farm Jr: on 8/20/2018
It’s amazing
Your mom
SARINNNNNNA on 8/20/2018
jamaya2003 on 8/20/2018
It was an interesting experience but it’s good for public speaking
It’s just something to do
greenbeans003 on 8/20/2018
Funny roasts
💕gabe💕 on 8/20/2018
Hey I’ve had this app before and I personally think it’s super fun but I unfortunately don’t have a phone anymore, only an iPod and I can’t use the app because it requires you to enter your phone number for a confirmation code. I can’t do that with an iPod, I believe there should be more then one way to confirm your account. That’s the extent of my problem though.
monkey app
valerietree on 8/20/2018
this is a great app to make new friends
ctdjh. xx on 8/19/2018
Got me my first nude
It good
nuttyts on 8/19/2018
It good
bshsgavegkakqjs on 8/19/2018
carlitoo191 on 8/19/2018
Its fun
yNe jydkA on 8/19/2018
uhtttt on 8/19/2018
It is goooood
navy2303 on 8/19/2018
Monkey lit fam
Loving it
B-Ryan97 on 8/19/2018
I loving it
Fun af
CurlyHead_Nyyy on 8/19/2018
This is so fun I met new people except for the nasty grown men . But this app is really fun meeting new people is good and that’s what this app is about ! And it’s humorous, because when it asks you to write an review it says to pick “I hate it” or “Aight” 😂😂 Might not be funny to you but it’s pretty funny and when you first sign up it says stuff you have to do and about Kim And Konyae lol def didn’t spell that right but love the app ❤️❤️
Savage jewel on 8/19/2018
It’s fun but I need more girls!!!!!🛏
Akabach on 8/19/2018
I need only girls❤️
Funny as hell all I got to say
Turnish on 8/19/2018
ineedyougirl on 8/19/2018
Fun way to meet friends and gain more confidence and be more social
bxhhhxh on 8/19/2018
Cool thing to go on
rubytupac on 8/19/2018
Great way to meet people
🐒 app
LeeLee😍 on 8/19/2018
It's lit everyone should download Monkey turn up 😍💯
drewgolivee on 8/19/2018
SolarStreak on 8/19/2018
It good
This is fun some people look cute
lit mia129❤️ on 8/19/2018
It’s a good app
Not as fun now people are using the police face to disconnect a conversation smh
Trster on 8/19/2018
It was fun being anonymous and fix age. Lot of age discrimination on this app.
nivyia12 on 8/19/2018
Its chilling
Philly Quilly on 8/19/2018
i like the app, simple to use but i guess it’s a lil silly😅😅😅
jbabybslayin on 8/19/2018
I love it but people gotta control what they show 😭😂
Monkey a great app
LilTonni on 8/19/2018
This app littt love it lotsss💙💙💙
Lil g
bjjudb on 8/19/2018
It’s good it’s fun better than Dubsmash
Erion S on 8/19/2018
This app is very good at meeting new people but there is one problem people be reporting u just bc they don't wanna talk to u
@savagemirdow snapchat on 8/19/2018
Luv this app got the love of my Life off this app
Love it
jarrell500 on 8/19/2018
I found my gf in on here
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