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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Travel 2.10.0 Jan 13, 2017 Jun 11, 2018 83.4 MB iOS 8.0 or later 4+
New in version 2.10.0

ofo is more fun with friends!
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Fix bugs and improve general performance.


ofo is a bike-sharing service provider that is making short city trips more convenient than ever before. Our yellow bikes are available for riding anytime, anywhere.

They do not require a specified docking station, which means you may park the bike anywhere permitted by local law. Please ensure other riders can easily locate the bike after you park and secure it.

Hop on an ofo & soar to your next destination!

Curious how ofo works? It's easy!

1) Find a bike
2) Tap & scan
3) Enjoy the ride
4) Park and lock

We hope you enjoy your ride!

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Gross business strategy and full of fraud charge
urakuchan on 6/23/2018
For everyone who want to use ofo in mainland China, don’t use this app! It charge a higher deposit fee, two time the version from Chinese App Store or other Chinese version. The per ride rate is also twice higher than the Chinese version! Beside the gross business strategy, it charges even if you get a unusable bike! Go for alternative providers who take no deposit and friendlier fee if you ride in mainland China! 对于想在中国大陆使用ofo的所有人,请勿使用此应用程序!它收取较高的存款费,是中国区App Store或其他中文版的两倍。每次骑乘的费用也比中文版高两倍!除了歧视性的商业策略之外,坏车也会先被会收取费用,需要你自己报告退还!如果您在中国大陆骑车,请选择不收取任何押金和费用更友好的提供商!
Trouble signing up
App Reviews ^^ on 6/22/2018
Tried to sign up several times but got “invalid parameter” messages several times with no further explanation. Very frustrating.
They fixed the app!
Southern Roots on 6/22/2018
Now it’s working great. 5 stars.
Can never find a bike
Chadleit on 6/22/2018
I live in a city of college students at ASU, whenever it comes past 11pm I can never find a bike. It’ll be on the map and my location dot will be on top of it but i can never see the bike. Uber is the way to go i guess for now
This company tricks you into paying for a full month
OFO-IS-A-SCAM on 6/19/2018
Be careful! The renewal process for the pass is designed to steal money from consumers. Oh you have to cancel 25 hours before the renewal date? You're stealing. You're stealing money. You terrible, horrible, shady company.
Bikes are too small
JTrotsky on 6/16/2018
Great concept except the bikes are way too small for anyone taller then 5’4”.
Leggomacookie on 6/15/2018
I’ve never written a review ever. I was sitting in front of a bike trying to get it to redeem after using the “free Apple Pay”. 20 minutes after try and try it didn’t work and I gave up. Why is it this hard? I’m good with apps and technology and it should not be this hard. Dissatisfied customer. Will not continue using.
Broken bike with no And no one to call
johnalancovey on 6/15/2018
kun bike come pick it up no one to call no phone number Will get in the trash if you don’t pick it up Broken bike on 365 Marine St. come pick it up or to go in the trash
No support
Ryry12000 on 6/15/2018
Took 24hrs to get a canned support answer that didn’t address my issue. No phone. No chat.
No refund option!
Advenight on 6/15/2018
No refund when the bike is broken (e.g. lock unable to open, brake doesn't work). It cost me 3x the cost to finally find a bike that work, but no refund even if the trip was barely 1 minute.
Short seats = immediate knee pain!
JDSweet on 6/14/2018
I’ll happily upgrade my rating when the bike seats go higher, but I’m only 5’ 10” and the (really easy to adjust!) bike seats max out so short that my knees are above parallel at the top of the stroke putting lots of uncomfortable and quite unhealthy pressure on my kneecaps. I’m a daily cyclist with very strong legs and I can’t stand riding these Ofo bikes even for a quarter mile.
Doesn’t work
Alex_LiveSaX on 6/14/2018
I tried to sign up several times, put my cell phone number, after that had a verification code, when put in the app, said Invalid parameter ((
Deceptive pricing
MarkSweep on 6/11/2018
When you start for the first time it says “you first 5 rides are free for the first 3 days”. This is a lie. They really mean “the first hour of your first 5 rides are free”. They charged me $3 with a $2 discount, which worked out to $1. That did decidedly not “free”. Also there are dark patterns where they try to make you accidentally sign up for a subscription. They do this “start your first week free” overlay on the map whose hit box is much bigger than the overlay. Besides these annoyances, I’ve used the bikes a decent amount and found them useful.
Amazing! Cheap! And nice bikes!
ToxAxe on 6/11/2018
Thanks guys for the bikes! Really awesome, safes time and bus money, also a great way of cardio!!! Thanks! :)
Where’s my deposit?
Manolo Peal on 6/11/2018
Worked great for a while in China until it didn’t. When it stopped working, submitted a request to refund my deposit, more than two weeks later no refund and no reply from cs. Same for my wife’s account.
Not using it again
acagh on 6/10/2018
I followed the steps When they send me a code, the code doesn’t work
Horrible experience.
alliwantedwasaride on 6/9/2018
We walked around DC for an hour. The first bike wasn’t there...ie, there was no bike where the Ofo app said their should be. Then the next 2 bikes needed repair. How smart is the app if it can tell you when you attempt to rent the bike but doesn’t tell you before you walk 10 min to get to the bike. Not a fan!
Can't use app
clay.webb7 on 6/8/2018
I can't use the app because it thinks my phone is jailbroken when it's not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Terrible customer service
Ccccccatyyyy on 6/8/2018
I’ve never written a review for anything but I had to, they mis charged me and trying to get my money back has been a total nightmare!!
The Worst App of All Time
New Haven Driver on 6/8/2018
The English version of this app is garbage. I have patiently tried to work through issues with customer service, and I keep running into serious errors. I’m using a new iPhone 8. iOS and app are both current. First - serious lag when trying to conclude a ride. App would time out, even when I was on wifi Second - serious lag unlocking bikes. To the point that I the app would time out. This would happen on the QR scan and when manually entering numbers. Third - Unlock codes sent that did not unlock bike. This resulted in my ending trip twice and getting charged - twice. Customer service told me to log out of the app and then log back on. Fourth - when adding another card with all information entered exactly, I received an error stating my information was incorrect. I re-entered it several times with no luck. Fifth - after finally having enough of this awful app, I clicked a big yellow button that said, “refund your deposit anytime” and I received a message to “try again later.” Other issues: scanning the QR code on bicycles rarely worked. I was told that using a U.S. debit card for the deposit would result in zero charge for my actual rides. This worked for about a month, then the policy changed and I was charged super small amounts of RMB from a bank in Singapore. I am now anticipating a $5 International servicing fee on a .16 cent ride. This is why I was trying to add a debit card from a Chinese bank. Seriously, do not waste your time with ofo.
Great idea, awful customer service
Miniwaffer on 6/6/2018
I really enjoyed using the app and the bikes! However when I contacted the company to cancel my account they claimed they were working on it. Instead I was continuously charged despite contacting them multiple times. Still hasn’t been cancelled and they take weeks to respond to my inquiries. Do not recommend if you have any desire to cancel the service.
Not worth it
Beaniebombspalt on 6/5/2018
I thought I would enjoy the bike ride more than walking but the amount of energy exerted just to pedal the bike is not worth it. I immediately hopped off 15 minutes after. Save your time and money and walk
Can’t connect to server
Pvrtkr on 6/3/2018
When trying to unlock a bike or end my service, I ALWAYS have time out errors in connecting to the server. This alone makes me want to use ofo less and use it’s competitors instead
Horrible customer service
Luba Shuba on 6/3/2018
I downloaded the app in a hurry and was instructed to sign up for a subscription that I could “opt out of at anytime,” but after using the app once during a conference, I’m still being charged $25 per month. I couldn’t find a place to cancel a subscription through the app, so I deleted the app and wrote an email to Ofo asking for help. I never heard back from customer service, and Ofo is not showing up in my subscriptions list under my Apple ID, but I was just charged again. I wrote to Ofo again (I can’t find a phone number), and haven’t heard back yet. If anyone has any advice, please help!
Good Guy Company
Abloodwo on 6/2/2018
Literally never write reviews. Ever. App didn’t ask for this review either. Found a bike, downloaded the app and was cruising in seconds. With a free 7 day pass, cancel at anytime, no fees?? This is a good idea AND a great company. Download it and find a bike. 10/10 would recommend over Uber.
More Service In Charlotte
Jam El on 5/31/2018
Hello, OFO Thanks for your services! I am very grateful for your services. I would love to see more OFO bicycles around the city of Charlotte, NC(Mecklenburg County) please. I believe all of your customers should have a OFO Bicycle readily available if need be, thanks.
Better options
clttwin on 5/24/2018
This app was not intuitive to start. The locator was about a block off until we got closer. Unlocking And locking bike worked as it should and bike was maintained fine. A good value for someone that relies on this mode of transportation over a car. They should have daily or weekly options, pay as you go. Canceling this service is not easy. There is NO WAY to cancel the service without contacting the company. (Electronically). Thus, the main reason for my low review. It took 8 business days to hear back from someone stating it would still be some time YET to cancel my service. This is unacceptable. A racquet to pull another draft out of my account, and there is no phone number to actually talk to someone. Shady company. I will be using city sponsored programs that have stations for their bikes and more purchase options when I don’t have my own bike available. Never again.
Terrible bikes, buggy app, horrible support
smaant2 on 5/23/2018
Don’t use this crappy service, here’s why: 1. I’m 6’1’’ and there’s no way for me (and for anyone taller than 5’7’’) to use their bikes because a sit goes just that high. 2. When you register first time they offer a free trial week (ask credit card info anyway) and promise you can cancel during this week at any moment with no charge. Here’s the trick - there’s no way to cancel membership from the app, the way they explain in the welcome email doesn’t exist. I assume I’m going to be charged for membership I don’t use and can’t cancel any moment now. 3. Their support is horrible, I don’t heard anything back from them for a week already. There’s no way to call them.
DMingsing on 5/22/2018
I’m trying to cancel my 7 day pass and the instructions say go to, “My Wallet,” in the app, then, “manage” there is so manage option!!!!
daiyt on 5/22/2018
Don't show bikes that need to be repaired!!!
Cheque159 on 5/20/2018
App shows bikes on the road despite needing repairs, remove these from the "Available" bikes
all.around_trash on 5/20/2018
Today was my first time using a bike share app and it was awesome! The bike was a bit hard to use at first due to my short legs, but it was very nice! I like how inexpensive it is! I was easily able to use it to go get groceries! It’s a lot cheaper than the LimeBike. Will definitely be using more often! Thanks Ofo!
ZERO STARs!!! This app is a SCAM!!!!
thecyclist90210 on 5/18/2018
I’ve been scammed by this app.. tried it w/free trial but the bikes didn’t work & when I tried to cancel though the app there’s no option & user guide is “down” in app... & NO CUSTOMER SERIVE PHONE #!!! & they WILL NOT respond to my emails asking them to cancel it because The place where they say you can cancel it in the app does not exist in my app!! They say it’s under wallet, “manage” which I DO NOT HAVE in my app!!!!! Now I am gettin charged & will have to dispute it as a scam with my credit card company!! Do yourself a favor & Use the other bike shares THAT HAVE A CUSTOMER SERVicE PHONE NUMBER!!! THIS ONE IS A SCAM IN MAy 2018!! I have no idea how other ppl have had any type of positive experience!!! Horrible scam of a company!! I have evidence and screen shots of all this!!
Olivberr on 5/18/2018
My store front looks tacky because of these bikes
Well done, but cannot cancel monthly pas s renewal without contacting support
Opiate2002 on 5/18/2018
The app is good, and I generally like the service, but when I went to cancel my monthly membership recently I was unable to do so. Neither their app nor their website provides an option to cancel, but they tell you when you signup that you have that ability.
Mrs. Patete on 5/17/2018
Easy to find! I am new to San Diego and it makes getting around/not having to find parking so convenient! When I need to take a quick trip to the grocery store boom hope on and go. So happy you guys are here in San Diego
Love the idea of bike during lunch hour
JadeStar001 on 5/16/2018
I got a text this morning saying they put 3 point on my ofo account. I had no idea about the “operational area” since it was my first time since the bike was parked outside of my work. I should have gotten a warning before hand. The gears didn’t even work. Easy to use but won’t give you any warnings that you need to know about the bike. By the way, how can you read the operational map when you can’t see the borders on the map.
Great system, not for tall people
stumblebug on 5/15/2018
I'm a cyclist and almost 6' tall. The Ofo app and overall system works great but but the bikes' seats only raise a little bit. If you're tall, your knees are not going to be happy on the Ofo bikes. Why they have nice adjustable seatposts that only come up high enough for a 5"8' person is kind of a mystery to me. I still use the bikes, but standing up the whole time I'm pedaling.
Free bikes!!!
Dexmach on 5/13/2018
Apparently everyone is San Diego got the memo that read “finders, keepers”. I went to a park where one bike shows up on the map. But I saw 5. The one on the map, someone put a padlock on the chain. Another, the back tire was frozen in space, on other was missing the lock used with the app (stolen), another one was spray painted blue. We did finally find one that worked as predicted, thought is was pretty banged up. For a subscription service at $25 a month, then the inventory needs to be available. Also, I am thinking San Diego is not ready for this level of community sharing; we just can’t have nice things here.
Easy to get on, terrible bike
dcbd18 on 5/13/2018
If you are taller, this bike is super uncomfortable. The app is great, and getting started works well, but there are better bikes in the D.C. Region, dockless or not. I will not be using this service again.
Bikes too small
citchemdude on 5/13/2018
At 6 feet, I am not extraordinarily tall by American standards. The highest setting on the seats is too low, and the handlebars are too narrow for the width of my hands. The basket on the front of the bike is much too small to be useful.
Bikes too small
Kanepjk on 5/13/2018
App works great, easy to use, bikes are very inexpensive to use. However the bikes are obviously sized for the Chinese market. Im 5’11” and even with the seat full up it’s still about 3 inches too short for my legs. Makes for an uncomfortable ride.
匿名评论的用户 on 5/13/2018
Great Service!
Puffdacatmeow on 5/12/2018
This helps get me around AND save’s me money. Great app! Only complaint is that many people don’t respect the bikes and damage them. I find a bike and want to ride it but it doesn’t have working brakes or has the gears messed up. There’s should be an accountability feature 1st and 2nd they should try to repair them as faster.
fjwnmne on 5/10/2018
Inter case is stupid, I don’t understand what. I have to do with they pin
Yoowner on 5/6/2018
Awsome becuz it ain’t even make me pay anything it says I have free rides i haven’t been charged and used it thousands of times
Worst experience ever!!
MexicanGirl_93 on 5/6/2018
I followed the GPS where the bikes are located at but there were no bikes it showed 7 of them but there was none! And are first time trying to use them and can’t even find one!!
App is good system needs some work.
HigginsRandalR on 5/5/2018
Quite a few times it shows a bike is there on the map but it’s not physically there. Also over half the bikes Ive tried are broken. Like the idea just needs some work. Ability to report bike not at location would be nice.
Kris_Toor on 5/5/2018
Terrible terrible TERROIBLE!!!!! I have been using them in Singapore, the app has millions of glitch, and if there is any problem, first you still need to pay the fee, coz other way your account is blocked, and then after their "investigation" you get the money back. Got ridiculous situation twice within a month: first they charged me for 4hrs ride, when i rode only 10 mins, when I paid the amount the ride dissapeard from the hotrod of my ride, so I got refund ONLY because I have been charge the money from my account, then despite of having a pass that gives you free rides for 120 mins after 30 mins I was charged and again needed to pay the amount in order to use the app. Then I had to wait like 2 days for an answer from their facebook site. there is an immediate answer but it is automatically generate. So not very helpful. Now the prices are ridiculous. DO NOT USE OFO IN SINGAPORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The competition has much better customer service and prices! I mean just look at the amount of their 1 star reviews on Facebook.
Use Limebike Instead!
JSM12345 on 5/4/2018
I’m very disappointed with Ofo’s customer service. I recently signed up for a 7 day free trial as I was on vacation in a city that has Ofo but my hometown does not. I couldn’t unlock the bike and when I went into the app to cancel there was no easy way to do so. When i finally got in touch with customer service their cancellation process took so long that I was charged for the monthly fee. Do NOT use Ofo- use Limebike instead!
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