VPN 360 - Unlimited VPN Proxy

Infinity Software Co., Limited

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Productivity 1.2.2 Jan 20, 2017 Nov 09, 2017 60.8 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 1.2.2

UI adjustment for iPhone X
Optimized connectivity experience.


VPN 360 is one of the best and easiest ways to access all your favorite online content for free. With super-fast VPN servers and other premium features, VPN 360 is the best choice for you.

With VPN 360 you will be able to:
* Protect your privacy
* Hide your IP and physical address
* Secure your internet activity and WiFi connection

In-app purchase:
You can be a premium user and get more features through auto-renewable subscription:

1 Month: $11.99
1 Year: $35.99

- Your iTunes account will be charged for subscription renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period.
- You can turn off the auto-renew at any time (24-hours before the end of the current period), but No cancellation for the current subscription period.

Please see VPN 360's "Terms of Services" and "Privacy Policy":

Terms of Services: https://vpn360.wordpress.com/2017/01/18/terms-of-services/
Privacy Policy: https://vpn360.wordpress.com/2017/01/17/privacy-policy/

Contact us:

iPad Screenshots
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Bobababo on 5/23/2018
I can’t open The app!!!! Still freezing
Very good.
asalk94 on 5/22/2018
Butt head is dead on 5/22/2018
It’s a VPN
Vjvcxxx on 5/22/2018
its the best
VPN 360
Tannaz84 on 5/22/2018
Great VPN, for Iranian users, I love it, with no disconnection and very fast connection..tnx VPN 360👌👌👌👌👌❤️❤️❤️
james69420 on 5/22/2018
This app gave my iPad aids
Worked for a while
megan.singer on 5/22/2018
I loved using this app in high school so that I could use the wifi and all of my apps while not using data. After about 5 months of using it, I looked at what apps were using the most of my data and it had used 7.8 GB. I was surprised because this app is supposed to allow full access to wifi, but it was using my data while I was connected to wifi all day. I turned data access off to that app and now it doesn’t turn on when i’m connected to wifi. It used to be way to use but now I have to buy extra GB this month because this app used so much.
Zayberg on 5/22/2018
this vpn actually works
horolololo -CBX on 5/21/2018
Good asfffff bless this app ugh
It was good while it lasted...
AVM-1996 on 5/21/2018
I downloaded the app and found it quite useful but it was slow so I bought the yearly subscription and it helped a lot but after couple of days I was unable to connect so I am not sure what happened
Awesome app!
Danielaaalovesya on 5/21/2018
It connected instantly!
Dont work at iran
Sina4079 on 5/21/2018
Vpn360 is the beast vpn but it cant run in iran. Please help us to use them
This is a great VPN to use would use any other
GoldenEndermanGe on 5/20/2018
This VPN is not only free it also is very useful
Best vpn
Azoz craft on 5/20/2018
Soo good
The best
gr7_grizzi on 5/20/2018
Really good internet connection even when I used the this vpn app
Very pleased
Memphis.grizz on 5/19/2018
seems to work well. very pleased.
Jayderbugger on 5/19/2018
It reallllllly helps so I can get better wifi on things that font get much wifi! Thanks
Best VPN for iPhone users
iPhone Obsessd on 5/19/2018
Hello guys, this is the best and most easy to use VPN. No bugs fast n reliable Try it out n hit the 5 stars
titalacubanita on 5/19/2018
Me encanta pero un poco lento
Best for speed
HowDoYouSpellNickname on 5/19/2018
My internet was slow including my data(sprint). But now my phone is the fastest in the house
Nena (the star) Marie on 5/19/2018
VPN 360 helps me when on that horrible school WiFi especially when trying to use social media
Can’t Download
jerrska on 5/19/2018
Why Can’t I Download it on iPad??
Pro Aidin on 5/18/2018
I bought a year subscription, but it doesn’t work. It was ok in the beginning, now it doesn’t work at all.
BENNY CER on 5/18/2018
This app is amazing, period.
Kaethe Schaefer
kaethe schaefer on 5/18/2018
This is pretty good 👌🏼
VPN 360
eliangu on 5/18/2018
This app is the best, it’s let you free wi-fi
diannavh on 5/18/2018
Had great hopes for this app, so I could feel more secure on public WiFi systems. But it won’t let me connect and questions—through the app—to support remain unanswered.
Look at iran😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Zanyarpiri on 5/18/2018
Please support iran, it's weak
love it!!
frikinavocado on 5/17/2018
im a student in high school and the previous most popular vpn got blocked, but this is SOOO much better than the old one too! connects SO fast and doesn’t do that annoying thing where it stays on forever.
hoangluke on 5/17/2018
very fast and easy to use
Fast VPN
Alkhodshi on 5/17/2018
It is really fast VPN
Best app ever works well with fortnite
Duh I'm so a boss on 5/17/2018
It is so amazing my school baned fortnite from WiFi this app let me play in class thx download plz
Not sure what this is or how I have it
Al822 on 5/17/2018
I don’t know what his is or how I have it but I have cancelled repeatedly and keep getting charged.
Good vpn
cb2578 on 5/17/2018
Works well most of the time and works with school WiFi
Doesn't work
the censored man on 5/17/2018
The app's great.It was working till last 5 days but now it doesn't connect,actually I think that's because of iran government restrictions. Would you do something about it?
Fjjffjfjf on 5/16/2018
Works as intended and for that I thank you
F**k school wifi
Flinch Emper 1875 on 5/16/2018
My school has free wifi, but it blocks LITERALLY EVERYTHING except for a few sites and apps. This VPN lets me finally use snapchat, google, etc. all the basic things I need that my school for some reason blocks. Anyway, this VPN is fast, even without paying for “premium” or whatever, and today I just got it for free for being an avid user. I figured I’d write a review to let you know this app is the bomb, no sign up or anything. Just get it bro.
fabuulouus on 5/16/2018
Fake VPN
Diex007 on 5/16/2018
God help you if you are using this for secure communications. Once you connect take note of two things, 1. the VPN icon does not appear next to your signal icon. 2. Go to a 'what is my IP address' website and see that they will return the IP address assigned by your ISP. The app of course will tell you are connected via VPN. Don't waste your time.
tonyberis007 on 5/16/2018
Fabulous ...connects without stress,premium or not
it doesn’t work
hossein.k.s on 5/16/2018
everonim12357 on 5/15/2018
It works well without paying and I received a free monthly premium trial as a gift.
Funny sad frog man on 5/15/2018
Works at school where many other VPNs didn’t, very speedy and gave me free premium (I’m uninstalling if it starts charging my card after the month ends, tho. Just saying) 5 Stars!
I specifically came on to review
$$79119 on 5/15/2018
I searched this app again on the App Store to review it and give it 5 stars. It is first and foremost the best VPN I have ever used. Limited ads for free users, and the wifi won't disconnect randomly. It is so easy to setup and use every day I can't believe I've never used it before
This is incredibly awesome 👏
Siamsv on 5/15/2018
I usually don’t write reviews but this VPN app is the best in AppStore. As you know We have internet censorship issues in IRAN and they have started blocking VPN apps as well, this is the only VPN app that works and they couldn’t block it.
Won’t stop texting me
Jakoby Truman on 5/15/2018
I got this app this morning and un installed it. Since then I keep getting texts from a number re directing me to the app page.
椎名光 on 5/15/2018
It wastes data
EGG029 on 5/14/2018
Betternet was blocked on our school WiFi so I got this app because you know, it said it didn’t use data. It’s only the 14th and our data renews the 27th and this app has used 6.1 gigabytes of my data. I turn it off when I leave school, so why the heck is it using data while I’m connected to WiFi? Truth be told, I’m no longer using this VPN. I’m going back to Betternet and hoping it works.
krystakatt on 5/14/2018
I love it. I use it everyday!!
kingsharif on 5/14/2018
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