VPN 360 - Unlimited VPN Proxy

Infinity Software Co., Limited

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Productivity 1.2.2 Jan 20, 2017 Nov 09, 2017 60.8 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 1.2.2

UI adjustment for iPhone X
Optimized connectivity experience.


VPN 360 is one of the best and easiest ways to access all your favorite online content for free. With super-fast VPN servers and other premium features, VPN 360 is the best choice for you.

With VPN 360 you will be able to:
* Protect your privacy
* Hide your IP and physical address
* Secure your internet activity and WiFi connection

In-app purchase:
You can be a premium user and get more features through auto-renewable subscription:

1 Month: $11.99
1 Year: $35.99

- Your iTunes account will be charged for subscription renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period.
- You can turn off the auto-renew at any time (24-hours before the end of the current period), but No cancellation for the current subscription period.

Please see VPN 360's "Terms of Services" and "Privacy Policy":

Terms of Services: https://vpn360.wordpress.com/2017/01/18/terms-of-services/
Privacy Policy: https://vpn360.wordpress.com/2017/01/17/privacy-policy/

Contact us:

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OriginalManikin on 4/21/2018
Not free and doesn’t even work in trial. Doubt it would anyways 🤗
Emcquack on 4/20/2018
It’s simply awesome, download it.
复仇箴言 on 4/19/2018
我真的不是水军 是真的好用哇……
19870917LeE on 4/19/2018
Very good.
C7_C6 on 4/19/2018
Anaaff on 4/18/2018
You’re much too good for a free service..
How do I
lesainRwc on 4/18/2018
How do I keep VPN running all the time instead of having to remember to turn it on?
Snapchat error
flyersfan2837 on 4/18/2018
It will not let me send chats for Snapchat
fhsdlmcsgnbg on 4/17/2018
Works great
Lit af
Jaay babe on 4/17/2018
Tbh i used hexatech before or betternet. But both only seemed to work in only certain locations in my school. This app works wherever im at during school and when the wifi signal works. It allowed me to do alot today and im honestly impressed. It worked at a good speed not fast af but it worked. I love it def recommend for hs students who have trouble getting vpn to work in different places of school
Used ALL my data
Kinda addicting12 on 4/17/2018
I had this on when I was on wifi but it used my data super quickly. It would have been easier and used less of my data if I had just been using my data instead of trying to use the this VPN and wifi. WOULDN'T RECOMMEND.
Elkwoodland on 4/17/2018
This company Steals from you!!! They say there is a option to opt out of Automatic payments and it is Not there!!! Suing them!!! Stay away from this company!!!
Can’t turn off auto renewal.
Codusp on 4/17/2018
The notes indicate a user can turn off auto renewal in the account settings, but I can’t seem to find it.
Smittyjc on 4/16/2018
VPN recognized by Amazon movies and Netflix, can’t connect outside US.
Best VPN app out there
Mo 100 game roi on 4/15/2018
I was surprised that this app is much more amazing than I ever imagine. I tried other vpn apps, but it doesn’t let me bypass school wifi restrictions, this app does!
لحالي on 4/15/2018
Peryn on 4/15/2018
Great VPN, works perfectly.
Very good vpn
johncao2018 on 4/15/2018
Easy to use, stable and fast
Free 1-Week Trial Subscribers Beware
dougjh on 4/15/2018
This App makes it very difficult to figure out how to unsubscribe to the premium service in time so you will not be charged. You will have to go to your iTunes account through your device or elsewhere in order to unsubscribe. The VPN 360 does not tell you this anywhere in their instructions. The App also takes several tries to load VPN settings as it assumes its users have turned on Touch ID. If you have not, you will have to try many many times in order to get it to allow you to enter your password instead.
autine194923 on 4/15/2018
速度可以 适合好奇心的孩子
Does with it
Danny49672 on 4/14/2018
Great app
Stays Connected 24/7! Your Choice.
Weather Tracker Guy on 4/14/2018
I had been researching for a VPN to use on my iPhone due to all of the traveling that I do around the world. My co-worker told me about this APP. And so far after less than 24 hours of using it, I am very impressed! Other VPN apps that I purchased prior to this current one, kept getting disconnected for whatever reason. This VPN stays connected and I know that my phone is now 100% secure. Love it!!
Very fast
Perfect zombi on 4/14/2018
Very fast connection good app
wifi链接下 竟然走4g流量。
孙空空 on 4/13/2018
Donald J Trump
Steven Conboy on 4/13/2018
It’s the best
برنامجكم خراااااا
خرااااااا on 4/13/2018
برنامجكم خرااااا
Jacksunny on 4/13/2018
Great but
moneybagmoneybagmoneybag on 4/12/2018
While using the vpn everything goes faster but I can’t receive messages so it gets 4 stars
Free version gets the job done
Person M. Guy on 4/12/2018
I can’t speak for the paid premium, but I am able to use the free version to bypass school WiFi restrictions. It works well for the first 10 minutes or so, then drastically slows down your connection. It’s a little bit of a nuisance, but simply restarting the VPN should fix this problem. Overall, definitely worth the price of $0.
dolvane tchachoua on 4/12/2018
SSGWOLF on 4/12/2018
Best VPN I’ve ever seen 👍👍
Don’t download
Williallll on 4/12/2018
The charge hidden fees of $12 a month that you cannot opt out of in-app. You don’t even default to the fast service while you have premium, keeping you from realizing you are paying money until you look closely at options hidden away on alternate screens. It’s not worth paying to have an app data mine you.
High schooler
nononyesno on 4/12/2018
Fantastic super fast best thing to ever happen to me.
Rich Homie Quan or nah on 4/11/2018
Horrible. every since I got it everything would slow down and I wouldn’t get text and stuff.
Very nice
Minuteqade on 4/10/2018
Very reliable app and has a fast connection
Disconnected with no instructions
GulliverX2 on 4/10/2018
Disconnected with no instructions on how to connect. How to use. How everything becomes more secure, etc.
ligastros on 4/10/2018
Before it had problem in opening. Later it became so easy , I like it the way it keeps connected until I disconnect it . Great job 👌👌👌. Even i got one free premium 😁😁😁
Great app
nickr20 on 4/10/2018
Five star quality
Pretty good.
MCGrassblock210 on 4/10/2018
Consistent speed and availability. My only concern is that free users only get one option. I would appreciate having at least 3.
Great app
Buy I think? on 4/9/2018
This app is so great I use it at school since they block all social media I found this app today it works great I recommend for the places that block social media
It worked at first...
Wolf-At-Heart on 4/9/2018
I'm a high schooler and I don't want to use my data because it's hella expensive. My school has wifi, but a lot of things are blocked such as snapchat, discord, facebook, and slander just to name a few. I went through a couple different ones that had a "free trial", but they always made the use of anything impossible. I found this one and for the first 2-3 hours it worked perfectly, I could access everything, but then all of a sudden it didn't. I've tried the different connection modes, but now it does what some of the others did ( if you connect the VPN, the wifi stops working for anything). Aside from it not working for me anymore, the app is great. It's very easy to use, and the customer support is very helpful. Definitely would like to continue using it once I can get it running properly again.
Chode bucket on 4/9/2018
The best ever
You guys
kevinhobbs413 on 4/7/2018
It’s awesome
No me Conecta a ningun Servidor
Daarkiel on 4/7/2018
Que les puedo decir? Esta app me funcionaba en Android pero ahora en iPhone lo trato de hacer.... y nunca me conecta alguien me puede ayudar? No es que la app sea mala, solo que si no conecta de que serviria calificarla como buena, escribanme necesito ayudaa!
Szaheri on 4/6/2018
It works very smoothly without any crashing , you can easily use it.
Can’t cancel Free Trial?
Pats_Nation_ on 4/6/2018
You guys are charging me for a trial that I can’t cancel
北天门真武大帝 on 4/5/2018
给力的很不错哦 给个好评!!!!!
sbenabdvsbsnsz on 4/4/2018
This is the best app ever makes my Wi-Fi so much better
Rate 5/5
lilkodie on 4/4/2018
Best vpn ever!
Peaches! 🍑 on 4/4/2018
I think this app is amazing! It’s very functional and it’s very useful at the same time. It really works when you need to do something and what app you are using uses data and you don’t want to use data you can use this app. Which is amazing! Especially if a certain internet doesn’t work so good.
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