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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Games 2.3.52 Mar 17, 2017 Apr 16, 2018 66.1 MB iOS 8.0 or later 4+
New in version 2.3.52

Bug Fixes:
Fixed a bug causing some players stuck on black screen on game start.

We hope you enjoy new Easter balls, get ready for some challenge.

- New easter balls,
- New ball mechanics,
- Performance update,
- Bug fixes

30 Million thanks to you all...


Scale is a free and an addictive arcade game with an unique gameplay containing slicer and balls.

Truly a brain teaser and Its super fun!

How to play?

Its easy, all you have to do is to cut and shrink the board by placing the slicers.

You need to be strategic to scale the board visely and watch out for the ball!

If you touch the balls before your cut is complete, you lose a life.

Increase your score, get diamonds, check the leaderboard and compete your friends.

Try this fun game now!

Best arcade game ever, how far can you go?

iPad Screenshots
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Worst ads ever
chrisJ88ny on 4/20/2018
So many ads during the game play. Not worth your time
Dolphin_Girl100 on 4/20/2018
This game is to dang addicting and fun I play it all the time. U should so totally get it!😏✌️🤙👌🏼
Lots of fun
humphrey32 on 4/18/2018
This game is really fun. There is a lot of ads though.
xMenoly on 4/18/2018
I really love this game. It has many different styles to play with tons of levels in each type. 3 stars because of the ad spam. Every 2 tries, whether you win or lose, there’s an ad. It’s a bit ridiculous and it makes me want to delete the game and find something with less annoying ads.
Fun game
AKDebbie on 4/17/2018
Ads as expected for a free game.
This was my introduction into fortnite. It’s great
Stay oh绊煞 on 4/17/2018
I have it on Xbox one as well but never played it because I wasn’t to good at it. After playing mobile version and getting a hang of it I like it more than Xbox one version and I’m pretty good at it. I’ve even started getting better at Xbox version because of what I’ve learned from this app. Highly recommend to beginners and pros as well. I just wish in squad mode people would get penalized for quitting because almost every game half the squad quits by the time we get to plane to jump and you’re left with uneven odds. It’s really almost every game for everyone I know that plays this on mobile. The only thing this needs to make it better is adding a way to communicate with other players. Pls add that feature. Last thing is recently the game lags and when it does it’s the worst timing ever. Usually in battle. My phone and WiFi are above average so it’s definitely from servers
Good but not perfect
OofGay啡囤 on 4/17/2018
For starters the beginning is super laggy, 2nd sometimes I’m unable to move so if I get into an encounter I’ll die, 3rd we should be able to adjust our controls because the firing is weird and the reload button is way too small and I often give away my position while trying to reload because I accidentally fire. Also I noticed that the v bucks from my Xbox don’t transfer so if I’m away from home and I see something I won’t that i have the v bucks for then I can’t get it for some time. I can’t seem to enable cross-play on mobile, building is really weird and slow. There should be a button to open chests and ammo crates, when I die my game freezes and lags so about 2-3 seconds after I die the shot that killed me goes off (so I shouldn’t have died). Also you should do a cola with LTMs so like a teams of 20 blitz high explosives type of thing would be super awesome.
IPhone 6 not compatible
ThreeBoysBlue拉 on 4/17/2018
I gave it a 4/5 star because I have it on the Xbox and I love it. On the mobile version though, I have a few complaints: 1- The graphics aren’t the best, but I can understand because there is only so much you can do on a phone. 2- I played it a couple times on my friends phone and the controls are a bit difficult. I have played Rules of Survival and am pretty good with the controls, but I just couldn’t get used to the Fortnite controls. I read some other reviews and agree on the idea of customizable controls and placing them where you want them. Maybe later considering an update that makes the game work with a controller that connects to your phone. 3- Most importantly, the game is not even loading on my iPhone 6. I click on the game and it just brings up the epic games logo as if it is loading but then kicks me out 5-10 seconds later. I have fully updated my phone, restarted my phone, and tried reinstalling the app. Nothing is seeming to work. My friend has an iPhone 6 too and he is running into the same problem. Another one of my friends is playing it on the iPhone 5 or the SE, not sure which one, but it seems to be working just fine and looks like to me a problem either with the phone 6 or the app. Hopefully you guys (Epic Games) can consider some of the problems and ideas of the community feedback.
Needs fixing
😊Kawaii_Potato🖤藏乏肉 on 4/17/2018
I love the game 100% but on mobile it acts weird like first of all I wasn’t shot down by someone and I died in the storm with about 46 health and I had a med kit for back up but the game just killed me off. The game lags a lot with WiFi or not it lags and it kicks you out of the app for no reason even if you are in the game. needs a button to use to shoot because I it hard to turn around and not accidentally shoot. Pressing start one. Doesn’t work so I have to do it 2 or three times to go to the home screen where I can press start to start a match but it says I’m ready but I’m really not so I have to do it about 3 times to make it work. And when I jump out the bus 🚎 it shows I didn’t until 4 seconds later then it’ll let me get control falling off. Still needs more work for mobile but the game on PS4 is pretty awesome, But maybe the controls could be similar to Rules of Survival in a way.
Give this a chance!!!
TheScuzziest硕 on 4/17/2018
I’ve never written a review for anything ever... always hated it, but I had to share my input on this game. They did a INCREDIBLE job!!! If you have an iPhone 8 or higher then the graphics are just spectacular! I honestly feel like I’m playing my Xbox sometimes. They also made the transition very well. Adding the footstep markers, shot indicators and chest indicators to help you out since sound isn’t the same as console on this. Of course there’s always the complaint about controls and all the first launch bugs but seriously this game is wonderful! I didn’t even think it would be remotely close to this! Once you get used to the controls, it just feels great to build a ramp up quicker than everyone else and send some nicely placed headshots from that glorious blue burst to get the elimination! I honestly can’t wait to see how far EPIC takes this game on iPhone. Thanks for reading and good luck.
Needs more device compatibility.
Kade-20翻 on 4/17/2018
The iPhone 5s is the same exact phone as the iPhone SE (the compatible one of the two). They’re the same size, shape, and get the same iOS updates. I waited a week and a few days to get the email. I started installing, and waited two and a half hours to open a game that crashed numerous times. Obviously it is my fault that i didn’t fully read the website and compatibility, but cmon man..the iPhone 5s is the same exact phone as the iPhone SE. Same goes for the iPhone 6. It is the same size, same shape, and gets the same updates as the iPhone 6s. The only difference is the little “s” at the end of the name. Please make it more compatible to devices like the iPod Touch, iPhone 5s and 5c, potentially even the original iPhone 5, the iPhone 6 / 6 plus. I guarantee people would be very appreciative if more compatibility would come for Fortnite Mobile. Please and thank you, Epic Games.
A Surprisingly Outstanding Port
MaxCaskie骗胖 on 4/17/2018
I’d say that after playing hours of fortnite on both my Xbox one and my IPhone X that I might honestly enjoy the mobile version a bit more. The first thing that becomes immediately apparent with this game is the nearly console quality graphics. It’s shocking how nice this game looks for a mobile port, and the team at Epic deserve props for the way they transferred this over. The controls where my initial gripe, but after playing a good handful of rounds and getting a few wins I can pretty confidently say that I’ve gotten use to them. However control options and changeability would be greatly appreciated. While I’ve encountered small issues with the auto-aim and I’ve developed an issue with strange way that the in-game camera moves, these are small problems likely to be ironed out in the near future. As for now this stands as one of the best mobile games to be put on the App Store
Epic Games is one of the best developers
S3th yat3s乘山 on 4/17/2018
I truly appreciate all of the work that you put into making your games great and caring about the people who play it and what they want. Knowing that you listen to the people who ask could you please work to get Fortnite to work on iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 was one of the most purchased and one of the most used phones and it would expand your users greatly. I play on both PC and on Xbox One and would love the ability to play it on my phone. One thing that is misleading is that in the compatibility section of this app in the store is that it is compatible with the iPhone 5 and up however in your description it says it only works on 6s and up. If you could get that worked out that would be great 👍🏻. Please don’t take this as a negative review I love epic games and everything they are trying to do I just want to see the iPhone 6 compatible 😁
People, pay attention.
ZhizhugamesYT薪任 on 4/17/2018
This game is a pretty great port of the popular game Fortnite, obviously but so many people have given it bad reviews because they don’t know how to read. The compatibility from the App Store says that it works on 5s and 6, but that is just because they can only set it to say which iOS works with it, and not which devices. 5s and 6 can run iOS 11, but their processing power is far lower, making the game auto-crash to prevent the phone from getting overloaded with data that is to complex for its ram making the phone have problems outside of Fortnite. The thing that gets me is that in the without even opening the description on the Fortnite App Store page you can see which devices work with it, in the words of epic. Apparently some people don’t know how to read, and that’s why Fortnite only has a 3.9 Star Rating. Also, there is no sound, but no one’s commented on that.
Fortnite>pubg(the worst game ever)
That Vault惊 on 4/17/2018
We all know fortnite has beaten pubg. It has more then double the amount of players and pubg is a rip off of fortnite. Everyone who said pubg is amazing is a robot form pubg because there is the same exact comment in fortnite. Also fortnite came out first in 2011. Can we just all face the fact that fortnite is better. It was almost the most downloaded app in the AppStore on the first day it came out! Pubg was not even close. I have played both pubg and fortnite mobile and fortnite is way better. Since fortnite came out, no one really plays pubg any more. If somehow pubg is reading this, just get rid of pubg mobile. It’s for the greater good. Fortnite has already won and the only thing that you can argue with is cars but fortnite would be way worse with cars. So plz, you tried your best but fortnite killed you guys, and if fortnite reads this... plz add the creep dance. I would love u even more! Thanks
Good but needs improvements
Michigan4121谩嫡 on 4/16/2018
I love this game. It is great on the Xbox one or the ps4 or on pc. I play it on Xbox and I’m not that great but it is still fun! But the problem is a few things. Whenever I log in to a game wether it’s solo, duo, squad whatever, it about 40% of the time it gets me like stuck where I can’t move but I can see and move my head to see but then it logs me back in to the lobby and says ERROR and that gets me mad. Also the building needs to be improved. The building is really slow and needs to be improved. Another problem is all the buttons. I’m trying to jump when I’m in a fight but the I press crouch and I die. When I look at trying to build it always takes me about 3 seconds to figure out how to get back to my weapons. Maybe I just need to practice more I don’t know. Epic Games has done a fantastic job at making this game great on consoles and pc, but needs improvement on mobile.
Ad haven
TheStinkyRebel on 4/16/2018
Played for a little bit. It'd be a great game. I understand game devs want to get their ad revenue but holy cow! This game is ad overloaded. I'd love to not spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game.
Couldn’t play because of ads
DT Cloud on 4/15/2018
Every ad would either freeze the app, or not close after timer went to zero. Pressing x to close as would also refresh timer.
yana02199 on 4/15/2018
Hi I like this game but I would like if when people get 100 free points or coins thank you for your help
Add city
Amslayer on 4/14/2018
Like watching adds and not playing games? Well this is the game for you. You’ll enjoy unending amounts of time spent watching things that you didn’t download because you don’t want them. My favorite is having to close an add twice, because who doesn’t like having to say no more than once. after every attempt
Klovur on 4/14/2018
Way too many ads make the game unplayable.
nadia con on 4/14/2018
Can it the ball go a little slower Thanks
Small Tweeks that could make this 5 star
ImperialDefense品轨 on 4/13/2018
Alright. First things first, this game is awesome
Pretty good, could do better
Catlovely_11涸瘟 on 4/13/2018
Hello! When I heard this was on iOS download I immediately ran to my phone to get this but I have some issues with the game. What I have experienced while playing the game is the lack of options with the controls. I would like to move around the buttons on the screen for better game play. The reason for this is there is tiny screens on most devices and big fingers (compared to the screen) on them. And enable to play the game and enjoy it you would not want to hit the build button or accidentally hit shoot in to give away your cover. I would also love to have some less sensitive buttons (which I know you can change this in the settings) like when you touch the screen harder you could shoot or maybe build. Overall I think everyone would like more options to change the game and personalize it themselves and not the developers guessing people would like. Thank you and love 🙂
Best Game To Hit The App Store
LoganGamero筏 on 4/13/2018
I’m at a loss for words to tell about this game, this game IS the greatest app to hit the App Store. I would always find myself playing pointless games on my phone, some of them years old, such as Clash Royale, Then I hit upgrade then it went from Clash Royale to Battle Royale. Honestly this game is priceless I honestly could play this game for 24 hours straight. Just listen to this, this game is still in its BETA, and it’s already better than any other app. There are some negatives to this game though, but we can’t blame Epic, they rushed this out to us so we could play right away, smart move by Epic 😁. A few things I would fix is the Shooting Button, it is on the left side of the screen and it’s really uncomfortable to use and usually when I try to use it, it makes me auto-run which sometimes gets me killed so I just use the screen tapping to shoot, but even then it’s hard to start shooting with automatic guns like the Mini-Gun. Sometimes while I’m tapping the screen to shoot, I’ll often pick up a gun on the ground which OFTEN gets me killed. Also when I’m destroying walls to get to a chest or something, I’ll often end up breaking the chest because the tapping on the chest often glitches and doesn’t work. Besides that, the game is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING ❤️ Thank you SO MUCH EPIC GAMES ❤️ You have your place in my heart. Also, you should add Weapon Skins Thanks, Your Biggest Fan
Great But Needs Improvement
Xvgcmb北递 on 4/13/2018
This game is great. My brother and I have been playing in over and over. Since we don’t have a console we play on our school iPads. The game lags once and a while but sometimes it runs smoothly. The only problem that I have is that now the update came out I got it and then it wouldn’t work. It would say that there was an error connecting to Epic Games then it would no longer work. I had a good and stable internet connection, but for some reason it was not working. I decided to delete it then get it again. After I did it said 0 out of 100% then it would go to 1% then no longer move. This is a great game but what is the point of having a laggy game that works perfectly one day then doesn’t work at all the next. Please fix this issue Epic Games because this is the most popular game in the world and why would you want to lose players just because of an update. Please fix this and thank you.
Pretty fun game!
RedCleanse驶草涎 on 4/13/2018
Before I start the review I just wanna thank epic games for the amazing opportunity to play your mobile game before it’s officially released. So my initial thoughts about this game were kinda negative but as I played more and more this game definitely has the potential to be the best free game on iOS devices, one thing that I noticed is that all of the text in game is a bit too small and blurry so maybe just magnifying the words a little bit could help. Another thing is that maybe instead of picking up items after you walk over them, you can just pick them up by tapping on them while your inventory has available spaces. That being said, there aren’t any other flaws really that I should mention, the mechanics well thought of and the game in general is just a blast to play. I can not wait to get granted friend invites so that I can squad up with my friends and family. Once again thank you epic games for the opportunity and thanks for reading :)
Superhonest 663339肺曝瘸 on 4/13/2018
This game is everything that we thought and hoped that it would be. Exactly like the PC and consul versions. It is probably just about as fun as it would be on other devices. But, as fun as it is to play so Lowes or squad up with a bunch of your friends, there is one huge problem that ruins game experience. I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this problem but at random times during the match I would get wags so bad that it makes it nearly impossible for me to even finish the match. Sometimes there are games where I get no lag, And other times I get lag at the beginning of the game and it ruins the match because it is so incredibly difficult play. Now I am running on iOS 11 on the iPhone 7 so I wouldn’t think that having an “old device quote would be any problem. Now I know that this game just came out and I hope that they can resolve this issue ASAP because it would make the game much more enjoyable.
Fortnite Review
Peter9_red姑 on 4/13/2018
For a invite this is a great start towards a more portable Fortnite game. There are many copy’s of other battle royales out there and o suggest to look at there control because it’s more fine tuned for the gamers experience. It definitely needs constant update and bug fixing for sure. After playing a couple games, I have crashed right before I died and kicked from game when I got back in making it impossible to keep playing that match. The game is really fun and needs a button tweak and personally I hate when I am trying to move my left thumb down to slow my character to a stop, it just goes backwards. We should be able to move the map around after we zoom in at least I couldn’t. This is a seriously big game and I would hate to see it go down quickly. It should be smaller, easier, and simplistic for the best visuals and controls. Don’t over or under do and I wish you luck with your game. Thank you for the invite!
Impressive for mobile
n o t m y r o d r i c k烈挪 on 4/13/2018
EDIT: the bugs listed below have since been fixed, so thank you EPIC I have been growing increasingly tired of the boring, one touch, “ONLY 1% CAN SCORE 3” games on the AppStore, and I think most people would agree with me. Being a fan since Fortnite’s initial release, my friends and I were hyped when Epic added it to mobile. They have done a great job with the controls, graphics, connection speeds, and updates according to user feedback. To the people who are giving bad reviews because this new and complex game made for consoles/computers has a few bugs on a phone, give it a break. Every time there is a bug Epic manages to fix it within a week. My only current problems: the game sometimes is unresponsive to the “tap to start” screen, and my game has begun to freeze when a player shows up on my screen since the latest update. For the sake of supporting this company that really listens to feedback, I give this 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Best mobile game ever!!!
Shots all day枫末 on 4/13/2018
Considering this is now a Mobile game and it’s not one of those free phone games that get old in a week or two it may be the best in the world . Like said, it is just like the fortnite we know and love on console and pc. The only thing I could really complain about is the graphics but I’d take gameplay over graphics any day. Even though some may complain about the difficulty level of controlling your character when it comes to moving, shooting, jumping and looting (ayy that rhymed!!!)you have to remember that it is a small phone or tablet screen that wasn’t at all built for gaming. Instead of complaining about the controls I use them to my advantage and play more aggressive knowing that they most likely won’t have A1 aim, a lot of the times this results in an easy W. Now thanks to fortnite mobile there’s no more searching for games LIKE fortnite or downloading and deleting AT LEAST 30 games a month. Oh and did I mention it’s completely FREE!!!
Overall, great game 👌
ggjftu避咎吾 on 4/13/2018
About 1 or 2 months ago, I’ve been hearing a lot of people at my school talking about this game so I just HAD to see what the fuss was about. I had recently downloaded it on my phone and I was pretty impressed. I don’t know why everyone’s complaining about the controls? Well, yeah.. they need a few tweaks but come on, it’s mobile. I’ve only been playing for a few days so I’m still learning. I don’t know about anyone else but getting my first kill felt GREAT. And ‘squad mode’ is awesome🤟!(Adding in tutorials for beginners would be great.) I just got the update and I’m excited to see what’s new. Unfortunately, every time it loads. On the “tap to start” screen, it won’t let me get in. I keep tapping on the “Tap to start” button but it’s like it froze.. I tried closing the app AND turning my phone off and on but still, nothing.😓 Hopefully I can find a solution to this. In the meantime, I’ll play it on the ps4 with my brothers account. Overall, great game. You guys did a spectacular job! Can’t wait for more future updates 👍👏
Good not Great
GryfThaRip傻瘦螺 on 4/13/2018
“Update: the crashing right when I get into game is making this game very i enjoyable. Would like to see a future update fix that. This is the only game that makes my iPhone X crash” Overall the mobile version of fortnite is good just not Great. Coming off other mobile games such as Rules of Survival I knew what I was getting myself into with this game. But quickly realized that the button layout may be this games biggest downfall. Shooting is all the way on the left giving you no way to run and gun easily. Picking up guns and loot is more difficult, and higher level guns and potions don’t automatically switch out like lower level guns in PubG do. Also I seemed to experience a little bit of lag whenever encountering a opponent or groups of people. The graphics however in this game far surpass any other mobile battle royale game I’ve played. Building in this game isn’t nearly as essential as it is on console versions which is something I think they should focus on moving forward. All in all this is a great game especially in early stages and I believe with a few tweaks epic
OBESE SWAGGER普 on 4/13/2018
this app is great and i love it because one of the most popular games is on mobile and it gives me a chance to rank up in the battle pass even when i’m not in my XBOX. my only problem though is the amount of control layouts. there is only one. i am a big player of games like these but i think that now that there is a mobile option then there should also be multiple ways for the controls to be set, as it is on console. but beyond that, i think that this is a really great and innovative idea and i’m really happy you guys put the time into making this game for us to play in the go. i think it’s good that all wins carry over and that mobile is so up to speed with the console version. other than that one complaint, i think this is amazing and you guys are doing really good so far. ALSO: i play infinity blade 2 also and i was wondering if you guys could maybe make a way to lol accounts across devices (if you have any control over that (epic games))
The best game to ever be introduced to the App Store!
aocasio7醛倘 on 4/13/2018
I have no doubt that this is already better than any battle royal game on the App Store just because it reached from consoles and PCs to my iPhone. I have never thought that a game like this that’s so fun on my Xbox could ever come as an app! This game is spreading across platforms comparable to roblox and Minecraft, but those games weren’t a surprise to be apps since they had such simple graphics and gameplay, but the fact that this game came about as a mobile app blew my mind! There are a few problems with it but it’s totally understandable since these are the first few days it just came out, but I’ll point them out. The control layout is fine but the joystick is odd to control, the reload button is at a hard to tap spot on screen, outfits and characters are too shiny, the graphics should be better overall, would be wonderful to have custom button layouts, and cross platform (only between mobile platforms) would be awesome. Other than that this game is the best. Thank you Epic games!
Amazing game
AcridCorgi4384煽伞 on 4/13/2018
I would always play Fortnite on pc and console, like all the time. And when it came out on mobile I was bursting with excitement. I started to play it all the time wherever I was. And I was able to connect my account, AcridCorgi4384. I love the new modes and the new weapons, the self guiding rocket is my favorite. Overall this game is one of the best and will stand with the greats one day if it keeps up its weekly updates and keeps it new and fresh. All I have to say is that PubG fans who say PubG is better than Fortnite, look at the facts and you’ll see that your only argument is that PubG is more re realistic, but honestly I like the kind of cartoony vibe of Fortnite. All I ask of Fortnite is that they improve the most bile version a teeny bit by trying to make it run smoother. I was playing mobile Fortnite once and it was a 1v2 and I built a sky base and right as I was about to complete it, my character completely glitches off of the base and died, losing a Victory Royal. R.I.P. Thanks Epic Games for creating this amazing game.
Exceeds Expectations
Laftier拈 on 4/13/2018
Transferring games to mobile is not an easy feat but this is a very smooth transition. Building is a little tough but it’s always been the biggest learning curve of the game so no surprise there. It will sometimes place when you are trying to just turn the screen cause it reads a tap as a placement. There is a build button and that should be the only way you can place buildings. It will greatly improve the gameplay of building. I LOVE being able to pick up weapons by running over them instead of having to click a button. That needs to be on console! But overall the format of buttons and play is darn near perfect for a mobile game. I still enjoy battles as much as I do on console and the Fortnite adrenaline rush is more than real on mobile. Fantastic work bringing Fortnite over to mobile. Also want to mention how much I appreciate keeping the account linked on both devices. Makes the experience that much better. 5 stars from me!
Awesome but controls need revamp
I love being able to play fortnite anywhere I want, and I also love that the game is identical to the pc or Xbox, so much so that it has cross platform servers. Overall, epic games did a great job on the mobile version of fortnite. There are a couple things that I don’t like, some of which are unavoidable, like how the game drains your battery insanely quickly, which is inevitable if you port a modern, mainstream game to mobile. However, they really need to revamp the controls. Being able to tap anywhere on the screen to shoot causes times when I’m trying to be stealthy and I accidentally shoot my guns, then when I get rushed and I’m trying to shoot someone, I can never get my gun to fire. They need to either disable it or make a toggle switch in the options, and make the button for firing a lot bigger. Best case scenario, they make it so that the entire control panel customizable. This is pretty much my only complaint, and I really hope epic games does something about it.
Love it on XBOX but can’t get the iPhone controls
Puppy kitry窃萝葡 on 4/13/2018
Don’t get me wrong I love fortnite on XBOX, but the controls are way to hard to master! When I am in an engagement I try strafing and my movement goes HAM!!! It’s like my character has gone drunk. Then I can’t even shoot or aim. I don’t know how to aim and shoot while moving my character around it’s just too much for my fingers and some other people have the same problem. I think that they should add a button for shooting on the right side while aiming. Because for example on the Xbox the left side of he controller is mainly for movement and inventory. The right side is for aiming, shooting, and picking up guns. When I see YouTubers playing mobile fortnite and being gods at the game it just frustrates me and discouraged me to even play the game. I play on the iPhone 6s and I would really like this change. Knowing epic games I don’t have to wait long because epic games does communicate with their customers and are frequent with the game development of Fortnite so please make this change!😬😬
This game is amazing just a minor issues
ImCromatic峡截 on 4/13/2018
Amazing gameplay just a few issues i came up with.. There shouldnt be a free joy stick because that makes gameplay uncomfortable. It should be a fixed one because it sometimes gets annoying your thumb has to go so far to sprint. Also the fire button should be moved to the right.. i know you can still shoot on the right but it would be easier if there was a button and lastly, there should be an option to turn off shadows. Even when i played on the iphone 8 the shadows got annoying and i love shadows off so that could be a nice feature.. other than that its extremely fun when you play with friends at a party or school or other events where your not home this game is surprisingly actually playable i had no drawbacks when i played it for the first time im still surprise my phone can render the whole map at once even at low quality its amazing. Oh one last thing on the iphone6s plus i had a lot of stutters but yeah this game was amazing!
A turning point in mobile gaming
SpeedyEmu臼辉 on 4/13/2018
There have been many console and/or PC games that have put out mobile versions of their game and more often than not the mobile version is dumbed down and lacking some, if not most, of the aspects of their big brother counterparts (i.e. the injustice series). However the fact that epic has released the exact same game on mobile platforms that is available on console and PC, and made them cross compatible, (although you’re at a severe disadvantage control wise) is going to try to be emulated by other companies for years to come (emphasis on the try). The last game I could compare this too is call of duty’s zombies but even then there was no way to link your mobile account to your console/pc account, point being that this has been done before but never to this level of compatibility, polish or perfection. The argument could be made that the controls are a bit awkward but to cram all the controls made to be mapped out on a keyboard and mouse or controller on a screen I believe they have done it to the best of anyone’s ability.
Non-Fortnite player review
JaxDad13骏 on 4/13/2018
So I’ve watched gameplay videos of this game but I’m mostly an offline console gamer. I sent my request and was invited pretty quickly. Playing on the iPad Air 2, things run smooth and no trouble with lag or pop ups or anything really. Controls take some getting used to but sure that applies for everyone. Not very experienced yet but still very fun to have some free time and jump into a game. Watching pc gameplay they added a few differences to balance being on mobile which is very much appreciated. This makes me wish I could get internet at home to play online with PS4. Unfortunately not a pc owner or have the option for high speed internet where I live. But the time I get with WiFi is all being spent on this game and sure it will be for a while. Great job on the port. Graphics are obviously dropped some but still the full experience you would get anywhere else with the game. And your progress is carried over between platforms which is just absolutely amazing.
Great but a few things
iiRoboX酪 on 4/13/2018
The game I feel is very well made and is honestly not as underwhelming as I thought it was. The first thing that I feel that should be added as soon as possible is an actual voice chat. I see all of the settings for voice chat and push to talk in the audio section but you can’t actually chat with other squad mates? This is particularly important because fortnite is in some way centered around squadding up with friends and randoms, chatting with them to claim victory. Second, the fire button on the right side of the screen is on the same side as the item pick up button. Sometimes when I am on gunfights with other players and I am around a lot of loot that is prone to pickup, I will sometimes accidentally pickup bandages on the floor instead of the shotgun I am using to eliminate another player. Which ruins any chance I have at beating the other player if I am attempting to shoot him with bandages or a pistol I pick up on the floor on accident. This game is very well made and I do enjoy it a lot, I just feel that some things should be addressed quickly.
not sure about this…
#Reviews101岔夹吾 on 4/13/2018
i definitely recommend this game. my parents didn’t want me to have it at first because of violence but i let them watch me play it and their exact words were: “i this game is not what i thought. it involves a lot of strategy and i am a lot more comfortable knowing that it is not gory.” my dad now has his own account and plays it. here is my opinion. i love playing fortnite! it is definitely my go to game. i play it on my pc. i have an iPhone 6 and it’s very disappointing that it does not support my phone. i am wondering why it doesn’t and i’m also wondering if there will ever be an update where it will support it. my mom uses my pc for work sometimes and when i want to play fortnite i can’t. i do not have an xbox or ps4. besides not being able to play it on mobile, this is an amazing game! it definitely beats out rules of survival. also, i can’t play with some of my friends that aren’t on the same platform as me because i play on pc. i hope you read this and use some of these ideas in your future update. thanks!
False accusations....
Venel12兄肺 on 4/13/2018
Fortnite Mobile is an overall great game that is being accused for its “bad controls” and “Because the shoot button which should be at the bottom is all the way to the left”. And If the author of that review, (yeah I’m calling you out Firecracker550), did not know that you can just click ANYWHERE on the screen to trigger the shoot/attack button then let me inform all of you that are reading this. And for all you PUBG players, stop putting bad reviews just because you want to promote your own opinion I don’t see any Fortnite fans doing that, hopefully. Anyways, Fortnite has a great mobile setup but if any of you think differently then go ahead and post a review, don’t worry I totally won’t hunt you down and kill you (hehe, no promises). But honestly I think some people should just stop complaining when the app is already great but you are just too stupid to know how to use your phone. If you agreed with me, tap and hold on your screen and it should bring up a pop up to ask if you dislike or agree. - Sincerely Venel
Crashing: from Tyler Webb Dallas TX
Tyler Webb Dallas TX栓侣愁 on 4/13/2018
I have the iPhone 6 Plus and on the app compatibility on the app info on the App Store it says phones newer than the iPhone 5s, I was able to download it but when I saw the Epic Games logo the game crashed and kicked me out, I have re-downloaded the app multiple times but it still kicked me out, in my opinion I think you guys should make the game for phones newer than the iPhone 6 and 6 plus because for kids like us and teens this is a very fun and popular game but most kids at my school and that I know have the iPhone 6 or 6 plus and we don’t want to get new phone just for Fortnite, I think it was a really good idea to make this game for IOS but make an update that makes it compatible for older phones and bug fixes, I know this app is new but you guys have updated every week and I think you can take some time out of your day to update the app you guys have the console game working really well so take time off of the console game and spend time updating the mobile game Thanks Tyler Webb Dallas TX
Fantastic but needs improvement
MattAttack874747桑 on 4/13/2018
Fortnite, me and many other gamers would agree, the best game out their right now. This mobile port is really good, I have a iPhone 8 Plus and An iPad 2017. My iPhone runs it perfectly I don’t have any issues with the game on their, however I did want a bigger screen (Yes I have PC but I wanted to play on the couch or the car). So I downloaded it in my iPad and I noticed right away that the graphics were lower, that’s fine because I understand my iPad isn't as powerful, but I assumed since the graphics were lower the game would run without freezing and all that, boy was I wrong. My best game on my iPad I actually made it to top 2 and had 6 kills. I was hiding behind a supply drop as the last player was walking to open it, I had a heavy shotgun ready to blow his guts apart and then the game froze for about 5 seconds and of course I see “You placed #2!”, I was so frustrated. I think with a little more work though the performance will be increased, but for now I will probably stick to playing on PC and my phone. Fortnite is an amazing game and it has a very bright future, I suggest you download it and give it a go!
New (Revolutionary) Game Mode
Clloydlookmeup轻孔 on 4/13/2018
Hey Epic, first of all I don’t know if you even read these but nice job on all your success from this amazing cross-platform game. I didn’t know how else to do this so I decided to make a review, but I think I have an idea for a really nice game mode. I don’t know if you guys are familiar with fantasy drafts but there’s a version where you get an in-game currency and purchase players using that, by valuing your money and spending more on better players. Well, how about a game mode where each person is given for example, 50 points common guns cost like 5, uncommon 10, rare 15, epic 20, legendary 25 and healing stuff costs like 10. In this mode players, drop down and already have all their loot on them. This would be stupid if the game progressed at the same speed, and would be amazing if you put blitz elements into it like a faster circle, more damage from circle so that there’s WAY faster gameplay and after farming resources players can rush quicker into the circle for an all-out brawl. IDK if this would be good or not, but hey it’s all yours if you guys want it. P.S. I’m pretty high right now and I think this idea could be BIG.
The best Mobile game ever, Controls need work
19NINETEENeightyfour84坪耍扑 on 4/13/2018
I had never played Fortnite and I’ve been wanting to for a long time, so when I heard about Fortnite for ios I got extremely excited, Most things so far have been great for me I just have one problem, the controls, As I try to run and turn it usually takes it as if I was running backwards and it slows my character down. Also when shooting it doesn’t have an exact button for shooting you just press on the bottom and it should shoot, but for me it’s kind of hard because I’ll press to shoot but instead my character moves and my aim misses and I die. Maybe for some people these are easy but for me it’s pretty hard, I tried looking if there were different control options and I couldn’t find it. So maybe you guys can work on different control options so that players who like those controls stay with those and other who have a hard time can use different controls. Anyways that was my feedback and you guys still get 5 stars because I’m really enjoying the game, it’s super fun and amazing and honestly you guys did an amazing job on this game!
Almost Perfect
zaptrem涤罢 on 4/13/2018
After playing a few rounds (and winning one!) this is the Fortnite you know and love nearly perfectly ported to iOS. However, there were three opportunities for improvement I noticed. First, the autoaim doesn’t seem as smooth as it could be. Maybe instead of pulling the crosshair towards the enemy it could redirect player view movement? (E.g. I move diagonally down and to the left when the enemy is actually to the left, so the game acts as if I was panning to the left alone). Second, framerate. Yes, I understand this will be a tough nut to crack, but after getting used to both Fortnite PC and Rules of Survival on iOS at 60 FPS, it is tough to work around the increased input lag and decreased visual information provided by a 30 FPS lock. Maybe the game flip off vsync for 20 seconds or so when the player enters a firefight against another nearby enemy? That way, the improved reaction time of 60 FPS wouldn’t be ruined by the resulting throttle to 15. Third, instead of double tapping to continuously shoot, why not use Force Touch and the Taptic Engine to simulate a clickable joystick? Wherever the view changing finger is, they need only press to fire. Additionally, press to jump would be useful. For inspiration, look to the iPhone X’s flashlight and camera buttons on the lock screen.
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