Faraway: Puzzle Escape

Snapbreak Games

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Games 1.0.83 May 15, 2017 Aug 03, 2018 292.1 MB iOS 7.0 or later 4+
New in version 1.0.83

Find missing diary notes and unlock two new free levels. Go to BONUS in level select to find new levels.


In Faraway you're an adventurer exploring the ruins of ancient temples full of challenges and mysterious puzzles.

You're walking in footsteps of your father. He was a collector of unusual artifacts who went missing 10 years ago. Your journey will take you from deserts and oasis to old crumbling ruins of a mysterious civilization. They had constructed devices and puzzles to see if you're worthy of knowing their secrets. Observe the environment, collect items, manipulate devices and solve perplexing puzzles to escape temple labyrinths.

Explore 18 grand temples packed with puzzles.

Easy to navigate 3D world which holds more secrets than it appears on the surface.

Collect pages from your missing dad's diary to find out what happened to your family.

You get to try the game before you buy. First 9 levels are available free of charge!

iPad Screenshots
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Great game!
karenga on 8/19/2018
Really enjoyed this game. Enough difficulty to keep it interesting but not too impossible that you stop playing.
Very fun
Sab8319 on 8/19/2018
The puzzles are fun to solve. I wish you could have control of looking around to make things open up and find things on my own, instead of looking where it only allows. I feel finding things would make things harder. Other than that I loved it.
Great puzzle game
Saradc on 8/18/2018
Everyone in my family loves this game!
Ecstatic fantastic mind blowing achievements
Angelwgs on 8/18/2018
I love using my brain to figure things out. This game keeps your sharp and always thinking. You all are the best . I'm going to be sad even I finish them. I have recommend your game to my creative friends. Thanks a million Angela
This is a great game!!!!
Saggyshit on 8/18/2018
I love this game so much! The puzzles are the perfect amount of easy and hard! I was addicted from the moment I got it. I love everything about it! Definitely a must download
Fun & relaxing
falco75 on 8/17/2018
This game is the right combination of stimulating and calming. The only thing is the ads in the free version break the mood which of course makes you want to shell out for the no-ad version but if this is your thing....well worth it.
So much fun!
riannicoleduh on 8/17/2018
This game is intelligently made and oh so engaging. Can’t wait to beat this one play the second and third installments.
Okay game, not worth price
Thinkingofjacob on 8/17/2018
The game itself is fun. The puzzles range from easy to moderate. There was only one that I could never understand even with the hints. But there are just too few levels to justify the price and even fewer levels if you don’t buy it to last you longer than an hour. Not worth it.
Great game
CaroMillie on 8/17/2018
I played faraway 3 first and played it all in one sitting! Not so hard where I can’t figure it out but still some challenge, so a perfect balance for me!! I just had to play more
So far...
sleepinbonita on 8/16/2018
I’m not very far into the game & like every other developer asking for rating- so far I curiously enjoy this, reserving my opinion for further review later...
Photo glitch
Mr. Angry Birds Fan9000 on 8/15/2018
Can you fix the photo glitch, or else I’ll end up looking at that same first photo everytime I completed the level after I took a photo?
Amazing graphics
Rosie2115 on 8/14/2018
Really good
Love it
AngelaDKB on 8/14/2018
Very engaging!
Rod_123 on 8/13/2018
It’s fun
Thanks for these games!
Harold Bellande on 8/13/2018
I like these game!It has puzzles and I like them!I also downloaded faraway2 and 3!I have a question:Can you make a faraway4 please?
Great Game!
skeeter gray on 8/9/2018
Great brain game. I look forward to the next.
butter4567 on 8/7/2018
Even the second one and the 3ed one!!
Awesome game!
Danid1962 on 8/6/2018
I absolutely love love love this game ..... I would definitely recommended it !!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
bug problem
CamilleXu on 8/5/2018
Sometimes will have bug
Very engaging journey
Smcwilli60 on 8/4/2018
Different than usual escape games. Love the tactile feel of the game and visual clues. Paid for no ads and all levels and worth it!
Fun game 👍👍
ddlibra on 7/31/2018
Please make more levels....I ❤️ this game !!!
Monk Chant on 7/30/2018
Feels like Skyrim honestly. Really fun.
Traveling game
Crankbait4 on 7/28/2018
Good game makes you feel like you are traveling in time
❤️good وممتاز on 7/25/2018
very good
Would have given it 5 for price, but I’m stuck in a glitch in #13
No nickname already taken on 7/22/2018
: ) : /
Really Fun
Emily Fencil loves you on 7/16/2018
I bought all 3 and I love them it might be my new favorite game
one&done12 on 7/16/2018
With so many mind melting games, this is one of those games which challenges a person to recognize and be excited by our capabilities.
Nice but simple puzzle game
bassmanblue on 7/16/2018
Very enjoyable! The graphics are decent. The puzzles are varied, but pose no real challenge; they’re nowhere near as complex as some in Tomb Raider Go. There’s just enough of a story line to keep it from being a straight puzzle game, but only barely. I like the game, but honestly, I don’t understand the comparison to a masterpiece like Myst. Sure, the general form is similar, but Myst was genre-defining, with its ground-breaking visuals, environment design, relatively deep story and inventive and subtle puzzles. Like others, I hit a bug at the end of level 8, where the laser beam refused to reflect off the crystal. I had to restart the level to get it to work.
CBehymer on 7/15/2018
This is honesty the best puzzle game that I have found in a long time
Snrglplx on 7/15/2018
Keeps hanging up and won’t let me proceed.
Excellent pick up and play game
Thobgood on 7/15/2018
Love this game! It’s really nice to have a game I can pick up and and play any time I have a few spare minutes. It’s beautiful and entertaining and fair. A HUGE round of applause for making it free to try and then letting me pay for the whole game, rather than using the constant in-app purchases of coins or berries or whatnot that 99% of games have these days. I plan to buy all your other Faraway games because of this!
Faraway puzzle
Irustynail on 7/13/2018
I like it. It is fun and very engaging.
10 Stars!
cupcake24/7 on 7/11/2018
I’m posting this on all three “Faraway” game reviews. These were THE most challenging and unbelievable games, I have ever played in iOS history. I am absolutely devastated that I just now finished the third one. I’m not sure what to do. PLEASE...whomever is the brains behind this just HAS to come out with a fourth! ...developers...can you shed any light on if there is a future for another one? I’m sorry to report that in my opinion, none of the other games even compare to these. While the graphics may be more advanced on the more recent games, the simplicity yet complexity of the first three cannot be surpassed. I bet you for more!
Bunch if fun
Taylor Hively on 7/7/2018
My daughter and I like these puzzle games. The puzzles are slightly complicated but not too complicated. She’s 7yo and can almost do it all alone.
Noah 10092004 on 7/4/2018
This game has a fun journey for you to go on while using your mind and in different puzzles and notes for you to find along the way
Tsintsinil nonom on 6/29/2018
Challenging but not too challenging.
Faraway: puzzle escape review
serenamarie52 on 6/27/2018
How do I get help finding the notes I could not find. I turned every rock and broke every vase but could only find two out of the three per temple. Help please! Thank you!
Faraway Puzzle Escape
Bucky McGee 123 on 6/27/2018
Love the puzzles and scenes!
Fun game.....
Otter79Reviewer on 6/26/2018
Really enjoyed. Only got to 75% even on the second try. Wish I could figure out where the hidden stuff was.
Can not get past level 2 on my iPhone 8+
WhirlingDervishPepper on 6/23/2018
Didn’t I pay for this? Works on my 2017 iPad. All on the latest iOS 11.4. Still stuck on lvl 3 with iPhone 6a. All installed game still repeatedly ask to rate game at each start.
Great Game
SEW6179 on 6/22/2018
This is such a fun game.
Good waist of time
mmwdb15 on 6/21/2018
When I have nothing to do this is my go to, love the puzzles
Awesome game🤩
uvlrfkfbly on 6/20/2018
This game is awesome, I said I need a game I can keep on playing and this is it. I would’ve gave 5 star but it was the adds and the controls that sometimes glitches out. Otherwise this game is just flat out great.👍 (this goes to all 3 of them.)
Super Fun!
Scream Along Songs on 6/20/2018
Totally get this game if you are into puzzles and like to take it slow on your iPhone gaming.
Brain Game
NanC_25 on 6/18/2018
Being in my early 70’s, I can certainly use every brain enhancement tool available. I swear it has helped me with my short term memory loss. And it’s so much fun when you finally figure out the solution!
Maya1214_4 on 6/14/2018
This game is really fun! Until this game, I had yet to find a good puzzle/ escape game. I would definitely recommend.. especially since it’s free!
Free version is not playable
FrankJCote on 6/14/2018
It makes you sit through these long commercials after a very short play time. Totally unacceptable!
It ok
Sgoogvjkkkkhcc on 6/10/2018
AdrienneRandol24 on 6/7/2018
One of my favorite games... love the diversity of puzzles and interesting storyline.
Cute game but broken
Emma-1988- on 6/6/2018
Froze on 3rd level as soon as it loads. Can’t continue.
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