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App last updated Nov 29, 2017
New in version 1.0.29

Updated for iPhone X. Added in-level saves. Added the camera feature introduced in Faraway 2.


In Faraway you're an adventurer exploring the ruins of ancient temples full of challenges and mysterious puzzles.

You're walking in footsteps of your father. He was a collector of unusual artifacts who went missing 10 years ago. Your journey will take you from deserts and oasis to old crumbling ruins of a mysterious civilization. They had constructed devices and puzzles to see if you're worthy of knowing their secrets. Observe the environment, collect items, manipulate devices and solve perplexing puzzles to escape temple labyrinths.

Explore 18 grand temples packed with puzzles.

Easy to navigate 3D world which holds more secrets than it appears on the surface.

Collect pages from your missing dad's diary to find out what happened to your family.

You get to try the game before you buy. First 9 levels are available free of charge!

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Vanny04girl on 2/11/2018
I loved this game. I just finished with the final level which was 18. I thought it had more levels all this time because it shows another page but it ended up being the credits page so it ended way to short. I have a few notes I still need to find but over all it was a well laid out and had beautiful graphics. The puzzles were not overly complicated and don’t use the hint button unless you are really stuck because it explains how to solve. I was not a fan of the controls. There were areas that I would try to tap on something and it would send me up a ladder I didn’t want to use. You can’t just tap back down you have to wait for it to get up the ladder. It would be nice if you could cancel or redirect mid-move. After paying the unlock fee of 2.99 I believe I definitely thought there would be more levels. I highly recommend the game though and I just downloaded jungle and can’t wait to play it after I finish finding all those well hidden notes.
Fun for kicks but a couple of issues
The Phifers on 1/31/2018
An overall decent game, but the puzzles are a little simplistic. More importantly, there are a couple of glitches I found. Both are in 8. One was with a door on the right side that didn’t show open, but I can walk right thru it. The big one was at the top with the reflecting laser. I made the shard, raised the laser and the shard isn’t reflecting. Hope it gets fixed soon...
Level 6
Spaceman911 on 12/29/2017
I can’t get level 6 to work. Anyone know what to do?
Level 6 NOT working
Jeff8x7 on 12/21/2017
Level 6 is absolutely not working. I looked at the cheat video and found I did figure it out but NOTHING happens when I touch the item (or anything else). I've restarted my phone several times. And I've checked for an update over and over for weeks. Nothing!!
RubiGold on 12/20/2017
조금 질리지만 갈수록 더 어려워진다면 해볼만하다.
tylerpaulson123 on 12/19/2017
I’m really enjoying this fun puzzle adventure. Thanks.
Fluteresa on 12/10/2017
Level 6 does nothing—frozen.
Issue on level 9
Silly sally went to the park on 12/4/2017
Love the game so far but the levers that move the buttons up and down seems to have glitched and don’t move anything.
Tricky tricky tricky
Babybourda on 12/3/2017
But worth it.!!!!!!!
Keeps crashing
idoc305 on 12/2/2017
Keeps crashing at beginning of puzzle 6. Even after shutting iPad2 running iOS 9 crashes when starting to use the podium in front of wall? Any suggestions?
Glitchy and bugs
Phillie162 on 12/1/2017
Stuck at the end of level 8. The light beam is not reflecting off from the other side. It is supposed to but unfortunately there is no help or email function to notify developers. I feel sorry for those who wasted their money on a game where they will not be able to advance due to fault of the developers
Glass half full
Machodingo on 11/30/2017
I truly wish I could give 2.5 stars, because I loved the game, at least the half of it I played. I understand people need to make a living, and supporting the developers you appreciate is vital, but making payment the only option to unlock the full game is frustrating.
! ! ! W O R T H E V E R Y P E N N Y ! ! !
SDRanger on 11/27/2017
I've played a couple of thousand Escape-Puzzle-Adventure games over the past 12 years (seriously!) and this would easily land in my Top-40 List of this genre. The graphics and ambients are fantastic and make this game a totally immersive experience. The navigation of the environment is absolutely unique yet easy to pick up and learn. The countless puzzles are either very very original or they are classics brilliantly repackaged to make them enjoyable once again. The HINT SYSTEM is fantastic and only shows you the exact puzzle that you are on...(not 3 minutes of video you have to sit through for puzzles you've already completed.) I could have played this game for dozens of more levels and I truly hope that happens. My ONLY 2 complaints are (1) the pointless, irrelevant notes that you never find all of.....and (2) that the fresh experience of exploring this game is over for me...guess I'll wipe it from my iPad and start over.🤔 I did take my time with this and looked at everything closely and it kept me entertained for hours. For all of you complainers out there: if you're looking for the perfect Escape-Puzzle-Adventure game, you're never going to find it. This one does a great job of coming pretty darn close though! It's irritating to see people picking apart a great game when it's above and beyond the vast sea of DUDS out there, isn't it? I have no regrets in paying for his game...it always kept me entertained, never irritated me, it constantly turned in new directions...and most importantly the puzzles were interesting, were all logical, and they weren't impossible. (And again, when I DID get kinda stuck, there was an instant help system to give me a quick nudge.) I absolutely don't feel "burned" by this purchase...and I definitely don't have money to burn!
Really Nice
Yuko53 on 11/26/2017
Love this straight up adventure. Just the right amount of challenge. Very stylized graphics, but pleasing. The only weak spot is the ending, and endings are always hard. If you play the first few levels and like them, then buy the rest. A lot of work in this; the devs deserve some support.
Different and fun
Honey I'm home on 11/24/2017
Wonderful for a simple graphic game
Great game!
Jojeeh on 10/22/2017
Hope to play more of your games in the future. 👍
Very exciting
For Every Thespian on 10/19/2017
I love this game.. very addicting
Nice game, but
Craig.Stew on 9/25/2017
Challenges become redundant, but ok that helps you think how to solve them, but a few have no real logic between solution and the quest of getting all 3 letters. Get all 3 letters in first 9 levels and you still pay full price to get to level 18. Wrong! Time to delete. Not paying full price for something I work for. Finding the 3rd letter after the 3rd becomes difficult and no discount for have to watch all those 30sec ads.
Nicely done
Stratedox on 9/23/2017
I love the way this puzzle game progresses. Beautiful atmosphere and original puzzles, I loved it!
18liz__ on 9/18/2017
Beautiful game with amazing graphics! Kudos to the creators, you should feel proud.
Faraway escape
myseed4you on 9/13/2017
This game IS AWSOME. Finally an Escape game with Imagination. Didn't buy as I didn't have money. Still loved this game.
Fun puzzles
PleasePickName on 9/13/2017
Nice bite sized levels too, perfect for commuting.
ElanMcMac on 9/3/2017
Great puzzles and graphics.
Great game
Neila 54 on 8/28/2017
Really enjoyed playing this game.
Great game
rich a.b. on 8/22/2017
Very fun indeed.
patericka on 8/22/2017
Wish u could play all levels with out paying but. Ya know
Trynila on 8/20/2017
Nicely challenging, beautiful graphics, and engaging puzzles! Wonderful to play even on a small screen!
A Beautiful, Engaging Quest and an Excellent Value
Colney Hatch on 8/17/2017
People complain about the $2.99 unlock fee, but this app is well worth it. A flat fee is far superior to a subscription or having to buy tokens/gems/coins to keep playing. For the cost of a coffee, the game offers a beautiful experience and some fun puzzles. It's not too hard and not too obvious. It doesn't try to be all things to all people. It's a world unto itself and you can explore it at your own pace -- slowly and with hints if you're a beginner, or blazing fast if you don't do anything but explore fantasy worlds. Some free levels to see if you like it. Definitely worth the fee if you're entertained. If you find it "too elementary," move on, genius.
Myst on my phone!
Mori Ben'Aiki on 8/16/2017
I love how much this reminds me of Myst. The semi mysterious music and simple sound effects add to that. My only complaint is that some of the scenes have important items right on the edge the the phone screen, so it's easy to miss them.
Hours of fun
Hdcphx on 8/12/2017
A great puzzler with challenging levels for all ages!
Great game!
IwantChubbyBunny on 8/10/2017
Over all this is a very beautiful and great game. The puzzels weren't too challenging. Usually I give up on puzzle games because they are just way too difficult, but this game is at just the right challenge level. I did get stuck a few times but luckily, I could just watch a hint, which is a pretty nice feature. I think it is worth the full purchase because it is just a nice way to relax but also work your brain. It does however (spoiler) have a very disappointing ending. It doesn't really give out much of an ending besides "the end." Other than that, I think it is a great and beautiful game and I do not regret purchasing it.
chersonperson on 8/5/2017
On level 9 when you walk through the first door and turn right you are approached by 3 symbols. You put on the correct symbols and are brought to a cutaway of the door sliding open. When you come back from the cutaway the door is closed again and you can't move the symbols anymore. Great game otherwise, just can't move forward.
Challenging game but need more levels
Bored waiting for game on 7/22/2017
Excellent game but 18 levels (paid version) isn't enough. More levels please!!! Well worth the cost though.
Impressive game for Mousecity
MelWindham on 7/22/2017
An improvement would be more freedom to move anywhere. And harder puzzles.
B dawg b on 7/22/2017
Great graphics, intriguing story line. Fun puzzles. Only played first half (free version). To buy each level is $.99 There are 3 levels. How is $2.99 40% of $2.98???
Made well
Madamivy on 7/13/2017
Very nice graphics.
MEMES AND MORE on 7/12/2017
This app is perfect for passing the time. Sometimes I do it just for fun but, It ... needs ... more. Sure the levels are log but you finish them quickly, it's easy to learn what you have to do.
Wish it never ends
Sussquahanna on 7/7/2017
Best puzzle game I've played so far
Jasontramutolo on 7/4/2017
Absolutely perfect great job guys and gals
Good game, awful ending(s)
NovaSTL on 6/25/2017
Fun, clean non-buggy interface. Nice art, I could tell some nice effort went into that. A few of the puzzles were a bit too, "Tap everywhere and see if anything reacts," but not too bad. There were several quite creative mechanical puzzles in there too. This would be a good game to play with a parent and child, working through the puzzles and discussing different approaches. Each level could be done in 15 minutes to an hour. The bonus "notes" were fun to find, though once collected, they don't seem to lead anywhere. The first ending is appalling. Really? Just "The End"? Couldn't even come up with a splash screen and a final note to give some closure? Unfortunately, this is a pattern in some games of this ilk. Have a few good free levels, get the customer to pay to play more, but then don't worry about providing complete content after that, since you already have their money so it doesn't matter. So, overall I would say the game is worth playing for most of the puzzles, just be prepared for a letdown at the end.
Great game
GuyWithNoLife11 on 6/25/2017
This game reminds me a lot of Myst!
More please
bundertwobyfour on 6/24/2017
all i can ask for, addictive
Great challenge!
Difozz on 6/23/2017
Not so complicated that you play one screen for days, but just the right amount of logic will get u thru!
Reasonably Challenging
J A Voice on 6/23/2017
You'll enjoy
Septimus54 on 6/22/2017
I like it because it's not to hard and it's not to easy
Sis1968001 on 6/21/2017
It's okay
Loved This One
JMac1483 on 6/21/2017
I've played many of these escape / puzzle type games. In the past I have never paid to go beyond the free levels. Until now. Enough said. Loved the integration of both mind-type puzzles with mechanical-type challenges. I hope the developers will expand on this concept, perhaps varying coloration across the episodes.
Froggees on 6/19/2017
I left a really nice review before, but it disappeared 🙁 So I'll rate it again! This game is so enjoyable that I purchased the extra levels. It's not too easy, not too hard and I liked having something else to complete, like finding the letters. This reminds me of old adventure PC games, which I love. So looking forward to another game like this from you guys!
coryfly on 6/19/2017
Fun little puzzler.
Geekhshskahanshz sns on 6/11/2017
It's good until you have to pay for the rest of the levels
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  • Publisher: Snapbreak Games AB
  • Category: Games
  • Released: May 15, 2017
  • Current Version Released: Nov 29, 2017
  • Version: 1.0.29
  • Size: 258.9 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Game Center Certified: No
  • Supported Languages: English;