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This app was last updated on: Jun 19, 2017
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New in version 1001.9.3

Thanks for driving with us! To improve your time on the road, we update the Lyft Driver app regularly. It’s like housekeeping: squashing bugs, cleaning up code, and other small-but-mighty improvements.


Download Lyft Driver, the app created just for drivers.


Whether you’re paying rent, saving for the future, or could just use some extra cash, drive with Lyft.


Driving with Lyft is an easy way to earn money whenever you want.

Passengers are encouraged to tip in the app — and you keep the whole amount.

The Lyft community is full of friendly people, passengers and drivers alike.

Whether you’re checking local demand or working towards a bonus, the app has everything you need to earn more.

App stays in portrait will not move to landscape ..... very annoying
Savvy_Sonya on 6/24/2017
Should be an easy fix
No Schedule Pickup Option on new update
Melly2727 on 6/24/2017
Just updated the lyft app to get the new features. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times, but I do not have the scheduled pickup option. I have spoke with different drivers with other carriers, and they have had no problem. Please fix this for verizon customers!
KvinDF on 6/24/2017
App is really buggy. Lowered my acceptance rate to 50% for some reason, I always accept rides. Also, seems like clicking the no show button showed them as if I cancelled the ride. 😒 might have to stop driving until they fix the app.
No respect for drivers
Love this on iPad mini on 6/24/2017
Bad company treat their drivers bad. They close the account if you have to cancel the ride without knowing the situation. I would recommend avoid using Lyft. Use Uber, gett or Juno but NOT LYFT
Much improved
aeronaut777 on 6/23/2017
This is so much better than using the regular app as a driver. Looking forward to where this goes.
Having problems.
Yozzy22 on 6/23/2017
Usually works fine, if a little buggy. Last update broke the app. I'm pretty sure the problem the is that it's not connecting to Lyft's servers properly, because I'm not getting any data from them. None. No rides, no hot zones, no joining the queues. Can't do a thing.
Worse than the Uber App?
Insert any name here on 6/23/2017
I didn't think it was possible for there to be an app worse than Uber's Driver App...Lyft's Driver App is worse.
Needs help
shdhcjsj on 6/22/2017
The navigation portion is terrible. The fact that during navigation the app stays at true north instead of following the car is mind blowing. I have also had trouble with the lyft app passing information to google maps. Leaving me in the dark on where I am taking the passenger. I have had to ask the passenger many times where they are going and manually type in the address due to that problem. Those two problems are huge in my opinion.
Punish the good drivers
JenniferD98 on 6/22/2017
I am a 4.9 avg driver Who tries to outdo themselves & improve every day. I have never caused any collisions yet left deactivated me through no fault of my own due to something unavoidable. While I was off duty, running errands, A driver fell asleep at the wheel with his foot on the Excelerator. He he grazed my driver side, scratching or marking up my paint on all four panels of the driver side. I don't believe any actual damage occurred, but I drive for a living and my livelihood currently depends on it, so I decide to play it safe. He asks if I want to report it. Normally with damage being this minimal or nonexistent I would likely let it go especially since he stopped immediately to do the right thing. Him and I spent the next two hours and a noisy roadway speaking with progressive to give them the whole story. He admitted fault to my insurance company. A got his insurance info (on a Sunday). Progressive was good for years. They are no longer. Instead of having me take it to a shop if I so choose, hassle free, as they had in the past. This time Progressive denied they got the statement from him or I after we spent hours with them. They kept requiring more & more info completely redundantly. Refused to fix my vehicle despite being a 20 year customer while never cited for a single accident. Then Progressive apparently reported this to my rideshare companies. Lyft immediately deactivated me without first getting the facts. Uber did not shut me down as I did nothing wrong. I consider myself an excellent driver & this is corroborated by all the positive ratings & reviews I get at both companies from the riders, averaging a 4.9 on both. I'm fed up. I'm done. As others have stated Lyft is terrible about cust svc, has far inferior software features, and is generally run very poorly. It's pretty bad when Uber is the one that looks better than you. I'll be deleting this app upon submission of this review. There's apparently no reason to keep it and I wouldn't drive for people who act in such a fashion anyway. Hope they learn from their endless mistakes.
Awful App
Lwthomas on 6/22/2017
Even with full bars or strong wifi, it says not good signal. Followed troubleshooting instructions, no difference. After reading reviews, seems is same issue with most people. Terrible way to do business Lyft. Hopefully I have better luck with Uber's app.
Lyft driver
corgimom53 on 6/22/2017
Love the new app really smooth and helpful
The new app is basically useless ABSOLUTELY no SUPPORT from Lyft
Alex KT on 6/22/2017
When passengers have a complaint about the driver they say in the comments section and vice versa for drivers correct? Well Lyft will tell you that you they are concerned about safety but when you try to reach out to them via text, email or phone to find out the genuine reason you get no response. Even thru the contact support screen in the app - no support from Lyft. Seriously Lyft can learn a thing or two from Uber on how to improve. The information is so easy to understand and Uber gets back to you right away no matter the issue. Lyft stop playing games and get back to basics and get that right first thank you!
mdot2158 on 6/22/2017
The app constantly freezes while driving which is very embarrassing and almost caused me a few rides.
Stop complaining
Inhaleexhalelove on 6/22/2017
Jeez why are people complaining about the company? Isn't this only for the apps reviews? This is the AppStore right? ~Wow, I have so many questions -___- ~ - I know it's fairly new and maybe some people think it needs improvement, but so far I find it very easy to understand. Good job Lyft!
Easier to use
MangoJMango on 6/22/2017
Seems faster to load and don't have to switch modes. Would like to see more driver features. Switching between Lyft Driver and Google Maps could be easier.
Great driver experience
Bnjii on 6/21/2017
Love the new driver app. A dedicated experience for drivers. Can't wait to see what else comes next now that we have our own app.
No help at all
Tribal. Allah on 6/21/2017
So I just bought a car just to use for Lyft from a dealership now being in the car business I know it can and probably will take a month to get your registration sticker for inspection in your permanent tags in the meantime the dealership will give you temporary tags so that you can drive. Not having a doubt my mind that Lyft would have come across this problem before and be able to bypass it I went ahead and submit it where you're supposed to take a picture for the registration and sent the temporary tags thinking they would just figure that I just bought a new car and that the temp tags are legit. When I submitted it they rejected it so I thought maybe I should just contact customer service which took forever and we can get this straightened out so I can get on the road and start making some money for them and me but apparently I need to wait a whole month to get my tags and registration to start driving. Being very outraged I figured I might give Uber a chance to see if they would bypasses this issue and to my surprise they sure did and had me driving in a little then as a few days.
Dane Zane on 6/21/2017
Here are my three complaints that tech support offers the canned response of "oh sorry" when they really me "oh well deal with it". 1. The app relies only on cellular. When I am at I home I have 2 bars of signal but full wifi. The app tells me every 20 minutes that I have "lost contact with the system and need to relocate". Seriously you can determine location from wifi too. 2. When at the airport waiting in the "queue" it thinks I have moved from the staging area and drops me to the back of the line. Their solution is to toggle airplane mode, force quit the app, restart your phone.... or delete the app and reinstall. Yea do that everyday! 3. Cancellations plague the app. Cancellations happen within a minute of accepting a rider request.... or even better when I didn't even get a request!!! These persistent and pervasive bugs make earning money extremely frustrating, if not impossible.
App not working
Ivoromero on 6/21/2017
This app is terrible I am trying to start my day and work and the app says I have POOR NETWORK CONNECTION all in my phone works well I installed amd uninstall the app to try to make it work at least 100 times it is so frustrating the worst I cant even find s way to talk to someone about this Lyft STEP IT UP
The in app map needs improvement or options
LeoDragon10 on 6/21/2017
I have and suggestion for your "in app" map. It is not designed for drivers. Not sure who designed it but it was clearly not a driver. It always stays "true North". Which when you're navigating makes it difficult in complicated neighborhoods . The map should have an option to stay true North or follow the driver. In my opinion it should always follow of the driver. And The drivers "icon," map, should always stay with "The driver". It should never steer off the map. This would be a great help when locating passengers. As it is now it is very much impossible to use. I've also had several passengers complain about the map as well. Hopefully this can be an added feature soon.
Works fine
Realrebelkat on 6/20/2017
Important suggestion please update.
Miguel Samonte 1996 on 6/20/2017
Hi, I always use my Waze, Google Maps, and Apple Maps on my iPhone in landscape even while driving for Lyft. However, Lyft is always in Portrait mode which is becoming a hassle. Can you please issue an update where Lyft for Drivers operates in Landscape mode? It really helps with navigation and ride safety. In my car, using a car mount in portrait mode reduces my visibility greatly and sometimes I have to mount my phone over an air conditioning vent which makes the passenger cabin very hot because AC vents inside my car are also in portrait mode.
Kurty-B on 6/20/2017
We really need a driver app to use on the iPad.
Keep it all in one app please
SoAllCry on 6/20/2017
I liked when it was just one app. Adding another app just for drivers is too extra.
Destination mode
Rodovaldo on 6/20/2017
Need to add the option of going south or north, no just one specific point.
don't be deceived by the pink
NornaNS on 6/19/2017's already been escalated after multiple requests @asklyft and no follow up to date. The policy is clear, over doing the right thing, Lyft business practices with partnering you for your vehicle seem no better than what you'd hear about Uber today. 🤷🏻‍♂️ - lyft sold me smoke and mirrors to b a driver they prefer their policy over drivers and doing the right thing - my only incident w a rider throwing up in my car they took 3 days to respond, and on top of that refuse to pay the incentive they bait u in w for "policy" now reading other reviews about this New app sounds like it's more proof of a non responsive future, and partnership w a business type LLC, Lyft.
Five Star Driver, 1 Star App
displayed nickname on 6/19/2017
Edit: Hey Lyft thanks for your canned concern response. I won't be going to support though. You have my phone number. Want my help? Your devs are more than welcome to use it and call me. This app needs work, Lyft. Please stop bothering me to download it. I lost two days driving time cleaning up the mess when this app was first released. Force all the new jack drivers on the street to use this and beta test all the broken features. I prefer to wait until all the kinks are worked out before trying it again and may change my rating at that time if it performs in acceptable fashion
This app glitch out all the time.
Ducarmel_ on 6/19/2017
Even though the regular Lyft app have it issues it serve me better than the driver app that don't offer any benefits to the driver. It glitches all the time, at worse times costing me money. Please remove the suggestion to download this app on the regular app.
Upthespeed on 6/18/2017
Prefer over Uber!
Worst. App. Ever.
FrogPolish on 6/18/2017
When other apps don't work it is annoying. When THIS app doesn't work you are jacking with my livelihood. 😡 I drive in Nashville, CMA Fest, Bonaroo, AND the Preds games were happening. Big time to drive, right? Nope, nada, zilch, not with this app. I was told to pick people up at the wrong location. Calls did not go through. Getting rides was compromised. I lost out on A LOT of money all because of this app. I'm very close to NOT being a Lyft driver and this app is partially to blame.
Potential is there
LaurenWithLyft on 6/18/2017
The potential is there, I definitely see it. As a Lyft driver I would love to see these changes/upgrades happen on the Lyft app: -Fare Amount before accepting rides -Mandatory pic of passenger and number of passengers if more than one. -Destination and ETA before accepting rides -I like the schedule ride thing I'd love to see passengers utilizing that more. -a round trip option if it's just a quick store run? -And gosh the rates could be a little better. Well, ALOT better. -And surely I'm not the only one who wants to know exactly where the prime time locations are. I do a lot of driving around looking for them and burning gas. There definitely can be improvements done but other than those things it's a great app keep up the great work!
I have to turn phone off and on
DB orange county on 6/18/2017
I accept a ride, go to location , hit arrive and it's frozen. I have to turn off phone then on again hit arrive and confirm then the drive. I take the rider to location then again when I try to drop off and end the ride it's frozen. Again I need to turn off phone and on again before I can successfully tap the button to end the ride. I gave up last night and turned it off. I turned on my uber driver app for the rest of the night because it's consistent and operates easily never a problem. I'd rather stick with Lyft but until they fix app it's not worth the hassle having to turn phone off and on twice with every new rider.
One fatal flaw!
jbjinks1 on 6/18/2017
There is no blue bar at the top to switch back and forth between apps & keep the driver app active. Works fine on regular Lyft app. Makes it unusable.
Poor connectivity!
evanmattheww on 6/18/2017
I was driving and I only wanted to make my $50 to pay my bill. I was at $45.60. I sat for 2 hours before I realized my app has low connectivity with my having full bars. I tried everything. Turning off my phone deleting the app and redone loading it. Hard resetting my phone. Nothing's working. What was wrong with the old app? Don't fix what's not broken! Too many bugs!
First time and I can't even open it
Randy Rubirosa on 6/18/2017
It's is incredible but this app won't work due to connectivity issues. Is this how you want to keep drivers? Ios 10.3.3
New phone equals new app problems
Luvsaran on 6/17/2017
Updated my iPhone six to iPhone seven now lyft driver app won't work. All my other apps work just fine. Lyft not making this easy as their slogan always state they do
Icey504 on 6/17/2017
Ever since I updated the app and to the newest IOS, my Lyft Driver App has been useless! Can't receive requests, can't see where the surges are even though it's displaying above, that they are out there. Tested out the airport queue today , and I was inside the zone, and it never register that I was in there. Haven't received a request since Tuesday afternoon and now it's Saturday evening. Still no solution and have not heard a response since Wednesday lol. I did every protocol. From then to now, I feel like they ripped me off $1,000 😑😑😑
Lyft is great, but the app is terrible.
Kdnorth21 on 6/17/2017
The app is constantly texting me saying that Its olost communication with the Lyft system. Even when I'm sitting in my apartment with a Google Fiber Wifi connection. It has also repeatedly switched itself from "arrived" to "picked up rider" on its own multiple times. This really makes the customers angry and comes out of my pocket because it looks like I'm trying to cheat the customer. Also have a lot of issues with the apps integration with Waze. My navigation system. Yes, it's a third party app, but I use it with both Uber and Fasten and it works fine. I have to exit and reopen the app repeatedly for the route to appear. Also seems like they are over saturated with drivers. I get far too few Ride requests during peak hours.
Connection PROBLEMS!
HairtoDieFor757 on 6/17/2017
Only works on wifi. Makes you lose passengers/money cause it disconnects during your drive!
random connection issues & crashes
FJR1986 on 6/17/2017
So far what's the difference?
dr furcookies on 6/17/2017
So far I see no actual difference therefore no actual reason for it
Doesn't work
Beccamayfire on 6/17/2017
I don't understand why they added a new app if it's no different than the original app. There's no benefit at all of having two different apps. The new app has also crashed on me several times which cost time and money. I'd go to a pick up location and all of a sudden the app will close out and not allow me to continue.
Cancellations or drops
TVESTER_FCA on 6/17/2017
I'm tired of being in route to pick up rider and get a cancellation notice... is this a glitch or does lyft really have this many cancellations? Needs to be a Penalty on riders and or incentive for drivers!
Please fix this app, it will put you out of business! Costing drivers time and money!!
kelrebmur on 6/17/2017
I have never once written an app review if that tells anyone at Lyft anything. I had to because this app may be the worst one I've ever used in my life. I have had a great experience driving for Lyft for months now with little to no issues and have been very happy with the company. Then this new app came out. TWO weeks in a row I went out to drive during peak times with great hourly rates and a potential bonus if I got enough rides. Both weeks this crashing and unresponsive app cost me both the hourly guarantee and bonus money. At least 2-3 rides were "missed" each week because I would get a ride, try to accept and the app wouldn't respond. Who knows what else I missed because would disconnect constantly in areas where I always got a great connection before. So I am now waiting in this same area for an hour or more for a ride when I've never had to wait more than 5-10 minutes in before. Needless to say between the missed rides and the low acceptance rate I made little to no money. The worst part is that I reached out to Lyft about the missed rides to see if they could at least adjust my acceptance rate and they wouldn't do anything about it! Was basically just a sorry that happened but there's nothing we can do. I believe this app is going to cost Lyft a LOT of drivers AND passengers if they don't get this fixed asap.
Will not link with Amp
Mookee72 on 6/17/2017
Sorry but the new Lyft Driver App is not working as planned, I agree with the other drivers please fix the glitches...
Bad connectivity
hj01221122 on 6/16/2017
The new app as been cool but they lose connection
Get your act together
77TJ on 6/16/2017
I have been a fan of Lyft for 6 months. Telling customers the benefits of using Lyft over uber. However the last month or so has really been disappointing I have almost quit Lyft all together. This new app they keep pushing should really be looked at asap. You can only make money if drivers are using the app it takes a team to make this company work. I'm afraid to down load the new app sounds horrible. Looking to see the reviews change from 1 stars to at least 4 stars before I download it.
2 apps of the same
Royaltystar on 6/16/2017
Great they came out with a different app. Best idea to do so. At the same time you would think that you make something that's similar would have different features. First it's set up to still connect with the old app which is now just a riders app. Then I had scheduled a cab as a rider to have someone picked up & right around the time the person were to be picked up I had got a ping 5 minutes before. Which was at lesser a 20 minute ride itself. Now the person is trying to reach me because they didn't even see the driver that was scheduled to pick them up. Now they sent me a text stating they looking for the driver. I'm pretty sure one got the call & now it was a hit & miss because I couldn't see exactly who the driver was or what kind of car or even see how far the driver was. As a driver it was really inconvenient because after I had dropped the person I had caught another person added on the line. So I wasn't able to use the riders side of the app until I was finished with the Lyft line. That's a huge deal they will need to work out.
moe507 on 6/16/2017
The driver App is not as smooth, Feels incomplete. You have to do something about his, it needs total redesign. FIX it plz.
I Hate This New App!
Dreamer2019 on 6/16/2017
This app is garbage. Please go back to the previous version.
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