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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Travel 1001.61.31 May 08, 2017 Jun 22, 2018 145.9 MB iOS 10.0 or later 4+
New in version 1001.61.31

What's New: this update addresses an issue with an unexpected app crash.

Lyft Driver is your key to earning on the road. Designed just for drivers, it conveniently offers all the information you need to succeed: how busy your current area is, how much you’ve earned, how close you are to a weekly bonus, and more. It’s all at your fingertips, with even bigger features in the works.

We update our app regularly to make your rides even better.
Every update of our Lyft Driver App includes improvements for speed and reliability. As new features are released, we’ll highlight those for you in the app.


Download Lyft Driver, the app created just for drivers.
Whether you’re paying rent, saving for the future, or could just use some extra cash, drive with Lyft.
Driving with Lyft is an easy way to earn money whenever you want.
Passengers are encouraged to tip in the app — and you keep the whole amount.
The Lyft community is full of friendly people, passengers and drivers alike.
Whether you’re checking local demand or working towards a bonus, the app has everything you need to earn more.

For Lyft drivers, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

By downloading the app, you agree to allow Lyft to collect your device's language settings.

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Keeps resetting my phone
looking4art on 6/22/2018
I updated my app on Wednesday early afternoon it is now Friday 5 PM at a has yet to fix every time I turn the app on it resets my phone I have been on rides on the freeway where my phone keep resetting eight times with three people in the car it is a huge hindrance in my performance in my ratings I’m losing money and time please fix this as soon as possible
Great App but mine keeps resetting my phone while use
###! on 6/22/2018
My Lyft Driver app keeps resetting my phone when in use. I downloaded iOS 11, closed out other apps, & re-downloaded the app. Annoying when using the GPS system to get a passenger to their destination and my phone resets. My phone didn’t start doing this until I started using the Lyft Driver app and doesn’t do it with any other app. I have also tried turning the phone off and back on. Still does it.
Beware of latest version!
Cris7so on 6/22/2018
Overall I'm really satisfied driving with Lyft; however, this new update version is horrible IF AND ONLY IF, you own an iPhone 5 or 5S. Of course by now not many people do but I'm guessing there are some... It will freeze and restart your phone multiple times while the app is running. Have I known this I would've not updated the latest version. Now, I'm forced to upgrade my phone in order to be able to drive and avoid this issue. Lost 3 days of driving trying to figure out what was the problem. Once I did, I did reached out to Lyft but little did they do to help. Again, if you own an iPhone 5 or 5S BE CAEFUL with the latest app version. Other than that I've no other complaints.
New update crashing on my iPad
Seanaa82 on 6/22/2018
Just updated the driver app and while the app is running it crashes and restart my iPad it has happen to three times. Only happen with the last update. Need it fix ASAP as this is my living so it’s killing my income.
Hello? Fuel prices have gone up!
MrDevillyn on 6/22/2018
In Utah fuel prices have gone up by about a dollar. Where I used to be filling up at about $2.10/gal I now fill up at about $3.10/gal. We’re incurring more expenses for operating. I feel it’s needful to increase the fare price to be in line with this development. A minimum $3.00 per ride was never sufficient anyway, but with the current situation on top of that a $5.00 minimum will make drivers feel better appreciated for the service we render. Any other adjustments to trips fared to accommodate the increased operating costs is also my request. Thank you.
That’s weird...!
FrantzHD on 6/22/2018
An update is supposed to make an app better but it seems with the Lyft driver app, one can always expect backwards updated this morning, okay cool! Phone keeps freezing up...okay let me just hard reset my phone, I refuse to believe the problem is my lyft app! Well after a hard reset, that’s the only 3rd party app on my phone...still freezing! Lyft developers, please get it together!
Latest Update Woes
BouroJ512 on 6/21/2018
I see I’m not the only one with issues. Please fix the APP! Restarting someone’s phone during, on the way to, dropping off customers is RIDICULOUS! My last passenger got to see it first hand. Lyft y’all are better than this!
This app Reboot my iphone/App Pushing Driver
Lyft Pity on 6/21/2018
Last week last update I downloaded broke my iphone, turn off and start my phone by itself. I contacted lyft support team and they haven’t fixed yet. Also I contacted Apple Support and they don’t know what to do. App is programmed to push drivers to take riders that they don’t want to take, App accept request by itself, when driver cancel or call rider to cancel Lyft text and email you to say not to do it again because driver accepted that request, but was the App that accepted by itself. That should be fixed.
Not even make money!
Airborn14 on 6/21/2018
Now you can’t make money driving for Lyft because the earnings are so low that it only makes sense to driving when there offer incentives to drive.
App constantly crashes my phone
jetlyft08 on 6/21/2018
I’ve been driving for the past 2 days. The app is constantly re-starting my IPhone 6; even when I am on the middle of a ride. Today I missed an exit on the expressway because of this, suddenly you loose your route and GPS. I had to thoroughly apologize to the customer, even ask her to use google maps on her phone while mine was restarting. The route ended up being longer and more time consuming. Thankfully this customer understood the issue and was very helpful. Please fix this for the sake of passengers and drivers. Let’s make Lyft better together. I’d love to change my review back to 5 stars once it’s fixed.
So many updates, so many bugs
TroyRig on 6/21/2018
The app is still a UI nightmare. Request comes, tap accept. Tap “close” so it closes the navigation pop-up. Arrive at pickup, tap “Arrive.” Then tap “Confirm Arrival.” Then tap “Pickup” once the Rider is in the car. Then tap “Close” to close the navigation pop-up again. That’s six times you have to tap your phone screen just to start a trip. Six!! Need an adjustment to a fare? There’s no option for adjusting a fare from Lyft to Plus. That requires going to the help menu and selecting from several drop-down menus, none of which list that as an option, selecting a random thing and just explaining it in the message area. **Update** Customer service told me that if a rider orders Lyft but has more than 4 people, I am to ask them to cancel the ride and request as a Plus. They said they “might not be able to adjust future rides.” First of all, putting a driver in a confrontational situation with a possibly intoxicated rider is not the safest thing to do. You’re basically telling us to make the customer pay for a cancellation fee rather than simply adjust it for them later. Second, we often don’t know how many riders there are until they get in the vehicle, especially in crowded locations. Asking them to re-request may result in them getting a different driver and we would have to make them get out. How is this convenient and good service for either the rider or driver? Absolutely ridiculous. Your competitor has an in-menu option to adjust these rides. Why do you make it a difficult and confrontational issue?
NCEW on 6/21/2018
Newest update caused my phone to automatically restart over and over again incessantly. Lost hours of driving time and because the app was open when my phone shut down, when it would restart and I opened the app to turn it off it would cause my phone to shut off again and again. Lost an entire day of working and have yet to receive a response from support.
New update
Donny4yamoney on 6/21/2018
Every since the new update the app resets my phone during rides and waiting for rides. Please fix the first of the month is coming!!
iPhone 5S crashes
RandomlyGen on 6/21/2018
I have an iPhone 5S on iOS 11.3.1. Was driving around with Driver mode on. Got a pickup. Accept request. During navigation is when my phone reboot itself. Navigation setting is set to switch to Google Map.
Bad version
Oldmacdonaldhadafarm on 6/21/2018
I updated to the latest version of the Lyft driver app and it causes iPhone 6 (10.3.3) to crash. I've deleted and reinstalled and still the same. I'm only running Uber driver(latest) and Stride. Until you fix this, I will only be running with Uber. Contact me if you want the crash logs. 😡
Latest update issues
FlappyOU on 6/21/2018
Since this update two days ago the app has been causing my phone to shut itself off. I tested this by only having lyft open and running and it shut my phone off twice while having a customer in my car. I could not see where to go or if I was going in the right direction. This needs to be fixed ASAP.
Horrible Driver Support
Rocku02 on 6/21/2018
Lyft’s driver support is horrible!!! This is how they handle driver support with me. I’m a LYFT Driver who has given over 1,000 rides, with an average of almost 5 star rating. First, it’s impossible to try to call LYFT support and speak to a live person. The app will continually refer you to drop down menus and articles, versus being able to speak to someone. If you had an urgent matter to discuss with LYFT, it’s impossible to quickly reach someone. When I finally did reach someone, I explained I needed Lyft window emblems for a new vehicle and an airport placard. I explained that the LYFT Hubspot locations were more than double the distance from where I lived (over an hour in Los Angeles traffic). But I noticed a new Lyft Hotspot location in Northridge, that was very close to me (only 20 mins). So I asked if I could go there to pick up what I needed. First, she kept telling me I could pick up emblems at Hubspot locations. I politely informed her that I already knew that, but what about the Nothridge location. She just told me that she had no information about a Northridge location and that I was probably mistaken, because “Hotspots” are bonus areas on the Driver app. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Do they even train these people? I explained to her that I have given over 1,000 rides, and that I know what a surge or hotspot is in the Driver app. To avoid wasting any more money making drive time, I asked to confirm the address and phone number of the Northridge location so I didn’t waste time driving all the way over there. She responded by telling me that she doesn’t know what that place is and she has no address or phone number. I told her that it was on their website for free vehicle inspections. Finally, she hung up on me. I have already transitioned to primarily drive for the competition. With this latest experience I will probably completely stop driving for LYFT. The hustle is just not worth it. Your own company fights you and just tries to get you off the phone and then hangs up on you. It’s rediculous!!! Talk about being treated like you are nothing to them.
Driver vs Rider Safety!!!!
Nik Nacks on 6/20/2018
My only issue with Lyft that I feel is a major concern and will continue being dismissed until a major crisis happens as a result of this lack of safety!! As a driver I have to have my name, car make and model, license plate number and a updated picture of myself. Riders can use any name they choose and are not required to have a picture of them self. As a driver it is unsafe for me (a female, but risky for any driver) to pull up to a pick up location and hope the person getting into my car and agreeing to be named “money-making gangster” is the person I’m supposed to pick up. Or for me to announce out of my window that I’m here to pick up “money-making gangster”. My legal name that is used on my drivers license is what is used on my account (which is not even the name I go by- I too have a nickname), riders should be required to provide a legal name and picture to use this service. If their account is shared by family and/or friends everyone using the account should need to upload a picture. Requirement should be the same for drivers and riders where safety is concerned. Riders have 4 point of reference to prove I am the correct driver. Drivers have zero points of reference to ensure they are the correct passenger.
Cool app but needs a night mode
Wallerx2 on 6/20/2018
I love how simple the app is but needs a night mode. I drive overnight and the constant glare from the phone can be a little distracting.
Being a driver is fantastic! Make money on your schedule.
victorinthecity on 6/20/2018
My experience becoming a Lyft driver is great. Generous bonuses, nice Lyft amp, rental car options through Hertz, nice hoodie from the company. Lyft takes care of it’s drivers. With promo code: GIOVANNI75501 maximize your earning with a generous sign on bonus.
Newest Update
Klint eastwood on 6/20/2018
Since the most recent update using the driver app has made my phone reset 9 times in the last 24 hours. It seems to always reset my phone after I excepted a request or when I have arrived at the pickup location. What’s the point of updating an app when it makes it useless to use? Since it’s taking so long to fix it perhaps the older version should be in use till the bugs are worked out of the newer version.
show the destination
bigmike0 on 6/20/2018
show how far the distance the rider is going to and show where are they going
Crashes my iPhone
DanR_in_CO on 6/20/2018
The latest version crashes my iPhone. Booooo.
Needs new developer team
Powderbones on 6/20/2018
-Latest update causes iPhone users to crash and reboot constantly. It’s not possible to drive under these conditions. This is the 3rd day now that I am grounded from working from an unstable app. I’m a 5 star full time driver with Lyft (platinum) so it’s a huge financial blow when I can’t work for 3 days. A proper development team would beta test each patch rollout before making it live. This kind of error is inexcusable especially the sluggish speed in which they are fixing it (not fixing it). This is also a huge blow to your Lyft passengers as it makes any driver using an iPhone incompetent as it crashes and forced a phone reboot en route to pick up or to the passenger’s destination. Furthermore there has been an update AFTER the one that caused this glitch and it’s STILL not fixed which suggests the dev team ISN’T EVEN READING REVIEWS AND FEEDBACK. I have driven for Lyft exclusively for 5 months and always done quite well but a staggering lapse in responsibility like this for their app has me setting up my Uber inspection this Friday and I’ll be driving for their platform instead. For a company as large as Lyft has become it’s unfathomable how they can allow a rookie developer mistake like this to slide, for this long, and not even acknowledge it! (Going on 72 hours now!) Advice to the corporate yacht club, don’t be afraid to spend a little money on a quality dev team. Cutting corners to save a buck when it comes to your programmers isn’t smart. ;-) Other than that Lyft has been alright the last 5 months haha. Other suggestions: Allow destination mode to open preferred nav app and guide us to destination. Incorporate driver locations into driver app or show parts of town with less drivers to help evenly disperse drivers (as opposed to opening the passenger app to make educated repositioning decisions). Another idea is to show heat maps to only nearby drivers and perhaps only some of them, that way not everyone across town is driving to a surge square. Allow us to cancel rides faster with “no car seat” option for irresponsible parents. Have a 3 strikes you’re out policy for passengers flagged with no car seats. DO SOMETHING to help us out with this... Give passengers a deadline to have a profile photo uploaded (and have a real person evaluate to make sure the profile photo is legit and on their face, not a pic 50 feet away on a motorcycle) Add a bonus of $3-$5 for each line ride pickup. Yes we get paid the same for distance and time but stopping to pick up line ride passengers takes time and we get paid largely on distance so we lose a lot of money doing line ride pickups. Pretending we don’t or not acknowledging that we lose money on line rides makes us frustrated as drivers because it sends the message that you don’t care. Give a 5 minute grace period before and after a peak hour starts and ends. If I pick up a passenger who requested a ride at 5:59am and drop them off at 6:40am I lost 2/3’s of my first peak hour. How does this make sense? It doesn’t. It encourages me to stay offline until 6:01 to ensure I get a ride requested after 6. Also consider giving double credit on long peak rides. Why shouldn’t a 50 minute ride count for 2 during peak times? Are we encouraging drivers to decline long rides during peak times for the sake of racking up more rides? No, it doesn’t make sense... Charge customers a $5 fee every 5 minutes they make us wait. Our paid time per minute is a joke, which is fine. We’re here to give people rides, not sit and wait. Update the passenger app for multi destinations to give the pax a message (“Your destination will incur a $5 waiting fee for the driver every 5 minutes. Consider ordering another Lyft if you think you’ll be longer.”) You can’t tell us making $1 a minute in the freeway and .15 cents a minute in a parking lot is anywhere close to the same thing. PROTECT YOUR DRIVERS For customers that ask for pit stops on a NON multi destination ride, give the driver a button that says “passenger requested pitstop” which will activate the $1 per minute timer. PROTECT YOUR DRIVERS. Protect waze drivers on customer pickups. I’ve noticed the Lyft routing system favors gmaps on pickups and using waze’s guidance on a pickup increases the chances you’ll give the ride to another driver for not taking the gmaps route. STOP THIS. Waze is faster. If I drive more than 2 minutes to pick up a passenger and you give the ride to another driver then protect my time and wear and tear and offer me a rerouting fee. I understand it makes more sense for the pax and that’s fine but protect your drivers. Consider disabling additional line pickups in certain geofenced areas. For example here in Vegas it makes exactly zero sense to pickup people going “the same way” on the Las Vegas strip. It’s not at all convenient to the passenger and especially not the driver. I can spend 30 minutes on a $5-$6 fare trying to pickup from multiple casinos. Better would be to disable pickups in certain geofences like the strip and then allow them as we’re outside the area. (Worst one was a pickup at the Flamingo hotel going to the rio hotel down the street and the Line ride had me pick someone up all the way north at treasure island going to golden nugget. This makes zero sense, google map these casinos and you’ll get a good chuckle out of it) Give passengers a “prefer this driver” option which will allow them to request a scheduled pickup from that driver in the future. Give drivers extra compensation for longer than 5 minute pickups. Fight for us in your board meetings. Increase your bottom line from innovation instead of ‘nickel and dime’ing. You’re taking larger portions of the fares but not offering significant quality of life improvements in return. Consider a queue to become a Lyft driver to prevent over saturation in certain cities. This will up the quality of Lyft’s brand by preventing an excessive amount of newbie drivers that surge and die intermittently.
Constant restarts with latest update
RBart203 on 6/20/2018
This app was always stable and I’ve enjoyed being a Lyft driver but this latest update makes it unbearable. Make the app efficient, dependable and stable.
Juanpablovalbuena on 6/20/2018
Since I upgraded my app is causing my phone to restart. I’m using iPhone 6 in latest iOS. Is really not cool having to explain your customer that the app is crashing and having to wait a while to get the gps directions again!!!
About Lyft line
Kami T. Sherpa on 6/20/2018
Tray to update new apps but stail old apps never update Lyft need fix this
Lyft app way worse then Uber
alsaidi123 on 6/20/2018
Lyft app need to be fix like Uber app the stuff I don’t like about Lyft app if you had passenger and about to drop off Lyft just add you new passenger even if you prime time the passenger add with no prime price with out asking you if you want to take this passenger and another issue it’s Lyft line the keep add people for you even if you turn off the app and you want to be take new people for such emergency for you
New update needs to be fixed
skudlife on 6/19/2018
The latest update keeps causing the app to crash or freeze and my phone to restart multiple times throughout the day. Just on one trip it rebooted my phone 3 times! Fix this ASAP!
gohdtjvfn on 6/19/2018
This app is okey, not too bad, but.! Lately I have problems with that, I were using today app and my phone restarting almost every 5 min, can’t do nothing. Checked new software update, check everything on my phone, as longer I don’t open app iPhone acting normally with no problem, but as soonest I open and start to drive, waiting or accepting request from passenger app forcing my iPhone go off and restart......
Furiouscheatedcuster on 6/19/2018
Forcing me to use google maps is NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!!
All about time
JAMZtunes on 6/19/2018
Be nice if I.T. could a add timer to let drivers know when they would be able to log back in. Instead of guessing / not knowing.
Bad App especially for iPad
JMK307 on 6/19/2018
This app crashes your iPad! Lyft should do like Uber and make one for the iPad!
Sto deleting my review.
I kills da kitty on 6/18/2018
My reviews never show up every time I explain that I was deactivated for something that happened when I was shopping on my own time it gets deleted.
Google doesn’t match same locations
Jknee1 on 6/18/2018
Google (and probably Waze too) does not match up to the same precise location as the rider’s on the Lyft app. Very often you must switch to Lyft at the end of Google’s route to zoom in and compare where riders really are. 2, support help must be done via FAQs even if your concerns don’t match that either. You must present a rider left something to get support quicker, the app doesn’t have an Other choice. Support should just take inquiries then choose which FAQ it goes with, if it does (half the time it doesn’t match a FAQ). Perhaps you can call Help but likely only when a rider is involved. Unlike Uber, Lyft doesn’t have in person local support at least in my city. 3, but the Lyft beacon is a nice addition! Once you reach a threshold you’ll get that, it helps riders find you.
App crash and phone restart
Partyboy29 on 6/18/2018
I updated the Lyfts app to its latest version and immediately caused my phone to crash automatically over and over. Please fix I’m losing costumers
Phone Crashing After Update
SamShaySherp on 6/18/2018
After the most recent update, the app is causing my phone to restart while the app is running. Please fix this soon, as I'm driving full time right now. Also, could we please get some sort of compensation for cancelled rides? Before updating the app this afternoon, my rides this morning all cancelled and this seems to be a common thing. I spend gas money trying to get to customers, and they cancel before I get there. This has especially been a problem with scheduled rides, which is extra inconvenient because I try to be respectful and ensure I'm on time getting online to pick them up.
Deleting reviews = something to hide
martmusico on 6/18/2018
Myriad of Issues: • Ride disappears after driver accepts without explanation; no longer any ‘[name] has canceled the ride’ nor ‘your ride was canceled by Lyft.’ A call on 18-Jun-2018 to driver support confirmed Lyft no longer offering explanations when a driver-accepted ride disappears, and furthermore, the driver support agent also stated that drivers should assume another driver in better proximity overtook the ride if it disappears after driver acceptance. • Inconsistent tallying of what constitutes a Peak Hours ride towards bonuses. • Lyft now adds non-Line riders to ‘queue’ while Driver already has a regular, non-Line passenger in the car. • A ‘queued’ Non-Line rider can negatively affect Peak Hours tally. A specific example from 15-Jun-2018: Lyft added a non-Line rider to driver queue 3 minutes before start of Peak Hours (while another non-Line passenger’s ride was still in progress); Driver dropped off existing non-Line rider and picked up new, queued, non_Line rider after the start of Peak Hours, but ride was counted as a non-Peak Hours ride because of when it was assigned to driver’s queue. • June 2018 navigation update in Lyft’s system has reversed the lane instructions for passenger pickup at Austin Bergstrom International Airport so it is now incorrect. (It should be ‘Keep left for Passenger Pick-Up’ but Lyft’s instructions are now incorrect) • Driver App hangs for several seconds upon confirming pick-up of passenger before proceeding to destination information and instructions. • Shirking of assistance to Driver for car damage by passenger. Help section of app failed to capture reported car damage on 29-May-2018; App returned to Help screen upon Driver tapping ‘Submit’ on phone. Driver Support rep requested emailed screen shots and claimed not to have received them after Driver sent them through email within 24 hours, twice. • Frequent Driver App error on location of pickup; Voice instructions match incorrect driving directions while icon for passenger location is reliable. (This Reviewer/Driver has screen shot examples.) • Poor communication to Drivers on policy changes. • Lyft deletes unfavorable reviews. This review 18-Jun-2018 is the 2nd posting of this feedback; the first was 17-Jun-2017 and was deleted. • Driver Support agent refused to forward call to supervisor on 17-Jun-2018; stated if Driver wishes to speak with another Support individual, then driver should make another request through the Help section of the App.
Crystal-PCM on 6/18/2018
This app needs a more definitive sound when a request comes in.
The apps doesn’t good for iPad
Ashik58 on 6/18/2018
The apps is not clear to watch in iPad
Bad placement of decline ride button.
Randman9206 on 6/18/2018
I have lost three ride requests because of the placement of the decline ride button. It is located in the exact spot as the menu button. If you are trying to hit the menu button to check your dashboard at the same time a ride request comes in, you will decline that ride when you do not want to. Please app developers, change the location of the decline ride button. It has cost me money as it has others I’m sure. Update: sense I have gotten no response and lost another $50 due to the horrible placement of that declined ride button, I have decided to edit my rating to only one star. Maybe that will prompt the developers to respond for their rating getting lower. It would be a simple change in the coding of the placement button to be applied as an update but apparently that is too hard.
Lyft Rentals for drivers
Jelzzzzzzzzzz on 6/16/2018
Hello, I am interested in driving for Lyft. However, I’d like to know how to go about getting a rental car.
Doing drivers dirty
Cr369 on 6/16/2018
It lags No banner for new trip request.. they reassign trips without notification. Only to find out that your trip was “rematched” after arriving at the pick location
>| on 6/16/2018
Buggy at Times
AarikaKane on 6/16/2018
There has been a couple times when the app froze as I was accepting a ride. After about 30 seconds it unfroze and I missed it. Also, the “updates” feature is annoying. How about making it so that once we read the message, it goes away for good. I’ve been looking at the same “update” for days and it’s just bulky, being that it’s right at the bottom of the map. Then you have to move it out of the way for you to see. I think that’s the most annoying feature. Please work out the kinks and bugs. It’s causing us to potentially miss out on money!
boludo186 on 6/16/2018
I don’t like the new update it’s really bad
Last update is bad
Ange12355 on 6/15/2018
Last update is pretty bad doesn’t show the banner notification when you have a ride request so result missed many rides.
Peak hours , lines services
lyft stop stilling on 6/15/2018
Lyft take a lot money from drivers !! I’ll start talking about peak hour bonus !!! Lyft saying that driver can make money anytime and anywhere they’d like !! But when Lyft offering bonus !!! They giving opinion that drivers have to driver peak hour bonus !!! So what that means?? Well all peak hours are on Friday, Saturday and Sunday!!! That means that Lyft lyft is forcing you that if you want a bonus, you have to drive as they want!!! About lines , they keep adding more people when driver have a request , they charge individually for each passenger, adding a favorable conciderable amount, what lyft does not say is that they pay only for the trip to the drivers !! when they are charged individually! For example, from San Francisco to the airport a passenger pays $ 20 dollars, let's assume that they add 3 passengers paying $ 20 dollars, a total of $ 60 dollars! approx .. is an example! lytf pays nothing more to the conduits 20-25 dollars when they have already charged approx $ 60 dollars for the 3 passengers !! therefore lyft steals money from drivers !!!
Endless loop
KWHaney on 6/15/2018
I’m trying to update my phone number and I’m told to select and option that doesn’t exist when logging in. Their support is awful I hate chatting with someone as I prefer to speak with people. I like driving for lyft but this is ridiculous
Keeps crashing!
D Spirited on 6/15/2018
I’ve been driving with Lyft for a few months in and off now. Usually Lyft does a great job with the weekly bonuses and the easy to use app. But as of recently there hasn’t been any weekly bonuses so you aren’t making as much, also I’ve had the app crash almost everyday when I’m dropping a passenger off or even when I’m in route! It’s not good for money at all, nor your time. Im considering driving for Uber if Lyft doesn’t get this under control.
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