Old Man's Journey

Broken Rules

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
$4.99 Games 1.8 May 17, 2017 Dec 18, 2017 1864.2 MB iOS 10.0 or later 4+
New in version 1.8

- Fixed startup error with iCloud. Syncing works now. Sorry for the inconvenience!
- Added a hint at start of the game.

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*** Game of the Year on iPad 2017 ***
*** Apple Design Award 2017 ***

A story game about life’s precious moments, broken dreams, and changed plans.

"A gorgeous experience." - TouchArcade (10/10)
"An absolute joy to look at and play" - The Guardian
"A whimsical poem" - Polygon - (8/10)

Immerse yourself in a visual narrative as you uncover stories of the old man’s life told through beautiful vignettes of his memories. Interact with the serene, whimsical environment as you solve playful puzzles and shape the landscape around you, growing the hills to create the old man’s path forward.

Explore life’s complexities through the old man’s eyes as you experience his heartache, regret, and hope.

- Designed for touch
- A powerful and emotional narrative told only through imagery
- Gorgeously whimsical landscapes with hand-drawn art and animations
- Handcrafted, pressure-free puzzles
- Unique landscape-shaping mechanic
- A compact game experience perfect for a wanderlust-evoking escape
- Original and emotionally compelling soundtrack by SCNTFC
- Crisp drawings designed to look beautiful on your iPhone and iPad

iPad Screenshots
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Canvas and Canopy on 5/8/2018
The most stunning game I’ve ever played. Incredible graphics, with strategy that is more zen than frustrating along with an emotional and lovely storyline. I found this game extremely relaxing and hope this developer makes another one soon.
Boring game
Michelle00721! on 5/5/2018
Previous review had my exact thoughts. Incredibly pretty graphics. Crap game.
Super relaxing
Jhallren91 on 4/22/2018
I enjoyed the game a lot more when laying in bed trying to wind myself down. It could be a little more interactive and challenging.
i’m too dumb to finish
iq2 on 4/5/2018
i like it but i’m stuck following the cat onto the roof or wherever. that’s really early in the game and i was an honors student in school so...huh. i like the graphics and the easy pace. but i touched every point i could find, went up and down and back and forth several times and ... ah well. people! don’t let me discourage you. take it as a challenge! beat the honors kid! update: never got any response from devs so never got to finish. i didnt ask specifically for a response, but i had hoped they would contact me and explain how to continue. ah well.
Perfect and Beautiful
Fandyan on 3/28/2018
This game may not be for everyone, but it was Perfect for Me. I wanted a game that was a little slower paced and thought out game. This game is Perfect and Beautiful, Sad but gives Hope in the end.Nice job to those who created it and hope to see more like this in the future.
Richaldir on 3/27/2018
Rarely have I found such beautiful graphics with a storyline woven throughout clever puzzles and challenging gameplay. The music and animations combined with gorgeous interactive environments made this game a joy to play! I completed it over three months - it was like returning to an immersive novel and slowly unfolding the story as I had time to relax and engage with this old man to see where he was going. Can’t wait for more from this developer! Well done.
not worth the price
Tr-amy on 3/26/2018
The game is absolutely beautiful but it plays more like a short film. Not worth the $4.99. It didn’t take me long to get through the game which was very slow going, not much to do and no instruction. Once the game is over and there is nothing to do that’s it. Game over. No more game. For $4.99. I would have rather rented the movie because then I would have expected it to be over when it was done. Seriously. I was done in a few hours.
Soooooo boring
Kh1922 on 3/25/2018
The graphics are neat and all but it was soooo slow and boring.
Matt112357 on 3/11/2018
This game lives in the sweet spot, somewhere between a puzzle and an interactive story. Well worth the money. It’s clear that so much care and attention went into making it. Looking forward to seeing what this developer comes up with next.
Good at first
mmyageorge on 3/9/2018
I got this game because I like games that have good graphic design. I downloaded it and it was fun at first, but got repetitive and boring. This is a game meant for patient and thoughtful thinkers.
Review writer #1001 on 3/6/2018
Old Man got as far as where the boat/train car needs to be lifted from the water, and no matter how many times I tapped on the guy with the controls to raise it up it would not raise. I restarted, deleted and reloaded the game, and it still wouldn’t work. I’ve now deleted this game and have moved on. The pretty pictures and “sweetness” are not worth the grief.
A sweet way to spend the afternoon
Melbo7 on 3/5/2018
This game is a journey. Nothing neurotic or compulsive with missing some object or getting attacked. Just a sweet relaxing and beautifully rendered puzzled journey. Thank you! I will be playing this again!
Great story but needs more game
Letdownbythisgame on 3/1/2018
Beautiful art, great music, flows well, and heartfelt story, but.....needs more gameplay. Mostly just walking and doing simple logic to arrange the path to get from point a to point b. Hardly any interactivity. VERY linear and predictable. The rolling wheel they introduce about mid way was a nice touch, but other than that the gameplay is very stale. Great ending though.
Every time I save image it just quit
Chickenteriyaki on 2/18/2018
It goes back to home everytiem I try to save the photo
Nicknamebro on 2/13/2018
I’m afraid to go back and see if I actually paid $4.99 for this “game”. I was fooled by the 5 star reviews it received and purchased it without reading too much into it. Big mistake. This is a poor excuse for a puzzle game. If anything, it is a linear walking simulator. You click where you want the old man to walk super slowly and have to move the landscape around to progress further. I guess that’s the “puzzle” part but I would hardly call that a puzzle because it isn’t challenging at all. I had a harder time trying to figure out where the pause button was in the game. The story tries to be over emotional but with no dialogue and tedious gameplay it failed to make me care. One thing is the visuals are pretty and colorful but if it didn’t have that then, well, it would be worth 0 stars.
plantyisherexd on 2/10/2018
Really good, should buy
Great game
Rickwakemanscape on 2/9/2018
The game is amazing, the art style is stunning and there is nothing you could do to make it better(in my opinion) other than to keep up the good work!!!
Love it!
Leaandmike on 2/1/2018
This is a good game I don’t like the end sad story about his wife and seeing his flash backs good then bad. Still a good game.
A different kind of “game”
jmariekay on 1/27/2018
I’m a pretty big gamer but this game is of an entirely different breed. It tells a story while you move the landscape enabling him to make his journey. I absolutely loved it but certainly not for everyone. The beautifully simplistic art and soundtrack along with the small interactions really make you feel as though you’re apart of the journey
A beautiful game
/matt on 1/21/2018
On par with the game Brothers, it tells an old man’s story with no dialogue or tutorial. I almost quit playing because the first couple minutes didn’t hook me in, but I was so glad I gave it another chance. This is a game that would definitely appeal to an older (30+) fanbase. Younger gamers might not like the slow pace that emphasizes plot and scenery.
oguzhulagu on 1/21/2018
Don’t waste your money!
lil.tyke on 1/15/2018
I wish you guys could create more apps! I adore this and others that are similar. Thank you for all your time and efforts and abilities!
Old Man's Journey
KeMaWe on 1/13/2018
Very expensive for the experience you get. Although beautifully done, just not that engaging or much of a game per se for that matter. A fair price would be around $2.
Overpriced Unfulfilling Copy of Monument Valley
Parent_of_kids on 1/11/2018
Wow?! $5 for this? Do not buy. I purchased based on the awards. Very bad decision. Total game play is maybe an hour and it’s only because the old man walks slow. (Not that I have anything against old men or walking slow.) I envisioned puzzles or something thought provoking. Nothing, just beautiful pictures and redundancy. This game was clearly inspired by the novel and intriguing game Monument Valley. However that game includes story and thoughtful challenges. The Old Man includes no real challenge. Once you learn to click and move a hill it’s just work. No fun.
Great graphics, where is the story
qkriel on 1/9/2018
I am sorry, I don’t get this. The graphics are great but where is the story or gameplay. Just wondering around changing the landscape, that would be fine but I don’t see where the story is. Even free I am not sure this is worth it, sorry I really wanted to like it and I paid for it.
DW65 on 1/7/2018
Playing on my iPad with the brightness maxed just put a grin on my ugly mug the whole time I played. I truly enjoyed this, it is part game, part story, and part gorgeous colorful art all of which kept me engaged. I hope to see more chapters added, thank you for such a different relaxing experience. Fantastic job on the visuals, it just sucked me in like a canvas come to life. So original and a true work of art with warmth.
Tyrone McTrump on 1/4/2018
Great game maybe for an 8 year old girl. I’m glad it ended when it did because I was already bored to death with it and about to delete it.
Relaxing. Just what I was looking for, yet unexpected.
closertofine on 1/1/2018
Amazing game. I’m not a gamer, not have a ton of time or patience. Was surprised how easy this was to pick up, but maintain some challenge. And the I was also caught off guard with the amazing graphics and emotional story that played out. Highly recommend.
Strong atmosphere, weak gameplay
A Nonymous on 1/1/2018
The atmosphere in this game is very well attained, with the right combination of graphics, colors, and music. This is hardly a game, however; it’s more of a mildly interactive short story. When I say short, I mean over in a couple hours. Although it’s technically a puzzle game, the puzzles are not hard, and the type of challenge is very repetitive. Not worth paying more than $1.
Over before it starts
jazdm'n on 12/30/2017
Beautiful graphics, yes, but the gameplay is so simple, and the story even simpler. And, with only 15 "scenes". this game was finished in less than an hour. Not worth the price, even when it was on sale. Don't waste your money, or your time.
Old Man’s Journey
Banana92114 on 12/29/2017
Definitely 100% worth the price. I am currently about to cry! This game was beautifully made. The music really brings out the emotions of the game and the design is purely flawless. I will definitely be replaying this game and showing it to my friends and family. I definitely recommend purchasing and playing this game!!
rusty pumpkin on 12/29/2017
Really liked the story and especially the art. Sure probably not worth the $5 but that’s what sales are for. I spread out the game over a week and didn’t get bored of it at all.
Old Man Walking Simulator
chellllllllllle on 12/28/2017
Found this game lacking. The story, at least to me, wasn’t very clear. *spoiler* didn’t know if the women with the red hair at the end was his wife or daughter. Then he suddenly gets married and has a kid with the nurse of the dying patient? *end spoiler* Seemed a bit too much like “Hey I know what happened was awful, but imma replace you.” If I got the story completely wrong it wasn’t on me. It was on the developers for not making the story clear enough.
HOT PINK IS EPIC on 12/28/2017
The graphics are stunning and the story is very in depth
ningapinga11223344NICK on 12/27/2017
This game is unbelievable in its simplicity yet oh so moving. Just try it for yourself :-)
It’s bad
Fdkjbdfk on 12/26/2017
I’m not going to lie, this game is awful. I would not recommend buying it at all. The graphics are pretty good, but other than that it’s just boring. I expected something more action packed and was extremely disappointed with what I got. Unless you are content with a pointless game, don’t waste your money. It’s not worth it.
Great picture quality
Fdcisdcnfgdkcvkd on 12/25/2017
The game is so calming and creative, I love the idea of just playing the game without being interrupted by ads, being asked to rate the game, or micro-transactions. The art style is so original as well. :)
Good but...
Opal the fusion on 12/25/2017
This game needs a little more to it. For starters this game is really short. There are only 15 levels and there is no pause button. The gameplay is super easy and even though it gets a little more difficult it still isn’t much of a challenge. The music and animation is nice but the story is lacking. I do like how the environment is effected by what is going on in the story. The landscape is pretty too. Honestly I think this game needs more to it.
Glad I got it on sale...
Chrisations on 12/24/2017
... because this game is boring. I like the story idea, however where the little baby cake from at the end of it? Weird... Anyway, the puzzles are so so simple. It literally took me an hour to finish! Waste on money. Graphics are pretty cool and dramatic, but again there’s no challenge to pass this game. Waaaay to easy. I would like to get my money back.
Not challenging
Icefiremonkeyhat on 12/24/2017
I wish I had read more reviews before purchasing. I did not find the game very exciting at all and the puzzles didn’t seem like much when all you do is move the ground. The only nice part was the graphics. My expectations were different so I felt disappointed.
The game doesn’t work for me
Cupcakes 😀😀😀😀😀😀 on 12/24/2017
At the part where I need to pass to get to the next level the doing coin shaped stone just wouldn’t break the wall no matter how I change the shape of the land.The developers how to so how change it.Other than that, the game is creative and interesting to see how it plays out.
Wonderful, artistic and heart warming.
ARIAofNY on 12/24/2017
I was a game player but for long time I have stopped playing video games because they all have more or less the same style. I downloaded Old Man’s Journey out of curiosity, because as an artist I was interested in the graphic and design. Yes, it’s not the most complicated game ever and if you are looking for something very challenging perhaps this will not be so exciting... but it is a wonder low stress game, that allows you to immerse yourself in a wonderful natural world, full of wonderful sounds and colors. It will warm your heart because the purpose of this game is not survival, but something very unusual and new. It’s worth trying.
Beautiful game
MinaMonster88 on 12/24/2017
The visuals in this were beautiful. The puzzles themselves weren’t very difficult but still made you think. I loved the storyline and being able to watch it all unravel. However I wish the game had been a bit longer.
Buy. Now.
MrsPinhunter on 12/23/2017
It took me a couple of levels before I understood the game, but once I did...obsessed! Wonderful graphics and storyline. Game play is relaxed. I usually play time management games, so it was nice to take this game slowly and strategize at each level. Love it! Looking forward to more!
It’s really nice but..
TNTSoulPatches on 12/23/2017
I love the art style,animation, and story but it was really short. I’d really love it if it was a bit longer.
ReelDeal on 12/23/2017
What a wonderful adventure! The hand drawn art is straight out of a fairytale book. Thanks for that experience.
Puzzle Game?
Egemenokte on 12/23/2017
I do not understand how the rating for this game could be so high. This is not a puzzle game. If it is, it is incredibly easy and frankly very boring.
Extremely boring gameplay
sassytrash on 12/22/2017
I’ve had this game on my wishlist forever. Let’s just say I’m glad I bought it on sale fir $.99 and not at the full $4.99 price. I found myself SO unbelievably bored throughout the entire game. I wouldn’t call it puzzles or even so much a game. It’s just a story with an old man that walks around remembering his life and getting divorced. It’s odd and not fun at all. The graphics are incredibly stunning which is the only reason I even gave it 2 stars but you just drag the ground to make him hop from one area to another. Sometimes you have to move some sheep out of the way or crash something through a rock fence to let him walk through but I wouldn’t call it fun or challenging, it’s kind of annoying. I mean really, who thought this was an exciting game?? I’m more annoyed that I even spent $.99 on it. Not worth it. Beautiful graphics but horrible “game”.
Table10 on 12/22/2017
Oh how I love this game, it makes me happy with good pain. I’ll always love this app, as it’s story is on my lap.
More journey!!!!
pjj33 on 12/18/2017
Amazing and beautiful and relaxing. More please!!!!
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