WiFi Anywhere-Hotspot Analyzer

Chi Zhang

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Travel 1.2.8 Feb 27, 2017 Apr 14, 2018 22.8 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 1.2.8

Bug fixes and performance improvements.


WiFi Anywhere is a faster, more smooth, and easier to use wifi tools. WiFi Anywhere provides a key to connect around WiFi hotspots; Monitor and manage data usage; Test network speed; Drive LAN intruders; All these stuffs will be handled well with WiFi Anywhere!

WiFi hotspots
Offers you nearby wifi options, which includes wifi and hotspots, safety test function of our app is suggested to use before you get connected to a new wifi, especially public wifi and open wifi to ensure your online safety.

Detect Wifi Spy
Show all the information of connected devices, including Brand, IP address, Device name, and Type. Rank Network safety assessment, find out Spy and fix network trouble.

Monitor data usage
Monitor and display network state around the clock. Warn user by sending alarm when an app occupies network heavily or data is about overused.

Network Speed Test
Show download and DNS speed. Speed test is available in Cellular networks and Wifi.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email us at zhangchi0563@yahoo.com.

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frigoff17 on 6/24/2018
So far so good
WiFi A
skincareaddict22 on 6/24/2018
Great app
So far so good
Luisirizarry on 6/24/2018
Is ok I haven’t bump into any problems.
MYOWNBANK on 6/24/2018
Work great.
No WiFi
stopbinfake on 6/24/2018
App does not work at all
K1DD23 on 6/23/2018
The best thing ever
Sgarrabrants on 6/23/2018
Love this app
tacxxxx on 6/22/2018
Well, I’ll update my review when I figure out how to work this. 🙄
block_boy_16 on 6/22/2018
Great work
TheCaptainOfWhat on 6/21/2018
This app is really really good for networking. It has all the features you need.
ngffuuu on 6/21/2018
Is just a add
ahalls59 on 6/21/2018
Very good
Very good tank you very much
anvar khezr on 6/20/2018
Very good
Love it ksskms
jacobthe beats on 6/20/2018
Excellent app!!
Bilboma on 6/20/2018
Works great, can’t find anything bad about it.
ehdheigndoduebdkxiend on 6/19/2018
Speed check
Metromedic on 6/19/2018
Works better than others that I have tried.
Best WiFi capacity fulling connected all the time
Semmysue on 6/19/2018
Find the best hotspot swear I never have any moments of no connection to Wi-Fi it’s amazing
jririehfxvsdwfsreotpk on 6/19/2018
Works great
🔥 from IG@anthonybranthiphop
IG@anthonybranthiphop on 6/19/2018
🔥 5/5 -IG@anthonybranthiphop
Still tbd
macdarden37 on 6/19/2018
Not connecting yet I am going to faint if this works
Excellent Free Tool, Thanks!
gupta4367 on 6/19/2018
Works well! Exceeds expectations and it’s FREE!
Traveling tech
traveling techy on 6/18/2018
mv.turner on 6/18/2018
I don’t know how to use this ... I found this app thinking it would help but it really doesn’t ... I have absolutely no WiFi and this isn’t helping much /: ... this literally worked for like 10 sec and it stopped.. it keeps sending me notifications saying to plz wait that It’ll give me the password but it doesn’t .. this is stressful and the percentage goes up then down.. since I have absolutely no WiFi at home at the moment and I really need it Too search up things I can’t😞.. non of my apps are working at all
offuscator on 6/18/2018
Not the app I was hopping for. It just scans for WIFI and near hotspots. I AM NOT IMPRESSED.
Pretty cool
Kelly Hester on 6/17/2018
I haven’t actually been able to see like my neighbors or anything but it’s cool seeing the other ones in the town I live. I hope to try and log on one one day
really works
Dor93 on 6/17/2018
All the apps i tried this really works. Passwords are really the right ones even gave me my own.
Apple7078 on 6/17/2018
AJFlores1300 on 6/16/2018
Good so far
salarui on 6/16/2018
Thumbs up, keep it going
NOTHING works so far!! NADA, ZILCH!
Judik421 on 6/16/2018
NO SPY DETECT- To me the most important feature as it is SUPPOSED to tell you who is on your WiFi site, including IP address and how to fix, if there is a spy problem! (At least that’s what the description says). NO SPEED TEST-Does not work. I have not yet checked outside Wi-Fi connection yet. But I’d bet that doesn’t work also... TOTAL WASTE OF SPACE, (AND MY TIME)! I wish this app would allow ZERO stars..
adri's world on 6/16/2018
Juniorjt1 on 6/15/2018
Love love
KyLover18 on 6/15/2018
Love it ! Works great !!
Love it
Tater1111 on 6/15/2018
Much Love 2 U
k outhouse on 6/15/2018
Whitney’s iPhone New
Whitxx0303 on 6/14/2018
Love the signal
Great app
Mithell4711 on 6/14/2018
I recommend getting it because it gives u the passwords for the WiFi
So far so awesome
Lojax on 6/14/2018
Worked great everywhere I’ve used it!! Not sure what it means when it says it’s enhancing my signal but I’ll take it.
What WiFi ? Are you kidding??
I'mAditz on 6/14/2018
You didn't publish my first message so why would you publish this?
It works!
Hausponce on 6/14/2018
Two thumbs up!
g.alvrzz on 6/14/2018
BlkDrag on 6/13/2018
Don’t waste your time downloading
ling ling01 on 6/13/2018
Okay so let me start out by saying that this app doesn’t even work. I bet all the other reviews are fake.
I guess
nikki.attack59 on 6/12/2018
Okay so the app for a beginner is very good....I personally don’t have data so this is great...the app is great for the fact that you can connect to either look something up or download something before work...the cons are that the app is pretty confusing😬
pdeimos on 6/12/2018
Great app
Matt Kynard on 6/12/2018
Great app
nfjfnudj on 6/12/2018
I’m starting this app and it’s great so far.
Great App!
Z06Mick on 6/12/2018
I love this app, actually does what it claims to do.Good job.
Good great grand
willie wrenchs on 6/11/2018
Nice app love it
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