Impossible Bottle Flip


Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Games 1.9 Mar 02, 2017 Apr 19, 2018 37.8 MB iOS 8.0 or later 4+
New in version 1.9

◉ New! Collect Daily Rewards
◉ Bug fixes and performance enhancements
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The sequel to our hit game "Water Bottle Flip Challenge 2" with over 1.5 million downloads!

Think you can take on the Impossible Bottle Flip? Download now to find out! Tap to flip through the room onto ordinary household objects to get to the finish, just don't fall off!

Conquer 15 impossible levels on your way to becoming a bottle flipping master.

iPad Screenshots
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GenderswapSinon on 5/23/2018
It’s fine a decent time passer unless you prefer tower defense ,action ,or strategy games
More Annoyance, Less Fun
ThatDuckGif on 5/22/2018
I will just make my overall opinion quick. This game lacks enjoyment. The amount advertisments is annoying. Having roughly every 4 to 6 attempts at the levels. Though that may seem long, it is no where near. The game’s first level gives no guidence about the game. Only about 20% on the objects on screen are part of the level. And with that said, the first level within its self expects you to hit every flip spot on. Making it harder to conplete a level. I spend more time watching advertisements for games that may as well be worth more of my time. I get an occasional ad, but this game gives to many. If you hate the ads the followong could help. Simply disconnect from your wifi network. Then, disable this game from accessing data in your data settings. Just take note that iPads and iPods do not have data. This means your device will be 100% offline. Never the less this game is not worth it. I could see me playing it when I’m bored, but from the many apps I have this one is not relaxong to play.
My opinion
Dacandybeast on 5/22/2018
MAKE SURE YOU DONT RAGE. Other than that, this game is pretty good.
Need to have more gradual increases in difficulty
mbpacker on 5/22/2018
This game is fun, but the 2nd and third levels already get too hard. They need to be more gradual in difficulty.
Hard but active
by Sonora on 5/22/2018
2018 I love this game it uses your time in when you're bored. I played a different bottle flip game before I started playing this one. I think the other one was harder for me in my opinion but if you guys have skills maybe you would like that one better the other bottle flip game is called bottle flip! The bottle flip games are A little too hard but that's what makes the game fun. You have to have some challenges because it keeps you active it keep your brain active it kind of keeps her hands active too. I rated this game five stars because everybody should be down for a challenge and be ready for hard parts because I bet every game has hard challenges Thanks for listening to my review. 😊📲
Its a alright game
Lowrowbloxlee on 5/22/2018
The game itself is great and the ads you can get rid of.The downfall is that if I sign of for the day or what ever and later get back on it puts me on a lower level and wouldn’t put me or let me go back to the level I was on.Does this happen to any others?Like I said other wise it’s a great game
Annoying ads
daleksss on 5/22/2018
The game is good but you can not play too many annoying ads...
Hard game
Anonymous146tjd on 5/22/2018
It’s a great game but it is very hard If only you could make it a bit easier It makes me shout every single time I get so close to the finish line but I don’t touch the finish line
Loggzc13 on 5/22/2018
Worst game I’ve ever played. It will cheat you out of winning over and over. I’d rather watch the same Teletubbies episode on a month straight marathon than even click this app one time. I highly suggest driving to Florida and getting a blistering sunburn before downloading this game. If I could give a negative star review it would be on this more frustrating game I’ve ever played. If you like being guaranteed to lose then go ahead and click download. If this game was my house I’d burn it to the ground and live in a box before I’d ever play this again. Thanks
Knownprankster on 5/21/2018
Ads are too much while I am playing the ad pops and I lose the game
المملكة العربية السعودية
حسين العسيري ابو نواف on 5/20/2018
جميلا اللعبة ولاكن أستنتجت أنا في كل نطة لايوجد سيوا ضغطتان فقط و هذا الشي ليسا جميلاً في اللعبة ❤️ ملاحظة : لذالك نقسط من ال5 نجمات نجمة و شكراً
babycorndwags on 5/20/2018
I love this game because it’s testing you’re patience and this is really fun to play. I think that you should get this game. It is an ok game. Plz plz get this game it is fun it is challenging and let me just say that if you like to be challenged or the be tested on you’re patience then I feel like you should get this game.
Bugs and ads
HackedUpJordan on 5/20/2018
This game has way to much bugs and ads. For starters right when I joined the game I got blasted with an ad, and in middles of rounds I get a ad. Now the buggy part. So, every time I’m in a game it lags right at the end or middle, that’s super annoying when you’re at the end especially. Also I lost some of my progress! I made it pretty far, too! Fix these PLEASE!
Why is this so hard?
kdnje e on 5/20/2018
I’m only on level fore because this is impossible!
Yara cutie Kid on 5/19/2018
Ok so this game is good and challenging. But SERIOUSLY 😒 when you do a challenge and you leave, so, say I’m on lvl 10 in challenge. Id have to do it over and then after 300,000,00 days when you finally complete it, you have to do lvl 11 or else ud go back to lvl 10. (Ps I was on lvl 10-11 lol) but really this game needs work on that!!!!!!!! Please FIX IT. And btw, this is fun and challenging, but- you know what for get that...Ok so the level thing needs work only - - Beautiful fashion princess KID 🧒. 👑
Messed up
elemanlee on 5/19/2018
On level three when you want to get on the chair from the lamp, if you tap it doesn’t jump or anything so it automatically loses and it happens every single round I play
Fix bug
optimistic1989 on 5/19/2018
I love this game it’s super fun and challenging! But it’s frozen on like level 8 I got to the end and won the game, but it hasn’t went forward it’s been frozen for hours not the first time it’s froze please fix it thank you
Harold Hines on 5/19/2018
It’s a fun game aside from the fact that there is an ad every time you fail (which is a lot.)
Pretty good
miss VERY dissapointed on 5/19/2018
This is a good app! A good way to pass time. There’s just one thing there’s lots of videos I just want that fixed thanks!🙃🙃
Wow it'z the man on 5/19/2018
This is the most stupidest game I ever played to many adds quality is crap
Too many adds
22_elftstore on 5/19/2018
I love your game, and I find it very entertaining to play. However there are two major flaws within this game that I find quite unbearable when I play it. The first flaw is of course, too many ads. Yes, you must publicize your sponsor, but I keep getting the same Rise ad over and over every three or four tries at the game. Seeing this ad over and over made me very annoyed especially when the exit button was so small, when you tried to press it, the ad would think you pressed anywhere else and take you to its website. I enjoy the occasional Sing ads because they are fun to listen to, however most of the time I get the annoying rise ad and it makes me even more frustrated with the game, and makes me not want to download the game even more. The second flaw is a much smaller one. Occasionally you will try to tap on the screen to flip the bottle and it doesn’t flip, resulting in a failed attempt. I am not referring to when the bottle is in the air, I mean when it is on a slanted surface, I can never seem to able to flip it. Other than those two flaws I hope you will think about, I really enjoy your game and I love the challenges in it.
The Water Bottle
Zip line kill on 5/19/2018
It was a little are because the moving thing and the certain time you had to jump.
diisavsm253543 on 5/18/2018
My opinion would be that this game is very addictive and challenging but it is very good and I love a good challenge
jsjl1529 on 5/18/2018
I love this game, but still some bugs to fix. Frustrating! My rating keeps going down. Bugs! It’s to the point you can’t play the game as it’s meant to be played 🙁
Laudydawg on 5/18/2018
This is my favorite game because i love to bottle flip and i can bottle flip anywhere i want, but there are a lot of advertisements!
Pro and cons
parosss on 5/18/2018
Well at first it was ok but every two tries, there is an add and it is unbelievably annoying. I’m deleting it because the adds are like just in the way and I can hardly play the game and also the game tried to be cool off of a trend so not “cool” anymore. I downloaded it anyways because I wanted more games for no internet and I do compliment that it doesn’t require any internet. Your honest and sincere review.
Love it
yuki reynolds on 5/18/2018
Nice idea
Timbidoo on 5/17/2018
Very addicting
Horrible Game, Complete Waste of Time
★dylanmurray★ on 5/17/2018
The game is very glitchy and the in game physics are messed up - one time you could jump on something and it would work and the next time you do the exact same thing and it won’t. Also the flooring and furniture are all glitched too.
Need an add free version
Lala7777393 on 5/17/2018
My kid wants this app. I don’t let my kid play apps with ads because most of them are dirty and inappropriate. Please get an ad free version so I can let my kid get this app.
Hard but amazing!
Mearah on 5/17/2018
This game is pretty fun but as the title says, it is pretty hard too, and I hope that the people who made this amazing game, will make a update about a mini game that’s called “Easy mode” easy mode is pretty simple and a little fun! Also you can switch to easy mode or just the regular adventure. That’s the update that I think the people who play this game would like!
my name is ckljn on 5/17/2018
I hate this game it’s trash don’t buy it it’s trash glitches,bugs, it's as bad as clubbing with snoop dog and peppa pig
moe game is rlly cool on 5/17/2018
Bottle Flip is overall a really fun and addictive game to play, but all the bugs and lags make it sort of frustrating.
Way to many ads.
smith5510 on 5/16/2018
Game is phone is challenging BUT due to so many freaking ads I will be deleting this. It’s so stupid. You could have such a good game without this ads.
Korrego14 on 5/16/2018
The part on where you can land on is not clear and poorly set up. Makes games terrible.
Hallowlujah on 5/16/2018
Very inconsistent
HBTSP on 5/16/2018
Bad game
cwells1997 on 5/16/2018
Horrible game. You’ll end up spending more time watching ads than playing.
Very bad controls
falconammar on 5/16/2018
This is a very bad game it wastes your time the other bottle flip games are better
3 star rating and why
mariieeexx on 5/15/2018
This game is fun but also really glitchy and I do not have phone problems
Way to many ads
Joey Figs12 on 5/15/2018
Solid game idea, just so many ads.
Bottle flip
kambam111111 on 5/15/2018
Good awesome game helps me play better in real life
puppy xo on 5/15/2018
it is so good,!,!when i play i feel xoxo
Best game!
Cgbarwea on 5/15/2018
I love this game it is really fun when your bored you can just.....BOTTLE Flip!
Seriously impossible.
cat🐱girl👧🏼 on 5/15/2018
I tried doing the first second and third level and never passes ANY of them. (I watched vids to get to those levels) so when I was playing this I was home sick really sad cuz one of my freinds were bringing geuna pigs (idk how to spell) so I was playing flappy basketball 🏀 and your app ad came up. So I thought I should get it. So once it was downloaded I started playing the first level and I thought man this is gonna be easy. But I failed and failed and failed and F A I L E D!!!! Then I tried the next level same thing. F A I L E D over and over and over and over. Next level same thing. Failed over and over and o ver. It is sad to know that people that make apps can be so HORRIBLE. Only ONE star. No thank you and bad night! (People who created this app.)
It is FUN
Pollo85 on 5/14/2018
It is so fun because it is like a hard game which takes strategy’s
Too much ads
Slege Hammer on 5/14/2018
The ads are very consecutive and do not help to concentrate.
Ri g k on 5/14/2018
This game is fun'',''',’nffgat. Try. Ftu
Vee bee 🐝 on 5/14/2018
To be honest I like this game but it’s annoying that every 4 times you die there’s a long ad that u have to wait for. Like the ads are to much. The games great but I hate the ads like come on man. Every 4 times I die. I always end up getting off the game cause of the ads getting on my nerves
Wi-Fi loss
Kassas Coo on 5/14/2018
Please if no Wi-Fi the game is broken.It automatically lets you Cheat.You press the “next level”button and next next next level you go.
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