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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Productivity 1.6.3 May 17, 2017 Jul 31, 2018 102.9 MB iOS 10.0 or later 4+
New in version 1.6.3

Thank you for using Planner.

We regularly release updates to the app, which include improvements for speed and reliability.


Microsoft Planner requires an eligible Office 365 work or school subscription. This app does not support Office 365 personal accounts (for example: or If you are not sure about your company’s subscription or the services you have access to, please contact your IT department.

Planner provides a simple, visual way to organize teamwork. Planner makes it easy for your team to create new plans, organize and assign tasks, share files, chat about what you’re working on, and get updates on progress.

-- Organize work visually --
Each plan has its own board, where you can organize tasks into buckets. You can categorize tasks based on their status or on whom they’re assigned to. To update the status or change assignments, just drag and drop tasks between columns.

-- Visibility --
The My Tasks view provides a comprehensive list of all your tasks and their status across all your plans. When working together on a plan, team members always know who is working on what.

-- Collaborate --
Built for Office 365, Planner lets you work together on the same tasks, attach captured photos directly to them, and even have conversations around tasks without switching between apps. With Planner, all your team’s discussions and deliverables stay with the plan and don’t get locked away across disparate applications.

-- Works across devices --
Planner works across all your devices. And with Planner, everyone is always on the same page. Continue conversations and updates tasks while on-the-go or at your desk.

Terms of service:
Privacy policy:

To learn more, please visit

The Microsoft Planner app will request permission to access your photos and your camera: When you try to attach a photo to a Planner task, the app requests permission to access your Photos app in order to select images. If you choose to take a photo to attach to a Planner task, the app will request permission to access your Camera app.

iPad Screenshots
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Very effective yet very simple
Cooldood144 on 8/17/2018
Link this with Microsoft teams and you’ll be able to keep everything under control and very easy simple graphic interfaces
Programming issues
Jambomoian on 8/15/2018
When adding comments, the return button is exchanged for a “Send” button. However, it actually still works as a return button. BUT, after you actually send the comment all those returns get mooshed out and the comments you post turn into run on sentences. Thanks Microsoft, we knew you could do it right the first time!
Hands down - Best planner app I have ever used
Hizzle8 on 8/8/2018
Seriously, this app is everything I could need in my life right now. I'm pretty old fashioned and like to write most of my events and tasks down in a physical planner, but I have learned I also need that info on the go as I have become a busy adult. I’ve searched for different apps to assist with my organization, but none have done it quite so well as this one. Working on my PhD coursework, research, advisor tasks, plus new-mom duties to take care of my 6 month old, and building a business... this app helps me keep my head together. I need this app to stay around forever, so please don’t disappear or phase out!! When I tell others (everyone, basically) about why I love this app, my description boils down to “lists, on lists, on lists” which is perfect for an organizer like myself!! I never thought I would be over the moon anything by Microsoft but this app pleasantly surprised me. Keep doing your thing, y’all!!
Calendar integration?
remustherhesus on 8/3/2018
Another bad review for a set of mediocre Products. Without Calendar integration this app is simply a spreadsheet with a skin pasted on it. Not terribly useful. Would it kill them to give us a decent Calendar app, a la google calendars? I’m using this now because it is what my company uses. Personally I would choose Google
Surprisingly easy to jump in and begin using
Love2climb on 7/13/2018
I thought I was going to have to spend a lot of time studying this app out before begin using it. It only took me a few minutes and I started our team on the path of more focused planning! Thanks you guys at Microsoft.
Screen size
GrowMiller on 7/3/2018
This app doesn’t fit my screen. What’s up with that
Easy & Convenient
MichaelC2 on 6/27/2018
Accessing the planner from mobile device while watching the baseball game; it’s so convenient! Updating the project work and checking the status and timelines/due dates is very easy.
Not worth the time
Hummy3000 on 6/27/2018
Bloated and missing simple functionality
Needs a Dark Mode Like Teams
T3cHnOs on 6/15/2018
Awsome App but needs dark mode like Teams.
Sub-Par compared to market leaders
JacobFlowers on 6/14/2018
This app needs a lot of work. Falls behind Trello Asana, and Monday. No list view options. Cannot add sub-tasks. Cannot link tasks on other boards. Disappointing considering Microsoft resources. Also, integration with Sharepoint, OneDrive is a complete nightmare. This has a lot of potential, but It is clear that product groups are not working well together. The whole suite is bloated, unintuitive, and buggy. Not recommended, unless you are strapped for cash, and can’t invest in a better PM tool, since planner comes wrapped in a 365 subscription.
Pretty good (very basic)
J180 on 6/14/2018
Notifications for due dates would be great. More granular filtering would also be great. Seems to be a bug adding sub tasks (if you open a task and add sub tasks before closing/re-opening main task, they disappear. Overall useful for basic Kanban needs.
Doesn’t persist selections
NikaoMatix on 5/31/2018
Each work day, I have to keep selecting filter by due date instead of progress for “My Tasks”. That’s not the only thing that doesn’t persist but expected My Tasks to stick by user settings. It’s a standard feature in other task management tools.
A lot of issues
hatesreviewingstuff on 5/28/2018
I can see where they are going with it (Trello) but it’s a glitchy mess. It needs a lot of work. All I get is errors and it erases what I’ve done. To much hassle for what it is worth.
Carlos Yamil on 5/16/2018
Para organizarte no tiene precio.
Planner + Flow = 💖
Relbane on 5/16/2018
I using Planner + Flow to automate creating tasks from my emails.
knottp on 5/6/2018
Planner has the potential to be a useful app. BUT—the notifications are seriously debilitating. Every team member gets an EMAIL when someone posts a comment. Silly! PLEASE FIX ASAP!!!
Its so close to perfect... so close
phigmentor on 4/25/2018
If only you folks would make an option where people added to a plan weren’t automatically added to the group conversation! My users have just muted my planner feed because of all the subsequent noise it causes.
Planner dislikes
benfishen on 4/20/2018
Need to be able use visual controls ( ie large color labels) to be able to distinguish task progress at a glance. Small labels are useless. Could use more color in background. Not as smooth or polished as Trello. Don’t like how completed tasks disappear.
Planner is great
omg.omg.omg. on 4/17/2018
Our company has been using planner for core operational PM and task related events. It is flexible, intuitive and clean. Flows work great to tie to other apps within MS world and outside. MS must invest in the enhancement of Planner to take it to the next level: + create more pre-established Flows + simple integration with email/calendar and perhaps Tasks or ToDo (this would increase adoption enormously....too many competitive tools with email support) + company internal branding, simple images for plans...add a little sizzle to make more main stream + drag and drop, drag and drop, etc If MS wants companies to stay within the MS umbrella for certain apps, then make them work together. The MS apps are great, may not have all the F&F of competition, though the MS apps serve a greater purpose: not all companies need robust PP, CRMs, etc. The core MS apps nicely fill so many gaps needed, without the time and $ burn.
Totally broken mess
ReviewerFabulous on 4/16/2018
The new version breaks so many things. The assignment feature is completely broken and won’t connect with room directory. What happened?
No multiple account support
jeffwllms on 4/15/2018
The problem with this is basically the same issue that many of the office 365 apps (teams, groups, StaffHub, etc) suffer from. These apps need to support multiple accounts.
Great app - much improved over previous versions
EdHans on 4/14/2018
MS has spent time adding features and is now quite usable on the phone to manage my tasks across multiple planners. Well done!
So far so good!!!!
Strategic Project Consulting on 4/8/2018
Let’s keep it up: simple and classy app.
Charts View missing
varzen on 4/5/2018
Nice to be able to update the plan on iPad but was hoping to see get the Charts view too.
Amazing potential
dmcrx82 on 3/23/2018
Really wish it would connect with outlook and be able to handle reoccurring tasks. And print out to dos on desk top. Otherwise it’s pretty great
UPDATE..Great project management but....
Ruin123456 on 3/13/2018
UPDATE: Latest build fixed the problem and I can now view and edit from planner. Well done, MS! Planner does not sync with MS Teams in an IOS environment. Listing of projects show but no buckets or workflow. MS Teams takes you to web version only. Will this be fixed?
Don’t download
SohoDragonGirl on 3/8/2018
It doesn’t show all the tasks on Planner online, why? and what is the Hub for? You add new tasks but then they don’t show up on the app, why?
A work in progress
[Wade] on 3/7/2018
I love the core functionality of the web app and this IOS mirrors that pretty well but it doesn’t seem to refresh in the background so when I open it take a bit to refresh. The interface could be better but it definitely works
You really need some push notifications
NambeRuger on 3/6/2018
What is the use of a task manger that can't remind you when something is due, overdo, upcoming, etc... also need tasks that repeat on a scheduled basis.
Good UI, when it works
pkapner on 3/5/2018
Like virtually every MSFT product for iOS (or Mac), Planner is generally not bad when it works, but the failure rate is SO high that this cannot be considered a critical app in the workplace.
Tatersalad7676 on 3/3/2018
Updated and it lost all my tasks. Are you freaking kidding me?
Lilo Marie on 2/21/2018
I am pumped about this app. However I am having issues with my phone app speaking to the web browser app. If I make a plan in my phone I can see that it created an email group in outlook,but it won’t automatically display in planner hub. If I go a round about way of going through my email then click planner then it will appear. I hope in the upcoming updates here will be more continuity when switching through devices
So close! But not enough...
Kylekylekylekylekyle on 2/20/2018
I'm very impressed that Planner is so clean and easy to use, yet fairly powerful and integrated with a lot of other O365 apps. This app has some of the highest potential of any Microsoft apps that I have used, especially when considering the potential of pairing with other new/refreshed apps (Teams, Outlook mobile, etc.). However, there are some really crucial misses that needed to be included right from the start. Without these, I cannot use this app as my task manager. 1) Inability to add plans from multiple accounts. MSFT, one of your main value props is the ability to be productive at work or at home, no matter where you are. But if I can't add plans from my two work accounts and my personal account, then I need more than one app to manage all my tasks, and that makes Planner obsolete. 2) Recurring tasks. No brainer, needs no explanation. 3) No ability to add time to due dates. Many tasks gave actual due times, not just due dates. 4) No control over notifications. Control over the types and triggers of notifications is a bare minimum setting that virtually every single app offers. Planner has two check boxes that don't even cover half of the features that trigger notifications, nor does it allow you to choose between push and email notifications. Some additional features that would seal the deal of making Planner the best: 1) Natural language recognition (like Todoist) 2) Integration with Siri or Cortana 3) Better/more intuitive/more satisfying way of marking tasks "complete" or changing the status of a task. Make it obvious, tap-able or slide-able, satisfying and conveying a sense of accomplishment. You're so close, Planner team....keep up the good work!
Good but....
jmo21108 on 2/14/2018
I like using this for projects and to keep track of tasks but disappointed that it doesn’t transfer to the watch. Todoist has a watch app and allows it to be added as a compilation on watch faces. If planner could do the same, I’d give it 5 stars.
Not syncing task list on sub groups properly
Gussiegp on 2/12/2018
Can you all please work on making sure my sub group task are synchronized? I am only able to depend on the primary group’s task list as of right now. You will get a 5 star from me after this!
No hub, no rings, no fancy UI
EmmanuelDK on 2/12/2018
I was expecting to find the cute dashboard called Planner hub online, here i only find clunky squares not expressing anything. Absolutely no interest in that ugly task list
No Unified app
admcmlx on 2/11/2018
Don't know what these Microsoft people are thinking. The should be a single sign in for all office apps or at least use of authenticating app. Black theme please. Keep things uniform.
Apple Watch capability, please
CrystalVanD on 2/5/2018
I love this app!
Nextiva Customer on 2/4/2018
Well actually less than useless
great for school!!!
😍👌🏻❣ on 2/4/2018
Homework is so easy to track with planner!
Nice app to go with online
DanKrulan on 2/3/2018
My only issue so far is that photo don’t always load as attachments.
The most useless app
12 disappointed on 2/3/2018
It has absolutely 0 value. If there is something I am doing wrong good luck figuring it out. If I only had a crystal ball perhaps.... User interface is all blank. No place or messages guiding if something is not properly connected.
Great app to organize team
Buy minion rush NOW on 1/31/2018
Using it to mange tasks for my team members across several projects. An export feature to Excel would be great.
Great start
The admin on 1/27/2018
For a brand new app it's pretty good. Also looking forward to future releases.
Planners made in Teams don’t show in the planner iOS app or the web portal
Worst App from GoPro Yet on 1/25/2018
Would love to give this app more stars as it is key to my role in the IT department of my business. However, I made two different planners in sub channels via Microsoft Teams and the planners won’t show in the Planner iOS app or the web version. Really need to get this fixed and have the integration more seamless. Or be able to view those planners within the Teams iOS app.
Planner app
Brewcrewfam on 1/16/2018
Not enough options
Works great but can see some ways to make it better
PGrem on 1/10/2018
One way you can make it better is allowing multiple accounts like One Drive. I have my personal, two Businesses and my non-profit that all use planner and office. It would be great to “flip” like on one drive. Otherwise. Works great.
Really!?!?! Checklists disappear
ScreenNameAlreadyChosen on 12/15/2017
Functionality between Web IU in office 365 and App differ thus neutering it. The newest bug I’ve uncovered shows checklists created via the web break hose revealed in the app... thus making it almost useless.
No notifications kills the usefulness of the app
Theshadow0710 on 12/6/2017
No notifications on updates of tasks or new tasks assigned handicaps what could be an amazing app.
iPad version Looks great!
Howardd21 on 11/30/2017
The recent addition of the iPad option is well done, and I am enjoying using this app again. Keep up the great work guys!
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