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Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Music 1.4.5 Oct 12, 2017 Jul 16, 2018 55.9 MB iOS 10.0 or later 12+
New in version 1.4.5

Improvements and minor bug fixes.


Get the most out of Spotify with the app designed for artists and their teams. With free tools to manage your artist profile, watch your new release grow, and understand your listeners, it’s never been easier to manage and measure your new release, all from your phone.

With Spotify for Artists, you can:

Update your bio, share your playlists, promote your music and control how listeners see you on Spotify.

See who's tuning in and get live updates on your new release, straight from your phone.

Share your feedback directly with our team and get answers to your questions. We're here to support you.

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clydecabbage on 7/14/2018
Shorten the amount of playlist listeners needed to see them. 10 is fine. I’m in 160+ playlists and can only see 7 because of the 25 listeners thing. Allow us to add Twitter and Instagram from our phones. SoundCloud links too?
$PUBG$ on 7/10/2018
I love this app is is great you get to look at the artist and stuff and listen to your music and the best part is that you get to here a playlist of new music every week but the one thing I would like to see is if you could make a Spotify app for the Apple Watch and that would make my day please please make a Apple Watch app 😃
Someone call the app cops
bananadogscrazy18 on 6/29/2018
Oh man. Nothing works. :/ needs a lot of help.
Profile Claiming Glitch
Masaniai on 6/22/2018
As another reviewer posted, it is not allowing me to claim my profile. When I try to link my social media, Twitter works fine, Instagram will not work, keeps giving me the error message saying “something went wrong”, and I have to start ALL over. Please fix this. I can’t use the app at all if I’m unable to claim my profile.
Please help
tytallerthanyou on 6/6/2018
The play count won’t update at all. If it doesn’t update then my distributor can’t pay me. I’m frustrated
Azley Carter on 6/4/2018
Wow I’m surprised this app actually worked now all my listeners are at 200000,00004 fans like 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳❤️❤️
Announymous Writer on 6/4/2018
I couldn’t even set up an account. I don’t have Facebook and don’t intend on getting it. However, this is the only way to sign up. Please fix this!!!
Longhornpizza on 5/22/2018
So we are allowed to write a biography but it will not show up on any part of the application.... 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
Touch Preview
Djqock on 5/14/2018
Add the touch preview feature back into the normal Spotify app, how stupid are you guys to think we want that removed?
Spotify is good—but not...
RottenTomatoesReviewer on 4/28/2018
I love Spotify. I love the ability to stream playlists and your music along with artist’s playlists. Something I don’t like about it, however, is that you can’t select a single song from your playlist—you have to just stream through your playlist. Something else I don’t care for is it is so hard to get an artist account. You can’t post without having to purchase a plan through sites such as Tunecore, which also kind of stinks, but overall a pretty decent app.
ChesGaming on 4/28/2018
I tried editing my claim to my artist Chayse but it wasn’t working can you guys please add a editor to your claim to artists?
king._.wyatt on 4/24/2018
I think that EVERYONE should be able to be an artist on the Spotify Artist app. There are artists that might not be out there yet. Spotify Artist app would be an opportunity for them to share their music.
Pastel52 on 4/24/2018
This app is a must-have if your music is on Spotify however ever since my band has posted our first EP we have had three different artists with the same name have their music posted under OUR artist account. Each time this happens I have to email Spotify and wait to hear back for up to a week and even then it can take up to two weeks for the music to be removed. HOW IS THERE NO OPTION FOR REPORTING A RECORD AS NOT YOURS IF THIS HAPPENS SO FREQUENTLY. This issue has caused a heap of confusion amongst our audience and we have lost fans who believe that we have transitioned from emo to bluegrass and it's absolutely ridiculous. At the very least we should be able to "hide" a record until the issue is resolved because as of now our follower numbers are going down.
elgoatman on 3/16/2018
Everything was working fine but yesterday the live stats option disappeared and now the listeners and streams won’t update at all
It’s almost been a month
reviewthismug on 3/15/2018
I submitted to get access to the Spotify artist app since I recently put my single on Spotify, and I want to be able to track the data, however that was almost a month ago and I have not gotten any type of update or notification or anything. I tried sending a private email, but there’s no way to get ahold of anyone, so I had no other choice but to just leave a review. The research I did on the “Help” section of the app is it can take a few’s been almost a full month. PLEASE verify and give me access!
Hard mate on 3/12/2018
It’s so good I give 1 *
New to Spotify
Perry Jacksen on 3/11/2018
I have been in music for 10 years but I just released my first record on Spotify / iTunes. Seems like my music is being put under other artists that share my name. Was hoping to claim my music and start my own artist page separate from these other people. I have no control either on desktop or mobile, so I expect this app to fix my issue. It did not. Very Limited ability to do anything for your brand on Spotify. Not worth downloading in my opinion.
Young Queso
Grapemansoda on 3/9/2018
Super helpful, especially as a new artist. It gives you live stats for the first couple days, fun to check it occasionally and see how your doing. After that you get them daily, I would love a way to interact/thank my followers as my fan base grows. Other then that this app does exactly what I need. Check out my music if your into rap/trap. Young Queso got sauce like a dip.
Not working
T Clipse on 3/6/2018
Doesn’t load when i try to verify my artist account
I'm having trouble with the app
JūNBoo on 2/27/2018
I can't seem to claim my artist profile. I have to keep staring over and then it tries to have me link my twitter account and email. The end result is either one of two notifications, "something went wrong" or "sorry we couldn't find that page." I even tried using an alternate email. It's just not letting me claim my artist profile. I'm trying to get my blue check mark!
MIXMASTERTRIX on 2/16/2018
It’s OK it allowed me to write my bio it does that good at least LOL but it doesn’t do much more I mean you can post your playlists so people can see what you’ve been listening to you can post your favorite top song or album or favorite playlist and then you can write your bio. Basically that’s about it. But it does that good LOL you have to install this app if you want to write your bio and your playlists and your top pick (your absolute favorite song or album) there’s no other way to do this so you have to download this app, at least to do that and if you want you can erase it after that.
How long
@mber-ber on 2/3/2018
How long does it take for Spotify to let you know when you can access your page?
Caroilna Hernandez on 1/30/2018
Can’t even access the app
Tw2jks on 1/10/2018
Can’t even use the app. When I try to sign in, it says “something went wrong on our end. Let’s try that again” everytime I hit try again...nothing...
its not working
Hunndo on 12/16/2017
Not very useful
Tizeta Guitar on 12/15/2017
While I’m happy that I can see my stats here, the real thing I’d like to be able to do (and I’m sure many more artists would) is to be actually able to interact with current fans and help get to new ones by way of creating playlists as the artist and not just embed a playlist to your page (when you share it, shows the creator’s personal account and not yours) it would be great to also follow other bands as the artists page and to get notifications when someone follows me. So far I have found little use for the app. Pretty disappointing..
Thank you on 12/8/2017
Thank you for the ability to filter stats by time frame update. Changed this review from a 3-Star to a 5-Star!
Jaminde on 12/5/2017
Honeslty this is ight
Great, but please fix bug
BeefStew92 on 11/30/2017
The app is awesome and I freaking love Spotify, but I’m giving it 4 stars only because the new artist pick image upload does not work. I set the image and then it disappears after 2 minutes. Please fix!
Well done Spotify
Doytonan on 11/20/2017
Thanks specially for this app. You guys are really here to support artists 👍
I never write reviews
J19music on 11/5/2017
I never write reviews but this app is so helpful! 5/5
Chaaaaaaafite on 11/3/2017
Love that i can share music with other artists now. let's catch up y'all
Long Way to Go, But Glad to See It
Benjaham on 10/29/2017
There is very little you can do with this to actually manage your artist account aside from update the artist picks (like change your photo) , but I'm glad to see it in AppStores finally!
I'd give it 6 stars if I could!
AudileMusic on 10/13/2017
Everything I wanted lol.. super useful, and very clean design. Love it!!
Spotify #1
realmrtn on 10/12/2017
Obviously this is my opinion, but seriously Spotify has been nothing but great for me as an artist, from customer service to exposure! Adding this app is huge!! Y’all are dope! Also side note y’all were able to get me separated from another artist that was showing up under me and Apple still is trying to figure that out on iTunes... months later. 🤷‍♂️👌 good stuff y’all -MRTN
jaytaj on 10/12/2017
Happy to have access on my phone now, excited for this.
gaberamirex on 10/12/2017
Spotify needs to step up their game quick.
Clean & simple
HideYourMilk on 10/12/2017
Opened it up, and right away had easy access to the metrics of my streams. Great, easy tool for any artist, manager, or label. Thanks for creating this!
Kure Kevin on 10/12/2017
Once I discovered Spotify has an artist page I've been waiting and looking for this app. It's like the Spotify artist webpage but app version. More easy and lost of ways to show your music status.
Jaclyn_new meditator on 10/12/2017
Spotify for Artists is awesome!
Power to the Artist
De u on 10/12/2017
I received the email today from Spotify, notifying me of the release of their new app designed specifically for artists. I downloaded the app, and was significantly impressed. The in-depth statistics on your singles, EP's, Albums, etc. , give the artist an ideal grasp on their audience. Not only do the statistics show performance in general, they show performance of a song down to the day, month, or all time. As an upcoming artist, I truly appreciate Spotify taking the steps to create an app such as this, for it will help artists understand their listeners at a more in-depth level. - Johnny U
Great app with a tiny missed opportunity
Ryan Williford on 10/12/2017
This is a great app for a great service but having no landscape support for iPads is a missed opportunity in my opinion. Otherwise this allows for mobile viewing of stats from SFA.
Thank you Spotify!
Guetta Giy 345 on 10/12/2017
This application has enabled me (and I'm sure many others), to view my Spotify Artist account and statistics easier than ever before!
elevatethegame on 10/12/2017
Great app for the artist marketing at its best
I’ve been waiting for this
David Sides on 10/12/2017
Ever since I began to focus more of my attention on building my Spotify audience, I’ve loved the analytics that the Spotify For Artists web page provided. I’m glad to see that they’ve now made these statistics conveniently accessible through a mobile app! The one thing that I hope the app developers add to the mobile version is streaming statistics. At the moment, I can see how many listeners I have over a 28 day period but I cannot see how many streams I’ve amounted. Aside from that, great job on the app and thank you for providing an easy way for artists to stay on top of their numbers from their phone! 🙌🏾
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