Snake VS Block


Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Games 1.24 May 16, 2017 Apr 23, 2018 101 MB iOS 7.0 or later 12+
New in version 1.24

- New mode : Versus = Race against other snakes, eat them before they eat you, try to survive and be the first!


Swipe your finger to guide a snake of balls and break the bricks.
Try to break as many bricks as possible.
Get additional balls and make the biggest snake ever!

Very easy to play but very hard to reach high scores!

Game Features:
- Free to play
- Endless gameplay
- Simple swipe control
- Challenge your friends with the best highscore

iPad Screenshots
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Not ad free
Justintv17 on 8/20/2018
I don’t see how an app can claim to be ad free after you pay for it, yet still be loaded with ads. Makes no sense whatsoever. I want to delete this app but I’m slightly addicted because it is a fun game. I enjoy it to pass the time. It should not be allowed to claim its ad free.
Paid for Ad Free & Ad continue!
MARZ LÉON on 8/20/2018
First of all, I absolutely love this game!! Secondly, I am VERY disappointed that I did pay the $2.99 to have a Ad Free game. After purchasing the game, the Ads continue to pop up after I finish a game. Very very disappointed in the scam of having us pay then still have the Ads. Please fix this issue so your customers could enjoy this game. Thank You!
Game is great, not worth the ads.
Carson470 on 8/20/2018
Horrible ads.
Best game
Hailey .I on 8/20/2018
It is a fun mobile game and It fun how you can go against people and earn more snake and point and I love the challenges so over all it is a awesome and fun game
Snake vs block is good untill
Nikki99s on 8/20/2018
In the multiplier part of the game that there is other people who will Eat you when they’re behind you. it’s really hard to get out of their way because they always follow you. But one cool thing is that when you’re behind someone and you eat your whole entire snake body you get to level up and break any type of block. It is also cool that you get to name your snake in the multiplier
Please add more snakes 🐍
katie longgley on 8/20/2018
I need more snakes , I have all of the snakes and need more. Ideas: • 😎snake • 🐛snake • spider snake ( first ball is a spider, the rest is web ) • giraffe snake • tooth brush snake •another version of the bee snake • music note snake • money snake • birch tree snake - Annie D.
Too many ads
Ahmedelb on 8/19/2018
The game has too many ads that annoying too much
You love ads?
Sea3&248 on 8/19/2018
Love ads you will love this one. Ads start right in middle of game gave up again and hit delete button.....
Ads with Ninja what do you mean?
Ninjaisnotadad on 8/19/2018
I am just playing some of your games and I see an add with ninja on it and I look above his cam and it says dad and then the mom is some random girl so this is kind of weird because I as a voodoo company owner I would feel embarrassed to have a popular person as a “dad” in the add and virtually everyone knows who ninja is and what he looks like. WHAT DO YOU MEAN!!!
Deleted immediately
Kare_bear125 on 8/19/2018
Too many ads and they’re too long.
It is Amazing
Bonsai376 on 8/19/2018
Spent the 2.99
Laceyc on 8/19/2018
Bought the paid version and still getting 20+ second ads between plays.
The best
Meaghan047 on 8/19/2018
I think this is the most relaxing game ever because like you play other people and like you can get funny guys and stuff. Please let everyone now if a new update is here because I would want to add like instead of just like racing you like race but there is a finish line at the end yo have the best ideas 💡 for realaxing 🙏
Good But...
Ginny882 on 8/19/2018
This game is great accept all of the ads. Ads here, ads there. There is too many! I don’t know if the editors have this, but maybe if you watched just one ad, than ALL of the ads would be gone. Otherwise, this app is amazing and I suggest that you get it!
Paid for app and still not ad free
Lbertke on 8/19/2018
Very disappointed. I paid for the app so it would be ad free and there are still ads. Very frustrating because it’s a great game.
Unikitty 🦄💜🌈
meow meow 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄 on 8/19/2018
Ads and ads
Want to watch an ad?
Tights2017 on 8/19/2018
Oh do you want to watch an ad to continue? No? Ok here’s an ad for you to watch.
pinkcupcakemd on 8/19/2018
There are to many adds
Fun but needs Addons
Nnnnnnnnnn n nnnnnnnn on 8/19/2018
I love this game it did not take long to become addicted to this game. But it also did not take long to unlock all the characters. In the future they need to ad more maybe a custome one you make yourself
Pop ups
tstisffg on 8/19/2018
Tooo many app pop ups
Love it
FloRope on 8/18/2018
I love this game I play it on planes all the time
arashmeh on 8/18/2018
Paid but still getting ads
kmoore1122 on 8/18/2018
I paid for the upgrade but am still getting ads. I would appreciate a fix.
Snake vs block
The lethal weapon on 8/18/2018
I LOVE THIS GAME you get so many characters trophies challenges and more or you can just do you but there’s a lot of adds
Unmutable Ads
12threefour on 8/18/2018
This game is a delight to play. However the ads make noise and there’s no way to stop them. You can’t listen to anything while you’re playing.
Too many ads, ridiculous!!!
Querikera on 8/18/2018
Nothing more to say.
Lag lag lag
Beanjimjiggyjiggah on 8/18/2018
This app cant even load properly when playing. The circles(lives) just skip around all over the screen no steady movement
Kitty cat hates this game😡 on 8/18/2018
I really love this game!
Ad-free still has ads. Ripped-off.
Rhynogruv on 8/18/2018
The ads are incredibly annoying and disproportionate - play game for 10 seconds, watch a forced 30 second ad. Rinse repeat. Paid for ad-free, which takes away the “get ad-free” banner, but the app still shows ads. Developers are either idiots or crooks or both.
Fun and annoying
@macymartin2005 (insta) on 8/18/2018
This game is much much too fun! I love it! But what bothers me r the constant ads after every time that u die not to mention them even bother offering ads to revive because I’ve done it before and after watching an ad to be revived, there is another ad! Just bc I died previously
CHM6695 on 8/18/2018
If you offer “purchase removal add” for 2.99...
Alenooshka on 8/17/2018 should actually do so! - message for app developers. I did, and still getting 15-30 seconds add after every other time I lose life. Not fun to play this way
Hey biches
kae fer on 8/17/2018
I give it 3 stars because every time I go on vs someone eats me - kf
kayla🤯🦋! on 8/17/2018
everytime you die , it’s an ad. like get it together!
No such thing as ad free
Phxlax on 8/17/2018
I bought the ad free version and still getting ads. Stay clear. Time to get back money.
The good and the bad
BasedAsh on 8/17/2018
Good- • fun • skins are free, you just have to grind • several modes that can be fun Bad- • ad spam is ridiculous, makes people just want to quit the app. They do make money from ads but they don’t care, they just want your purchase of no ads for 2.99 • the rng in this game is extremely heavy but passable if you have a quick reaction time, in arcade mode when playing the harder levels you basically have to get lucky with how the numbered blocks are going to be set, no matter how fast your reaction time is. That’s all I really think of this game, doubt the devs will ever read the reviews as usual with mobile games, but I would waste your time with this game unless you have patience for ads and constantly failing the game.
Wwwwaaaaayyyyy too many ads
THerron5119 on 8/17/2018
I understand it’s a free game and you gotta make money, but it’d be nice if there wasn’t an ad after every single freaking game. Even if you lose right away: ad. Especially when you gotta sit for at least a few seconds before you can even close it. Use some of the money to make more games so less ads or something 😑 otherwise super fun and addicting 😁
big john shlong on 8/17/2018
Don’t Purchase. ADS NEVER STOP
Woolfall on 8/17/2018
Very disappointing to pay money for an app that claims to be ad free and you still get all kinds of ads between lives. Total waste of money. Don’t bother purchasing.
Elizabeth37272 on 8/16/2018
Pretty good
JJ91768 on 8/16/2018
Tbh it’s good game, I rlly like the multiplayer. It’s kinda fun and super satisfying when you eat other players. My only problem is that if someone is behind you your basically dead. It so easy to kill someone that you have to be in like the perfect conditions to survive. There are certain ways to do this, but even then sometimes you still die. Other than that, great game. Turn on airplane mode, completely turns off all ads. Don’t get a single one while playing. And for some reason I can still play multiplayer while on airplane mode. Idk just take advantage
Really Fun
GamerGirl006 on 8/16/2018
This is a great game!
Lags a lot
jim bob 556 on 8/16/2018
Lots of fun, but too many ads even for a Free game and lags.
joshuajohn1982 on 8/16/2018
Eh. Too many ads, more ads than play
Steve-Oh Baby on 8/16/2018
Way to many adds you greedy clowns
Highly inappropriate adds
Siths Apprentice on 8/16/2018
Sometimes my little sister plays games on my phone. Every now and then an add with extremely adult themes comes up and it’s disgusting that any company would accept that knowing that their target market is mostly children
Don’t bother paying for ad free
psychoalphadiscobeta on 8/16/2018
The game would be better if the ad time were actually shorter than the play time. Paid for the ad free version only to find out it is a scam! Still have a minimum of 30 seconds of ads between each game. False advertising on the ad free upgrade for sure!! Apple should drop this game completely!
Worst . Must have mines star to rate
Aaaaaaaaaaggggg on 8/16/2018
Worst game ever and worst thing ads
Paid to remove ads, they are still there
Reviewer66438 on 8/16/2018
Decent game, but the free version has very intrusive/long ads. Ok, can’t complain, it was free. So I paid to have the ads removed, and they still keep coming. Paying to remove ads doesn’t work!
Ads ads ads
rollinslo on 8/15/2018
Did I mention there are ads. And then there are more ads. You watch one close it and another pops up. Every time you die ads. Just in case you forgot ads. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!! HUGE WASTE OF TIME!!! insert ad. Shame because the game was kinda fun. Ads ads ads
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