Wicked Custom Stickers

Cloud Hidden Designs, LLC

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
$1.99 Stickers 2.1 Jun 19, 2017 May 26, 2018 32 MB iOS 10.0 or later 4+
New in version 2.1

YOUR dog as an animated sticker.
Design your own pet with infinite variety; change shape, size, color, fur.
App teaches the dog skills and tricks that are animated on stickers that say whatever you want.
Your dog can wag, bark, sit, shake, beg, and do yoga!
New sticker shapes fit the new dog designs.
Includes a kennel of twelve pre-designed dogs as a starting point for your own.
Ability to copy & paste a dog's DNA that can be shared with friends and family.
Animated GIFs let you share your dog in Messages and other social media.


Your dog. Animated. Stickered. GIF’d.

Since a mere billion custom stickers isn’t enough variety, we’ve made stickers really personal for you. Now, only with Wicked Custom Stickers, you can turn YOUR dog into a Sticker Star! Change body shape, size, fur, color and more in infinite variety to customize a sticker of your actual pet. Then combine it with your words and our vast array of sticker shapes and colors to create uniquely personal messages to send to friends and family. We’ll even teach your dog tricks and animate them for you – your dog can wag, sit, shake, and do yoga (downward dog, of course) on command.

There’s a diverse kennel to use as a starting point. For convenience, you can share your dog’s DNA. We’ll even make animated GIFs for you to use in social media. It’s a wicked new way to personalize the messages you share with friends and family. Who won’t say “Awwwwww” when they see your adorable pet wagging its tail in their messages?!

4,750,000,017 stickers & counting

Our custom stickers will get your Messages noticed. This is not a sticker pack with a few clip art stickers. With Wicked Custom Stickers, put your own message on a sticker and jazz it up with our vast palette of shapes, colors, animations, and special effects in more than 4,750,000,017 different sticker configurations. Use them to high five, kiss, dance, bang your head on a wall, make it rain. They are fun with friends and suitable for work.


Type your own words, snap a selfie, use the included phrases and slang. Spice them up in endless visual variety to create the perfect sticker for any message and any emotion.

Tag stickers for quick access.

Use any font and font size.

Use our exclusive Quicker Sticker to instantly transform your text into a sticker.

This is not a sticker pack. It’s a full-featured app to build unlimited stickers in real time to express your every thought and emotion.


Sticker shapes are like picture frames for your words. They vary from simple to neon, from geometric to sticky note.

Each shape is available in a variety of colors and transparencies.

Add business symbols, religious symbols, astrology signs, teddy bears, pandas, bunnies, flags, and so much more to express your personality and passions.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, an animation is worth ten thousand, right?!

Animate with text that pulses, bounces, wiggles.

Animate with cracking Easter eggs that you decorate, blinking Christmas lights, and throbbing hearts.

Animate with laser and snow globe effects.

Animate with teddy bears, pandas, and other figures that dance, kiss, twerk, high five, blush, and jump for joy.

Your messages matter. 250,000,000 and 1 wicked combinations of shapes, colors, animations, and special effects will get them noticed!

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Don’t waste ur time
hannah500 on 5/5/2018
Seriously , don’t waste ur time. Can’t make stickers using people’s selfies like it claims. No directions or anything. Worst purchase on her.
Slicker Sticker App
clived on 3/24/2018
Just saw the new release and it is amazing! Tremendous flexibility and the developer says there are mor than a quarter of a million stickers that can be created in this app. Selfie stickers are especially slick and I was able to create stickers that I can use in my business. Great app!
Selfie stickers
Lee-man57 on 8/25/2017
First app I've seen where I can send selfies as stickers! I'm able to essentially make reaction stickers I can easily send and reuse as much as I want. They also still look professional enough to send to anyone I text.
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