Lightsaber Rogue


Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Entertainment 1.0 Jun 19, 2017 Jun 19, 2017 201.2 MB iOS 7.0 or later 4+

◆ *This App FEELS the Best!
Dark side or light side?

Choose and swing your favorite saber!
Change color of your saber with crystals.

◆ Take test to find your side you belong to
◆ Advanced sound system (Vibration)
◆ Vibration feedback on swing
◆ Unlock crystals to change color of any saber!

Soon, duel feature!
Unlock all the sabers before the duel update!

iPad Screenshots
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8r4dsta on 4/4/2018
Game is nice
ratingboi on 4/3/2018
Very exquisite! Takes time to get coins, but great nonetheless! Keep it up!
Dab on the haters
JakersOfficial on 3/22/2018
I really like the game duel random players
ADB777 on 2/5/2018
This app is pretty cool so far
Zing Psshhh Fwoo
Have Fun Guessing on 12/17/2017
Sorry I had no idea what to name this review, but it’s amazing! I suggest to be able to duel online, and I absolutely love this app by the way. I love how you can get free coins!! My suggestion for the duels other than online is obviously gonna be computers. I got the dark side and I bought the Kylo Ren/Ben Solo lightsaber and I would like to have a CPU battle with Rey or Luke Skywalker. That would rock! And maybe they have little speech bubbles that pop up to show you how you’re doing, like if they start saying things like “Ha, this is tooooo easy!” Then you’re obviously losing. Thanks!
Cool but
beagleman2009 on 11/29/2017
Cost to much the first app was way way better deleted
ggvbrgf on 11/28/2017
I think the duel should be real time pvp. Swipe the light saber With you finger a clash!From Carsen
Respond to this please!
ThePurpleSaber on 11/16/2017
Hey, I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan and I LOVE this! :) 9.5 out of 10. One suggestion: Make the hilts fully customizable with about 50 parts in each section: emitter, neck, body, switch box or button, lower body, pommel. Any customizations. Also an idea would be to make it to where you can make custom colors by mixing different shades to make colors. Example: mix a deep blue with a small bit of deep crimson to make purple for a small amount of coins! Duels should be real time where you can see your hands and the saber, hilt and blade. (First person) I think it should be where you can walk around and press a button to do a saber attack and where you can also do force maneuvers depending on what side you are on. You should make a bit of a survival thing where you fight off AI Sith it AI Jedi. This could get turned into a whole online multiplayer lightsaber fight game! :) You should be able to set the amount of hum your lightsaber gives off and the spark that comes off the blade. Also, it should not take so long of a cool down for the video for coins for such a small reward.Anyway, thanks for reading sorry I know I said “one suggestion” at the beginning XD Great game!!👌👍
Love it!
Doom machine on 10/13/2017
Can you fix qui gon jinn's lightsaber? Cause the hilt is upside down.
Surfing0166 on 8/11/2017
This game is great!
Luv it
NyanCow03 on 7/24/2017
This app is a lot of fun to mess around with. Cannot wait for the update.
Lightsaber rouge
Drewhiggi on 6/28/2017
I love this app
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