American Girl World

American Girl

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Games 2.1 Jan 24, 2018 Feb 02, 2018 2374.8 MB iOS 9.0 or later 4+
New in version 2.1

• Meet Luciana Vega™; Girl of the Year® 2018
• Discover Nanea Mitchell®


Help make choices that give each girl’s story new twists and turns within the ever-expanding world of the beloved American Girl characters.

FOLLOW YOUR INNER STAR – By making impactful choices, learn how having character counts.

PERSONALIZED – Help each character create their own style by choosing an outfit among hundreds of choices that will just right for every situation.

DISCOVER – Explore the rich and compelling worlds of the beloved characters of American Girl, including:

LUCIANA VEGA - As Girl of the Year for 2018, explore Luciana’s love of space and science as she pursues her dream of being the first astronaut on Mars.

NANEA MITCHELL - Set in 1945, find out how Nanea uses her heart to help her fellow Hawaiian neighbors, friends, and family cope with the challenges of Pearl Harbor.

GABRIELA MCBRIDE - See how Gabriela harnesses the power of her words and love of the arts to help save her beloved community arts center.

Z. YANG - Follow Z. as she discovers that to be a real filmmaker, she’ll first have to learn to be true to herself.

More of your favorite characters from American Girl are coming soon.

American Girl World is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money to save time or to purchase extra items. Discover online games, quizzes, activities and more at


iPad Screenshots
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Needs Some Work
cubswin17 on 5/18/2018
I really loved this game when I played it for the first time. I finished it, and then deleted it because it takes up a lot of space on my iPad. When I downloaded it again to restart the stories, in Z Yang’s book Three Chapter Two it won’t show me the speech bubbles. In the review that said it wouldn’t let you continue, was it then? I’m kinda disappointed, I’ll have to delete the app to get going again. If you fix the glitch I mentioned earlier, this app gets five out of five stars!
Dvdgdgdbdhsk on 5/13/2018
Please add more characters, lower prices and make stories more interesting. 😠a😠
Doesn't let me open the app
Love@:$(&;$:' on 4/24/2018
Don't ever get this app I pressed on it then it said loading and took me off the app so I tried it again and it did the same thing.
Hate it.😾😡
Joybird76 on 4/15/2018
Why I hate it buy this you can’t finish the game.It was actually bad when I started playing this.0 stars .I think your make a bracelets game was greater than this app.I also think WellieWishers was better.You did horribly bad.😡😡😡😡😡😡
A Few Complaints...
Cupcake Lover60 on 4/2/2018
This game is really fun! American Girl is my life, and I was so excited when this app came out. It’s interesting to see the end of the story because you make choices. However, I think you should add more characters. The only historic story is Nanea Mitchell, and you have to pay $8.00 for her package. Where are Kit, Rebecca, Julie, and Melody? What about Addy, Josefina, and the WellieWishers?! Also, I experienced quite a few technical problems. The characters on the screen would stand still for a long time without moving, which was a glitch. And for a while the ads were not working so I couldn’t buy more energy. Overall it is a very good game and has lots of potential. But please fix the bugs and add more stories! Thank you!!
Freezing 👾
animal person🐜- 🦁 on 4/2/2018
Game is great but it won't let me get past this☝🏻quest so please help
Frozen Game!
JlKarcher on 3/30/2018
I love the app. At book three chapter one my game doesn’t let me do anything. I have had to delete and redone load it and played to the same spot and it froze again. This hasn’t just happened to me, it happened also to my sister. Can you please do something about it.
Can't open app!!!😨😱😭
Not very good😡😭😭👿 on 3/23/2018
I am a fan of American girl and was excited to find this game. I downloaded it and got unto it, but the game turned off every time I pushed it! I tried deleting lots of apps, but that didn't work. I just deleted some of my favorite apps. I did not delete this app yet and hope I don't have too. Please fix this as soon as possible!!! Thank you!😕 (seems like a great game even though I haven't played it yet.)
What the heck?! 😤👎🏻
9400 8818 38 on 3/17/2018
I play the app for 3 minuets and for whatever reason it won’t let me go past level 1! I tried it on multiple devices AND more than once but it still did the same thing! Ag better fix this!
Fun, but...
Curious2119 on 3/14/2018
I love the game itself. Very fun. But there’s one problem I have. I constantly run out of energy meaning I can’t do anything. You can watch ads for more, which is really annoying because it only gives you 6 energy and that’s not much at all. So when I run out of energy, I’m watching ads every 5 seconds 👎🏻 and I tried to get more today, and it said there were no ads available so I can’t even play. Seriously? If they fix this and give you more energy, I’d love it.
WORST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mom2Ally on 3/12/2018
This game will not let me play!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡👿👿👿👿👿👿 DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!
Please fix issues.. then it will be 5 Stars!
Terrible name on 3/9/2018
My daughter loves this game BUT it keeps getting stuck and freezing on Z’s story. Really want Luciana but can’t see paying until glitches get fixed- why pay money for it if the free story does not work.
No more energy!
JohnMagic on 3/7/2018
It’s a great app, but it’s sooooooo annoying when you run out of energy! Then you have to wait hour to get more. I think this app would be better off if the person who came up with energy was never born!
Fabulous game but one problem😍👎
proxac on 3/4/2018
I can not stop playing this game but it always won’t let me refill my energy but I love this game get it right now and have a amazing time playing!!!😍😘😇😍😘😇😍😘😇
So boring
doggy girl 26 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶 on 3/3/2018
I can only play Z yang American Girl plz let the other characters be coins not money my parents don’t let me make in app purchases and I want to but you are wasting money for a game!!!
It does not want to download
Nanny1307 on 3/3/2018
I have download this thing for forever and it never works i'm getting really mad😤😭😔🤧
Very disappointing
Rachael8.5 on 2/25/2018
I love the books, the dolls, the magazine and the concept. NOT THIS APP. What happened??? 1. In the magazine, the only ads are ones for AG. This was not the case of the app. 2. What is with the jumping before they speak????? 3. The graphics and animation are terrible. 4. The app kept crashing. 5. I will not use it until there is an update.
Great game but......
krissyunicornpuppykitty on 2/24/2018
It is a really great game but can you not have 7.99 for a pack can they be like gabby thanks if you can
Kind of Disappointed
Gymbrat3000 on 2/23/2018
I love the app it’s fun and I get to uncover the story of my favorite characters, which is funny because Gabriela, Z, Nanea, and Luciana are my favorite characters lol but I can only play Z and Gabriela which is really disappointing because I want to play Nanea and Luciana but I can’t because they are both $7.99 each. I’m not sure I want to keep the game or not because I’ve played both Z and Gabriela and I don’t have the money to play Nanea and Luciana. Hopefully when they release more characters Nanea and Luciana will only cost coins!!! Not happy or impressed!!!
Cool but needs help
deer girl🦌 on 2/21/2018
First I'm in z yangs story its cool but her computer is stuck in my screen and I don't enough engery please change it bye
Good idea, but...
KordiFM on 2/11/2018
This game worked out initially when I first played through the levels for Z and Gabriela. There was a glitch causing me to restart Z’s story twice from the beginning because the speech bubbles never popped up at a certain point in her story. But now as I replay both stories, half the level is skipped, there are glitches where characters who are not supposed to be there are still there, and it said that my purchased clothing have not been purchased. The game has a fun concept, but it is so glitchy that it is annoying to play.
Great story app and beautiful
nick5275 on 2/9/2018
Fun to play with all of the great American Girl characters. Lots of fun
Needs IT Help!
MagicalMDMom on 2/4/2018
Daughter loves this app, BUT we bought Luciana for $7.99 and got the character only - not the 200 energy and 2 outifts that are supposed to be included in the purchase. I sent complaint to AG several days ago and have gotten no response. I am not encouraged to buy anything else in case this continues to happen. FIx the bugs, please! You get Z for free to play with. Can then earn money to later buy Gabriela. Luciana and Nanea initally were listed but not able to purchase. Took several days before could actually process purchase ($7.99 each) of those 2. Suppose to add more character in future. Bought Luci but missing energy and outfits so have not bought Nanea. App itself fun. Just wish I got what I paid for. Only bought
Where’s the history?
Penmars95 on 2/4/2018
I love this game, I really do. But you shouldn’t start with Z. You should’ve started with a historical character.
Ugh 😑
blackbear7419 on 2/3/2018
I loved this game but it keeps crashing and I hate how energy can get wasted! I have to use it so much and I hate having to watch ads to get energy! Please fix these!
Can't get past home screen!!!
Miss Misstery on 2/3/2018
I can't even get past the home screen without it sending me out of the app! Please do something!!!
Great game!
Logan.f on 1/25/2018
I love the art and the stories. What a great game.
Great kids story game
SpacerX-tasy on 1/24/2018
Beautiful and fun game! Good stories for kids to play.
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