Science Journal by Google

Google, Inc.

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Education 2.1.903 Sep 30, 2017 May 15, 2018 65 MB iOS 9.3 or later 4+
New in version 2.1.903

Many performance improvements and bug fixes


Science Journal is the free digital science notebook brought to you by Google.

Whether you're a science educator or a hobbyist doing science at home, you can keep your notes, photos, and observations all in one convenient place. Use the sensors in your iPhone or iPad to measure and graph phenomena such as light, sound, and motion, or connect to external sensors via bluetooth to conduct experiments on the world around you.

With the Science Journal app, you can:
• Measure light, sound, acceleration, air pressure, and more using your device’s built-in sensors.
• Take notes and photos to document your science experiments. More note types coming soon!
• Connect to external sensors using select Bluetooth-enabled Arduino devices.
• Create automated triggers for recording data and taking notes.
• Use sonification to hear the movement of your graphs.

Permissions notice:
• Bluetooth: needed to scan for bluetooth sensor devices.
• Camera: needed to take pictures to document experiments and for the brightness sensor.
• Photo Library: needed to store pictures taken to document experiments and for adding existing photos from your library to experiments.
• Microphone: needed for sound intensity sensor.
• Push notifications: needed to inform you of recording status when backgrounding the app.

Educational activities by our partners:
For support:!forum/sciencejournal

iPad Screenshots
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Medzav on 4/11/2018
Hello gogle
Beautiful App that goes nowhere
Jjl19602 on 3/28/2018
Why would you make such a great app and leave it without the ability to export a jpeg screenshot or download a PDF? This app would be so valuable if it could just export to a variety of outputs, whatever the user needs. Fix it please.
Awesome app but thing missing...
BoredMan-hasAphone on 3/27/2018
I think this app is awesome and very useful to record experiments and things like that but I just wish Google would allow you to copy it or export it. Please google, just make an update where you can add it to your Google drive and copy it. 👏🏽😑😕
Too Early!
Rdinwid on 3/24/2018
It’s too early but I like it.
A Swiss army knife of science & math in your smartphone!
El Maestro! on 3/22/2018
Barometer, magnetometer, light sensor, accelerometer - these instruments are already in your smartphone for other reasons. Google just cleverly organized and repurposed them in a child friendly app that can be used by K-12 for exciting experiments - and in a digital journal format that allows you to record the data in video, photos, and notes. I’ve been an elementary teacher for 20 years - half that time as a departmentalized science teacher and now I run a STEM Lab. I’ve been trying for years to tap into the smart devices our students already have at home - and Google has done it for me. Do yourself a favor and download this free app. Then visit their partners at to take your science, math, art, and STEM students to the next level!
Missing Traditional Chinese support
scatyyyy on 3/15/2018
There used to be tradition Chinese support. Please bring it back.
A mirage.
Rlyon$$ on 3/4/2018
This app would be great if you could export your work in any way at all. Jeez google. Think it through.
ERLJB on 1/30/2018
This app was, at first, seemingly recorded data, created useful graphs, took photos, had notes/descriptions and was generally very useful during my son’s science fair experiment. Until we went to create his poster. We realized that all that information ...all the previous weeks of work was completely inaccessible. We needed a tri-fold poster visual for the fair (as all elementary fairs require) and couldn’t print anything from the app. All his work was stuck on the app on my phone. Nothing could be exported. The “Share” function did not work on any photos or notes and broke down graphs into long lists of numbers he couldn’t use. After a very frustrating evening trying, without success, to get all his work somewhere, anywhere else we could print his graphs and photos, we ended up taking screenshots of everything. Which then required creative cropping to work on his poster. This “convenient” app became completely useless. I would say, even a giant waste of time. It makes no sense at all to not be able to use the data gathered in a real-world application (i.e. a science fair display). This Google App does not even allow you to share or save your Experiments to your Google Drive account. This app had the right idea but missed a vital step - being able to share with others what you discover.
Half good
FakeusernamecuZigothitbyabus on 12/31/2017
I just wish the sound thing actually worked properly. Apparently a simulated snare is louder from far away than right next to the darn thing
I like google it’s a big number
SuperDumdum on 11/30/2017
That’s what she said
This App is the Best
Rizzly McBizzly on 11/15/2017
I love this app. It has changed the way I think about the world as a whole. It's now two halves.
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