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New in version 1.3

General bug fixes and performance improvements to ensure a better check-in experience.


Ready for More Go? Download our new Spirit Airlines Check in app before your trip to get instant access to your trips, check flight status, check in to your flight and get your mobile boarding pass.

Features include:

Check In – Select your flight and check in instantly from the app

Mobile Boarding Passes – Get your boarding pass right in the app on your smartphone and leave the paper at home!

Add to Apple Wallet Feature Now Available!

Add Bags and Seats – Add carry on and checked bags and select your seats before you go

Flight Status – Check your departure and arrival times so you can start to plan your More Go moments

My Trips – View all your upcoming trips in one place

Booking – Quickly access our website to make a new flight booking

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Does the job well on a mobile device
Goaliemn on 3/17/2018
Their website is horrible with mobile browsers. This app lets you get your boarding pass and check in easily from a mobile device. Nothing fancy. But it saves you having to hunt down the computer at the hotel.
not that bad
Annie :{D on 3/16/2018
dude just add the boarding pass to your wallet and you don't need to pay them $10 or need a printer
It has a nice icon at least
21983 on 3/16/2018
Awful just simply awful. Crashes and is pathetically slow. Whoever created this may god have mercy on your soul
Doesn’t work. One more way they rip you off.
DrLabgirl on 3/15/2018
Unless you can print your boarding pass at your hotel or want to pay $10 at the airport kiosk, you are out of luck. The app doesn’t work, just as many others have pointed out. Their “app support” directs you to their general airline customer service, who are only able to troubleshoot the app by suggesting you uninstall/reinstall. Nope. Still doesn’t work. I can only assume that they purposely don’t fix the app so they can get an extra $10 per passenger out of travelers who have no options to print once they are away from home. For them to advertise this as an option prior to booking tickets, but to not actually work when you need it, sounds a little fraudulent. If anyone starts a class action law suit, please contact me! I want my money back! Just one more reason I’ll never fly Spirit again.
It's not as bad as the reviews make it sound.
Walrusan 14532 on 3/13/2018
It worked for me fairly seamlessly. I was able to check in on way way to the airport. The only weird thing is that it's not timezone sensitive. It is notifying me that my flight is at 6:58, when in all actuality my flight is at 5:58. Other than the time issue, I don't see anything wrong with the app.
App is inconsistent and at times not functional
LyonHoward on 3/13/2018
This app is very poor, plain and simple. I believe all airlines should have a good app as it streamlines the process a flying and makes it easier for the customer. However, when attempting to access my boarding pass the app simply shuts down every time, making it difficult to access on my phone. The app is also very basic, and lacks a lot of features and it seems the development of it has been treated with laziness given the fact the app is still in Version 1.0, meaning there probably has been little to no updates given to it. The other users clearly have problems with the app too, given its 1.5 star average rating and it's clear spirit is doing little to improve the app.
Nataly Arambula on 3/13/2018
Worst app ever. Kept telling me my flight was delayed or scheduled for a different time. Couldn't check in either. How hard is it to have a functioning app?
Ibraheem Olasupo on 3/12/2018
This guys would charge me for a bag that I didn’t even check in wasted $40 on each way $80 total. Screw your entire company I’m not flying with you anymore, SOUTHWEST and AMERICAN all the way.
Does not work
Trotsid on 3/11/2018
Literally the worst app ever. I’m shocked I don’t have to pay extra for it. Fly united
KoowanPStark on 3/11/2018
App doesn’t book flights, it just sends you to the company website which is full of links that don’t work and dead pages. If the app is this bad, what will your flight be like?
App Doesn’t Work
peweiser on 3/10/2018
Logged into my account, it showed no flight bookings. Even though I had a flight scheduled for the next day. So I couldn’t check in, so I couldn’t download my boarding pass. App does not work. App is useless! I had to give it one star because it wouldn’t take my review with zero stars.
Doesn’t work every time
miahmosdef on 3/9/2018
When I first opened this app to check in to my flight it wouldn’t let me. I had to check in online. When I reopened the app I could download my boarding passes however. For my return flight home, I hold not check in again from the app. I checked in online. It also wouldn’t let me load my boarding passes onto my wallet or even on the app. Such a waste of time. I had to print out the boarding passes because I’m not about to pay $10 to print at the airport from the desk. However it is free to print them from the kiosks. Basically the app is trash. It’s better just to check in online and find a way to print out your boarding passes
App doesn’t work
Abckids on 3/7/2018
While on spring break in Florida with out access to a printer, had our daughter download app so she can check in and have boarding pass on her phone. She wasn’t able to do any of it. Her info wouldn’t show up in her app. Kept giving an error. Then I was able to do it for her from my phone but the boarding pass is not in the boarding pass section. Logged out and back in and everything disappeared and says she doesn’t even have a trip booked!
App needs fixed
$mexi$ on 3/1/2018
First time I ever purchase tickets with Spirit did it online a day ago. Went to check in on the app and it won’t let me! I like to check in mobile and have my boarding pass so I don’t have to wait in airline line also!
A straight forward app that worked for me
Sunigae on 3/1/2018
I was successful using this app to obtain my boarding pass and to select and purchase my seat (as much as hated the idea of paying to select my seat in general seating). My previous bag purchase credit also showed which was very helpful. As an iOS user, I was able to pass the ticket to my Wallet and I’m good to go! (Hopefully, it will work as simple at check-in) When opening the app for the first time, it assumes everyone is a guest and requires you to put in your name and confirmation number. Pretty simple. It wasn’t until after that I found I could log into my Spirit account. Once I did I was able to recall my information anytime and see a history of my purchases. It would be nice to allow new users (those that have a profile) the option to log into their account at the start of the app without having to figure that out after. This is a minor issue but can save time and frustration in the long run. In conclusion, I have airline apps from a couple of the other folks and I would say Spirit’s app is similar. With the new features being proposed, it will make the app a good utility for customers. Welcome to the mobile app world Spirit. Better late than never!
Not working!!
Feras twal on 2/28/2018
Worst app and company ever!!
Great app, waiting for features
Zack7514 on 2/28/2018
I would love to see an additional wallet feature for Apple wallet, scanning the ticket from the phone would be great! Thanks for the hard work.
Don't waste your time
First time NK Traveler on 2/28/2018
Why even have an app if it's totally useless and doesn't function? It can't even find my booking using my name and reservation number. If they can't get a simple app right, where else in the company are they cutting corners?
Lot of bugs in app
Pola raghu on 2/28/2018
It is not showing delayed updates and it is not showing boarding pass for connecting flight. In My passes tab it is simply showing you don’t have any passes. Zone number and seating information also not updated in app for my connecting flight.
Davidclabarr on 2/26/2018
I’ll be straight, I’ve never come to the App Store to leave a one star review. In fact, I’m the type of person who requests to stay on the line to fill out a positive survey about customer service. But this app 1). Can’t find my boarding pass without logging in 2). Has a button that is supposed to add my pass to passbook but doesn’t work. That’s the whole point of me getting the app Edit: I force closed the app and rebooted and it allowed me to add to Apple Wallet after a struggle. Still couldn’t find my boarding pass.
App doesn’t work
DC1710 on 2/25/2018
I wanted to book a flight using the app but I can’t get passed the advertising
Don’t waste your time... does not work
annoyed311 on 2/25/2018
will not allow you to check-in. Therefore, completely useless
Missing key info
desireewithanaccent on 2/25/2018
Fine for checking in and pulling up your boarding call pass, but it needs Terminal/Gate information of departure and arrival. I need to know which terminal I’m going to prior to my flight and which terminal I’m landing at to be able to arrange pickup accordingly. I shouldn’t have to Google that.
D. Burke-- Michigan on 2/23/2018
I have been trying to check in for a half hour on both you web site and your app and neither one will work. I also tried to call and all I can get in an automated recording. I give the company as a whole a 0 star rating.
This app is Horrible. Does not compare to jetblue
Larry2646747 on 2/23/2018
I can’t believe spirit even has this app.... there is no functions that work. I even called spirit and told them why does my booking not show on the app and I get a response to go to the web browser and log in...(obviously that works) but I want the luxury of having it on the app so I can use a mobile boarding pass. However it shows nothing. With JetBlue’s app after I purchased my flights I can check and the app shows everything from checking in to modifying the reservations. Screw this horrible app
What a ridiculously garbage app
No Nickname For Me, Seriously on 2/20/2018
This app can’t even do the ONE thing it’s meant for (managing reservations/boarding pass). Skip this app, skip this airline. Spend the extra few bucks to travel an airline that’s worth your hard earned cash. Only thing worse than Spirits planes are their customer service track record and UI experience (ie this app)
Rating the App, not the airline
JCTR07 on 2/19/2018
This rating, unlike others, is for the app. I find it ridiculous to rate an app based on the company. We all know how Spirit works. Let’s talk about the app since that’s what the reviews are supposed to be about. When I first got it it was good since you could at least check in and have your boarding pass. Yesterday it wouldn’t let me check in. I checked in online and my boarding pass wasn’t available on the app. I signed out and back in again thinking this would help but then my reservation wasn’t even there anymore. If you can’t have an app that works then remove it so people won’t depend on it and then be stuck paying the fees because your app isn’t working.
Don’t do it
mbgarcia9 on 2/18/2018
They charge for everything, even checking in. When I tried to check in on the app, even though my reservation was available on the app, it didn’t work. I tried the website, check in wouldn’t work. I called customer service, they said I would have to arrive 2hrs early (btw for a 6:26am flight with 2 kids under 5) and pay $10/per person bc there was no known issue with the website. I asked for a supervisor and was placed on hold for several minutes and never connected. HORRIBLE AIRLINE!
Simply awful
SwartCenter on 2/17/2018
If you have not yet purchased tickets with this airline, don’t! Literally everything about this company is deceptive. The website and app are garbage. Want to carry on one bag? That will be $90 for a round trip flight. Save money by joining the $9 flight club...for $59! Plus another $18 for that bag. Enjoy the flight in a tin can and be sure to bring $3 for a can of soda. Absolute trash. Pay a few extra bucks to fly on a reputable airline - you will end up paying less in the long run and your stress level and comfort will be better for it.
Wrapper (mostly)
Sseerrggee on 2/16/2018
Advertised feature “add bags, modify seats” offers to take you to their website. What is the point of having APP? I know how to use my browser. Check-in? No idea yet. No very optimistic now though
The app is improving
YMFriday on 2/15/2018
When it launched, the app was beyond terrible. In October 2017 it was very nearly worthless. Now, check-in is fast, and the boarding pass can be added to my wallet. Now we just need the ability to book and we’re home free.
App doesn’t work
Dgfgrscvu on 2/15/2018
Can’t download ticket. Getting errors. Pointless pointless app.
Horribly frustrating
zinescene2 on 2/13/2018
Didn’t have any issues on my flight to Florida but won’t show flight home as a booking so can’t pull up boarding pass.
Dishonest Company with Horrible Customer Service and App
Stone Cold JP on 2/12/2018
Imagine booking a flight months in advance only to have it cancelled without reason within a few hours of takeoff. And imagine that being the only flight available from that airline on that day, meaning you could not get home. And then imagine having to scramble last minute and pay 5x more to book a flight with another carrier because there was no other option. Imagine no more... Spirit makes nightmares a reality. Avoid at all costs.
Apple wallet not syncing
DJBAIT on 2/11/2018
My flight has been delayed and the App does not notify me nor my pass on my Apple wallet. The only way I found out was through my email.
SpeedMetalBuilt on 2/11/2018
Is there an option for no stars? Spirit is basically a churched up cattle car in the air so it is no surprise that their app is dysfunctional. Not only can you not view your boarding pass in the app (you are routed to the internet and have to re-enter your log in credentials) your boarding pass cannot be added to your Apple wallet. I am not an Android user so my guess is that it falls short there too??? So basically...this app does nothing except sell you on their $9 fare club, allow you to apply for their version of a credit card or sell you a fake “pre-board” service that claims to speed you through security which is NOT what happens. Honestly I have been in the back of police cruisers that are more comfortable.
No real reason to have the app
Genuinetricia on 2/10/2018
I booked my first Spirit flight online and tried to use the app to check in. In spite of having my $9 fare club info on the app, there was no flight info, no reservation, no trip booked info, no payment info listed for me, so I couldnt check in. Can you fix that?
Crashes immediately when opened
admiller316 on 2/10/2018
I would love to rate this app better, but it won’t even open for me. It’s kind of hard to rate how it works when it crashes a few seconds after opening.
Why is this active?!
Greater bacon browns backers on 2/8/2018
What was the point of releasing this? You can log in but can’t download your boarding passes. It’s nice you have an app, I’m sure it will work with some major bug fixes, but why did you release it so soon, or without testing it ?
Worst airline ever
spirit failed me on 2/4/2018
This app will not allow you to check in online. So dont rely on it and go to airport if you ever have to take Spirit
Worst costumer care
Cristhecrusher on 1/30/2018
A mistake was made while booking and they took advantage to take all the money, no customer service. Just people trying to rip you off, don’t use this app! It’s a scam
Can never check in
Affie28901 on 1/30/2018
This App never works, full of bugs, better off checking in on web site and emailing boarding pass.
Saved me time!
Indiana L on 1/29/2018
Thanks Spirit
support animal on 1/29/2018
Awesome App.
Son unos ladrones
Echianellys on 1/27/2018
No los recomiendo te cancelan el vuelo y te cobran más para cambiar el vuelo.
Needs work
Ernie b on 1/26/2018
It’s nice that Spirit has an app so that you don’t need to print a boarding pass but it constantly has issues. I frequently get error messages and so I then have to go onto the website and save the boarding pass to my wallet. The app also doesn’t track flights very well. It needs a ton of work. Also spirit, get some WiFi on your planes, I bet people will pay to use it on, let’s say, a five hour flight to from the east coast to the west coast!
Innatekate on 1/25/2018
Doesn’t let you check in. Says error on pretty much anything you try to do. Why even make it?
Worst!! App I have ever seen
santhuwillyR on 1/24/2018
I installed this to retrieve my flight information and here it came the frustrating moment of my life I have ever faced. You will not get your flight status even if you enter correct name and confirmation number , not able to login , not able to check in . This app does nothing expect occupying space in your phone. No!! More Spirit Airlines thank you for your service
Nearly useless
dstoker on 1/24/2018
Nothing more ironic or infuriating than getting the email reminder from Spirit saying “check in now to avoid a fee to check in with an agent” and then trying to check in on the app and getting the error message “see agent”. This summarizes my experience with this app.
What’s the purpose?
mfrazier35 on 1/24/2018
What’s the purpose of this app? You can’t seem to do a single thing in it. It will just redirect you to the website for most options. This is my first impression with Spirit. So far, not so good.
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