Elite Emoji


Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Productivity 1.3.3 Aug 23, 2017 Aug 10, 2018 94.4 MB iOS 10.0 or later 4+
New in version 1.3.3

50 new HD emoji


High-definition emoji for WhatsApp, Messenger and iMessage
- 1,400 large high quality emoji to choose from
- mix them with stickers and gifs
- send them with a single tap with WhatsApp, Messenger, iMessage, email, imo, etc.
- ... add witty captions to make loved ones smile
- ... discover daily emoji and message recommendations
- ... discover which emoji and messages are the most popular around the world
Fun, simple and free!

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Hasta ahora todo ok me gusta
sandrairasema on 7/21/2018
Ok todo me gusta
Mi Rincón Mágico
CarolinaMichelle on 5/4/2018
Me encanta los Libros y la música también las películas de Navidad y todas las películas de Disney
Teddyasinbear on 4/16/2018
I was looking for a sentiment to go with the 2 coffee cups and 2 hands and arms. They were good until the curse words were used. There is no reason to use foul language!
Debb Sue 60 on 4/9/2018
Love this
How much fun????😜🧐😊🕊
Djeagle93 on 4/6/2018
The best app ever!!! Please keep me 😂🤣 Free 2. Words a review if U take app away 👁& other poor people can’t enjoy 😉 freedom from daily life chores challenges etc etc LOVE ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤♥️😜🧐 👁💜your app!!!
Cubanito27 on 3/30/2018
Emoji review
Garry Hamilton on 3/22/2018
Very nice emojis that everyone can use. Please enjoy. Thank you
Treva Manzano on 3/16/2018
Love this ✏️🥂🍣🍔🤗😜😋🌧💤👵🏻🤗😋❤️
Diana b
Noname-Di on 3/10/2018
I love it.So many cute and funny things to send to friends!
luz florez on 3/8/2018
Me fascinaron pero qui ciera compartirlas en WhatsApp
Love it
Shelly Lucas on 3/6/2018
It’s fun
Lindos recuerdos
cristal 👩🏻‍🌾 on 2/21/2018
chinagyrlgud on 2/17/2018
I love all the features great graphics and it’s easy enough to say what you gotta say!
It’s nice if is working
Gihanmattar on 2/17/2018
It's freezing after each use, very disappointed
georgiegirl1943 on 2/10/2018
Great app
problemchild 19642012 on 2/9/2018
Love the app but should be updated so that there's new added. People are liking them when I post them. But ! We just need new ones thanks.
roxie 6921 on 2/8/2018
Purpleheartslady on 1/31/2018
Love the new emojis!!
Elite Emoji
cowgirlslove on 1/14/2018
Love these! Having fun with all of them and easy for anyone.
Does not work with whatsapp ☹️
Jb2012@@ on 12/3/2017
Looks like a great app, but will not work with Whatsapp, it shows no emoji and says its a Tmp, you can send it, but again shows up gray and as a tmp. Very disappointed ☹️
yall know who ah "B" on 11/26/2017
Now I can text with just emojis thanks Disney !!
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