Microsoft Remote Desktop 10

Microsoft Corporation

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Business 10.1.8 Nov 27, 2017 May 04, 2018 16.9 MB iOS 10.10 or later 4+
New in version 10.1.8

We've got some awesome updates in this release. In between several bug fixes, we've made the following noteworthy improvements:

• Added support for changing the remote resolution by resizing the session window!
• Fixed scenarios where remote resource feed download would take an excessively long time.
• Resolved the 0x207 error that could occur when connecting to servers not patched with the CredSSP encryption oracle remediation update (CVE-2018-0886).

If you encounter any issues, you can always contact us via Help > Report an Issue.


Use the new Microsoft Remote Desktop app to connect to a remote PC or virtual apps and desktops made available by your administrator. The app helps you be productive no matter where you are.

Configure your PC for remote access first by download the Remote Desktop assistant to your PC and let it do the work for you:

• Access remote PCs running Windows Professional or Enterprise and Windows Server
• Access remote resources published by your IT administrator
• Connect remotely through a Remote Desktop Gateway
• Secure connection to your data and applications
• Streamlined management of your connections from the connection center
• High quality video and audio streaming

Learn more about remote desktop apps at:

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Useful, but needs improvement
Master Poh on 7/18/2018
I am able to connect to my desktop at work without issues. The problem comes when I try to quit the application. I have to use Force Quit to exit the app every time.
What happened to copy and paste?
appleisa on 7/16/2018
Even with local resources clipboard enabled, copy and paste between the mac and windows environments seems to have disappeared. Boo :(
Microsoft still can’t figure out their code!! DO NOT USE!
TMathena on 7/7/2018
This app and the beta app consume a massive amount of CPU over time causing fans to kick on. The Beta version of this app is just as bad. It’s been a over a year with people complaining about this issue and it’s still not resolved. In their feedback forum it shows as resolved. Still have the issue multiple Macs…I’m now starting to see this bad symptom pop-up in the Windows 10 app. I’m hoping this code, or the coders didn’t move over to Windows platform and bring this garbage code with them. 2 desktop connections established and CPU is at 100% for an RDP session...
Extremely lagging in remote sessions
electronicobsession on 6/30/2018
Remote connections with this app lag. Always have to click somewhere or move something for the display to get refreshed. Especially frustrating when writing text in a remote session. No matter what internet connection, what latency, how fast or whatever server I connect to. Driving me crazy...
Works but still light on features
WordMasterRice on 6/26/2018
RDP10 does work for the most part but the developers have been promising Hi DPI support for months going on years now and it's still nowhere to be found. At this point it is a required feature that still hasn't arrived.
Still no retina support?
anon 73882 on 6/25/2018
Retina came out on Macs in 2011. It's 2018. Still no support for Retina in RDP sessions. All I want is clean text!
Getting better and better, but
MorningZ on 6/21/2018
A big dissapointment is the lack of being able to save an AzureAD username in the “Accounts” pool. The format for those being “AzureAD\<my email address>”. This application does not allow saving of those, meaning I need to type in my username and my complicated password every time I want to RDP into one of my computers. If that error was removed, this would be a 5 star app for me
Awesome update! Thank you!
rdevillers on 6/19/2018
This is much improved over version 8. It is the answer to my Windows prayers! Copy/paste works all the time, it is much faster, and it is easier to configure IMHO. The only issue I had was importing version 8 session settings. Thank you for a great update!
Still doesn’t support SmartCard passthrough
wmgg3 on 6/14/2018
This is useless to the growing number of organizations requiring SmartCard authentication to login to a Windows machine - major missing feature.
Love the key mapping feature; hate the frequent freezes
_Svix_ on 5/30/2018
This one has an integrated ability to map cmd+<something> to ctrl+<something>. Not talking about just he check box, there’s a config file in the app packaging that you can update to include more mappings (and more documentation here would be welcome). This is monumentally helpful. That said, RDP sessions freeze way too often on this… Only way to get out of it is to close the session and reopen. Not majorly painful for simple auth cases, but when connecting to remote hosts that require you to enter password every time and perform dual auth, this can be very frustrating. Also, the perf (screen update) is noticably choppy compared to 8.x version.
Easier to use than RDP8 — when it works
rhymeswithsilver on 5/29/2018
Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 is a welcome UI/UX change from the hackneyed interface of RDP8. However, it’s much less reliable. Computers that I can connect to fine with RDP8 fail to work in RDP10. Sometimes, when I do connect, the screen is a washed-out rainbow. Unfortunately, it looks like I’ll be keeping both versions installed for the time being.
I love this app
Sam sharaby on 5/27/2018
After discovering this app I bought my first Mac
Resolution improve needed
realLijinyao on 5/15/2018
On windows,RDP could adjust resolution according to monitor physical resolution due to windows’s own zoom strategy. But on Mac the resolution of the system is not the same as the monitor physical resolution, so when use same method on macOS the remote resolution won’t be perfect as on windows. For example, I have a 4K monitor, macOS system setting set zoom to 2560 x1440, Than RDP fetch a 2560 x1440 remote screen, but what acutally need to do is fetch a 4k remote screen and set a 150% zoom ratio on windows to get the perfect match regardless to the macOS system resolution.
Only missing feature is that tabbed mode
aa.mseman on 5/14/2018
Only missing feature is that tabbed mode
Bring Back the Menu Bar Icon!
hwkipierce4077 on 5/9/2018
I love that I can group my servers (though it would be nice to add multiple servers to a group at one time), but what I miss from this version is the menu bar icon that would let me select a server without having to open connection center, which is very handy when I’m patching 20 servers on Patch Tuesday from the comfort of my desk chair. Please bring that back!
Please add a quick connect option
Bosticman on 4/16/2018
V10 needs a quick connect option where we can simply type a hostname or IP Address without having to create an entry. This request has been mentioned before in both Version 10 and Version 8. I have way too many boxes that I connect to from time to time to warrant having to create and save an entry for them. Also the current version has issues with the password. As was mentioned below by DEBump, we want to save the domain and username but not the password. That’s basic security 101.
Have to enter password every time
AkhilSharma on 4/13/2018
Ability of this to store password doesn’t seem to work as it doesn’t take the password and I have to type it every time. Version 8 was better as it could use the saved password. If it can save the account and password then it will be awesome.
Solid, needs minor improvements
psibrad on 4/13/2018
V10 is a big improvement over v8. I manage a large number of Windows servers from a Mac, and really appreciate this application. The only thing missing for me is a quick connect option. Coming from windows, I really miss the ability to run MSTSC, type in a hostname and press enter to connect. I don’t necessarily want to store/save a connection to every machine I connect to. Sometimes I connect to one of my user’s workstations to do a quick update or install, and I don’t want to have to create a saved session to do that.
Error Code 0x207? on 4/11/2018
Just updated and now I’m getting this error code. Help or fix it, please! Worked great before the update!
Scroll bar not scroll when not full screen (not fix in 10.1.7)
PMD1NH on 4/11/2018
Version 10.1.7 The scroll is still scrolling the entire RD screen when not in the Full Screen mode. It should scroll the selected/clicked window which is INSIDE the RD screen. Steps to recreate: 1. Connect to RD but do not go into Full Screen mode or Fit Window. 2. Open a browser on remote host and go to Microsoft or any website. 3. Click (to focus) on the browser inside the RD window, now try to mouse scroll. The entire RD window will scroll instead of just the browser window session. Hope this will be helpful to recreate and eventually fix this minor issue. Thank you! Version 10.1.6. So far so good. I use it to control lot of my Windows VM from Mac. The problem is that if the RD window is not full screen, the scroll will scroll the entire screen instead of just the local window (like file explorer) inside the RD window. I understand this has something to do with the resolution of the RD, but that does not happen when using RD from the windows host machine. Please fix to capture the scroll when inside the local windows of a RD windows what is NOT full screen Thank you!
This app keeps getting worse
JeffH-VA on 4/10/2018
Starting with version 10.1.5 the app would frequently search and fail to find open the default RDP port (3389). After update to 10.1.7 it now closes almost immediately at times when trying to connect with error about password being wrong, which it is not. Error code: 0x207
Password isn’t really optional
DEBump on 4/10/2018
The new implementation of saving user/password is disappointing. If you leave the password field blank (with the light grey “optional” text), and save a user, when you open the connection, it immediately attempts to authenticate with a blank password. Then it returns with an error noted in red: “The user name and password that were used to connect to the remote PC doesn’t work, Try a different account.” That attempt increments the AD user’s bad password attempt counter. A blank password field should always default to prompting for a value before attempting to authenticate. We want users to be able to save their domain\user info, but we do not want to encourage them to save their password.
Thanks Microsoft
Kademlia on 4/6/2018
Thanks for making a nice RDP app. I can manage my Windows servers with ease from my MacBook Pro. Also the remote gateway works like a charm. Not like 3rd party RDP softwares. I have not had any crashes with this App like I have with Remmina on Ubuntu.
Its good. but buggy.
Psraj on 4/3/2018
While RDP 10 is a great enahancement to RDP8, on Mac I am seeing a buggy behavior while working with published remote apps. The app opens fine, and works fine. But when I close an app, the app stays visible in the screen, but doesnt respond to any clicks. If I lauch another remote app, the previous app goes away from the view. I can reproduce this with 2 different remote resource URLs. If I close the RDP completely, the stuck app closes. It looks like the app is closing in the remote app server itself, but doesnt refresh the view in the client side.
Fantastic new version; however, please check on RemoteApp importing!
MJS251 on 3/30/2018
The new version is a significant improvement over version 8 offering many usability improvements and new features. Kudos on this new version! The only glitch we’ve encountered is with importing RemoteApp RDP files downloaded from a Remote Desktop Gateway web portal. The old version would allow you to import them and then you could add folder redirection in the properties. The new version gives an error saying “We couldn’t import any of your desktops because all the files are invalid.” The same files work on version 8 perfectly. If you try to import the RemoteApp from the old version, it converts it into a Desktop connection instead of an App connection. Besides that nuance, the new version is fantastic!
What the?
Erichrok on 3/29/2018
I had the previous version of this tool which worked great. Then I saw the new “improved” version so I downloaded it to give it a spin and no matter what I did, I could not login any other machine on my network. I think the idea is great and of course the developers can’t write code for every configuration, but basic functionality would be nice no matter what config one is running.
Awesome improvement over v8
RodBarnes on 3/23/2018
This version not only fixed the issues I had in v8 (constantly requiring a force quit to exit; not closing maximized window when log out of connection — remained as blank screen) but it now adds two great features I and others requested: The ability to store credentials separate from the desktops and the ability to group desktops. Great improvement over previous version. Well done.
Good quality with keyboard bugs
Heheh dud on 3/22/2018
Love the quality of the stream/feed coming from my office PC to my mac, not run into any major issues bar one big one. On occation I work in visual studio, i work alot on a mechanical keyboard (Brand: Plugable) and have "modifier keys” to have my Ctrl and Alt/Options switched on my mac, when coming over to MRD, it’s messing them up and both the Left Ctrl and Win buttons both become windows button functions, and the alt keys on both sides of the keyboard becomes a dead key. (Right Ctrl is still working as a Ctrl strangely enough) If i turn off “Modifier Keys” in OSX and then go into MRD then the keys are correctly pulling the Ctrl, Win and Alt on the left hand side of the keyboard as hoped. But now I have the oppasite issue where modifier keys are nolonger active on the Mac side. This would be all good and well if the “Use Mac Shortcuts of Cut, Copy and Paste” in the preferences worked, but they don’t. I’ve tried toggling them on and off and it doesn’t switch the keys around for either the USB “Plugable” mechanical keyboard, my external mac keyboard or my MBP’s built-in keyboard. The main feature request I would LOVE to see for this app is to have OSX be able to pass into MRD the modifier keys so I’m consistent across both systems.
Works and doesn’t work
OCC Support on 3/22/2018
Works great up until you need to transfer a file over 2MB from your local system to the remote system. The app start using 100% cpu, the remote system becomes unresponsive and eventually disconnects. The same issue is not present in the 8.x version.
Why is it that all my Microsoft products routinly crash?
TheBuccaneerGentleman on 3/20/2018
Poor update. Not fully vetted. When pinned to the menubar and trying to add a remote resource to any of my existing connections it crashes. Did not import all my Remote Desktop 8 preferences into 10. Had to go one by one to fix them. Its been 6 years since Retina Macs and still no DPI scaling? Why does it work in the iOS client? I'm disappointed over and over again. All the complaints should show the company that their quality control is the worst. Must be the reason that they are keping version 8 still on the APP store.
Bug in exported connections??
The Worstest Ever on 3/11/2018
Great tool! Tripped over one issue however. After defining multiple connections, I have exported the connections so that I can organize them in folders in the finder. I can double-click an exported file to open a connection, but when I doulbe-click a second file, the app is brought to the forground, but if fails to open a new window and the connection fails to start.
Decent RDP client but could be better
RyanFarley on 3/9/2018
This is a nicely done RDP client, but the thing that it is missing that is a "must have" for me is the ability to quickly connect to an IP address without creating a saved connection for it. Some servers you want to save as connections, but I work with any others that are a one-time thing, or have changing IP addresses (AWS servers). I want to just click something and enter an IP address, optionally select a saved login, and connect. Even better, have that available from the menu bar.
From utter garbage to actually usable!
904Z on 3/1/2018
I don’t know I was so broken and distraut over the sheer number of bugs and problems that plagued both the 8.x and 10.x versions of this app, or if this is truly just an amazing update. But version 10.1.5 of RDP is absolutely amazin! And by “amazing,” I mean that things actually WORK. For the first time, reliably, in YEARS. My Remote Apps are no longer glitchy with misaligned click/pointer targets, broken dialogs, strange error messages, etc. Granted, it’s only been a day. But I’m simply amazed at the night and day difference between this version and the immediate previous version. Finally. Five stars. Don’t mess it up, Microsoft!
Devs are incredibly responsive
The Logic Stick on 2/28/2018
Srsly. Had long chat about connectivity issue over a mixed network that they’d never seen before. Problem corrected in an update a week later. MS has really come around these last few years - great work!
Bentley80 on 2/24/2018
I had to contact Microsoft support because I couldn’t get this to work. Come to find out, my Mac has to be on the same network as the PC. What the hell is the point of that? I want to connect to a PC in one state from a Mac in another state. I thought this could replace Team Viewer, but I guess not. I can’t understand anyone finding this program useful at all. Why would I want to remotely connect to a computer I’m sitting next to? I want to connect to a computer that is not here, that’s the point. Guess I’ll just stick to Team Viewer, as that works as it should. I just don’t get it.
Many regressions
Shapmeister on 2/23/2018
Version 10 has lost some important capabilities from 8.0, including the ability to specify native resolution and the ability to choose whether to open in full screen mode. The interface is harder to use because more places need to be visited to establish your settings. The separation of login information from connection information is counter-intuitive and less than useful. RDP audio has never been anything to write home about, but the where did the audio settings go? On the whole, the 8.0 version offers more complete function that is easier to use. As my old boss Al Kolwicz used to say: there is a difference between “activity” and “progress”.
Nice upgrade
PapaJoe on 2/23/2018
Good job so far. No issues to report since upgrading from v8.
something is wrong with display properties
Alpr647383 on 2/21/2018
I'm using it on MBP 13" 2017 and in any resolution the fonts are blurred and there seems to be some refresh rate off-sync which causes a severe eye strain.
Needs Work
Gposel on 2/16/2018
I love the fact that copy and paste keys now match the Mac. But screen resolution is a problem. Using a 2017 15" MBPro and setting display to ‘Default for this display’ yeilds text that is not nearly as crisp compared with version 8. If I manually set the resolution to match the display (2880 x 1800), the desktop deosn’t fit in the window … meaning I'm forced to scroll around to see the whole desktop, and the text is still not clear. When that problem is resolved I’ll be eager to switch just for the convenience of using Mac key combos in Windows!
Severe Battery Drain and CPU Maxing Out ….. AWFUL
HOBBLECREEK999 on 2/15/2018
This version is totally draining my battery and makes my CPU fan ramp up loud. In checking the energy consumption, it comes up with super high numbers. Current stats: Energy Impact: 316.9 (YIKES) Avg Energy Impact: 274.01 Real Memory: 352.6 MB Virtual Memory: 4.08 GB %CPU: 116.87 Threads: 30 Ports 402 Conext Switches 48023279 Faults: 74490698 (steadily rising, and the likely main culprit here) This is with only *2* remote desktop session running over a local network.
Battery drainer
DactylX on 2/11/2018
Compared with the previous version of the remote desktop software, this one drains my battery so quickly! Checking out activity monitor, even when in the background this app uses 40% of my MacBook Pro CPU, vs. 11% CPU usage from the previous version of this program. Thankfully the previous version is still available on the Mac App Store, so I can keep using it. Looking forward to using the newer version when they’ve fixed whatever issue is causing the massive CPU usage.
Update broke rdp to all servers worst update
Vaibhav2099 on 2/9/2018
Version 10.1.3 upgrade broke rdp to all servers with error 0x4 and 0x3
Create Custom macOS Folder icon for Applications Folder
JT-Reviews on 2/9/2018
If you’re going to throw this in a folder in the Applications directory, you could atleast create a custom folder for it to look nice. Looks sort of tacky having a generic blue folder in my macOS Applications folder...
Getting Better- Still Some User Interface Issues
GABATHEHUT on 2/7/2018
We are a Microsoft partner who delivers a SAS app to 100’s of users via remote desktop and remote app. More than half of our users are on Mac’s and use Microsoft Remote Desktop. We have found Version 10 much harder to setup on users desktops because unlike the prior version where most of the information was in one place - now its spread around via access to dropdowns and in various locations. When we first started using this we had cursor disappearance and mysterious disconnects - and couldnt seem to get support It seems that they have been working hard to bring this up to speed and improve support. We started retesting and found the most current release to be much more stable - just dont try to open a full session screen on a 5K iMac in High Sierra yet.
This is a question
Em42394 on 2/5/2018
I need windows to get sims 4, i dont think this app is for that tho. I have windows on a different computer but I dont want to buy windows. please hellllppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Smooth way to RDP into machines from my Mac.
Madhuinc on 2/3/2018
Simple and easy to use UI, has been really smooth in remoting into various Windows machines.
DPI Settings
DDOner212 on 1/31/2018
3 stars, marginally functional but blurry. Funny…I have both Windows Apps. Windows Remote Desktop 8 has great DPI rendering but doesn’t allow me to copy/paste from VPN to Non-VPN environment. Windows Remote Desktop 10 has poor DPI rendering but allows me to copy/paste from VPN to Non-VPN environment. Why not integrate features from both apps to make the perfect Windows Remote Desktop app for Mac?
Flat does not work
Ebonweaver on 1/30/2018
This new version is flat broken and does not work at all. Version 8 has some critical bugs but at least it can open a connection.. Version 10 will not load an rdp file on 10.11 at all, you can’t use a pre-downloaded remote app file. On 10.13 it opens the file, but it can’t pass authentication at all to the host, so again it’s useless as you can’t auth. How this got out of development I don’t know. Bad enough that 8 couldn’t handle cross domain authentication properly, 10 can’t auth at all.
Good tool with potential to be great
AJMinNJ on 1/26/2018
Definitely speedier than the 8.0 version, with a few minor UI glitches. When I hit view connection center in full view, I get locked into the remote session and have to quit (Cmd-Q) the app to get back to the Mac desktop. Also when I first launched the app, all of my connections were missing. I assumed I would have to rebuild them like the transition from MS Office 2011 Remote Desktop to Remote Desktop 8. I was surprised when I found the import option under the connections menu. The only improvement I would make is to ask on first launch if you want to import from Remote Desktop 8. If you are using Remote Desktop 8, I recommend this upgrade. Update 1: The glitch I describe only happens if you pin the Connection Window to the Menu Bar. If it is not pinned it works just like Remote Desktop 8.0 and allows you to get back to the Mac Desktop without quiting. I like the Pinned menu, but until this is fixed, I need to leave it unpinned.
Good app but missing critical feature
MntDewDan on 1/19/2018
This app works fast and well, but doesn’t provide a way to prevent the menu-bar or dock from appearing at the top and bottom of the screen when you’re in full screen mode. If they added this feature I would switch in a heartbeat, but until then I find it unusable.
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