Knives Out

NetEase Games

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Games 2.3 Nov 14, 2017 Jun 28, 2018 1662.2 MB iOS 9.0 or later 17+
New in version 2.3

An all-new version featuring a new map is here! Immerse yourself in a whole new combat experience with a wide range of realistic terrains and breathtaking environments. Upgraded HD graphics and improved detail rendering create a realistic and immersive battleground. Character movements have also been optimized to make actions look more fluid. Show off your skills in diverse locations such as an ancient snow-capped mountaintop castle, volcanic lakes or even under the sea. Share highlights with a single tap and support others via spectator bullet comments. Start your new journey anywhere, anytime.
【Major Update】
1. New Map
From a mysterious castle atop a snowy mountain to a crater basin.
From rolling plains to a tropical seaside town.
From a romantic lavender field to a majestic rocket launch site.
Multiple terrains with hundreds of tactical routes await your discovery!
Advanced resource optimization has created a more open world!

2. Realistic HD Graphics
Graphics have undergone a full-scale upgrade!
Optimizations of light and shadow effects, detailed textures and rendering.
Experience immersive battles in realistic high definition environments!
Supports fully customizable graphics settings. Freely adjust graphics quality with a single tap to create a visual feast for your eyes!

3. Innovative Battle Experiences
(1) All-new underwater battles
Underwater battles can break out at any moment! Melee weapons and amphibious weapons support battles both on land and underwater.
(2) All-new climbing mechanics
In the new version, players can interact with the downpipes on some types of buildings. Use the pipes to climb up to the roof and launch surprise attacks on enemies on the second floor!
3) Addition of moving trains
Players can freely enter trains and climb on top of carriages to experience battle at breakneck speeds!

4. All-new First-person Mode
Added a first-person battle mode.
You will need better observation skills to detect enemies coming from all directions!
Experience an immersive, alternative world that takes battlefield excitement to another level!

5. Six New Weapons Added
M16A4: High precision, supports both single and burst modes. An effective medium- to long-range rifle.
QBZ-95 Light Machine Gun: Light bullpup machine gun, useful for shooting when standing or crouching.
CS/LR-4: Precision sniper system developed in China, known for its exceptional accuracy when used in a prone position.
There are also three new weapons for underwater combat: The APS Amphibious Assault Rifle, the ADS Amphibious Assault Rifle and the Harpoon allow you to experience the thrill of underwater battles!

6. All-new Vehicles
Three new vehicles have been added, namely the Snowmobile, Pickup Truck and Jet Ski.
Use the Snowmobile to conduct long-range raids in the snow-covered wilderness!
Race across sparkling waters on the Jet Ski!
Ride on the classic Pickup Truck and let everyone know who's top dog!

7. Character Action Tweaks
Character actions have been improved and optimized to make actions looks realistic and fluid, providing players with an even more immersive experience!


【100 enter, but only 1 emerges】
100 players are scattered throughout the massive battlefield. Explore the map, collect weapons, take aim, and pull the trigger. Remember, there can only be one winner!

【It's a big bad world out there】
Explore islands, snow-capped mountains, train tunnels and other unique locations while you wait for your moment to strike!

【Team Up, Speed Up, Tear Up】
Storm the battlefield with battle buddies in Duo Mode, Squad Mode and Fireteam Mode. Coordinate your attacks with your teammates using voice chat to outmaneuver and crush your enemies.

【Play with your own rules】
It doesn't matter if you choose to ambush your enemy or attack head on, snipe from a distance or get close and messy, there is only one objective, survive at all costs!

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Can you guess respond and help?
Vidhyanath sandy on 7/17/2018
All my progress deleted and I’ve bought things for my old account, and I would love to have that back:) it made me start over as a new person making me pick the language and a new name pls respond and help ty
So cool
TN .308 on 7/17/2018
If you like fortnite you will like this so cool and there is blood
A change of age
flappytaps09 on 7/15/2018
I think the game is awesome sometimes Even better than pubg I mean it was my life I made tons of friends until now I always invited my brother and other people to fire team but now I can’t because of the age restrictions now I think it would be wonderful to change it to 12+ again I’d be willing to bye more vouchers even I bought a private room that I can’t use now can u please turn it back to 12+ and if u can please get back to me. Thank u From:your dear fan winston24
What’s with the age rating
Stop with the age rating on 7/15/2018
In every update the age rating goes up to 17+, but the game doesn’t change to make the age rating different. I see no point in having the age rating so high. CHANGE IT PLEASE!!!!!!
New update problem
unanamus daemon on 7/14/2018
With the new update, whenever I play a mach in co-op, it kickes me out and I have to sign back in and reconect to the game and it doesn’t madder what person I am, and I always get killed or respawned in a different spot, and a suggestion about the new character in co-op, he should be able to use other weapons and the shield cover the front of you’re whole body, and he spawn with a mp5 instead of a uzi, please fix the booting problem as soon as you can if possible, because it is bringing my enjoying level of this game down a lot.
Account Deleted
ZED_212 on 7/13/2018
Love the game, a great Battle Royale game with huge opportunities, been playing the game for a while now and I love it, however, in the most recent update, my account was deleted. I had to start over and lost all of my stats, I double checked my Game Center account and it was correct, however, I was unable to get back to my old account. Not sure if it’s a big or if I did something but I still love the game!
NeFッ on 7/13/2018
You guys need to fix the single fire and auto fire tab I lost so many close quarter fights because my gun automatically switches from full auto to single fire and it’s very aggravating!! not sure why it does that!?
Drake the legend and goat on 7/12/2018
Very boring
Another one
TheMagicalOnionMan on 7/12/2018
It’s simple: one publisher should commit to one PUBG clone. NetEase has at least three. It’s, sad, undignified, sloppy, and ruins the company’s reputation before the few teams you have doing interesting and original stuff have a chance to shine.
Stupid as 17+
king UPRISING on 7/11/2018
I think it is dumb when it is 17+, I have friends who can’t play when y’all make it 17+ and there is nothing inappropriate about it, it is just stupid when it is made 17+ when all you do is make the blood more realistic, you are able to see more realistic blood in games rated 3+, so please change it to 12+ and not 17+, but besides that problem this game is amazing, I love playing it with my friends when it isn’t rated 17+, and all the outfits are so cool, so please change it to 12+ thank you, but please please please change it to 12+
Too overrated
hbdkvdu on 7/10/2018
I can’t play no more
Account disappeared
Candle head on 7/9/2018
I come back to play and my account is gone! I’ve spent at least $5-$10 on this game. Ridiculous!
concerned teen number 2 on 7/9/2018
Guys. I love this game but you are making it too much like PUBG. First person mode now really? PUBG is already sueing this company don’t make your case even easier to beat.
Not a Bad Game
Od3ll on 7/9/2018
100% please dont get me wrong, the game looks great runs great and everything. But it resembles too closely to Pub G mobile, which if you play either one you will can point out the obvious almost exactly replications from PubGm. I dont wish to get into a legal battle because its not my legal battle to fight, but i feel more should be done if you truly wish to say this game is not almost an exact copy of PubGm. All in all Great game.
Glitches but still good
EliteBBsoup on 7/8/2018
This is still a really good game but there are major glitches, like when your running across the map in any vehicle I fall sometimes fall through the map and then it crashes on me, when I get it back up and running my character goes into a T pose and I’m not able to move or do anything at all. Another one is that it totally deleted all of my progress in the game, one day all my skins and money were there the next day it’s all gone and I have to start all over again with absolutely nothing. So besides all that it’s still a game worth getting.
nibfgnvhrnv on 7/8/2018
This game was going all great when yesterday I log in the game server just created a new acc for me just like I when I just start.I really want that acc back bc it a have a lot of good clothes and gun skin.My name is XtremeEpicFire.So I made another acc called BlueHere and when I log in today the same thing happen!Pls I need my acc back!It would be very helpful.
2:? on 7/7/2018
i can’t get the game because it isn’t 12+. i would play it if it was.
Why change age rating
bennie-handa on 7/5/2018
I have restrictions to all 17+ game and u fricking change the dang age to 17+ change it back to 12+ please I love this game it is one of the best shooter game I have ever played but now I can’t because u change the age to 17+ change it back
GREATESTPEN15 on 7/4/2018
Ref4189 on 7/4/2018
Why did you have to raise the age I have restrictions so now I can’t play
Good but
boiii boi on 7/3/2018
Look I love this game, but, the rating is too high. 1.There’s no nudity at all sure maybe a little butt but other than that there’s none. 2.The violence is hardly realistic. The graphics are amazing but a little blood and it immediately goes on the 17+ mark? I mean come on! I have restrictions on my phone so I can no longer have it with the new update so please overlook it and check for anything to change for me I want to support your game but sadly I can’t, so please help me out
Jack the one kill on 7/3/2018
Can you change the age for this game? That would be nice so my little brother can play too but he is only 14, that would be nice thank you.
Awesome just like Rules of Survival!!!
FatBilly2 on 7/3/2018
Only not as feels like glue... player movement is sloppy...controls are ridiculously cumbersome...very little time to gather supplies...going back to Rules of Survival...nice try.
FOX tali games on 7/3/2018
Either have it 12+ or 17+(I can’t play 17+ plz make 12+)
Dover luver on 7/3/2018
I can’t play this game anymore because the new update. I have restrictions on my phone so I can’t play games or download apps that are 17+. I can only go up to 12+. If you can lower it to 17 again that would be great. Overall I liked this game 😭😭😭
So fun
e-sports god on 7/2/2018
Grate game, but addictive
Why 17 and up
Sauceboi^~^ on 7/2/2018
The game is not very violent I am not allowed to play games over 17 years please change the age
Fix your menus
Pizzalime on 7/2/2018
I run this on an IPhone X so it should be smooth, I even use high frame rate mode but it is choppy every once and a while and stop forcing micro transactions on us the appearance menu doesn’t work correctly because you force dumb looking outfits into out characters trying to get us to buy it, fix the customization menus, and after this most recent update all of my account data is lost, they keep telling me that my account is invalid yet when I try and login it doesn’t work, this is frustrating because I did spend a few dollars on my account and now it’s lost to your scam Chinese servers
bethunesigns on 7/1/2018
Good game but there are a few things needing fixed, main one is you should allow player how many and where on screen to place fire button, I have accidentally fired many times and giving away my location. Also need better warning when a vehicle is coming because you often don’t know it’s approaching until it runs you over.
Great but...
cool sizzzle on 7/1/2018
scsred on 7/1/2018
Fortnite better
Why rated +17?!?
🔥🔥XXXTENTACION🔥🔥 on 6/30/2018
Why in the living FVCXK is this game rated +17?!? It should be FVCXKING +12 FOR GODS SAKE. I can’t even play it now since the age ratings is above the restrictions that my parents set. If it goes back to +12 then I will give it a 5 star rating it actually deserves. Please take my request because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE(D) this game.
Love this game
Kiley Payne on 6/30/2018
Love this game but can you add the new SMG to the private rooms please?
KittyKat .3. on 6/30/2018
Change it back to 12+? I have restrictions and this was the only really good survival game I could get, and now I cant play it. update: It went back to 17+, disappointing
Training ground
Quentin w. on 6/28/2018
Hi 👋, Could you guys in the next update add bots that shoot at you to practice and we can kill them too. Add the damage to us too. Thanks 🙏
Download is SOOOOO slow u won’t believe it
Hanzoki on 6/28/2018
See title
Love it
jasonvorhees101 on 6/28/2018
So I have been wanting to play pubg mobile for some time now. But, it’s 17+ and I am only 9 so I chose this
Don’t do it again
MemphisTiner on 6/27/2018
That is copyright to fortnight and will so survival don’t do it again otherwise I am reporting you . A long time after , sorry I didn’t mean nothing and it is not copyrighted and I don’t know what I was thinking but this is so not copyright!!!Sincerely BooWayne08☹️
Amazing game🙂
xxdahunterxx on 6/27/2018
Great game I play it all the time but it glitches a lot I’ve been having a few problems with the game when I go in to start the game it’s says something in a different language that I can not understand so it would be nice to be able to read it and it does not let me play Plus the lag is really a lot of the time I play when i land I am stuck underground and I start to lose a lot of health so I would like that to be fixed Sincerely xxDahunterxx
Why this game is bad
But dude on 6/27/2018
I tried to download this game but it would not work this game is trash so serious this game don’t download this the creators you allsuck🍆 beacause this game would not even install i tried so hard to but it would not work thank you ☺️ and I’m sorry but it is true ☹️
wee wee master splash on 6/26/2018
Great game and fun to play. The shop needs to be more organized and less confusing though
Knives Out
Fishing King 123456789 on 6/26/2018
I love the game, it used to be amazing and it still is. It gets better and better every update, except for one thing, it is laggy asf. It just happened randomly one day. I was just playing on my phone and it happened. And it is not my phone, I have an iPhone 7. But other than that I love the game.
It pubg
not pubg 1234 on 6/24/2018
Not pubg prob gonna get sued by bluhole
Bad Game Play
I love this tones on 6/23/2018
I love everything with this game cool stuff but I don’t like hero action very hard to play no one can play better and everything will not fun if bad game play. I hope you can make it better Thank You
Actually not bad!
21Ceetee21 on 6/22/2018
I would give it five stars if it did not run fairly bad. It can run very smoothly on the highest settings on a IPhone 7. You’re better off playing the mobile ports of Fortnite or Pubg.
Sal Blue2 on 6/22/2018
This is one of the best games besides FORTNITE! :) any way what I really want is for Knives Out to have an update that allows you to use the GAMEVICE CONTROLLER! For all apple products 👍🏻🤗🤗🙏🙏🙏🙏
Jenny 31 on 6/22/2018
It is a good game but could need an update with things like plans and helicopters and maybe new boats like battleships.
firstordertaco on 6/22/2018
This is the best game ever! I played this for hours and it is a very time-killing game. If you want to be occupied for hours on end, this is the game for you! Thanks developers. Only one complaint. I feel like clothing is a little too expensive. I mean I’m new to the game but it would be great if clothing was more cheap. Thanks for reading!
A great great great great great great great game
cesar897999 on 6/21/2018
This game is better than Fortnite I have play this game for years and months and I think it’s great game it’s on the best games ever played in my life
Good game
545454454 on 6/21/2018
The game play is good, the animations are almost as good as pubg ( to me at least)
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