Bounce Forever!


Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Games 3.2 Feb 12, 2018 Jul 05, 2018 140 MB iOS 8.0 or later 12+
New in version 3.2

- new helix skin
- custom backgrounds


Touch the screen and move your finger to move the ball, collect coins, buy cool skins and be the first at the leader board.
Don't forget to have fun!

iPad Screenshots
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Great game
VentralHAt on 8/15/2018
swirllytwirlly on 8/14/2018
Its a very nice game you made a food job doing this game its very cool i love it and i think im addictive to it lol
Hi mom
vvs1000 on 8/14/2018
This is the best game ever soooooo yeah
Maddison_cheer on 8/13/2018
I HATE IT BUT GO Follow me on like @lovo.tay💖🌈
sjb98 on 8/11/2018
This game and helix jump glitch way too much!!! It makes me mess up and lose the games! Also it freezes all the time!! Does anyone else have this problem???
ariannag5164 on 8/11/2018
This game is terrific. Voodoo has been killing it with these incredible games they’ve been putting out. 5 STARS !👍🏽
Lo amo
dog lover1726362737 on 8/10/2018
Lo amo me encanta este juego siempre lo juego
Good game but
realbratt on 8/9/2018
Wish it didn’t glitch out so much. It’s a good game to play when it’s not glitching.
your problem not mine on 8/9/2018
This app could be an amazing game if it didn’t glitch so much.All of your apps or games;for instance:Helix Jump glitches so much and I can’t complete the level and that’s not just my phone my friends and family also have the same problem.But this game is even worse.It also ways glitches and i can never beat my high score.Sometimes I try to go up one circle but it glitches and makes me fall down and start all over again.But the worst part is when I didn’t even start to play yet and it’s still glitches then while I’m playing it goes to an add and MAKES ME START ALL OVER AGAIN! So I think I’m told my point so if you could think about the new update and help the glitches;Thankyou
Cocoanut kid on 8/8/2018
I love it so much I can’t stop planning it
DRAGONMEOP on 8/8/2018
After you get to a score of about 275 the lag gets terrible, unload the things that are out of screen or something please.
Ethan manning on 8/6/2018
Yessss 5 star
Upgrade 11 glitch
Cats109876 on 8/6/2018
I’m truly addicted to this game it’s really fun as well my my only problem is there is glitch (idk if it’s just my phone) but with the upgrades my gets stuck on upgrade 11 and it’s really weird. This first happened on my IPhone SE and it glitched and got stuck on upgrade 11. Then I switched phones and got a IPhone 7 and I downloaded the game again and went up to upgrade 11 and glitched again not letting me to continue upgrading it. I just found that frustrating and sad because it was a good game just one glitch ruined it for me
djcheerleader on 8/3/2018
This game is cool. I beat my record just now on 8/3/2018!
Best game
Fashion star!😎 on 8/1/2018
Hi I think that it is the best game
Thadiva123 on 7/31/2018
I love it
Good but...
efdvlaea on 7/31/2018
This is a good game but there are a lot of ads. Sometimes when you're in the middle of playing an ad just starts, ruining your game. Also this game glitches a lot and my phone is barely a year old. Otherwise, it is a good game.
THIS iS the BEST game ever
kkAndlele on 7/31/2018
I love this game because I thiNk I got thE best score ever and this is probably the 50 th gAme !!!!!!!?!!!!!!!?!!!!?!!!!!!!?!!!!!?!!!!?!!!?!!😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😃😃😃😄😃😄😄😄😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😃😃😃😃
Really Good but needs an Update
Napwah on 7/31/2018
Love the game but I’ve beaten all the challenges and I can’t upgrade my surroundings anymore it stopped at 11 it’s a great game just needs more added to it.
sam123:@ on 7/31/2018
The game very addicting
Bounce forever
skye2011# on 7/29/2018
To me it is satisfying to jump and the color splashing is amazing everybody should download it.
Same Challenge
Love Toca Life on 7/28/2018
I love this game but I had to give it three stars. Has anyone realized the challenges are the exact same thing for easy, medium, and hard. It is not a challenge if you do it over and over again. Also, the game is really glitchy, it makes it harder to keep control in the the game. I do love this game but there are a couple of things that annoy me. I hope that this review will encourage you to make some changes.
It’s too glitchy
AwesomeMissV on 7/28/2018
There’s to many glitches sometimes when I want to start a game, I’ll start it then it doesn’t show me moving and tells me to restart the game because I died.
I mean...
UHUMMMM idk on 7/27/2018
It’s ok, it’s fun to play, for a day or two. Then you get tired of the ads popping up every time you fail. It’s the same scheme that they pull off with all the games how they get away with this. That’s not the only problem though, it’s the outrageous cost to get rid of them. A reasonable price would be 0.25 cents or maybe even $1.00, but it’s $3.00 and a waste of money for a game I will only play for a day. I think that for any downloaders in the future, it would be better to at least to consider some of these things before downloading the app for all those who think these are problems for them.
Love the game
slay_queen❤️🔮💖👍🏿😂 on 7/27/2018
The game is so fun and cool👍🏿😂😂👍🏿😂
Be.yd dud
cichlcyid on 7/27/2018
A writers the reader
unskeable on 7/27/2018
I give this game a 5 star rating because this is relaxing game. Also it helps my anger. Thank you
Bounce forever
Queen Of Love Balls on 7/27/2018
Hey I really like this game I reached to 600 and higher thank you for your love
Chicken parm
hubrvibpsi ldc on 7/26/2018
Chicken FRICKING parm
My review
Fluff ball123 on 7/25/2018
This game is great, I love it! But I have it 4 stars and not 5 because it is too hard for some, I am just not a fan of the moving floors. That is what I am saying, take out a few moving floors and it would be a 5 star game, the moving floors make the game interesting but too hard, a few of them would be WONDERFUL but no PERFECT because nothing is perfect, it is just a wonderful game.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5
cleanyourroom1012 on 7/24/2018
This game is nothing like it was in the adds
I like games and YouTube
George Washington is taken on 7/23/2018
This is so much fun!
Just more voodoo trash
cjeese puff on 7/23/2018
This game is glitchy and boring. I beat all the challenges and there is basically nothing left to do. Also, I could no longer upgrade my world for some reason. It has been like that for about two days. I do not recommend this game. I am going to delete it.
Bounce Forever!
Eatsleepgym13 on 7/23/2018
It so fun
Bounce Forever
Double Down Wheel of Fortune on 7/23/2018
I’ve enjoyed Bounce Forever and the Game is so much fun to play with my friends for Schools and Colleges to hang out with. The Game was so cool we had 3 friends for playing with College Students, School Students and the Home Families. Thanks for playing Bounce Forever. Good luck.
Why I gave it one star
Heaven angel ann on 7/22/2018
Because I’m not skilled but I like it and it’s hard I can’t get passed my high score So change it
I love it but there's a glitch
Dannyshorekid on 7/22/2018
I am in love with this game I find myself playing it so much lately, but there is a glitch. Currently I upgraded to level 11 but it won't let me go any farther, I have the coins to do so but it won't let me. I hope this can get fixed in the next update!
Super cute flower on 7/22/2018
Not a terrible game but the main problem I have with it is it’s basically a less fun version of Doodle Jump! Like it’s exactly the same except it has no theme just plain colors and you swipe your finger instead of tilting the phone. I would definitely recommend Doodle Jump over this. It’s kinda lame.
Good I guess
-Flutey on 7/22/2018
The app is good in itself, but when I downloaded it and started to play on it, it would glitch out my phone and crash it. I would have to restart my phone every time and it would get very angering. I would not download if you have a slower phone, if you had the 6+ or higher I would recommend it. It’s really fun if it doesn’t crash and great for working your attention span.
unicornrainbows2453 on 7/22/2018
I think this app is amazing and fun for kids. I like how the ad for this app says “if you reach 200 you are legally skilled” I beat this on my second try so I guess I am legally skilled. I recommend this game to kids and also grownups.
Hi I got hacked
kellin4545 on 7/21/2018
I got act because the person who is playing which is me when I started and I got 1000 coins I didn’t count them when I went to go pick a ball out😥
Second lives don’t work
unanimously vauge on 7/21/2018
When I watch an ad to get a second chance, sometimes it just goes to the main menu after the ad
Very glitchy
EpicIceWizard on 7/20/2018
It is a very fun game but it is super glitchy and that ruined my first experience which is a bummer 😪😪😪😪😪😪I don’t know if I will be keeping it 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
difemdjde fkmdmg on 7/19/2018
This game is so fun , I am addicted to this game. I am always making new high score . I love how the ball is always changing color or style and there is always something to look forward to. You have to get this game!!!!🤓
It’s great 👍🧜🏼‍♀️ but...😣😥
Rayhunt917 on 7/18/2018
It has sooo much adds it get annoying like every time I die ADD that gets me annoyed you should get this app but try not to die then you get an add please stop getting ADDS!!!😘😘💩💩🤚🤚🙏🙏🙏👰🏿🎊🎁💖
Good but issue
Cheeki__Breeki on 7/17/2018
Im at level 11 for the upgrades and cant upgrade even though i have more than enough money, also i was going to a pretty high score and right when i was about to bounce to a platform it glitched me back in the air and killed me
Chrissy Poo 😘 on 7/17/2018
It’s an ok fun game it’s not like the best game ever but like when I’m bored or bot feeling so well I just listen to music and play this game makes me feel a lot better 😘
Good game but...
(‘•ω•`)✨ on 7/17/2018
This is a really good game but there’s this glitch which I can’t level up the scenery and I have more coin than I need to do it. it would be more enjoyable if you would fix it. (Ps I love this game great work and it’s really addicting)
REOEIAJAAIUAJkaym on 7/16/2018
This game is so slow and confusing. I used to love it but now it’s confusing. What I would ssuisaijsdhsysjswjwwkoa KAKSJSKSOSOSKSKOSAKAOAOAPAPPAPAOSSKKSSKOSSOSKKSSKSKSKSKSKLSKSSLL DIE DIE FJIDKKDKDKSPAAOLASK
<JJ> on 7/15/2018
Awesome game
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