Word Link - Word Puzzle Game


Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Games 2.0.7 Feb 25, 2018 May 19, 2018 129.3 MB iOS 8.0 or later 4+
New in version 2.0.7

General improvements.


The best Word Game ever! Play it offline any time! DOWNLOAD to TRAIN your brain - for FREE, enjoy DAILY REWARDS!

Want to prove your vocabulary? Enjoy the excitement of classic word game? Wish to play by simply swiping on the screen? All in our Word Link! FREE DOWNLOAD NOW! We offer different tests to train your brain!

# Simple, easy rules, swipe and connect to win a game!
# Explore BONUS words to get additional rewards!
# No time limit, adjust your pace at any level
# Classic graphics, light music for you!
# Play offline! No wifi required
# Go back to previous levels anytime, so you can share difficult levels with friends
# FREE hints, get tips without fees
# 2000+ levels without repeat, be a word master in our training!
# Kill time-no pressure no push!

If you are a big fan for word games, don’t hesitate to try our game! Very funny and relaxing! We promise to make the most unforgettable game experience for you!

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togffnhfnk on 5/22/2018
Really love this game helps my son how to unscramble words on his own
me and me awesome ding dong on 5/22/2018
So addictive I love it I just downloaded it but I am already on level twenty seven
No fun
ybyg6g6gttg on 5/22/2018
This game is not fun in the ad it said that there were three games in one
Wooliebears on 5/21/2018
Not like the advertised game. Where’s the hangman!?
Fake news
Baron1137 on 5/21/2018
Nothing like it was advertised on instagram.
False advertisement.
Wykiki on 5/21/2018
Not the same game as in the ad.
Word link
tevjzfhhsr25894 on 5/21/2018
U guys deserve 5 star because u give a little challenge and some fun at the same time thank u so much😃😊
blobbybaby465 on 5/21/2018
I down load d this for a snake game and it snuck false advertising
Totally different than advertised
Reesepbc1 on 5/20/2018
Where’s the hangman and the spike? Just some toddler-level boggle game.
Freezes up
BK'swife on 5/20/2018
Not the game advertised but I do enjoy it. However sometimes when you access the extra points through watching a advertisement the advertisements freezes up... or goes blank and gets stuck like that until you reinstall the app. Tired and g starting over.
kaynnah on 5/20/2018
Not fun
you will die today on 5/20/2018
It would be fun if it had the hang man and the hammer thing
Bad game
gamehater121234 on 5/20/2018
The ad is awful and the game isn’t even hard
7even6ixty on 5/19/2018
Very addictive
Spelling review
kashmala nadeem cool on 5/19/2018
I love this game sooooooooooooo much it’s also good for people who have trouble spelling words
False advertisement!
MidgetMaria on 5/19/2018
This game doesn't even recognize simple words, and yes the same number of letters as words that needed to be found. Where what u was trying should've been extra words but instead says that it isn't a word at all. A spelling game that can't recognize spelling?? LAME! It knows the name mike but does know a math word like pi. Smh Also nothing like the ad.. it shows other versions like hangman at level 80 and that's false. It's just a crappy version. False advertisement!
False advertising
Rose phifer on 5/19/2018
This game is NOTHING like the ad for it!!! VERY MISLEADING and disappointed.
Increased ads
Mister Olympus on 5/19/2018
Game was enjoyable at first (a few days ago), there were ads but they weren’t after every single puzzle, now that has changed and it’s ads after each puzzle even when you hit no thanks on the ones that ask you if you want to increase your diamonds.
False ad
SalvyStrix on 5/19/2018
Got it because an advertisement showed a hangman game type, but it doesn’t have it. Couldn’t find it in the game modes either.
Ms. Boss 25 on 5/18/2018
I was very unhappy. I guess I expected the game to be like the preview I was shown.
This game is ok for what it’s ment to be
jforce228 on 5/18/2018
But the ad I saw was a snake game trying to find the right spelled words
Not as advertised
Kaitielynnn061791 on 5/18/2018
It’s one of those stupid connect the letters to make words games. Not at all as advertised. I deleted it.
smart n sexy on 5/17/2018
Not challenging enough to easy
Stole my money
iamfurious1000 on 5/17/2018
I really liked this game but it was constantly trying to get me to spend money. After accidentally hitting claim on one of the prizes and immediately trying to exit the app it purchased coins that I did not want to purchase. I am extremely furious.
Not the game I wanted.
RavynB on 5/17/2018
I was shown a “Snake” like game where it looked like you had to quickly choose between words that were spelled correctly. This was monotonous kindergarten BS. Too many games like this already.
Not what the ad showed
Orangeydot on 5/17/2018
It’s a word game like a lot of others but not like the ad I was shown. Deleting.
False advertisement
Deviatesupermon on 5/17/2018
I was looking forward to the game as advertised (caterpillar running down a path picking words), but I’m on level 50 and it’s still just like every other boggle like word game out there. VERY DISAPPOINTED!
dollyscction on 5/16/2018
This is a very fun game 😍😇 Recommend it 👌🏼👈🏼
Best game ever it’s addictive
Stud master flex on 5/16/2018
Amazing game ever
Great Game
WayneB74 on 5/16/2018
Great game to play with my 5 yr old
peachiekeenbean on 5/16/2018
Fake advertising, exactly the same as every other word game out there
Love it
mrsschex on 5/16/2018
Fun game a must download
Never played a better word game!!!!!!
puppyluv4269 on 5/15/2018
I love this game!!!!! I have never in my life have played a better game in my whole life!!!! Who ever created this game should be very proud of themselves!!!
shotziemomma on 5/15/2018
This game was fun when it wasn’t frozen or blacked out.
What the heck???
Kookycarebear on 5/14/2018
This is NOT the game y’all saw on instagram. It’s legit false advertising. I would give this game 3 stars if they hadn’t LIED about it. Not okay
Ads show a different game
Veronez3 on 5/14/2018
Unethical marketing strategy... Great way to get negative reviews
Danielle Jansen on 5/14/2018
nothing like the ad on insta or the pictures of the game on the app store. i don’t understand how scrolling through the reviews they’re all low but the overall rating of the game is 4.6 stars
Don’t download
Lil Kinmnmnm on 5/13/2018
It’s not the game they advertised
false advertising
Madison Blair L on 5/13/2018
nothing like the advertisement. too many games like this one.
Word link
chloe.cloud on 5/13/2018
I seen a ad on my phone for good game and it looked fun but once I downloaded it, it was a complete opposite thing
False advertisement
clairexaragon123 on 5/13/2018
This is the same exact app as all the other word apps. They should come up with something different for once. Played for less than a minute and deleted.
Great to play
snoopycf on 5/12/2018
Very fun
Fun but lacking
Natmonster? on 5/12/2018
Okay for killing time. Needs better dictionary. Doesn’t recognize some pretty common words like asp and id.
False advertising
A litt person on 5/12/2018
C’mon people do better
Honestly just a stupid game
idontplaystupidgames on 5/12/2018
Deleted it after 5 minutes
I love it
blueeyed blondie on 5/12/2018
In my opinion I like it because some levels are harder then other and it is unique
Easy/lies/doesn’t work
Cheatcodechamp on 5/12/2018
The puzzles are incredibly easy, you’re given a few letters and are supposed to figure out the words. When there’s only four words, And only four letters, he doesn’t really take that long to figure everything out. The only reason I downloaded this was an advertisement on Facebook depicting it as a completely different type of game, one that admittedly probably would’ve been just as easy, but it’s nothing like the game that I actually downloaded, so I basically downloaded the game based entirely on deception. Sometimes you find an additional word using the letters, became says if you can find a total of 10 bonus word while playing you get extra points. There have been several times where I have found extra words but it tells me those words are not valid because I need to find words that fit the puzzle. This game is not worth your time.
ShinigamiHulk on 5/11/2018
Cool game, nice music, semi challenging, as you progress. Nice pass time game while increasing cognitive functions.
Mr. C. A. Trent II on 5/11/2018
Not the that was advertised
Awwshucxx on 5/11/2018
mind stimulating!!!
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