Flying Arrow!


Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Games 2.3.3 Mar 13, 2018 Aug 02, 2018 223.2 MB iOS 8.0 or later 12+
New in version 2.3.3

Minor bug fixes


Aim carefully and throw your arrow through the world then control it to dodge obstacles and reach the most distant target !

How far can you go ?

iPad Screenshots
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comfdg on 8/18/2018
Filled with adds
BarccBoccs on 8/18/2018
These ads after every 3rd throw are annoying
pidgeonhater on 8/18/2018
Unethical practices. When you choose not to watch and ad it will force you to anyways.
You can move the arrow after you shoot
Skibum42o on 8/18/2018
Took me weeks before I realized you can move the arrow after shooting 😂
Fun, but...
ScootG71 on 8/18/2018
It’s a very fun game but it spam f***s you with ads to the point that it’s ridiculous
Way to many ads
frustrated Anonymous person on 8/17/2018
This game has the most add I the world every time you play there’s a ad and I know you can purchase no ads but I can’t get that.i know you have to make money on the game some how but chill down with the constant ads .besides the ads i is an enjoyable experience to play. Sincerely yours, Anonymous
Finally figured it out
Ben748947 on 8/17/2018
I finally figured it out
Baconing Narwhal on 8/17/2018
Ads completely ruin the game. Such a basic game doesn’t need an ad a minute.
I don’t like it
Dvkjkdngm on 8/16/2018
I hate it
Good game is good game
Tumbleweed71 on 8/16/2018
Good game but hard
It’s just adds
Dave 8320 on 8/15/2018
Mostly adds hardly get to play the game at all
Shoot watch ad shoot watch ad
Shãdow on 8/15/2018
Over n over n over - bow n ads
Why monitor my data usage?
P-chopps on 8/15/2018
As soon as I opened the app for the first time it asked for permission to access and monitor my data usage. Why does a game need to do this?Deleted immediately.
Need effect and some music
foxyfnaf11 on 8/13/2018
The game need some effect when you hit something or when you change object and music to be more enjoyable
Ad streamer
Rigormorpheus on 8/12/2018
Super simple, no real choice to effect game play. Just here to assault you with ads
Nothing but Ads
The1fig on 8/12/2018
It would be a fun game if not for the ads. You can barely experience it without an ad popping up.
4.5 Star is a misnomer
David the dragon king on 8/12/2018
Unless you pay for the no ads it is unplayable. Ads pop up just about every turn.
Too many adds
The Cannonball on 8/12/2018
To many adds
Waste of time too many ads
Txhotshot on 8/11/2018
Too many ads
To many adds
riot against adds on 8/11/2018
Fun game but every three times you play a add pops up and it’s so annoying
Brian M on 8/8/2018
Sound/more objects?
M.x.S.l on 8/7/2018
Pretty easy and fun, and I love the "don't play for a while " money earning option. I would give this app 5*'s if they added more objects to throw/launch and add some sounds too it. Also if the areas can change instead of being on repeat...
Advertisement Rape
Yuckub on 8/7/2018
Every three turns you get an Ad. Game experience was Akin to being raped by toon blast.
Dont bother
1thenickofnames on 8/7/2018
Way too many ads and once you reach the max level, the world just repeats itself on a small loop. Theres a bug that voodoo will never fox that makes your phone crash and all your diamonds disappear.
Taco Catina taco on 8/7/2018
Okay, I know Voodoo didn’t intend there to be two skyscrapers identical in height and size and give you a passenger plane on the level where you have the PRIME shot at the towers. Most people (I hope) choose not to recreate 9/11 but all I’m saying is that there is a possibility. Not only 2 planes, but you could launch hundreds of planes at the buildings! Anyway, I’m leaving this review to point out that it’s just not cool. Not at all. Change the plane skin or remove the Twin Towers.
don’t download
Happymelia on 8/6/2018
boring useless
Too easy to beat
144774810365 on 8/5/2018
It was fun for like the first week but I got all of the arrows and then you have nothing to work towards besides trying to go farther I think they should make more arrows.
I beat your game
kingkhasfortnite on 8/5/2018
I got every arrow in the game
Would be a fun game if it weren’t for so many ads
Bosedj1234567890 on 8/5/2018
Too many ads
It’s a good game but...
Fnehrmegnqqyj on 8/5/2018
It’s a good game but my friend also plays it and for some reason he can buy extra arrows and collect them in the air
Anonymous 345998 on 8/5/2018
This is a good game but very offensive the city part looks like the twin towers and the fact you added a plane is just horrible. Besides that it’s a good game
Pmx_Skull on 8/4/2018
I have 1.4k power and 200 offline and when I shoot my arrow I get 5k-6k score. But my level stays at 35. I don’t understand have I beat the game? If I have this game is way to easy. Make it harder by adding more upgrades,levels,areas,etc.
Game ok.
hotdogbuns on 8/4/2018
More ads than game. Should be 0/5
Kinda of pointless
Videogamejunkie77 on 8/3/2018
Fastballj09 on 8/3/2018
you can't even enjoy the game because you're literally interrupted every 5 seconds work advertisements. Can't stand that.
Ehh it’s fun but beat game in less then a week.
Ryan blister on 8/2/2018
Ehh add more stuff I guess. Beat game lvl 75 but with nothing to unlock pointless to play
Dreedy20067 on 8/2/2018
Little Eagle 14 on 8/1/2018
Stupid ads
i hate app games on 8/1/2018
Can i not get a fuggin add after every 3 turns. I shouldnt have to pay a measly $3 to turn them off you can go shove those $3 up your money grubbing booty hole. Every single app game is either really bad, or decent but both situations are filled with ads saying “fucc you give me money.”
ChevyBowtie89 on 8/1/2018
Wasted $3 for no ads and still get ads
To many adds
YumYumCorn on 7/31/2018
There’s just way to many adds so I barely play anymore
Concepcion L 123 on 7/31/2018
Don’t place this game unless you want to have ads pop up every second. I bet the four stars is from the people who made this game to make it seem like it’s a decent game to play. I SAY DONT TRUST THOSE WANNA BE GAME MAKERS THEYRE RIPPING YOUR BUTTHOLE WITH THIS STUPID GAME. FORGET YOU VOODOO GAMES AND WHOEVER MADE THIS GAME GET A LIFE.
Too many ads
itzmrkali on 7/31/2018
You have way too many ads it’s awful it’s probably the worst game I ever had 👎
It’s a great fun app but the adds so much adds I can’t take it whatever you do don’t get.
BananaLover242 on 7/31/2018
I give it 3 stars
Patrickf28$ on 7/31/2018
Time warps are broken, every time I buy a time warp in the store, I get the cash and it breaks the game and I can never upgrade anything and need to delete the app and start over. Ripoff
Add overload
MC Flying Chipmunk on 7/30/2018
Adds every 4 or 5 shots.
broccoli pasta on 7/30/2018
Too many ads
Needs to be updated
stupid game and hate it on 7/30/2018
I’m on level 70 and the top level right now is 44 so it needs to updated please Thanks -Dawn
Too many ads!
Vike12 on 7/30/2018
Have to watch way too many ads for how quick each turn is Shoot the arrow, watch an ad
mr wormeth on 7/28/2018
Played this game for 4 days w/o realizing I could control the arrow midair..... anyway I’m at lvl 48 right now and I’m out of new arrows.... sad. It would also be nicer with new scenery and sound but yeah good game
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