Draw In™

Lion Studios

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Games 1.1.1 Jun 05, 2018 Aug 18, 2018 955.9 MB iOS 8.0 or later 12+
New in version 1.1.1

- Game Performance Optimised.


Draw a line in, reckon up the length of the shape and close it!

The stars will be awarded depending on how perfect the line covers its outline!

The more close it closes, the more you can see what the shape really is!

The line can be close but you need to try again if it's too long.

Okay, the rules are simple. Let's see how many objects you can sketch!

- Free to play, play it anywhere anytime
- Suitable for all ages
- You don't know how long the outline is till you draw
- Cute images hide in the shape, find them out!
- Worth replay to get closer and higher record!

iPad Screenshots
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Love it!
chowiththeflow on 8/19/2018
This is my favorite game to ply when I am bored pr have nothing to do! I also like to play it on long car rides or on rainy days. I recommend 100%!! 💯✨❤️
I'm always SIRIUS on 8/18/2018
The game is nice but then you lose. And instead of encouraging messages it gives the sense of you’re really bad, you should’ve tried better, blah blah blah he whole game dropped because of that
Awesome games
teloporte girl on 8/18/2018
I am in love with this game I think it’s awesome and my friend does too
Too many adds
Reaganforce1 on 8/18/2018
Mabel I would’ve given 5 stars if there wasn’t an add every 4 games
Trust me!
Thatdude135 on 8/18/2018
If you pass level 100 there is a 89.5 percent chance you are legally skilled. Harder than it looks! You have to trust me not to play this game at work. Only the top 1% make it to level 150. That’s 99% of people who can’t even make it to level 150. Please trust me on that!
Bampolice082 on 8/17/2018
Try hard but love it
Hjdjdbsjaknsbuyyenxobs on 8/15/2018
I love he concept of the game, but every time you finish a level or if you are in the middle of a jigsaw level, you WILL get an ad no matter what. Airplane mode could fix the problem but if you’re playing on a phone, it’s dangerous to put your phone on airplane mode. Please don’t download the game for the sake of avoiding hundreds of ads in a matter of 10 minutes.
single 21 on 8/15/2018
I love it so much.
It is soo fun
nickey15704 on 8/14/2018
Soo its is fun like I said but I like it and it is so satisfying to watch
😊ars😊 on 8/14/2018
If you like animals you will love this game!!
jajhsjjs on 8/13/2018
Kat 🦄 🐴 🥇 👌 🐎 👋 😳 🤗 on 8/13/2018
YOU NEED MORE IMPROVEMENT , if you want more people to like THIS GAME sorry 😐 but seriously 😳 I KNOW that some people aren’t gonna like this GAME!!!!!!!! But there’s no adds there’s levels and I guess some people like it so it’s a three/3...
Naenizzy1216 on 8/12/2018
get rid off all the ads ,maybe one every so often but not 2-3 everytime you go on to the next picture
Plokijuz on 8/12/2018
Awesomeness of Awesome
I HATE IT so rude and to many ads🤬boo
11252008 on 8/11/2018
I love this game but when your so close to win it says “no good l”&”try harder” y’all got to be more nice like “good try” or “maybe next time” & I am am 9- years old and I agree that is rude. Why you got to be so rude, you know I human too so be nice
I love draw in
reg24 on 8/11/2018
I love draw in so much it’s so fun and relaxing I can’t stop playing it By:leah
Lovi Hensley on 8/10/2018
Way too many adds! After having it for four minutes, I've had sixteen adds!😡
Crash issue!!!!!
BeeGreene on 8/9/2018
I love this game but it keeps crashing after I complete a level when I fail a level when I so so a level this is craziness!!😡🤯
I like this gameplay
teny ro on 8/9/2018
I like how it changes you it’s so fun love your game
Please fix the bugs!!!!
Breeisannoyed on 8/9/2018
It force closes after every round. Please fix it :(
I love the app I get to 100
ddddrrtttff on 8/9/2018
I like it
Ummmm . . .
chocklateCupcake on 8/8/2018
This game is a great game and all, but it also has 1 thing I don't like. There is always,always ads and so I like this app 50/50. Please fix this. Not only that but the comments when you fail are extremely disencouraging.😟😱
Done and Done
my nexk hurt on 8/8/2018
Boring and then fun
Very Disappointed
Disappointed Gamerr on 8/8/2018
This game would be a GREAT and CHALLENGING game if there wasn’t so many ads! I understand that the game is free, but maybe an ad here and there would be okay! Geez don’t turn the whole game after every move an ad!! This takes away from the game and is VERY MUCH SO ANNOYING!!!
Bella Hellman on 8/7/2018
It’s great! Can’t stop playing!
I have this three stars 😶
ashlyn queen🤤 on 8/7/2018
I have this three stars because first it’s a little delayed like once you have finished making a picture you have to wait five seconds for it to tell you to go to another one then after your done it bring you to an add which is another problem you have WAY to many ads which takes the fun out of the game but I like the concept of the game but I have one more problem I was done making a picture and it said perfect but it didn’t let me pass hope you understood
Ads are out of control.
Punk power on 8/6/2018
There are WAY too many ads. I have to stop playing, because I can’t handle the amount of ads.
Titles for star amount
jfjskso on 8/6/2018
I personally am a fan of this game but the only thing I don’t like about it is when I get one star and it’s like no good.bot just that but it doesn’t make me feel good when it says that.I really suggest that you update the language you for the amount of stars that you get.Thank you
Fortnite is the game!!😏😏 on 8/6/2018
This is dumb as heck and piece of crap....😒😒😒😒😒
GonzalezSierra on 8/6/2018
This app is amazing! It helps you when you need it and it gives you so much time to try and fix yourself if you didn’t get it right the first time! I first found this app when my sister showed me it, and when I got it on my phone it was at least 100x better. I love this app!
Great game
Nesquick24 on 8/5/2018
The 20 new levels in the jigsaw one is not working. I finished all twenty and no pics pop up.
AhmeD 201 on 8/5/2018
Best game in the world⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I love draw in.
lifewithmadde on 8/4/2018
I love draw in . it is so much fun and very cool.
Best game ever
Queen of unicons on 8/4/2018
This game is so fun and my friends even play it and my sister is in love with it
Sarah.MacAdams on 8/4/2018
Too Many Ads
mrs81592 on 8/3/2018
There are far too many ads. It’s not worth it.
Kurland42 on 8/3/2018
I love this app😜❤️👌🕺🏻👍😎🤪🤩😌👶💫🎩😂😃
daddy more on 8/3/2018
The game is good but there is so many ads
5lg6 on 8/2/2018
Good game but needs work and updates because this is kinda boring
Too many ads
Carllina on 8/2/2018
Fun game but this app has way too many ads!! The other games I play don’t have nearly as much as this one have. It’s was very annoying I had to delete the game.
Now this game is absolutely terrible
app parently on 8/1/2018
I have to agree with many when it comes to the game. 1. There is a rediculous amount of ads and there’s no point to the game if there are more ads then time spent on the game itself. And also, how messed up could it get if the comments when you dont odd the level put the player either down or angered. “Kidding me”, “try harder”? What is this?! I read a review and I downloaded the game and I instantly deleted it when I was welcomed with an ad before I even got in the game. Don’t download this.
Game review
coolgame😋😋😋 on 8/1/2018
Love this game so much. 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😃😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😐😐😐😐😐😑😑😑😑😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😑👋👋👋👋👋👋🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙bye losers jk jk jk. Ughhhh jk means just kidding bye love hshahahahhahsh. In typing weird stuff. Sorry I’m just really BORED. BYE. hahahah. Im not kidding I love this game bye
fairies68 on 8/1/2018
Unique, interesting game.
Draw in
Littlemonkey710 on 8/1/2018
It is so fun and when I am bored I play
Won’t Let Me Play
mionegranger on 8/1/2018
This can be fun, sometimes. It’s only a quick pastime, though, and not entirely entertaining. It’s definitely not something I could play for more than a minute at a time, for more than one reason. The second reason is that the game will randomly stop working. For example, I’ll exit a level, and not be able to press anything. It’s the same as how all the buttons are greyed out while you’re making your line. I have to leave the app for minutes at a time for it to work again, and whenever I come back in, it’s an instant advertisement. It’s as though the app’s supposed to be showing an ad, but it just freezes instead.
Nothing but ADS
Yoimerika on 7/31/2018
The ADS are way too much to handle. It’s too bad because it’s a fun game but you get frustrated with the constant interruption. Not worth it. Why not put a price on the game and ditch the ADS?
Lots of adds
KitKatKittyKat131215 on 7/31/2018
There is a lot of adds throughout the game and they can get really annoying. I love the game, but I would love it even more if there were less adds. There are a lot of different options and pictures. Fun game, but to much adds.
Jigsaw mode
canessa smyrne on 7/30/2018
I’m having problems with the new jigsaw level. I am completing them, but they are not being credited.
Try this on a good game
this is helpfull on 7/30/2018
I will say there is a lot of ads bet just turn on AIRPLANE MODE it stops all ads and when your done just turn it off!
Some what addicting
madison meowth on 7/30/2018
I like it a LOT like you have no clue but the comments are rudely said but I’m not saying it is bad so... 4 star
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