The Fish Master!


Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Games 1.6.2 Jul 06, 2018 Aug 16, 2018 571.1 MB iOS 8.0 or later 12+
New in version 1.6.2

- Fix Bugs


Catch as many fishes as you can!
Improve your fishing line to go deeper and catch more fish!
Become the ultimate fish master!

iPad Screenshots
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Shacobaga on 8/20/2018
This “game” has the most intrusive and frequent ads I have ever seen in my life. 0/10
As problem
Trinity1010101999 on 8/20/2018
Too much ad, it's just destroyed my mood and so annoying I will delete this game. This is the first one seem most of the ad During I'm playing the the game
Less Commercial ads please
tegs240sx on 8/20/2018
A commercial app ads every 2 plays kinda lame other than that easy fun game
Jojollove on 8/20/2018
I thought would be a good game but it’s wayyyyy to man advertisement you can’t enjoy the game. I’m deleting it
Really fun!
Annatomicallycorrect on 8/19/2018
I’ve been playing for 20 minutes and I’m already “hooked”.
unable to fish
Ave Catherine on 8/19/2018
when i downloaded this and started playing the game it wouldnt let me fish
Cat cat cat kitty 😘 on 8/19/2018
Fix the ad multiplication issue...
Billy-Bob-William-Robert-1999 on 8/19/2018
I’ve watched so many ads that were supposed to multiply my winnings, but they didn’t. Instead I’ve wasted my time watching the stupid ads for nothing.
Good idea but needs more
Brett DeFazio on 8/19/2018
Okay so after playing on and off for about a week I maxed out the line distance and then there’s only 2 other upgrades; your offline money accumulator and your fish count per cast. There should be more added on to this game (example: different kinds of fish or different types of rods or boats or locations or atmospheres. Deeper seas, different characters, and maybe another upgrade of some sort just to keep the game entertaining for longer than the short period of time it takes to max the game out. The ads are fine I get it that’s how you make money I’d do it too. But yeah you could definitely expand on this game. 🙂👌🏻👍🏻
Thus we
gbuyrh on 8/19/2018
I ❤️ this game.
For better or for Worse
Special Friends on 8/19/2018
Hello, So, when I first started playing this game I thought that it was amazing. Then as I progressed the depth meter went to ‘MAX’. I thought that it should go down forever. And I do realize that there are coming up dates. Also, when playing the income of the 46 fish that I bring up barley gets to 4,000 dollars. So that means ( roughly estimated) that 86 dollars for each fish. I think that it should at least be a sum that is equal to the amount you spend on the upgrades. I am in the millions with my upgrades because I wait and don’t play because that’s how you get the most money. So the app is really taking up space on my phone. Please use my suggestions into making this game better for the players. -Concerned Player
pineapplemonkey06 on 8/19/2018
To many adds
I beat the game
Good game bad on 8/19/2018
I beat it I can’t go any deeper
Too much lag
Jon Mercer42802 on 8/19/2018
It lags so bad to the point that i can’t play it at all
On agin off agin
EKSJcsras on 8/18/2018
It’s fun but then it takes so long to make cash and then you realize your just fishing and there is really no point in the game but then you won’t stop playing then you get bored. It’s really just on agin off agin thing
Offline Scores are not adding up
TwinDD on 8/18/2018
Since the recent update, the totals for the offline earnings is not adding correctly.
Harold Winston on 8/18/2018
It’s a good game but WAY to many ads it get real annoying real fast
Okay Game
Ymchfdnxf on 8/18/2018
I really enjoyed the game and first and turned my phone on airplane mode to get rid of ads but still so many shouldn’t be there! Every time you finish fishing it’s an ad! Another thing is the update. I’m happy that your on top of fixing bugs but we’re the new animation styles necessary? I really liked the way they were drawn before and how they are now is not at all pleasing. They have way to much detail and it’s making your game look like you’re trying too hard. Please consider my review and I will never stop playing your games. Bye! 👋🏻
The graphics changed back *read bottom*
kitty5161 on 8/18/2018
One night I was playing this game and having fun and gaining money. But when I went to sleep and then woke up the next day, the graphics changed!! I liked the old ones better and the game is still fun it’s just that it changed and it doesn’t feel right. I also hate how there is a max depth because all I can do to gain more money for upgrades is add more to the number of fish. It is getting boring as time passes by. Please fix these things!! This review would have been five stars if this didn’t change. UPDATE: I can’t get my earnings anymore. I go on the game once everyday and usually I get the money I have collected offline but today when I went on this game the tab that usually shows up to give you your earnings never came up and I was upset. I am changing my rating from 3 stars to 2 stars. SECOND UPDATE: The graphics changed back! I change my rating back to four stars cause it is still maxed out but I can now actually collect my earnings!!
Not worth it
jennie1981 on 8/18/2018
Freezes A lot and have to restart after fishing and losing the points from that turn a lot. Not worth your time.
Is it just mine
karissa9832 on 8/18/2018
When I cast my line nothing happens like I just sit there. This app isn’t that fun when it doesn’t work
Too many ads and ratio for game/points is terrible
LukeRomesberg on 8/18/2018
You’ll earn most of your $ by your offline reward. I’m in the hundreds of millions of dollars to upgrade a level. It’s pointless to even play when I catch 70 fish and only make like $15,000.
Hdjdhehhhehnhejdhejsifjr on 8/18/2018
The only problem with this game is the ads. I gave it a one star because I didn’t feel the point of giving it anything else when I only played it for 3 minutes and got 5 ads.
😀❤️🐴🐎 on 8/18/2018
Bug in x2 earnings.
Jon Focus on 8/18/2018
Contacting you about Fishing Master for iOS. I just did a x2 earnings and it didn’t x2 my earnings. Just letting you know about the bug.
Ads. Ads everywhere.
NerdyndProud on 8/18/2018
I like this game idea, and the gameplay is fun, for the two seconds you can play the game before there is another ad popping up. It’s every other time you pull fish up, it plays an ad. Also there is no music except in the ads. So the game is super quiet, for the 2.5 seconds you can play before an ad plays. Two stars is being nice, the game is good, but not for the amount of ads there are
Maddyj_12 on 8/17/2018
don’t like the new graphics
Ruined graphics
alexis1584 on 8/17/2018
You ruined the graphics my fish looked real and normal and now they look like cartoons hate this new version hopefully you’re going to fix it Wish I could rate 0 stars just for the way these fish look
The game is ok but...
robloxG12458 on 8/17/2018
The game is ok but there is not a lot of options..if u know what I mean lol
fishing is gay on 8/17/2018
Love it!!!
DudeAlert Gaming on 8/17/2018
Omg I love the new update!!! It makes the game much cleaner! I can tell you’ve added more depth because I had max length just a day ago... keep up the great work.
I don’t understand?
veryupsetsonglover on 8/17/2018
I downloaded this game as part of an Instagram ad type thing and it showed all the levels with different fish, and it even shows sea turtles on your preview of the app before you even download it. Well here’s a shock. It just ends. The distance maxes out and you're just catching the same fish over and over and over again to make more money to catch more of the same fish. It’s kinda boring now that I’ve “Maxed out” if something doesn’t get better within the next few updates I’ll uninstall and I believe so will a lot of other people.
user8878 on 8/17/2018
This is the best game ever I love the new update
Starts breaking down after 500K per min lol.
VandalMVM on 8/17/2018
I’m at 8,000,000 per minute and the game’s offline savings stopped working. Bummer cause I want to reach 150 hooks so I can catch every fish in one run lol. Also way too many ads.
Great but...
The Anonymous Viewer on 8/17/2018
There are so many ads!!!!! You get like a 10 second turn and then a 30 second ad... PLEASE FIX
bad visuals in the update..
sulkns on 8/17/2018
the most recent update is less then stellar. the animation has gone from animated fish, to children’s book fish, and the font they chose is off putting. great game, but not the one i began with.
Bring back the old game
Slithymaster on 8/17/2018
Hate the new update
Best gam evr
xGalk_ on 8/17/2018
My mommy bot this gam. The raeson evryting is one staer is becuz it is a bad influence to little kid liek me becuz it maks meh wana catch fosh and kil them. Lukily I am 63 years old so I am guud.
slowhand_6 on 8/17/2018
Update 8/17/18: my point values change daily and continue to decrease despite logging in and playing at least once daily. I’m giving it one more shot. Otherwise I’m moving on. Maxed out on depth. Earning around 105 million per minute! Then I bring the game up after a day of not playing and I have a negative money balance in the neighborhood of a trillion and change. How could that even be possible? I should have been earning the whole time and it’s saying I am hugely deficient.
Ads are ridiculous
Jakmac88 on 8/17/2018
I was going to give this a good review, but they decided it was ok to have an ad after every other cast, so about every 10-15 seconds. Sorry, not sorry I deleted this
zsrx2 on 8/17/2018
Voodoo is best
Too many ads
jvanmeter96 on 8/16/2018
This game is riddled with ads.
nathanj91 on 8/16/2018
I may first this was was ok, I was interested to see what I would catch further down. Well, I maxed out my depth, and was thinking ok, maybe I need to upgrade the other two before I can go further. I now earn over 4 million a minute when offline. I don’t even play anymore, fishing in the game I’ll earn 5 thousand per throw, and then I have to watch an ad to collect it. The developers to this game are extreme beginners. They need to come up with some new options as well as new upgrades. I’m finally going to have to uninstall this app, I will redownload in a few months to see if there’s anything new they have to offer.. As for now, I would not suggest this game to anyone, after the first 2 days, this game is completely pointless to even log on to other than to collect the offline earnings
crystal64✨ on 8/16/2018
I downloaded the game and when I tapped to start the game the guy would cast his rod and nothing would happen.
Revieweresh on 8/16/2018
The game seems as if it could be fun, couldn’t get pass the ads after each and ever game. It’s very excessive.
OH MY GOD I DONT CARE on 8/16/2018
How do you star playing cause I get on the game and tap he screen and nothing is happening
Not that good
the worst minecraft mod ever on 8/16/2018
I did not work good such a ripoff and it’s even worse than go fish
unsungrifles on 8/16/2018
I had been playing the game enjoying it. But when I got in one day it added my money but it put me negative and really upset me because now I don’t gain while off line and have to try to get myself outta the negative
It’s good but....
Alyssa stock on 8/16/2018
This game wasn’t lying when it said it was really fun. I love the game! It’s so fun and addicting but what I don’t like is the ads. Every time I come up from fishing it gives me an ad. And then sometimes there is this bug where after I come up from fishing my game freezes then crashes. What’s up with that?! Fix those two things and maybe just maybe people will give this game better reviews
Olivia the 4th grade girl on 8/16/2018
I would not recommend this game if you hate constant ads.another thing is the lag is terrible.again I would not recommend this game if you hate constant ads and you hate lag. I don’t play this game that much anymore because of those things.Looking at the reviews I thought it wouldn’t be that bad,but I was wrong.
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