Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
Free Productivity 8.13 Jul 11, 2008 Jun 08, 2018 184.2 MB iOS 10.3 or later 4+
New in version 8.13

• We’re trying out some suggestions when you’re setting reminders to make them faster and easier to use for all of those tasks, to-dos, and projects.
• We’re shaking things up by placing the icons for tags and reminders on top of the note editing toolbar, so organizing your notes and setting reminders is always top of mind.

• We’ve made some improvements to search and you can now sort by relevance, so you can see the things that are, well, more relevant to what you’re looking for.
• You now have the power to annotate HEIC files. (In case you’re not up on the lingo, it’s the format sorcery Apple uses to make their images higher quality yet smaller in size.)
• In your settings, you now have the option to turn auto-add location on or off as you please.

• If you had a lot of offline notebooks, sometimes that slowed you down when you were creating or loading notes. But we fixed that, so you should be off to the races now.
• When you tried to drag and drop from other apps, your note would suddenly (and annoyingly) scroll the top. Now things will stay put.
• You connected Evernote and LinkedIn and were happily scanning business cards, but the profile photos of your contacts weren’t appearing. Which really got in the way of the whole ‘putting a face to the name’ thing.
• We’ve made changes so that notes will not be shown in iMessage or the iOS widget when pin lock is enabled.
• We’ve also fixed some of the specific issues that were causing the app to crash.


Let Evernote change the way you organize your personal and professional life. Evernote is the only organizer and planner you need: take notes, create to-do lists, add images, scan documents with your camera, take handwritten notes, make sketches, and more! Edit, share and collaborate on notes automatically between your phone, tablet, and computer.


“Use Evernote as the place you put everything… Don’t ask yourself which device it’s on—it’s in Evernote” – The New York Times

“When it comes to taking all manner of notes and getting work done, Evernote is an indispensable tool.” – PC Mag


Evernote gives you the tools you need to keep your work effortlessly organized:
• Write, collect, and capture ideas as searchable notes, notebooks, checklists, and to-do lists
• Create notes in a variety of formats, including: text, sketches, photos, screenshots, image files, audio, web clippings, and more
• Use the camera to effortlessly scan, digitize, and organize your paper documents, business cards, whiteboards, handwritten notes, and drawings
• Use Evernote as a digital notepad and easy-to-format word processor for all your thoughts as they come

Evernote gives you the ability to sync your content across devices:
• Sync everything automatically across any computer, phone, or tablet
• Start your task working on one device and continue on another without ever missing a beat
• Add a passcode lock to the mobile app for more privacy

Evernote gives you the tools to share, discuss, and collaborate productively with others:
• Create, share, and discuss with the people who help get your work done, all in one app
• Search within pictures and annotate images to give quick feedback

• Make personal checklists to keep your thoughts organized
• Set reminders to keep on top of activities and write to-do lists
• Gather, capture, and store every thought you need to stay productive

• Create agendas, write memos, and craft presentations
• Annotate documents with comments and thoughts during team meetings, then share with colleagues
• Get your projects underway faster and maximize productivity by letting multiple participants access and work on different aspects alongside each other

• Keep up with lecture notes so you don’t miss a vital thought
• Clip and highlight articles from the web for academic research
• Plan and collaborate for better academic group work

• Quick Actions for faster note creation and search
• Sketch in notes with pressure sensitive ink

• Dictate notes and they will be transcribed in Evernote
• Dictate searches and get results on your Apple Watch
• View newly created & updated notes
• Set reminders, get notifications, and never forget anything


Also available from Evernote:

EVERNOTE PREMIUM - The ultimate workspace.
• 10 GB of new uploads each month
• Unlimited number of devices
• Access your notes and notebooks offline
• Save emails to Evernote
• Search inside Office docs and attachments
• Annotate PDFs
• Scan and digitize business cards
• Show notes as presentations, instantly (desktop only)
$7.99 monthly, $69.99 annually


Price may vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel the subscription once activated. Manage your subscriptions in Account Settings after purchase.


Privacy Policy: https://evernote.com/legal/privacy.php
Terms of Service: https://evernote.com/legal/tos.php

iPad Screenshots
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Kingpingod107 on 6/19/2018
Basic search doesn’t work on iphone app
helpmesearch on 6/19/2018
I find it impossible to find any notes on the app through very basic searches. For example, typing in “beef” in search will result in 0 notes when I should have many recipes with the word “beef” in the title and the note itself! I end up scrolling through my recipe folder instead. What a waste of time. The desktop app version works fine.
Chill faxtor on 6/18/2018
Can’t even sign in smh. Resets password still can’t get it. Signs in with google still can’t get in. Type of crap is this 👎🏾
5300 Notes Disappeared
Yaakov Jacobs on 6/18/2018
5300 Notes disappeared from my iPhone. I contacted support and they told me they’ll get back to me in about a week. Any suggestions? I just uninstalled the app and reinstalled the app and my info is come back.
Joecwild on 6/18/2018
Can now add tags directly from a note. No need for “i” to place a note away. Information’s fine but I want to focus on my own. Thank you, very much! Thank you, team. Enjoyafilm.
Was great
Drail03 on 6/18/2018
I’ve used Evernote for years, but now that they’ve moved to a model where you have to pay for “premium” services that used to be standard, there’s not point in staying with Evernote. Perfect opportunity to try OneNote, and saw how what incredible functionality I missed out on, without the “premium” tag. Wished I dropped Evernote sooner.
Love Evernote - but sure been buggy lately
JustBrowsing123 on 6/17/2018
I'm a longtime Evernote user on the business plan. I have hundreds of notes and dozens of notebooks. It is important for my personal and business life. But the past 6 months has had so many bugs that don't get fixed for long stretches of time. And customer service is becoming really poor and disregards customer questions - this can spell the end for you, Evernote, if this continues. With this latest app update, it completely broke and I had to delete and download again. Evernote, fix your glitches and be more responsive to customers. We want you to work so that we can keep enjoying you.
Crazy change and hurdles to feedback
beenThere 03 on 6/17/2018
If your a non subscriber you will be neglected and basic stuff will disappear over time. Use to be able to print notes with reasonable nav now, it’s like four weird nestings to sunday before you can print. Their documentation has the old simple instructions that no longer match app and the only way to give em feedback short of another set of hurdles is like this review. at his point apple notes is a better option for the not so complicated note taker
Excellent Journaling Tool
Minoicos on 6/17/2018
Evernote appeared in a short description as a dynamic tool with the plus of a well designed Logo capturing the essence of the true meaning of note taking in a single animal. The moment I started using it felt like natural with minimal need for additional command, but just the right amount to enrich every note and make it te-readable and transferable This is a quality I can’t highlight enough most is especially for someone with a short span of attention that needs writing to focus and add creativity in the process. If this is you, take full advantage of what Evernote has to offer and literally copy, and paste your imagination.
Latest update screwed up app
lime_harp on 6/17/2018
Talking about version 8.13.36something I am trying to edit notebook titles, move notebooks to different stacks etc, and it keeps reverting to the previous title and / or location. I have to do it four or five times to make it “stick.” I’ve tried clearing the cache, no help. In the long run, this is one of those apps that makes changes that are never the ones I hope for, anyhow. I often find myself frustrated trying to find something or organize notes. I’m forever thinking a notebook is a note, trying to put it in a notebook when I have to put it in a stack, forgetting where the stack option is, etc. I don’t get why it can’t just be drag & drop or folders within folders like every other organizational system in the universe. Definitely for rote, not intuitive or visual, learners. Also it makes me nuts that recent notes appear on top of the shortcuts list - I want to go to shortcuts and see the same notes in the same exact order every time, so I know where something is quickly. That’s why they’re shortcuts - to get to them in a hurry!! I get frustrated with the top notes being recent (therefore changing all the time). So personally I hate this feature. It should be optional. I guess I’m just frustrated with this app generally, and how it “thinks,” but I haven’t found a good alternative, and have way too much info stored in Evernote to move easily. The apple notes app is zillions easier to use. It doesn’t have the cute green elephant, but who cares. Sometimes less is more.
f*@# - evernote !
🐼🤖 on 6/16/2018
i got locked out of my evernote account in february of 2018 . it is now june 2018 . i am still locked out of my account . evernote has not resolved the issue -
Updates are good lately, please fix this 👇🏻
capedape on 6/16/2018
update, now it does this scroll to bottom of a note and then note won’t edit unless I exit it and open again. Happens randomly and not limited to one note. Tapping in a note to use the editor often causes an auto-scroll to the bottom of the note ( . Not fun when trying to copy, paste, format, etc in a specific section, and then having to find the place again that I was previously working in. Please fix this. 👉 When using Evernote in slide-over mode, it doesn't default properly to the last note opened. Say I’m reading in Safari, copy some text, slide Evernote over onto the screen to paste into it, it’s often not the last note that was opened in slide-over before. This happens when you have a “Table of Contents” note with links and a link is clicked and a note opened, THEN slide right to close Evernote , then slide it left back open and it defaults to the table of contents note, not the previously opened note (that was opened from a link within the Table of contents note.) This seems like a bug, or kludgy design.
Please fix voiceover support
Jtblas on 6/16/2018
Voiceover is a feature of the iPhone and the iPad. Under settings, general, accessibility, there is a option called voiceover. Please add complete voiceover support including router support all throughout the application.
Search no longer works.
cj76544 on 6/15/2018
No matter what I type in the search bar, no results.
Duplicate file uploads are back! (6/15)
voice__of__reason on 6/15/2018
When adding files or iOS Safari pages using iOS share, the app often uploads duplicates. This needlessly uses up the data quota. I just uploaded a fairly large pdf. I opened the app and there were two copies. This just used up 1/2 of the month’s quota. For now, go into airplane mode when adding a file to Evernote from an app. Then go into Evernote and delete the duplicate. Seek alternatives.
RTL (right to left) languages support is poor
Royazr on 6/15/2018
When using RTL languages editor is not aligned properly and whole RTL support is poor and not maintained through the app.
What happened to clipping?!
Gbristow12 on 6/14/2018
I'm a religious user of the evernote clipper. It used to clip articles with really high quality and no formatting issues, in big font that was readable on mobile, but that has not been the case for sometime. Also, when I go through to manually adjust the font size, the large is still not big enough to be read on mobile. Is there a way to fix this? Or to change the default clipping size? Is there a way to make text XXL size?
It’s good, but limited compared to Android and Windows
Don-dz on 6/13/2018
I was hoping that the greater screen space meant that the iPad version would be easier to use and look at than the Android phone version, but that’s not the case, particularly when considering it lacks tag stacks/hierarchies support, plus it takes more taps and seems less intuitive than the Android version. Also, didn’t the iOS use to have night mode? Why was it removed?
improved—and broken—reminders
i.togusa on 6/13/2018
in general: first off, evernote has been indispensable for the many years i’ve used it. it’s the only offering that supports/enables my own version of GTD for managing projects, tasks, reminders, reference notes, read-me’s, etc. for that, i give it 4 1/2 stars. that said, evernote needs to better recognize how changes to existing functionality can negatively impact people’s lives. specific to this latest update 8.13: i appreciate the experimentation with and added functionality to Reminder > Change Date. evernote did well to add time-saving options while preserving the existing option ability to pick a specific date and time. BUT WITH 8.13... HOW DO I EVEN SEE WHAT THE EXISTING TIME & DAY SETTING FOR MY REMINDER IS? when i select the option to “pick a date & time”, the day & time is no longer pre-set to my existing setting. instead, it is pre-set/reset to day=today and time=current time-ish. THIS SMALL CHANGE IN BEHAVIOR BREAKS MY DAILY PROCESS. it adding time, effort, and complexity to my day. and as noted, now i can’t even tell what my reminder is currently set for. (!?) if you want to change behavior in an update, recognize that in cases like this you’re also removing expected behavior which can significantly and negatively impact your users’ day-to-day. i can see how this change might be a desired change to some, but please please please consider how this might be a major disruption for many existing users. and please make accommodations for them, like allowing users to decide in an application setting whether or not they want it pre-set to the existing reminder time & day (as it had always been before) or to a suggested time & day (which i’m guessing you thought some users might prefer). this would do much to accommodate loyal long-time subscribers, like myself.
Evernote is drunk!
corefusion on 6/12/2018
When dictating by voice using Gboard, the transcription is translating my words into gobbledygook. Not cool!
Overall still the Best Note App
heathrulez on 6/12/2018
As someone who has been using Evernote for years, despite many hiccups, I still love this app overall. There are still a few annoying glitches for the iPad functionality though. For instance, when you’re typing in a note, and switch to another app and back to Evernote, the cursor often gets locked at the bottom of the note, and you have to click into another note and back into the one you were working on to get the cursor working correctly—Super annoying. The only other thing is that as you type a note, while you have ‘Show Body Text’ selected in ‘Note List Options,’ as you type in a note, the tile in the Notes List continues resizing as it syncs, even if the text you’re editing is far past what’s previewed in said tile. This can be solved by putting the note into full screen or turning off ‘Show Body Text’ but I prefer the settings that cause this glitch.
Needs a dark theme
byerae on 6/12/2018
I love this app but it needs a night mode/ dark theme. I write my thoughts and plans at night until I fall asleep and I cant do it with this app because its too bright. Pls do something about this.
Disappearing notes and no support
illustrator31200000 on 6/12/2018
I was an Evernote user for about 4 years and found it to be well designed, reliable, and useful for my daily note taking needs at work. Earlier this year, the app became buggier. I’m not sure if this instability coincided with a new version or what happened exactly, but my notes started to disappear into the void. I would take notes in a meeting and once I was back at my desk moments later, discover that everything I had just written was gone. It didn’t happen EVERY time, but it was frequent enough that I contacted support to see if there was anything that could be done about the issue. Support advised me that as a basic user, I did not qualify for support. After complaining to Evernote over Twitter, they told me they would open a helpdesk ticket, although this went no where. After an experience like this, any hope Evernote had of turning me into a subscriber is gone, and I’ve since deleted the app.
Two Requests
HondaRepsolMan on 6/11/2018
#1: I have two Evernote Premium Accounts. I would really like to see a “switch account” option like i have on the Mac App. #2: The ability to have formatting stripped away when pasting into the app (Right now I have to paste into another text editor to remove formatting, then copy it again and past it into Evernote). *If these two things can be accomplished it would be a true 5 STAR App in my book.
Good but...
cpm50 on 6/11/2018
Live the improvements but wish the bullet feature was up to speed. Every indent starts with numbering. Should shift numbers - letters - Roman numerals some thing else anyway.
Great App - use it for everything!
EB-6 on 6/11/2018
I tie it in with Scannable and set up file notes. Keep it up!!
Major design flaw for note taking on your iPad
Blvue on 6/11/2018
It’s not possible to practically indent bulleted notes. This feature was surprisingly removed several years ago and never added back. This makes the tool virtually useless for taking notes on your iPad. After over 5 years as a paid Evernote customer I am actively searching for a replacement.
Lost all my info
Noudlehead on 6/10/2018
Tried to log in and all my info — from years past — is now gone.
Useful until i tried sharing my lists
Fseminario on 6/10/2018
Evernote had a great concept but has a poor price position. i started using it to make a basic list then tried to share it and let others modify it. I was disappointed to find out only premium members can allow shared lists to be modified.
screwed me over!
diehardyankeesfan on 6/10/2018
i just got this app and was starting to really like it. but now it’s 3 am and i’ve been working on a problem set for hours and it just deleted all my work and it can’t be restored so i don’t recommend this if you want something reliable that won’t screw you over
It keeps getting worse
HaterGator on 6/9/2018
I accepted Evernote getting slower. I accepted the flickering lines from time to time. I can't accept it outright freezing. Come on, guys! This app used to be the best out there. Now? I'm looking for a replacement and being brutally honest it won't be hard to find something working better than this. The lack of improvement has shown quite clearly what you currently think about your users.
BCap on 6/8/2018
Its been years and with all the bug fixes etc they still can’t get simple reminder alerts to work! Come on gang let’s fix it! Crashes a bunch and sync problems cause a panic now and again when a whole raft of notes disappear, however, I like tw ecosystem and can see the potential. Still way better than apple notes
Last versions are going worsts
aplsms on 6/8/2018
Last 3 version has different issues and after each update I need delete Evernote, install it back and resync all the data. Syncing is also complicated process: I need repeat it 3-5 times until it complete successfully.
No Hyperlinking
ChloraPhyll on 6/8/2018
It's amazing to me that after all this time, Evernote still won't let you hyperlink in the mobile app.
Don’t like the new design
hazell1900 on 6/8/2018
It’s probably a minor issue but the color change on the toolbar to dark green only make the app smaller, and doesn’t give the ‘clean and uncluttered’ vibe. Please bring back the white toolbar like the previous versions. It’s a lot better.
Unusable since the last update
DecaturHeel on 6/8/2018
I've been a satisfied user for a long time. But ever since I recently updated Evernote, it crashes upon launching. I can't access any of the content I've stored there for years--very frustrating! Please address this in a new update.
Going down forces you to buy the premium
Shuusha on 6/8/2018
The app require the premium version like never before In Every day update they request money on the some feature including the old basic features I hate you,,bad company .. forces you to buy the premium
Kanban cars view
pzeos on 6/7/2018
Please add a Kanban card view where I can prioritize notes effectively
A great app
travenature1 on 6/6/2018
It’s a good idea for a app but they could add this function in the app that you can split screen the app with the same app example what you can do is when you are viewing one note that you can edit the other note by dragging or copying or jest keeping things in your mind while you type it out
Never-note: Hours spent scanning and important documents LOST
WilllllliW on 6/5/2018
I pay for the monthly account to Evernote. I love the scanning documents function on the app. I used it for any number of documents — saved a pile hand written notes so I could ditch the paper copies and keep the PDFs. However, even though the App says “saving” and creates the note with all the pdf docs, and even though it shows the thumbnail, all the actual document scans were lost. If you wait for it to upload, you have a 50-50 chance of it saving. Doesn’t work — and a huge headache of spending time. Feature would be great if it actually were functional.
AlanHughes on 6/4/2018
I love this service on my old (very slow) desktop because it takes 2 seconds to open the webpage and I'm right to work. But this app is extremely slow. And they make sure to open a pop up window every single time you open the app to ask you to turn on background battery draining. It has some kind of seizure if you try to highlight more than one paragraph or one screen's worth of text at a time and it refuses to scroll up the page. The app also seems to block spell check unless you specifically press on a word and it happens to be misspelled, but otherwise you would have no idea.
Top of the Food Chain
Turbo444 on 6/4/2018
I’ve tried to find something better, I really have. I was certain that by now some developer would have created a digital brain that was even easier, cheaper, slicker..., but nope. If there is such a product, it’s well-hidden in the sea of almost-as-good. NOTHING else has everything. I’m paying the premium fee every month because Evernote saves me time and stress... and it’s worth every penny to me. Previous review early-2017: Five Stars! Quit Complaining... People write bad reviews here about being asked to pay for (previously free) features. It's too bad those reviews hinder App Store rankings. Because even the complainers know that Evernote is a stellar app with a fantastic track record. Even the haters know that first-class apps have humans behind them who deserve to be paid for their development and maintenance of superb software. I have thousands of notes created over four years, and I use most features regularly without any hiccups. Evernote is absolutely worth a few bucks a month.
App crashing
papahendo on 6/3/2018
I live on Evernote, and have for years... but a couple updates ago the iPhone app just stops working when trying to access notes or navigate menus. Totally freezes or shuts down. iPad and Mac apps still working great, but it’s been useless for the last few months on my iPhone. Keep getting excited every time there’s an update to the app, only to be disappointed the bugs are still there.
Literally my second brain
robfuzz on 6/1/2018
There are quite a few trendy note apps but there's nothing like Evernote. There's note taking of course but there's also incredible web clipping and integration with other apps, reminders and a beautiful interface. Wouldn't be without it!
Location titling
old jester on 6/1/2018
At first note were self titled, then the location was available but I had to fetch it with the i. Now it’s unavailable all together
Nothing but crashes
Trmoore1 on 6/1/2018
Try to open a note, the app crashes.
search is broken
spicereid on 5/31/2018
almost worthless if the search doesn't work.. tried so many queries, I know these things exist, nothing. cmon this is so critical.
NO. YOUR app is not good. Stop pushing and Read the reviews!
New York +30 on 5/31/2018
I got a link to open an Evernote. I use my account to try to open that note. The link in the message keeps redirecting me to download the Evernote app. STOP. FIX THE APP. Before pushing us to download it. To just read a note. But regardless, let me open the note on the phone browser!!
Minor yet cumbersome problem
qqoripyo on 5/29/2018
Don’t you think it’ll be appropriate to show results that contains search terms in ‘title’ over ‘content’? Make it default or give me option to do that!
I like it, it’s not too shabby
Alice in winter land on 5/28/2018
I’ve always been cheap, so I’ve been using the free account for about 2 years now and I don't really have any major complaints . There are a lot of tools you can use without having a premium and the unlimited amount of notes you have really helps. One thing I will have to say is: they don’t have an “undo” button so if you accidentally delete an entire paragraph then it’s gone forever, which is a really big pain.
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