Solebon Solitaire - 50 Games

Solebon LLC

Price Category Version Released Last Updated Size Compatibility Age
$5.99 Games 8.7.1 Jul 11, 2008 May 26, 2018 56 MB iOS 8.0 or later 4+
New in version 8.7.1

Thanks for playing this top-rated Solitaire! Our regular updates are always free and loaded with improvements.


All your favorite games. Every deal is winnable. Beautifully designed and feature-rich. Highly rated and loved by millions. This award-winning app is available for your iPhone, iPad or iPod!

Enjoy Windows style Klondike solitaire and other classics including FreeCell and 4 versions of Spider. Try new player favorites such as Baker's Game, Demon, Pyramid, Scorpion and Yukon plus 10 original games not found anywhere else including Russian Revolver. Our leading solitaire suite delivers 50 solitaire card games wrapped in high-resolution graphics within a clean, intuitive interface developed exclusively for Apple devices.

o Available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
o Portrait and landscape play
o 40 classic games plus 10 originals
o Every deal can be winnable with Winning Deals
o See how to win on Winning Deals
o Celebrate victories with Custom Animations
o Play with friends via Match Play
o Simple tap card movement
o Pinch to Zoom to resize the play field window
o Choose from several, easy-to-read HD card styles
o Leaderboards
o Detailed statistics with free backup and sync
o Favorite games feature (Klondike, FreeCell, Spider, Baker's, Golf, Demon, Yukon)
o Right or left handed play
o Foundation Auto play
o Unlimited undo
o Rules for all games
o Timer
o Scoring
o Moves tracking
o Color preferences
o Speed preferences
o Many more best in class features managed within Settings

Accordion, Aces Up, Agnew Sorel, Ambrose*, Askew*, Baker's Game, Baker's Game Easy, Beleaguered Castle, Blind Alleys, Bouquet, Busy Aces, Colorado, Creepy Crawly*, Demon, Doublets, Easthaven, Eight Off, Eight Off Easy, Fanny, Fanny Easy, Fortune's Favor, Four Seasons, Fourteen Out, FreeCell, FreeCell Easy, Golf, Honeybees*, Klondike Deal 1, Klondike Deal 3, La Belle Lucie, Lady of the Manor, Monte Carlo, Pas Seul, Penguin, Provisional*, Pyramid, Pyramid Easy, Russian Revolver*, Scorpion, Single Rail, Spiderette, Spiderling*, Spiderling 2 Suits*, Spiderling 4 Suits*, Thumb and Pouch, Triple Mulligan*, Vertical, Whitehead, Will o' Wisp, Yukon. (* indicates our own original games not found elsewhere)

For free support and answers to frequently asked questions, head over to Follow us on Twitter @SolebonApp. Like us on Facebook Play everywhere!

Solebon is built in the USA. Sharpening minds at play!

iPad Screenshots
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Pop up? I paid for NO ads! Goner.
mmbrownie on 7/19/2018
I have enjoyed this app & appreciate the help from the developers. But now there is a pop up to buy another one of their games. My understanding was that I paid for NO ads. This is a goner if it happens again.
JinOKC on 7/14/2018
Best group of solitaire games I’ve seen!!!
How to Win feature is not accurate
Mrsbills3 on 6/30/2018
Have been playing these solitaire games for years & the “How to Win” feature seemed to be a nice touch, especially for the games that I don’t often play. However, the moves shown are sometime not allowable moves with the actual game... like building up on a reserve pile and the rules state that the reserve pile holds a single card. How is that a win?
Absolutely the best Solitaire
USE THIS ONE on 6/28/2018
I have a number of Solitaire games, but this is my number 1, go-to, every day Solitaire game. It has helped in my TBI rehab, as well, with memory skills and concentration. I play at least 5 games of this every day. With my head injury, Klondike is the only one I can manage, although I have graduated from the 1 card draw to the 3 card draw. Thank you for a really terrific game!
long time card player on 6/20/2018
Random should mean random. Solitaire is set up for the player to lose. I’m most disappointed.
Great Solitaire Games and a Wonderful app
GM@world.universe on 6/20/2018
I've had the evolving versions of this app for several years. It's the best!! I highly recommend it to all. It has kept me entertained for the often small times in between things and for sometimes hours of just fun entertainment. Get it.
Great Solitaire
marvmax on 6/19/2018
Great implementation. Has the games I really love like Freecell and Pyramid and the lots of games to try and see if you might find a new game to love.
A10Pilot on 6/15/2018
I recently offered a scathing 1-star review because, and I quote from the original review, “As soon as I select the app to play, it pauses my music. Very frustrating!” Turns out that was a one-time hiccup in the iOS software on my iPhone X that was solved with a hard reboot. In short, I take it all back and highly recommend the app.
Solebon Solitaire
Kathy in ID on 6/11/2018
Love it
It Crashes under iOS 11.4
Missionary.Nerd on 6/9/2018
Wonderful game. Please fix it SOON.
Simply great
Chrizis21 on 6/6/2018
Easy to use. Great game choices. Smooth graphics. And no annoying ads (get the paid's cheap). My personal favorite solitaire game is Scorpion, I have won nearly 2000! Had it since it came out on the first iPhone. Enjoy
A great app to pass the time
Arkiewizard on 6/3/2018
Solebon has done a great job with this app and it works great on both iPhone & iPad. I usually play before going to sleep.
Ivan the Magnificent
Fred300 on 6/2/2018
Quick and fun
JPnOK on 6/1/2018
I love the Yukon game.
Love this program
Mimi4819 on 6/1/2018
I really appreciate the optional tutorials that demonstrate how to win. This makes this my favorite solitaire game. I appreciate the smooth action and not having to put up with nuisance advertising pop ups of games I have absolutely zero interest in.
Beware-they’re watching you!
Ldnolan on 5/28/2018
Was using this app several months ago & while playing had a sudden flash of a black & white live video of an overweight white man with a beard & glasses in a white T-shirt looking back at me!!! OMG! Deleted the app from phone!
shardrix on 5/23/2018
One of my favorite games.
Freezes frequently
Swanwomyn on 5/16/2018
I have played solitaire games on this app for quite some time. I appreciate the quality of the app and the games. However, I find that often, when I try to open the app, it simply will not open. Later on, I will try again and it works fine.
Worthy with some lameness
cephalopod on 5/16/2018
There is a lot to like about this app. It offers a great solitaire implementation. There is some lameness as well. Like trying to sell a Streak Protector feature in a game you already bought, with a nag you can’t disable. Plus there are controls you will continually trigger accidentally because they are right above the stack. Updated: Developer says Streak Protector nag can be disabled in updated version. 👍 +1 star!
Always a classic, now even better
ChoppyTea on 5/16/2018
Solebon is your best entertainment value, by far. For the cost of a coffee, you can get years of activity. There are so many different games with so many skill levels that you'll never get bored. The best innovation has been the online stats that compare you with other players. The competition definitely causes you to up your game. I would give Solebon my highest recommendation.
Greed update
Bad Todo user on 5/15/2018
Was a five. Now one star. After 2674 wins in a row, you tricked me into spending .99 to continue my streak. So now anyone who wants to spend the money can continue streaks? Shame on you. I have not used your game since that happened. I will not use it again. Good bye to Solenon.
Great Variety of Games
Nursepage77 on 5/14/2018
I love the fact that once I get bored with one style of Solitare I can move on to a different style and be challenged all over again.
Very nice
Gruber1 on 5/14/2018
Lots to choose from, nice game
Blondesanta on 5/11/2018
Many different games to choose from for all levels. Minimal ads. Have been playing this one for years.
Solebon 3
BHS1972 on 5/10/2018
Thanks for the recent up-grades. Reduces playing time. (A card will flash if it can be used) and the phrases, “You Play To Win”, etc.
Pyramid Easy
Have to think on 5/9/2018
Fast quick game! Lots of fun!
Great Games
Caliwilli on 5/4/2018
Solebon is the ONE app I keep on all my devices. When I find myself with a few empty minutes here and there, I open up Solebon, choose one of my favorite games and indulge in Ipad or iPhone calming therapy. If I need to rush on before finished, I just close the device and pick up the saved game at the next opportunity. I really like the choice of so many games in one place!
Favorite game ruined with micro transaction button
Macnurse1 on 5/3/2018
This is the only change I can detect in this version. Bugs still present. No way to turn off "pay to cheat" winning streak in preferences. Button is perfectly placed to interfere with the game. Looking for alternative..... Edit: update allows you to turn off pay pop up in settings. Thank you.
Was good. Now it has in app prompts for money
NAJunkmale on 4/30/2018
Stop asking for money after I paid for the app
DS Iowa on 4/30/2018
Very obnoxious to have to pay to keep a streak of wins!!!!
In-App Purchases Ruins Another One
PlainSpotter on 4/30/2018
I love this game. I love the way it plays. I love the automated parts. I love the way it looks, and the way it responds. Why on earth do developers always get greedy and take a perfectly good app and bury an in-app purchase in it? If you want to live like a politician and deny that you lost a game, “to preserve a win streak,” the game will lie about your failure for only 99 cents. Makes me want to run for office.
Caution: it phones home often(no privacy)
NopYup on 4/30/2018
This is a good Solitaire game BUT, I turned of cellular access to this app, when ever I am out of wifi area it gives alert for me to turn it on so it can share my info. Let us TURN OFF ALL PHONE HOME "features", I want a game not a spy. I paid for this app to stop the adds, when I lose a game ask me to pay $.99 to not loose. It’s the best solitaire game, paid you now please just let me play the game without harassment. And attempt to gouge me further.
😃 simple & beautiful, OOPS micro-transactions
BalanceUT on 4/28/2018
What was once a beautiful implementation of Solitaire has now been ruined by the addition of micro-transactions. If you play a losing deal, you can ‘preserve your streak’ by paying a $ to skip that losing deal. Now the streak preservation gauntlet of pop ups that was implemented some time back makes perverse sense.
Conning users for more money?
Rocklobster182 on 4/28/2018
They’ve started prompting to pay more money after losing deals, with a confusing dialog box. Shoddy business practice, especially since I’ve already paid to buy the app!
Solebon Solitaire our for cash
Peety333 on 4/27/2018
This app has been a favorite “brain break” and time passer for me over a number of years. However their latest stunt, offering to let you “skip” a deal for $0.99, is the most insane, desperate money grab around, and as far as I can see there’s no way to disable it.
Really annoyed!
Lam69jk on 4/27/2018
I am so annoyed with the new update! So deceiving! Charging me $0.99 to retain my win streak? I am so used to clicking new deal don’t care if I lose my win streak. Now the deceitfully changed it! I didn’t realize I was clicking “yes” to retain my win streak for $0.99! So upset with this!
Works for me but serious down check
JimmieBear on 4/26/2018
Some games are good. Some are hard to figure out. Down check because of constant asking to turn on cellular data. I only play for my own amusement, not in competition. Update 4/26/2017: Deleting. My favorite card app. Reason change to "Streak Protection" need a way to stop the begging for $.99 to save the streak when I lose. ANNOYING. So much that I’m deleting the app. You may need the money, but you won’t get it that way from me.
May 22nd update blows
gregtbone on 4/25/2018
Game moves slower. New animations are not necessary. Stack cards flip slower and I actually fell like I have to wait an extra beat for the reveal. I play the game at full speed so no way to speed up the flip. Why did you guys change the functionality?
Lydiaannviolets on 4/24/2018
It is my go to entertainment. What a great way to take a break and allay anxiety.
Rocketmanoo7 on 4/21/2018
Freezes after a win at times...
mccrantz on 4/18/2018
NinaMimiMom on 4/9/2018
This is the only game of solitaire that I play every day. I’ve downloaded many solitaire games only to delete them. Thank you for creating this game.
Dan C.
Sloppy cheeseburger on 4/8/2018
This is my pass time game at night while watching TV. It's a shame to have to pay for a game that was free for so long, but the adds finally got to me so I paid for the game to rid my self of the adds. It is still one of the best games to play when you have some free time.Still like to play while sitting and watching TV. I'am still enjoying the game every night as I sit around watching TV.
Zelda Sue
Zeldaxp on 4/3/2018
Some of the games are not set up well. I would suggest more testing As an example Monte Carlo- the “reshuffle” function is very poor. The only changes is cards next to any holes are moved over. Which means toward the end there is often no ability for further play as there are no more options. If at the point there are no more options instead of a reshuffle why not declare the game lost. It is beyond frustrating.
Pretty good
realmusicislive on 4/2/2018
Nice app lots of games and options
Great game at a great price
nwcs on 3/22/2018
I’ve had this game for years and I thank the devs for updating it consistently over the years. It’s not only the best value in a card game on the App Store it’s the best solitaire type game in the App Store.
frillypinkmama on 3/18/2018
Addicted to this game.
The best ever!
Gino O on 3/17/2018
Had this game downloaded on my iPod Touch in 2006 and it’s been on all of my devices since!
Simply the Best
Jusanuthergeeque on 3/11/2018
This is the best solitaire game I've ever played. Many options to provide the most flexibility.
Great !
E. J. S. on 3/9/2018
Very nice
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