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App last updated Aug 16, 2017
New in version 33.0

We’ve introduced a new feed experience on the homepage of the Google app to help you better keep up to date with the topics that matter to you. You’ll see cards with things like sports highlights, top news, engaging videos, new music, stories to read and more. With the new feed, you can now:
• Follow topics, directly from Search results, including movies, sports teams, your favorite bands or music artists, famous people, and more
• Get stories with multiple viewpoints from a variety of sources, as well as other related information and articles?
• Easily search for the topics you see in your feed by tapping on the subject header at the top of each card

Note: the updated feed is currently available on iPhone only


The Google app keeps you in the know about the things you care about. Find quick answers, explore your interests, and get a feed of updates on what matters to you. The more you use the Google app, the better it gets.

Talk instead of type:
• Say “Ok Google” then ask a question*
• Google will speak the answer aloud

Ask Google to help you do things:
• “What are good restaurants nearby?”
• “Where is my package?”

Personalize your feed and get notifications:
• Start your morning with weather, news & traffic
• Get updates on sports, movies & events

More about the Google app:

* requires iPhone 4s or later

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Dislike latest "upgrade"
Hdansker on 8/20/2017
I heartily dislike the latest so-called upgrade. It's cluttered appearance does in no way help my experience, it makes it a quod deal more difficult to cut through the visual noise to the tasks I want to accomplish. I wish you had left a great app well enough alone. Just because you CAN do something (in this case make changes) does not mean that you SHOULD do it.
Jsquanto on 8/20/2017
Don't be evil.
Works great!!!!
MusicMoxie on 8/20/2017
Makes sending a msg or reply to a post with searching for article or GIF SO EASY now!!!
dark moon night on 8/20/2017
This keyboard is way better than the Apple keyboard
Sick of Google's Nonsense
Volkmar964 on 8/19/2017
Too much power and they are abusing it. I am getting rid of everything Google. They can't handle the resposibility.
Very handy but crashes a lot
Hanz🎶 on 8/19/2017
I don't usually use Safari because usually if I'm going on the internet, I'm using Google, which is why I love this app. HOWEVER, the app crashes when I'm in the middle of the something. Then I have to start all of over! It's supper annoying. Somehow I can't get myself to delete it! It would be great if you can fix it... Thanks.
Keeps getting better
Dp2006 on 8/19/2017
I like the news feed.
Wrong think
Login gamer on 8/19/2017
The company hates conservatives
Won't update
serway on 8/19/2017
I have tried multiple times to update the ap on my iPhone. It will not update. Hope there is a fix on the way.
Evanoliver12024 on 8/19/2017
This app freezes very frequently now, disturbing. Google should do better as we all deserve the best possible search experience
ميزة رائعة
R Ghazal on 8/19/2017
أنصح الجميع بإضافة هذه الخدمة المميزة و الغنية با يجعل حياتنا أسهل .
Please add Cantonese keyboard!
So?ho on 8/18/2017
已經多次反饋,但依然未有添加粵語語言。 希望Google嘅Google app盡快推出粵語輸入法,為用戶提供標準粵語拼音(Jyutping)輸入法。
Google really
Brent• on 8/18/2017
Fire the guy who says you have a problem with different options and you should work to high a diverse group of people...yeah the google memo guy
App rarely works, essentially useless
KweenKnight on 8/18/2017
4 times out of 5, I get an error message when I try to search for anything, whether my data is running slow or not. I end up having to use my browser to get my search results, so I'll be uninstalling the app since I can't even use it.
kamaran123 on 8/18/2017
Censorship is intolerable
dhanishattuck on 8/18/2017
Google is Big Brother. There's no other comparison necessary- it's their reason for being.
What Happened?
Ivesthetiger on 8/18/2017
Why all the sudden am I getting impeach trump ads all over the place every time I use Google? So dumb.
Megaldon on 8/17/2017
No switching languages
greenchopgreen on 8/17/2017
i am allowed to search in another language but can't change the language of the app itself. would be great if they could add that option!
The Joy of Search
F. Parsay on 8/17/2017
My first ever connection with Google was through search which has continued ever after, all around the world, and here and now on mobile. There is a joy in the whole process of search and discovery of what one is looking for. The App not only leads us to discovery but also provides a feed of updates through cards on what is important to us in terms of news, knowledge and latest information on our favorite topics. The Google Search homepage is truly engaging and rich in substance. A great way to start the day with.
MABRHUR on 8/17/2017
Can't update
BigBinger on 8/17/2017
Latest update won't download. Gets to full circle indicating it's downloaded, but then an error comes up saying it can't download. 2 days of this now.
Great App
Pussey123 on 8/17/2017
Google is a Amazing app to search for stuff! Research etc. !
Great app, few issues.
Connor614 on 8/16/2017
Running latest IOS firmware and IPhone 7. When weather icon is selected app freezes and usually never responds. App will crash if not closed manually. Been a problem for a while still even after latest update.
Causes iPhone freeze, will not open
...Josh... on 8/16/2017
This latest update won't open, causes iPhone to freeze.
pepperj44 on 8/16/2017
Kj queen on 8/16/2017
Google shoving its left-wing agenda down our throats
Thrilled001 on 8/16/2017
Google deserves its reputation as a company that aims to denigrate and diminish White people. Also, the voice command feature doesn't work well in the latest version of the app. Not recommended.
Google trending
SAV074386 on 8/16/2017
I don't like this & want to delete it
No problems
Lovemyboys12234 on 8/16/2017
Great app
It's a good app I love google But...
Ifitfeelswrongitsprollywrong on 8/16/2017
Does anyone else have a problem with this app freezing and stops working? It's annoying af! Will be in the middle of scrolling and the app just freezes. I have to close out and restart again, yes app is up to date too.
Ok Google
Thêt Lwin Nyo on 8/16/2017
Love it
About google
Gangsta Amari on 8/16/2017
Thank you so much google for making this now I can see sex
Dances in circles around Siri
twikletoes on 8/15/2017
Understands almost everything I say and provides spoken answers appropriately. No gimmicks here, I use this app every day.
Horrible Ads in Feed
Wontloaad on 8/15/2017
I've disabled every feed option except for sports, only to see half of them reenabled again. Ridiculous.
Tgggvvgg gytvvgvgvvddvv. Vtdfedfvvv
hinmanhouse on 8/15/2017
Vvvvvv gvvgttvtvg vv g gotchadvvvggvv v
Center 50 on 8/15/2017
Is coming
Done w Google
Ajobean on 8/15/2017
You have gone political and are super biased. The public deserves better. The human capital at your organization deserves better. Have fun censoring others with all our diversity stuff.
Don't care about "trending"
jwoed73 on 8/15/2017
Google app used to provide occasionally interesting stories or articles to read. A little creepy the way it followed me around the web, but nonetheless was somewhat useful. Latest update has flooded the app with "trending" stories totally unrelated to my interests or search history. I don't want to read the stories Google wants me to be interested in. Deleted in favor of DuckDuckGo until they get their act together.
Stop shoving your agenda's down my throat.
J-dog-weem-slayer on 8/14/2017
I don't want you recommending liberal news articles or sources for me to read from. I wouldn't mind the liberal stuff if conservative news sources were equally represented, but they're not represented at all. Get your opinions out of my face. Just leave me with the google page and I'll search for what I want.
Where is your respect for the customer
SteveCB1 on 8/14/2017
When I do a search, Google purposely first gives results of a competitor, followed by many ads. Used to be a great company. I avoid using Google anymore.
Nothing will load
Jaysbaenation on 8/14/2017
I've had the google app for while now, but recently whenever I look anything up it won't load
ItsMeMeghan on 8/14/2017
Why when I click on directions in a google search it goes to a clothing site? Can it be fixed ?
Chad is awsome 123 on 8/14/2017
I 😍 Google
Jdawgg2011 on 8/14/2017
The app itself is perfect, but if I click off and open something else for even a minute, my whole page history is gone and I have to retype/refind what I was doing. It's very annoying in itself and I hope it gets fixed.
Great app!
PhyscoCorn on 8/13/2017
I use the Google app every single day and as my main web browser on my iPhone. It's absolutely perfect.
Google is the #1 search engine I use
Ngoctran star on 8/13/2017
I love this app it's very convenient the only problem that it crashes a lot
So slow
wicklez on 8/13/2017
I use the app all the time but it is so slow and getting worse. It lags when I open and start typing in a query -- that is its primary function! Get your crap together google :)
Badger3016 on 8/12/2017
Has been good until lately, it's very glitchy and crashes constantly on 6S plus.
Google Microphone Icon no longer makes *beeping* sound :(
PicPlay2 on 8/12/2017
Both Google App and Google Chrome are fantastic apps. I can't say anything negtive about this app. Here's something I noticed a day or two after using my iPhone 7; Google Apps color microphone icon next to search query stopped making that nice *beep* sound on my new Phone 7 even though the vibration behind the sound is still there and reply query comes back properly. It works perfectly with headphones plugged in, as well as in Google Chrome (although its volume is a bit weak). The reply dication to search query is loud and clear no matter whether I am using Google App, Google Chrome or headphones plugged in. Has anyone had this minor issue on an iPhone 7 running iOS 10.3.3? It isn't a big deal, but I am so used to that sound that a search without it, doesn't sound as good. The beep works fine on my iPhone 6, iPad, and PC. There's a ton of old thread dedicated to this topic, but they are all from 2015/2016.
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